15 Things You Didn't Know About Emilia Clarke

Arguably one of the most popular Game of Thrones characters, we decided to look past our beloved Khaleesi and find out more about the actress, Emilia Clarke. She plays the part of one of the most prominent female characters in the entire series. Daenerys Targaryen is also a very powerful personage, and as most of the fans of the series have been divided in supporting the different families, a very large part is strongly rooting for the Mother of Dragons.

Emilia, however, as opposed to her character, is a little bit more of a mystery, which is why we decided to learn more about her and simply get an idea of what the real person is like. We think this list will leave you pretty surprised with all of the interesting facts we were able to discover. Read on and find out what else Emilia Clarke has been up to over the years, other than her acting career; you will also learn about her special and unusual skills, as well as some pretty unbelievable things from her childhood.

15 She's A Talented Musician

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Yup, she's not only an actress, although she's been passionate about acting since she was only a little girl, Emilia Clarke also plays several musical instruments. Her arsenal includes the flute, piano and the guitar. The young actress likes to sing, too, and happens to do it astonishingly well. She is especially skilled in a variety of different genres such as cabaret singing, blues and jazz, just to name a few. As a matter of fact, she took her love for music to the next level, debuting in the Broadway production of Breakfast at Tiffany's in 2013.

14 Crowned Sexiest Woman Alive

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It's true that most of us find Emilia immensely attractive, due to a mixture of her appearance, the character she portrays and well, yeah... those "scenes" where she bares it all. But she has also received high-profile recognition and acclaim for her looks. She was, for example, voted the number one most desirable woman in the world in 2014 by the readers of AskMen. Only a year later she went on to claim the prestigious title of Esquire's Sexiest Woman Alive in 2015. How's that for a ranking?

13 Nearly Starred In Fifty Shades of Grey

We realize that this heading might provoke very different feelings in different people. But for sure surprise must be the one thing everyone might have in common here. Whether you are fond of the book and/or movie or tend to think of it as a total disaster, the bottom line is: Emilia Clarke was offered the role of Anastasia Steele in the controversial screen adaptation of the even more controversial erotic romance novel. It's okay, we'll give you a minute to breathe. For better or worse, the actress turned the part down, and because of *drum roll* the explicit nudity. Now there's an odd statement, coming from the star of a series known for its explicit nudity. And violence. Which seem to be things both the movie and series have in common. However, to be fair, Clarke explained that she was concerned about being labeled for doing scenes in the buff again.

12 Worked Six Jobs To Pay Rent

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If you want to talk about having it easy in life, that certainly does not apply to our dear Princess of House Targaryen. Before her ground-breaking appearance in the HBO series that made her world famous, Clarke had only starred in Triassic Attack (2010) and had a minor role in an episode of  the British soap opera Doctors. So to be able to make a living and pay her rent, the young girl worked anywhere from three to six jobs in order to make ends meet. At one point she was a bartender, a server at a restaurant and also worked in a call center.

11 Was Bullied For Her Eyebrows

Now, it's no secret that kids can sometimes be really mean, but of all things? Eyebrows?! It turns out Emilia Clarke had gone through a period during her school years, which she herself titles the 'bushy-brow period'. Her peers would tease her for having 'ridiculous eyebrows', but luckily Clarke's thoughtful mother didn't let it get to her. According to her, her mother had a few rules and those were: "Don't do drugs, don't have s*x and don't touch your eyebrows." She also taught her to brush those brows with Vaseline before going to bed and assured her that she would be thankful for her brows, when she got older. And, boy, was she right.

10 She Loves Playing Daenerys Targaryen

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Some actors like the characters they have to play, some despise them, and others, like Emilia, simply adore them. The actress shared that she loved having to play someone with such a powerful personality and was happy to be able 'to fly the flag for young girls and women, to be more than just somebody's wife and somebody's girlfriend.' She also mentioned that another key aspect to playing Khaleesi was that of expressing her feminine side through her inner strength, as opposed to sexuality. And yes, despite the s*x scenes, it's really hard to argue with that.

9 Has A Sea Slug Named After Her

Not many people have animal species named after them. Fewer yet have a species of sea slug named after them. A blonde sea slug, at that. Marine researchers discovered a very pale kind of new sea slug species and decided to name it in honor of the famous Game of Thrones character - Tritonia Khaleesi. They came up with the name because of the slug's resemblance of Daenerys' flowing blond hair. Well, whether or not that comparison is the first thing that comes to mind when looking at the newly discovered creature is probably subject to debate, but one thing is clear: those researchers sure like the series.

