15 Surprisingly Exciting Shows Currently On TV

One of the most commonly coined terms in the past year has been "Netflix and Chill," and now more than ever we have the sexiest shows to fill those time slots. Whether it be online or on cable, the winter months have kept us hibernating with great entertainment. It seems less and less appealing to head out to a crowded club, wait in line, buy overpriced drinks and encounter drunken idiots when we have all we need behind our front door. Whether we are solo, with friends and family or with our hunny, getting wrapped up in a great series is highly addicting. It's something we can all follow together wanting more after the latest cliffhangers and can easily initiate anger at those who give away spoilers.

Series have pushed their boundaries the more they see its viewers are continually engaged and create cult like love for its content. I remember almost everyone I know waiting eagerly on the final episode of Breaking Bad. Television shows have become the topic of conversation, arise disappointment at unsatisfying finales and provide consistent approval at the well-made episodes each week. It is a fact that us humans are drawn into all the drama, comedy and horror provided to us by great networks. Here are a few shows that you can expect to get hooked on this year. It's time to get excited about all the new and sexy series coming onto our screens in 2016, pop that popcorn and have a read...

15 Lucifer - A Devil With A Heart

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Fox has been devilishly angelic to us by providing this hot new series. Lucifer is about the devil himself being dissatisfied with his role in hell and decides to abandon the pits of hell to go live in Los Angeles. He ends up owning a nightclub when one fateful evening a murder takes place outside of it. He is then introduced to detective Chloe who he begins to assist in solving crime around the area. Lucifer can naturally tell any person's inner feelings as well as persuade them to confess any truth they carry within. To his interest, Detective Chloe does not seem to fall under his spell. As he continues to get to know Chloe and realize she is a genuinely good soul, he begins to think that there is a possible chance to redeem his soul as well. The show has had positive reviews thus far despite facing a bit of controversy.

The American Family Association launched a petition deeming the show to "glorify Satan as a caring, likeable person in human flesh." The petition has gained 134, 331 signatures so far, but ratings are still on the rise. Amen!

14 Shades of Blue - J-Lo The Crooked Cop

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This new series starring the one and only Jennifer Lopez gives us a glance at the songstress/entrepreneur/actress as a bad ass cop and we love it! She is able to rock that serious detective look all while holding a woman in charge attitude. J-Lo plays Harlee Santos, a single mother and NYPD detective assigned to the anti-corruption task unit unwillingly. Harlee is crooked and does not play by the books. She framed her ex husband for murder due to his abusive past. Her lieutenant, a father-like figure, assisted in helping her cover up the framing. Unfortunately, her secret didn't stay so safe and she ended up having to be a snitch on the lieutenant's crooked ways in order to gain immunity.

The series is full of surprises and unexpected turns and features some famous sexy faces like Ray Liotta and Drea De Matteo. The pilot episode cleared an estimated 13.46 million total viewers and has captivated audiences ever since.

13 Zoe Ever After - Brandy's Comeback

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Remember Moesha way back when? Well Miss Brandy is back on the screen and we are ready to tune in. Brandy stars as Zoe Moon, a new divorcee who is trying to start her own cosmetics company. She is a single mom and is forced to start life over again in all ways after her divorce becomes finalized. The show portrays her trying to balance motherhood, a dating life, a business as complicated as a relationship with her ex. Her ex hubby is a famous ex boxer and provides lots of laughs for the viewers. The show surprises us with guest stars like India Arie kicking episode one off with a blast. The show encompasses a fun and light comedic flare, as well as adventures, like Zoe experiencing online dating for the first time.

Twenty years later, it is great to see the star back at it, and we are ready to watch and laugh along with this humorous and light series.

12 Second Chance - Old Man Reborn

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This sci-fi thriller is inspired by Frankenstein is everything that viewers want in an 11-episode season on Fox. Although the title of the series changed multiple times from The Frankenstein Code to Looking Glass and finally Second Chance, it is surely one series that is here to stay. Jimmy Pritchard is a 75-year-old Washington sheriff who engaged in morally corrupt behavior and was eventually fired. He was killed during a robbery but to our surprised was brought back to life. Two billionaire technological geniuses brought the sheriff's body back but to a younger body. Pritchard realizes that he now has new, amazing physical abilities that he never had in the past. The premise is Pritchard needs to decide if he is going to embrace these new and astonishing abilities or fall victim of his past temptations that lead him to his ultimate death. It is a nail biter, but the series has the ability to question what Pritchard's next move will be as it is always unpredictable.

