15 Things You Didn't Know About Ron Jeremy

There was a moment during the 2014 Academy Awards when host Seth MacFarlane, before strapping on a pair of enormous skis and jumping the shark, playfully admitted that he possibly wasn't the first choice as compere. "From Whoopi all the way down to Ron Jeremy, it eventually found its way to me," he joked; The very fact that most of the audience got the reference to Jeremy is proof in itself that the portly adult star has transcended the medium of adult films to become a genuine cultural icon. But who is the man behind the legendary genitals? Let's delve a bit deeper into the world according to Ron.

A native of Queens, New York, Ronald Jeremy Hyatt was born in March 1953, unto a physicist and a book editor. His childhood was happy and ordinary - his adulthood has been anything but. While many reading this article will have heard of Ron and his huge...talent before, there are some lesser known facts about the man nicknamed 'The Hedgehog' that may surprise or baffle those who perceive adult stars to be of a seedy, distant species. The more you read about Ron, the more he seems like a nice, regular bloke that you could happily sit and have a pint with - albeit an ordinary bloke with a far more interesting job than yours. There are an abundance of interesting facts contained in this article, even if we do say so ourselves, from the unlikely story of Ron's first job to his bewildering success in the music charts, but for anybody wanting to ask the obvious question, we're not covering it here. Though it's 9 1/2 inches, apparently.

15 He's A Qualified Teacher

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It doesn't seem like a natural career progression, but Ron Jeremy entered the world of adult entertainment after working as a substitute teacher for special needs children. Ron had gained a bachelor's degree in Education and theater, along with a master's in Special education from Queen's College in New York, which enabled him to act as a substitute for regular teachers at special needs schools in the New York area. He left the teaching profession to pursue a career in regular acting, calling his background "my ace in the hole", should his thespian dreams falter. He now says of teaching that, "if parents saw me with (their) kid, they'd call 911"; Jeremy still possesses a valid teaching license to this day.

14 His Grandmother Made Him Drop His Surname

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After struggling to make it as an actor, Ron's girlfriend submitted his picture to Playgirl in the hope that he might make some extra cash. The magazine was delighted with the photos she had submitted and subsequently published them, leading to Jeremy getting his foot in the door of the adult industry. However, sudden fame came at a price; his grandmother, Rose, was listed in the phonebook as R Hyatt and was besieged by callers, usually gay men, ringing her apartment under the assumption that she was Ron. His grandma was understandably miffed, to the point where she had to leave her apartment for a month. Ron's father told him, "I don’t know what cockamamie business you are getting into. You want to do something, fine, you’re an adult, but don’t you ever use the family name again" - Ron Jeremy was born.

13 He's Nicknamed "The Hedgehog"

Many presume that the portly, 5'6" actor acquired his nickname from his stature, but the truth is far more terrific. In 1979, he was due to start filming Olympic Fever, and left for what he presumed would be the warmer climes of California. Alas, the weather was freezing and Ron had only packed shorts and t-shirts to combat the cold. Worse luck, he made the coast-to-coast trip by motorbike, meaning that he was close to hyperthermic by the time he arrived on set. To warm up, he had a long, hot shower, exiting with bright pink skin and every hair on his body standing on end. His co-star Bill Margold, remarked, “You are a hedgehog, my friend. A walking, talking hedgehog”.

12 You'll Often See Him In Music Videos...


Ron is one of the few adult stars to gain recognition outside of the adult industry. Amongst his extra-curricular activities is a list if music video cameos that is almost as long as his...arm. He's appeared in the background in videos for Guns 'N' Roses, Steel Panther, Flight of the Concords, Mercury Rev, Moby and Insane Clown Posse, amongst others. Arguably his two most high profile appearances have been in the video for the execrable Sexy And I Know it by LMFAO, and a brace of Necro videos, Who's Your Daddy? and I Wanna F**k, the latter of which sounds terribly forward. He's also introduced the appallingly named Big D And The Kids Table, during their 2013 tour of California.

11 ...And Gamers Will Recognize Him Too

The kindest thing you can say about Ron Jeremy's forays into the world of video games is that they usually tend to pixellate his hirsute body admirably well. The games themselves often look and sound to be an acquired taste, but his constant appearances in titles such as Postal III, do again underline his broad appeal in non-p**n media. Ron has appeared as a playable character in Celebrity DeathmatchHis likeness and voice was also used for Bonetown, as the priapic King of Bonetown.

10 He Does Regular Films As Well As Adult

Ron Jeremy was a jobbing actor who more or less stumbled into the adult industry, so it shouldn't come as too much of a surprise to learn that he has quite a few small roles in 'regular' Hollywood films to add to his resume. He was an extra in the original Ghostbusters and played a protester in Jason Statham vehicle Crank:High Voltage. Though he has had dramatic roles in fare such as The Chase (news anchorman) and Detroit Rock City (a club announcer), more often than not he often either cameos as himself or plays an adult star. His role as Blisterface in Disney's Bone Chillers was performed under layers of prosthetics and credited to Ronald Hyatt, so as not to upset parents.

