15 Tallest Celebrity Couples In Hollywood

Does size really matter? Let's put this into perspective. According to The Guinness Book of World Records, the tallest married couple in the world at the moment are Sun Mingming and Xu Yan, two Chinese athletes whose combined height is 13 feet 11 inches, a mere inch under 14 feet. Celebrity couples come in all shapes and sizes. And sometimes merely seeing them being filmed together side by side can be deceptive. Some guys wear elevator heels, and women can go for spiked 5 inch stilettos. But the girls on this list are often getting onto 6 feet tall and the guys can be well over that height. The couples on this list have a combined height of at least 12 feet, and go up to a staggering combined height of 12 feet 9 inches.

Sometimes the pairings make perfect sense, like songbirds Jordin Sparks and Jason Derulo being a couple. Ditto for supermodel Gisele Bundchen and quarterback Tom Brady. But sometimes you look at couples, such as Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom, and think: "what the heck"? Some of these couples have stood the test of time and are still together, while others have not and have gone their separate ways. Often, it can be a mutual thing, and sometimes, as with Taylor Swift's hookup with Tom Hiddleston, there are sour grapes to contend with. Here are 15 couples who look great together and who also are as big in talent as they are in height.

15 Ryan Reynolds (6'2") and Blake Lively (5'10")

Okay, he may not be your favorite Green Lantern of all time, but this Canadian powerhouse has X-Men credentials. Besides, he was just so totally adorable as the younger guy love interest alongside Sandra Bullock in 2009's The Proposal. Married to Scarlett Johansson for three years between 2008 and 2011, he is now happily married to the gloriously gorgeous former Gossip Girl star, Blake Lively. The two met in 2010 while filming Green Lantern. The couple have one daughter (named James), and another child on the way. Every healthy guy worth his salt will roll up this summer to see Blake Lively and her swimsuit versus a typically nasty shark in The Shallows. Meanwhile, Ryan is doing his superhero thing in Marvel's Deadpool and starring alongside the gorgeous Gal Gadot in Criminal. We can't wait to see them together on the big screen again.

Combined height: 12 feet

14 Jordin Sparks (6 feet) and Jason Derulo (6 feet)

It's hard to imagine that each of these celebs is 6 feet tall, and they are still the joint-shortest on this list (tied with Ryan and Blake). Singer/song writer/dancer Jason, is incredibly hot in just about every sense of the word. As he stripped off clothes at a recent concert, Tweets from female fans watching the show used the "h" word an awful lot. Jason used to date American Idol winner Jordin Sparks. Remember way back in 2007 when she won the sixth season of the iconic show at the age of 17, and her debut record went platinum? Both of these talented, tall people have platinum records in their musical past (and future, we bet). Both Justin and Jordin stand at a whopping 6 feet tall. Convenient for looking each other straight in the eye. It's too bad things didn't work out, because they really seemed destined for one another.

Combined height: 12 feet

13 Brooke Shields (6 feet) and Chris Henchy (6'1")

We're getting taller by the entry. Actress/model Brooke Shields got her start as a child model and in the hit film, Louis Malle's controversial flick Pretty Baby, in 1978. The controversy came from the fact that the then 13 year old Brooke played a child prostitute in turn of the century New Orleans. She was famously (if only briefly) married to tennis star Andre Agassi. Plus, she's on the smart side with a degree in French literature from Princeton University. Brooke's done some TV (That 70's Show, Hannah Montana) and even strutted her stuff on the Broadway stage. Now happily married to television writer and producer Chris Henchy, she has two daughters. She's admitted to Oprah it wasn't always easy and she was plagued by postpartum depression and thoughts of suicide after giving birth.

Combined height: 12'1"

12 Uma Thurman (5'11") and Arpad Busson (6'3")

Between 2007 and 2014, Uma Thurman was linked with multi-millionaire French financier and philanthropist Arpad Busson, in an on again, off again relationship that produced one child. For a while she sported an expensive engagement ring. The two seem to have permanently called it quits in 2014. Actress/model Thurman has appeared in iconic films such as Dangerous Liaisons, Kill Bill and Pulp Fiction. The sultry, blonde, 5'11" Thurman has even done the odd superhero film with a turn as Poison Ivy in 1997's Batman and Robin. She was briefly married to English actor Gary Oldman. Amid rumors of various "procedures", The Daily Mail reported in 2015 that the 44-year old's appearance had been drastically altered. And in June of 2016, it was reported that Thurman had been shaken up and suffered broken bones after falling from a horse while vacationing in St. Barts. It seems Arpad Busson has a thing for tall, beautiful models, as he has also been linked to stunning supermodel Elle MacPherson.