11 Shadowhunters - Angels and Humans

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What exactly is a shadowhunter you may ask? Well it is a cross between human and angel. Shadowhunters are a group of paranormal beings. They are on a mission to protect innocent civilians from evil demons. The main star Katherine McNamara plays Clay Fray whose mother was kidnapped early on in the season and she begins to learn more and more about who she really is. She finds out her mother was a shadow hunter and that she is now, too, and is at a crossroads about who she can really trust with her new-found discovery. The sexy Dominic Sherwood also stars in this series spicing things up.

The New York Times has said, "(the show) has its assets, especially its popular source material. But it might become more fun if it learns to enjoy being the empowerment fantasy it really is." Tune into this series and find out the outcome of this fantasy thriller.

10 Colony - Post Apocalyptic World

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We all remember this hunky star from the famous series Lost, well he's back in another mind-boggling type of show. Colony possesses the same style of twists and turns following the life of Will Bowman, the show's main character. Bowman is a former FBI agent living in dystopian LA occupied by a military regime. After the world is in disarray due to an alien invasion, the lives are a priority to restore back to normal. The show follows the search for his missing son and other children. Will must protect his family's security and maintain his relationship with his wife all while trying to find his missing son who was separated from them during the invasion.

The show provides a few scares, and engages audiences with the mysteries connected to finding the lost boy. The show draws in audiences with the trust of a good cast and the past work of the executive producers.

9 Billions - Money, Money, Money

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This series is all about money and beauty, what a wonderful mix. Some famous faces included in the cast are Damien Lewis and Jerry O'Connell. The main character is determined to win in New York City power politics. In doing so, he needs to outsmart U.S Attorney Chuck Rhodes. Rhodes is known publicly as being very charitable and has a good reputation. Behind closed doors, Bobby is looking to expose the truth about him being a criminal despite being a powerful public figure. Maggie Siff plays a psychiatrist in the show and gives a great performance once again. Her last major role was in the famous hit show Sons of Anarchy. Malin Ackerman plays the wife of Bobby, and the couple provides the audience with romance, love and sexiness. It is a show that is quite realistic and is highly recommended.

8 Angie Tribeca - Another Cop Show

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Angie Tribeca is a show created by the hilarious Steve Carell and his wife. It stars the beautiful and funny Rashida Jones who plays a detective with a hot headed boss on her case. Her boss pairs her up with partner Hayes MacArthur and there is extreme sexual chemistry the second that they become a team. The show pokes fun at itself and the fact that it is yet again, another cop show. They poke fun at the cheesiness of real cop shows which exudes a satire air to the series. Anything that Steve Carell has starred in or directed has always been a smash hit and he continues on with the comedic route.

References have been made to the show being similar to Police Squad which was part of Leslie Nielson's range of comedic shows and movies. We are excited to let out a few laughs and relax with a show that is light and leaves us feeling good once the episode is finished.

7 The X-files - The Abnormal Is Cool Again

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This show has elated fans for its ultimate comeback since flying off to outer space on us. We are happy to announce that this highly loved show is back and Scully and Mulder are finally reunited. Do you want to believe that this duo is on another mission to save the world? We do, we are true believers after all. Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny are more mature, wiser and sexier than ever, creating a 2016 version of one of the best shows ever. The premise will remain the same in terms of the duo investigating abnormal behavior and happenings around the world. They play the good guys and are back to obtain the true answers to everything questioned.

6 Vinyl - For The Love Of The 70s

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HBO has not let us down once again as this network has provided some of the best shows in history. Vinyl is a new show that we can tell already is going to be a smash hit. Firstly, the executive producers are none other than Martin Scorsese and Mick Jagger. Anything these two create turns into gold, or should we say platinum in Jagger's case. It is a drama about the music business based in 1970's New York City. Bobby Cannavale stars as the record label president who is on a mission to save his company. The company is in danger of being sold and this president's passion run wild when that fear almost becomes a reality.