9 He Supports PETA


Ron is a firm believer in the animal rights movement, regularly donating his time and celebrity to aid organisations such as PETA. He recently wrote a letter to the National Institutes of Health to demand that they stopped sex experiments on rodents which often left the furry critters with mutilated genitals and brain damage. specifically, he objected to an unfathomably awful practice of skinning rodents genitals and electronically stimulating them during erectile dysfunction experiments. He has also posed in just a towel for PETA.

8 We Almost Lost Him To An Aneurysm

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Ron Jeremy had a close brush with death in 2013 which, surprisingly, had nothing to do with an overworked libido shutting the rest of his body down. Jeremy was hospitalized for three weeks after experiencing severe chest pains. Fearing the worst, he drove himself to the ER where an aneurysm was discovered next to his heart. The condition, which can be fatal if it ruptures, was quickly operated upon and Ron bears no lasting effects from either the condition or the surgery. Heroically, he soon resumed his routine of regular coitus, noting that the only legacy was that it took him slightly longer to crank up the handle, so to speak.

7 He Looks After His Money


One of the biggest misnomers about the adult industry is that it is a veritable goldmine, showering its stars with money and baubles. While regular showers are a part of the industry life, it certainly isn't with money; actors are usually paid a few thousands per flick, with a career rarely bringing home enough money to retire on. Ron, through his sheer work rate, has managed to buck the trend and become a millionaire through adult entertainment. However, this does not mean that Jeremy is a free-spending, cash-throwing kind of guy - observers to his frugality have reported of him turning up at airports with his possessions in a bin bag, so reluctant is he to splash out on ostentatious luxuries such as a suitcase.

6 He Released A Successful Rap Single

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In what may be a fore sign of the Fall of Western Culture, Ron Jeremy has released a rap single. Incredibly, despite being reliably terrible, it actually acquired a respectable degree of chart success, too. Freak of the Week, released in 2007 in conjunction with DJ Polo, tickled the lower reaches of the Rap Billboard chart, peaking at Number 95. Bizarrely, the B-Side (ask your parents) was donated to Ron by rap royalty Ice-T. Featuring lines such as, "when I yank it out my trousers all the ladies come running", the whole thing clocks in at 3m 52s, and is still available on Youtube. Just please don't watch it at work.

5 He Operates A Gentleman's Club


Or rather, he did until recently. Ron Jeremy's Club Sesso, based in Portland, Oregon, closed its doors to the public for the last time in June, 2015. Eventually brought down by crippling legal and litigation fees, along with ongoing licensing problems with the local government, the club had managed to operate for a full six years, becoming either famous or infamous amongst the folk of Portland, depending on your outlook. Club Sesso described itself as a "high energy swingers club". It probably wasn't a place to take your grandparents to celebrate their golden wedding anniversary.

4 He Never Wants To Retire

Understandably for a gentleman whose career consists of having intercourse with younger, pretty girls, Ron Jeremy has no immediate plans to hang up his handcuffs. He was quoted in 2008 as saying, "Nature is cruel! As you get older, as you get into your 50s, it is more effort to get into liftoff. I'm 55, and it's a bit of a strain, but it's not to the point where it's a chore because then I just wouldn't do it. I don't have to do p**n anymore for economic reasons. However, I like to stay current. I don't want to be an ex-p**n star". Since then, Ron has suffered his health scare but has vowed only to retire when he is physically incapable of doing the job.

3 He Released A Disturbing Miley Parody Video


2 He Has His Own Rum

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One of the perks of being an internationally famous adult star is that companies often fall over themselves to get you to promote their wares. While you would never catch Jeremy flogging Buzz Lightyears or cheesesticks (*snigger*), more adult brands are instantly attracted to him. One Eyed Spirits developed a range of rums carrying Ron's name (Ron is Spanish for rum). Created by master distiller Don Pancho Fernandez, the Ron De Jeremy Reserva has won awards for its blend and taste, receiving no less than three gold medals and two silver. The four main rums are available worldwide and have received overwhelmingly positive reviews.

1 He's The Most Prolific Adult Star Ever


All hail Ron Jeremy, captain of his industry, King Dong, nothing less than the Greatest Adult Star of All Time, according to The Sex awards, who handed him a lifetime achievement award in 2013. Ron stands up on his own (fnarr) as the most prolific adult star in history, having acted in an astonishing 2,000 films and directed another 281. With no plans or indeed wish to retire, he may well put himself out of reach of any other performer. Just to put this achievement in perspective, second on the list is the legendary John Holmes, who had completed 384 films before his premature death.

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