15 Surprising Facts You Need to Know About The Chainsmokers

 We all know the name, The Chainsmokers. And for good reason. The talented duo is crushing the music game. With Electronic Dance Music rising to the top of the millennial music preference, as evident by the multiple music festivals revolving around EDM music, everybody loves a good DJ. But beyond that, The Chainsmokers take their music production to new levels with one member of the duo recently adding his vocals to their smash hit, “Closer,” featuring Halsey. Just this past week they debuted yet another single with internet sensation and amazing vocalist, Phoebe Ryan. These guys aren't showing any signs of slowing down and that is okay with all of us fans. For a pair of DJs who only recently started getting attention for their music, they certainly know how to make things happen for themselves. In just under 4 years, these guys went from being undiscovered territory to the hottest duo in EDM music. While they worked their way up from house parties to real venues at colleges and nightclubs, these guys managed to find their sound. With some hard work and the right business strategy, The Chainsmokers have become a well known music making talent to be reckoned with.

But you already knew that, too, because you saw their mind-blowing performance on the VMAs last month. That’s why you’re here. You want to learn more about these guys. Well I’m happy to help! Here are some things that you might not know about your favorite music making team, that only make them that much more endearing.

15 Their Real Names

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Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall are the two members that make up The Chainsmokers. That’s right, only two young men make up this dream team that seems to many people to have basically arrived over night. But like most people in the music industry, it wasn’t quite that easy. These two may have made their success story happen a little faster than most, but it wasn’t a walk in the park. Drew (as he is more commonly known) Taggart is actually 26 years old, while Alex Pall is 31 years old. Both guys met while they lived it up in New York City thanks to a mutual friend/manager. They are just your normal, average guys who enjoy music and turned it into a kickass profession. I think that we all wish we were living their lives. These two musically gifted young men didn’t grow up as best friends. In fact, they haven’t even known each other for that long. But when you have it, you know it, and over the last few years it has become quite obvious to everyone that Drew and Alex were meant to work together.

14 They Are Quite Smart

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I know that as a 24 year old, right now I am not anywhere close to reaching my dream job, so the fact that these guys who aren’t that much older than me have reached such unbelievable heights is inspirational to me. This dynamic duo could be considered quite a gifted pair as far as musical prowess is concerned, but they didn’t just happen to rise to success. These guys have the brains to match their talent, and therefore know that music is as much of a business as anything else. I give both of them some major credit for paying attention to market trends and using them to their advantage. These two didn’t just accidentally fall into a career that blew up over night, they truly look at what their audience is lacking or enjoying and aim to fulfill audience needs. These guys are true artists in their own right.

13 They Went To Different Colleges

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There is just something about the way that these guys act on a regular basis that makes you think that The Chainsmokers had to have been fraternity brothers in college. However, that is not the case. They actually didn’t know each other when they attended college. To begin with, going back to the beginning of this article, Drew and Alex aren’t the same age. Therefore, they actually didn’t even go to college at the same time. Regardless of what year they each attended school, they actually had different tastes when it came down to their ideal universities. Alex went to New York University while Drew went to Syracuse. Both New York schools have solid credentials, but they are pretty different as far as campus life and their locations. It seems that Drew and Alex both enjoyed their specific college experiences, but they sure do like to drink like college buddies these days.

12 They Made #SELFIE Happen

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That's right. The same producers/DJ duo that is killing the charts with Closer burst onto the scene with a song about selfies. And everyone loved it. Please complete the following statement, “but first, let me __________.”  You know how that ends. Don’t hate on the #Selfie makers for bringing a new wave of self-obsessed millennial because they were just capitalizing on an already growing fad in America. Honestly, they don’t even want to remember this popular single, but there’s no reason to consider the song anything other than a genius marketing move and easy to promote single. They all do it, but The Chainsmokers just did it better. While they have matured their sound and style since the release of this single, it is important to note that it brought them their first initial taste of fame and recognition. Never forget where you came from, guys! Even if you started with a selfie, you're here now!