Combined height: 12'2"

11 Prince William (6'3") and Kate Middleton (5'11")

With mom Princess Diana and dad Prince Charles, both nearly 6 feet tall, William comes by it, honestly. But unlike the tragic marriage of Charles and Diana with lurid accusations from both sides of cheating, Kate and William appear to have it all: two beautiful kids (Prince George and Princess Charlotte), a huge house in Norfolk, plenty of money, and a not too busy schedule of making royal appearances. So, is it a case of royalty marrying the daughter of two commoners, albeit self-made millionaires, and living happily ever after? Probably. But the British tabloid press is forever trying to stir things and cook up feuds between William and Camilla Parker-Bowles, who was famously involved with Charles during his marriage to Diana, and is now married to Prince Charles. They pick on Kate a bit too, recently saying she is diet and exercised obsessed. Pretty mild stuff. We'll go with happily ever after.

Combined height: 12'2"

10 Howard Stern (6'5") and Beth Ostrosky Stern (5'10")

She is drop dead gorgeous and blonde. He is the bad boy talk show host that everybody loves to (kind of) hate. They are an unlikely pairing. She is an occasional actress and former top model who writes an advice column for FHM. She is 43 to his 62, and the 6'5" Stern appears to tower over his statuesque wife. He has amassed a fortune numbered in the hundreds of millions of dollars, with his work in radio and television. His radio show, The Howard Stern Show, has been outraging and amusing listeners for years. With his trademark mane of dark, curly hair, he totally lives his nickname, "Howeird". Of his life in high school, he has said that he had a bad personality and even worse looks, and that even the losers called him a loser. We think they are probably rethinking that.

Combined height: 12'3"

9 Kate Upton (5'10") and Justin Verlander (6'5")


5'10" Kate Upton puts her best chest forward. Sorry. Foot. This 38-26-37 inch girl wowed everybody with her appearances in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issues, being named Rookie of the Year after just her first appearance in 2011. And she is still only 24 years old. A religious girl, she has a tattoo of a cross on the inside of a finger. Enter 6'5" Detroit Tigers baseball pitcher Justin Verlander. The two started going out in 2011 and got engaged in 2016. But she has got one problem, she is a hardcore New York Yankees fan and absolutely refuses to wear her Tiger gear while she watches the Yankees play in Yankees Stadium, even if Verlander is pitching. In 2014, she joined the club of girls who suffered the embarrassment of having nude photos leaked on the Internet.

Combined height: 12'3"

8 Dwayne Johnson (6'5") and Lauren Hashian (5'10")

The Rock just keeps on getting better. The former wrestler who some say is the biggest superstar in WWE history, has made the move into movies in a very big way, with appearances in The Fast and the Furious film series and playing none other than Hercules in the 2014 film of the same name. In fact, in 2013, Forbes named The Rock as the top-grossing actor of 2013, with his films raking in $1.3 billion worldwide. He also did a nice turn alongside (the decidedly not tall) Kevin Har in 2016's Central Intelligence. And he has been totally loved up with Lauren Hashian since 2007. Her dad John "Sib" Hashian, was drummer in the rock band Boston. While she is a chip off the old block and turns her hand to singing/songwriting, she lets The Rock get all the attention. Smart move, Lauren. The two now are the proud parents of a baby girl.

Combined height: 12'3"

7 Gisele Bundchen (5'11") and Tom Brady (6'4")


These two have it all. She is a tall and curvy (34-23-35) Brazilian fashion model and actress who is a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations. He is the famous quarterback of the New England Patriots with a salary of millions of dollars a year. They are a kind of golden couple. She hit the modeling world in the 1990s, and was part of the wave of sexy models that followed in the wake of super-thin "heroin chic" models. She was, of course, a Victoria's Secret Angel. And she is one of a number of models who have been linked to Leonardo DiCaprio. Heck, in 2004, Leo and Gisele made People's Most Beautiful List. But then came Tom, all 6'5" of him. Reportedly, they were set up on a blind date in 2009 by a mutual friend. And the rest is happy history. They share their eco-friendly L.A. mansion with their two children, Benjamin and Vivian.

Combined height: 12'3"

6 Jordan Cameron (6'5") and Erin Heatherton (5'11")


Here's our number 6 couple: the football player and the Victoria's Secret Angel (who we think looks a little like Reese Witherspoon). Another modeling/football hookup. She's a top model, and 27 year old Jordan plays tight end for the Miami Dolphins. The two  dated a few years back. Erin has also dated reality show Property Brother's Jonathan Scott, who also is a whopping 6'5". Cameron is doing pretty good, with a two year deal worth $14 million with the Dolphins, signed in 2015. And Erin is rocking her career as well. She's played a cheerleader in Grown Ups 2, and has signed a deal with mega-modeling agency IMG. Jordan has moved on, recently buying what is described as a $2.5 million party-ready pad in Miami's Westlake Village.