The show is enthralled in sex, drugs and rock and roll. Another famous face making an appearance is the beautiful Olivia Wilde. Crank the volume up loud because this show is on top of the charts.

5 11.22.63 - Time Traveling At Its Finest

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This show starring the handsome James Franco takes us to the past and present and opens our eyes to a bit of American history. J.J. Abrams and Stephen King produce a great show based on the novel of the same name. Franco stars as a teacher who travels back in time courtesy of a diner owner whom he is very close to. His mission is to stop the assassination of president John F. Kennedy, altering the entire course of American history. Franco's character realizes that his life is much better in the past than it is in his current state and wishes to stay living there. There are great moments to be witnessed as the quest to kill Oswald (JFK's killer) takes place.

The miniseries, available on HULU, highlights the unwillingness of time itself to be changed. It is an undeniable force that can't be reckoned with despite a strong desire to alter fate. The show captures history fans, political fans and of course sexy James Franco fans. A big salute for a great concept to a show.

4 Preacher - A Seth Rogen-Produced Series

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AMC has done a great job in creating shows based on comic books. They have done this with the famous The Walking Dead and again with Preacher. The plot of the show is based on a holy man from Texas played by Dominic Cooper. Cooper's character teams up with his ex girlfriend (Ruth Negga) and a drunk vampire (Joseph Gilgun) on a quest to search for God. The show is incredibly gruesome and gory. It is extremely violent and great if you are someone who loves a lot of blood and scenes that make your toes curl. This preacher is not your typical preacher: he is rough, strong, vengeful, and a total badass with a sexy look. Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg teamed up to adapt this series and have received positive reactions to its first screening.

3 Sneaky Pete - A Case Of Secret Identity

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This show involves a con man who pretends to be his former cellmate in order to hide out with his family in attempt to run from a crime boss he burned bridges with prior to jail time. The unsuspecting family takes him in and begins working with him in their family business of bail bonds where he tracks down criminals. CBS originally passed on this show before Amazon eventually picked it up. Bryan Cranston of the famous Breaking Bad hopped in on this project to act as well as share the role of executive producer. That changed everything for the series as his input allowed the show to shine. CBS regretted their decision and a bidding war ensued in order to obtain the show, and it ended in Amazon's victory. Roy Prince, Vice President of Amazon studios says "We are excited to bring to Amazon's customers a new compelling series headlined by Giovanni Ribisi from the minds of Daniel Shore and Bryan Cranston." Season one will air 10 episodes. Sneaky Pete obtained a 4.7/5 stars in a review from Amazon users.

2 Outcast - The Supernatural

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If you are not easily disturbed or scared when it comes to watching movies or shows, then this show is for you. It is 100 percent completely petrifying. The show is about a man in search of why he has been suffering from supernatural possessions since childhood. Creator Robert Kirkman was the one who upped himself from The Walking Dead and provided audiences with 'The Exorcist' type of show. The main character Kyle Barnes encounters a child named Joshua, who seems to have the same experiences he once did. They team up alongside Reverend Anderson, an alcoholic evangelist who believes he is the face of God's holy war against the supernatural.

1 The Shannara Chronicles

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If you like fantasy type of shows than this one is for you. The Shannara Chronicles are based on a book series by Terry Brooks. An excellent cast including Manu Bennett from Spartacus, John Rhys-Davies from Lord of the Rings provide viewers with familiar faces and Oscar-worthy acting. Wil Ohmsford is trying to save the endangered Elven nation from demons from another dimension. The fall of humankind and its fate are left in the hands of a trio who combined together to fight off the demons and save the universe. Elven princess Amberle had always wanted a life outside of her palace walls and she combines her power and strength with two others on this mission.

The series holds a complex and complicated dimension to it, but once followed it ensures a similarity to the Game of Thrones in terms of a fantasy following and love for the show. As of January 5th, 2016 this show has made fantasy become a reality inside the homes of all its viewers.

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