15 Things You Didn't Know About Megan Fox

Renowned actress and modern sex symbol Megan Fox, is easily among the most intriguing of female Hollywood celebrities. We all love her for her compelling beauty and charisma, but there is also that certain air of mystique about Megan that simply won't let you take your eyes off of her. For this article we've compiled some of the most surprising facts about Fox and her life, some of which might shock you, while others are bound to make you chuckle under your breath.

We found out about her biggest fears (along with her equally surprising coping mechanisms for those) and learned about some pretty curious aspects of her personality. We will also reveal to you the bafflingly honest and simple reasons for some of her life choices, together with some touching details she has shared in interviews over the span of her career. A fun fact, for example, which was left off the list for the sake of incorporating in it only the truly unexpected ones, is her ancestry. Did you know Megan Fox is of Irish, French and Native American descent? Bet you didn't.

15 Nyctophobia

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Or simply put, fear of the dark. Yes, that's right: Hollywood hottie and arguably one of the sexiest women of modern times Megan Fox... is afraid of the dark. Among other things, like hearing other people breathe, to name one, or her fear of germs - to state another. That last one is due to an obsessive-compulsive disorder, as she has mentioned in interviews before, and is serious to the point where it prevents her from using restaurant cutlery or public toilets. Fox explains her fear of the dark, however, as being the result of a childhood trauma.

14 She dated a Russian female stripper

You read correctly. In an interview for GQ Megan Fox explicitly states she was in a relationship with another woman - a stripper that worked in a club on Sunset Boulevard. However, she denies being lesbian and believes that all human beings have the potential of being attracted to people of the same sex.

The relationship with the Russian woman named Nikita didn't last very long and was a bit 'forced'. Fox describes having pursued it as a result of getting dumped by her boyfriend at the time and also mentions feeling like a 'middle-aged married man', as she proceeded to woo her object of affection with frequent gifts and 'bites of inspiration'.

13 Owned a pet pig

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Pet pigs have become kind of a 'thing' in recent years; an extravagance, yes, but it's grown more or less acceptable, especially among famous people. Megan Fox had also joined the club of happy pig owners, but that too didn't last very long. Sadly enough, she was forced to give away her beloved little mini-pig by the name of Piggie Smalls, because he had become very 'sexually aggressive'. As her husband stated on an Australian radio show, the pet pig hadn't been fixed, so he would try to mount anyone who came his way. And the problem with that, he explained, was that pigs tend to dig their hooves in and try to bite you.

12 Fear of paper

Another one of her interesting phobias - Megan Fox fears dry paper. She has mentioned that she is terrified of paper that's not laminated and flipping through the pages of a book or script is somewhat of a nightmare. For this reason, whenever the actress does sit down to read through something with multiple non-laminated pages, she always makes sure there's a glass of water nearby for her to dip her fingers in. The fear is comparable to the way some people experience hearing the sound made by scratching a chalk board - which, on second thought, does invoke more sympathy towards this strange condition.

11 Obsession with PEZ candy

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Granted, the word 'obsession' might be a little too far fetched in this case, but Fox does have a particularly strong liking for this type of sweets. She claims it's her favorite candy, and her love for it doesn't stop there - it's shared with the containers as well. Megan Fox says to have a humble collection of some 30 unique PEZ candy dispensers. Because, why not?

10 Unwanted tattoos

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Well, as you can imagine, a teenager, who's barely broken free from her highly conservative parental grip and has wound up all by herself in LA, is simply destined to end up with some tattoos she'd regret later on in life. This would be the case with the image of Marilyn Monroe on Fox's right forearm. The Transformers star had it removed, because she no longer felt like the iconic blonde was a good role-model. In an interview she stated that Monroe was a 'negative character' due to the personality disorders she had suffered from, and Fox didn't want to attract that same kind of energy into her life.

9 Survived a shark attack

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Megan Fox is said to be a really good surfer. Having grown up in Florida, she had been around the sport and mastered it pretty well - she reportedly even surfs to this day. And, as it's believed to happen sooner or later to the practitioners of this sport, Fox came face to face with one of the most terrifying dangers associated with surfing - a great white shark. Luckily for her and for us, her faithful fans, she survived what must have been a blood-curdling encounter and all is well.