8 Wishes She Was A Blonde

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To those of you who are only familiar with Emilia Clarke exclusively as her character in the renowned series - news flash! She's not really blonde. Furthermore, she's on the opposite side of the spectrum with a beautiful, rich shade of brown. However, she likes herself wearing the wig just as much as we do and had even tried to persuade the makers to let her wear the wig out some night. Naturally, they refused, but the actress went on to admit that she would even sometimes be disappointed with her look in the mirror, after she'd taken the blonde locks off after filming. Due to the difference in her natural hair color with the one she wears on set, she is even hardly ever recognized on the streets.

7 Has A Tattoo

Not only does she have one, but she also announced having it in her plans to get more. Oddly enough, the tattoo of a bee on her pinkie finger that she currently has, was done by the same tattoo artist, who had worked on Canadian rapper Drake. In an interview for Glamour, Emilia Clarke disclosed her idea of the next tattoo she intended on getting. According to the interview, she wants a dragon - a 'metaphorical one'. The actress is pretty tasteful in her choice of body art, as she said she wouldn't want a full-blown dragon tattooed on her body, but rather a 'single-line drawing' of one.

6 Did A Suicide Prevention Commercial

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Before she hit the big screen, Emilia Clarke starred in a commercial for the charity called Samaritans. It's an organization dedicated to helping people suffering from emotional distress and / or who are at risk of committing suicide. The charity offers support to those in need throughout the UK and Ireland by means of a hotline, which anyone can call at any given time. Thus Clarke, being the kind and big-hearted person that she is, took part in a commercial for the charity.

5 Speaks Multiple Languages

So, what other surprises does the Khaleesi have in store for us? It appears the young actress has multiple gifts and has an obvious talent for foreign languages and different accents of the English language as well. Among the foreign tongues she knows are French, German and Indian. But having grown up in England and now working with an English and American cast, Emilia has also mastered a variety of both UK and American accents, including Liverpool, Cockney, Irish-Southern, London, American Southern States and American-New York. And that's just to name a few. No wonder she was so skilled with learning the Dothraki language!

4 Has A Thing For Ryan Gosling

Nobody pulled her tongue. In an unscripted video interview for Moviefone, Emilia Clarke was asked what her characters Daenerys and Sarah Connor (in Terminator Genisys, 2015) would do together if they went out some night. Her response took some thought, but she concluded that Daenerys would definitely be the one calling the shots and that the venue would probably need to be fireproof, as the dragons would most likely be joining the party. And then she mentioned that she wouldn't at all mind having actor Ryan Gosling there for a little 'ménage a trois'.

3 Barely Prepared For Her Game of Thrones Audition

Yes, the future Mother of Dragons had only 24 hours to prepare for the audition, which mainly included researching the books and especially the character she was competing to play. On The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, she told the host that for her audition she promptly did all of the scenes she was requested to and then asked if there was anything else that she could do. After one of the producers said she could do a dance, which was intended as a joke, Clarke took it seriously and did the funky chicken dance. But that's not all: she then continued to morph her act into a robot dance and apparently gave the producers such a good laugh, they just couldn't deny her the part.

2 Has Babies Named After Her

It appears that Emilia Clarke's most important role in her career so far is not only one we enjoy for the pure purpose of entertainment. People seem to get so inspired by the character of Daenerys that they have started naming their children in her honor! In 2012 alone there were a whopping 160 baby girls legally named Khaleesi and the trend doesn't look like it's going away. To be fair, though, parents have been naming their newborns after other prominent figures in the series, such as Arya - who is even more popular - and Sansa.

1 The Heart She Ate Was Giant Gummy Bear

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Remember that scene, where Daenerys had to eat a stallion's heart in the first season of Game of Thrones as part of a pregnancy ritual? Of course you remember it, it was one of the most unforgettable scenes throughout the entire series! Anyway, in real life the heart was made of several pounds of gummy bears and the scene was probably the most challenging of the series - for the actress and the producers alike. Clarke mentioned on several occasions that the heart tasted like "congealed jam, with a hint of bleach".

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