Combined height: 12'4"

5 Ireland Baldwin (6'2") and Slater Trout (6'2")

Ireland Baldwin came from a genetic goldmine; her mom is Kim Basinger, and her dad is Alec Baldwin. The 6'2" beauty is drop dead stunning. It will come as no surprise that she is a successful model. Some even say supermodel. Gender fluid, she has been linked to rapper Angel Haze. And then came surfing beau Slater Trout. Social media was awash with pictures of the two kissing and hugging and such. They have since broken up. Reportedly, she later spent time in rehab where she met Jon Kasik, who later became a love interest. Still only 20, she's been a busy girl. By the way, her hair goes from brown to blonde and back again. And apparently, Slater isn't just a surfer. He's a "Professional Stand Up Paddler and Photography". Is that another way of saying he's a surfer with a camera?

Combined height: 12'4"

4 Taylor Swift (5'11") and Calvin Harris (6'5")


Another busy girl, singer/songwriter Taylor Swift is only 26 and already has a net worth in the hundreds of millions of dollars. Her love life has also been busy and varied. She's been linked with musician Joe Jonas, actor Taylor Lautner, actor Jake Gyllenhaal, singer Harry Styles of One Direction, and (almost last but not least) Scottish DJ and record producer Calvin Harris. Although some of her hookups did not last very long, Calvin seemed to have staying power. Alas, it appears that Calvin has been replaced by British acting hunk Tom Hiddleston, who made quite a big splash as a spy in AMC's The Night Manager. US Magazine went with the headline: "Calvin Harris Backs Car Into a Wall as Taylor Swift Jets to Rome with Tom Hiddleston." And we are not surprise that Calvin Harris laughed at the report of Taylor meeting Tom's parents. Do you suppose Taylor has commitment issues?

Combined height: 12'4"

3 Maria Sharapova (6'2") and Grigor Dimitrov (6'3")


With a two year ban from playing tennis after she failed a drug test, she may not be all smiles at the moment. It seems like only yesterday she was shooting hot shots in swimsuits for the likes of Esquire Latin America, and winning Grand Slams titles at the French Open and Wimbledon. Her claims that the drug she took had not been banned when she first started taking it, drew little support from fellow tennis players. Some even went so far as to say she should be stripped of her 35 tennis titles. It is no exaggeration to say that she is not the most popular girl on the Women's Tennis Association Tour. Romantically, she has been linked with Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine, later hooking up with Bulgarian tennis player Grigor Dimitrov. The two were together for two years before splitting in 2015. In a career plagued by injuries followed by comeback after comeback, many wonder if the two year ban will spell the end of the tennis line for 29-year old Maria Sharapova.

Combined height: 12'5"

2 Gwendoline Christie (6'3") and Giles Deacon (6'3")

She is the very tall, some say a little scary, English actress that plays Brienne of Tarth in HBO's Game of Thrones, and Captain Phasma in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Giles Deacon is a hugely talented fashion designer who worked for Bottega Veneta and Gucci before founding his own label, GILES, in 2003. His designs are wild, literally, making use of wild prints and pop culture ideas. She makes appearances at Comic Con and he stages runway shows and talks of being inspired by Chanel. But what does he make of her film wardrobe? The thing is, in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, she is clad in what looks like a head to toe silver metal stormtrooper outfit. She's been dubbed the "Chrometrooper". We're accustomed to her being clad in armor in Game of Thrones, but Phasma's suit looks like a silver version of Darth Vader. We can only hope that Giles offers fashion advice for those rare occasions when she's not battling and taking over galaxies.

Combined height: 12'6"

1 Khloe Kardashian (5'11") and Lamar Odom (6'10")

Talk about an unlikely pair. She is a Kardashian and famous for being famous. He is nearly a foot taller than her 5'11" frame and famously played for the Los Angeles Lakers basketball team. In September of 2009, one month after meeting him at a party, Kardashian married basketball player Lamar Odom. They did their thing on Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Then in 2013, she filed for divorce, with papers finally signed by both of them in July of 2015. This was presumably after a long wrangle over who gets what. The divorce has yet to be finalized. Part of the reason for the delay is, according to Khloe, that the divorce papers were withdrawn after the 2015 shock of Lamar being found unconscious at a Nevada brothel and his being in a coma for four days. She wanted to be able to make any necessary medical decisions on his behalf while he was incapacitated. It appears that it is only a matter of time until the divorce is finalized. Lamar, apparently healthy and happy, has recently been filmed with his kids at Disneyland.

Combined height: 12'9"

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