8 Wasn't allowed to date

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As you might already know, Megan Fox was brought up Catholic and as a child she attended Catholic school. Her parents were very strict and as a young girl she wasn't allowed much freedom. She herself recalls being 'on lockdown constantly', partly because of her rebellious character, too.

Fox's parents were also quite decidedly against their daughter seeing any boys, so long as she lived under their roof. But that never stopped riotous Megan. She would just sneak out and secretly take her mother's car to go hang out with her boyfriend. If there's one way to get Megan Fox to do something, it's by telling her not to.

7 Lost her toenails

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You probably cringed a little after reading that - we did too. Some of us know what it's like to get your finger slammed by a door and then watch the fingernail slowly turn blue, then black and eventually die and fall off. But your toenails?

In an interview for People the actress said she had lost her two big toenails during the filming of Transformers, the movie which marked a turning point in her career. According to what she said, the wardrobe boots she was constantly running around in managed to actually rub her toenails off. Ouch!

6 Why she chose acting

Actors in Hollywood come from all sorts of backgrounds and the circumstances that led them towards the film set are just as diverse. Many never considered this as a career choice and were as far away from the acting scene as you can get, before actually getting into it all.

When asked what brought her to the choice of becoming an actress, Megan Fox's reasoning was surprisingly simple. She didn't want to go to college and wanted to earn money. Furthermore, Fox went on to say that she never really believed in formal education and dropped out of school when she was 17 so she could move to Los Angeles.

5 Was bullied in school

Who would have ever assumed that this beautiful, confident and successful woman was picked on in school? So much so, that the future star sometimes resorted to eating her lunch alone in the bathroom to avoid being covered with ketchup packets. Fox never liked school and was never popular; she never really had any girl friends either, because she felt her aggressive personality wasn't really appealing to other girls, which is why they didn't like her.

Once, her main bully even came to a Halloween party dressed in a leather cat costume and told everyone she was Megan Fox.

4 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was her favorite cartoon

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Now that's pretty ironic. Fox shared that growing up her favorite cartoon of them all was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. She probably never imagined that one day she would be starring in the feature film adaptation alongside Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello and Raphael.

The actress agreed to work with director Michael Bay again after comparing him to Adolf Hitler in regards of her experience working with him on the set of Transformers. Bay said they had since gotten back to friendly terms and a sequel, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows, is scheduled to be released this summer.

3 Had to wash the director's car as part of an audition

Speaking of Michael Bay, when auditioning for the part of Mikaela Banes in Transformers, the director asked Megan Fox to wash his Ferrari, so as to see how a 'sexy scene' would look on camera. Bay has been known to have his own vision on the way female characters should be displayed and young Megan Fox strongly disagreed with the way she was being treated during the filming process.

As an example of some his controversial measures, Michael Bay had insisted the actress put on 10 lbs before shooting the sequel, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

2 Shia LaBeouf is her favorite person

Transformers co-stars Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox have been good friends, since they met on set of the famous sci-fi action movie. Fox described her male colleague as one of her favorite people in the world and shared that he was able to make her laugh on even the rainiest of days.

The fact that the two are so close sparked rumors of their alleged relationship and some even went as far as to assume LaBeouf was the real reason behind Fox's split with husband Brian Austin Green, last year. The former, however, lashed out at the speculations and denied being romantically involved with his friend and co-star.

1 Afraid of flying

We decided to end this list with another one of Fox's multitude of phobias, particularly because of the weird method she has found to cope with it. As a famous actress, having a very busy schedule and needing to travel often can come in serious conflict with being afraid to fly. But instead of giving into her fear and trying to find her way around it, Megan Fox has faced it head on and has discovered a rather peculiar way of fighting it.

She has revealed to Conan O'Brien that, when on an airplane, she always listens to Britney Spears. Fox is confident that 'it's not her destiny to die listening to a Britney Spears album', so it makes her feel safe during the flight.

Source: GQ , Express.co.uk , People.com

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