11 They Have Only Known Each Other Since 2012

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So not only did Drew and Alex attend different colleges, but they also started their music careers totally separately. Until 2012, they were both doing their own thing, trying to get paid to play music. Their new dream all became possible when a mutual acquaintance of theirs pitched an idea to connect the two of them professionally. He convinced them to grab dinner, and the rest was history. Here we are, 4 years later, and they spend almost every day playing music or just hanging out together. Talk about a great match! I mean, there are people that I’ve known for 3 or 4 years that I enjoy spending time with, but I’m not sure that I could work professionally with someone and also be their best friend. However, that’s how Alex and Drew do it. They use their friendship as the foundation to great music making since it helps keep a kind of musical chemistry to their work.

10 Both Recently Bought Houses in LA

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Starting off as East coast residents, both Alex and Drew have newly purchased homes in Los Angeles. Don't worry, while they are very close, they did buy separate houses. Supposedly, the move was at least partially inspired by their desire to be closer to Las Vegas. They go to and from Las Vegas so often that cutting down their travel time seemed like the best move. Either way, these two are now officially West Coast residents. So keep an eye out for their legendary parties because they will be throwing them and who wouldn’t want to take a tequila shot with The Chainsmokers? You might not want to be either of their neighbors, but you have to admit that the idea of a Chainsmokers house party sounds pretty awesome. Maybe one day their homes will be locations for star sighting tours, but for now I hope these young men take full advantage of living it up in Los Angeles.

9 They Love the Ladies

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While it is my understanding that The Chainsmoker duo both have girlfriends, it is no secret that both Drew and Alex love the ladies. If you find the time to watch their Snapchats or Instagrams, then it is very evident that along with drinking and music, women are one of their favorite past times. Your average 25-30 year old man might be able to control their girl crazy desires, but as far as being an up and coming music artists, they are just getting started. It doesn't take a genius to guess that they're getting a fair amount of attention from their female fans. Just go to a show and see the incredible attention that they command. The women tend to be quite outspoken and nobody hears The Chainsmokers requests for it to stop. There's no reason to avoid the fun because the women come with the territory and The Chainsmokers just love to cash in.

8 They Love Greece

According to their recent Teen Vogue interview, The Chainsmokers have been jet setting all over the world, but their favorite place that they’ve visited recently was Mykonos, Greece. I don’t think that anyone could blame them for picking Greece as their favorite location, though, because it sounds amazing. I’m sure that the duo has had their fair share of traveling over the last year, so for them to say that Mykonos, Greece stood out for them, that’s impressive. It sounds like their visit to Greece was for a mini vacation as opposed to a show, which might have lent itself to why they liked it the most. It’s hard to compete against a vacation, but hopefully The Chainsmokers are able to enjoy everywhere that they’re going because I don’t see them slowing down any time soon. It’s hard to even imagine what touring must be like for these two, but all I know is that they seem to enjoy every new location with a bottle of alcohol and their music nearby.  Naturally, it sounds like one hell of an experience.

7 Dog Is A Man's Best Friend (Minus Your Bandmate)

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Both Alex and Drew own dogs, much to their Snapchat followers' delight. Cheddar and Louie are by far two of the most lovable pups to ever grace social media. If you haven't experienced a Cheddar pup snap then you need to go check it out right now. I will wait…see I told you! Is there anything more precious than talented music producers/DJs who have adorable puppies to take naps with? I don’t think so, personally. Besides, I am currently living vicariously through them because I don’t have a dog at the moment and it’s a problem. I love Cheddar and Louie almost as though they are my own.  I think that’s normal…okay maybe not, but whatever, the point is that The Chainsmokers are successful, talented musical geniuses, but the fact that they have dogs makes them that much more likable. They are just living life to the fullest, and you can’t blame them for taking advantage of the lives that they’ve been able to build.

6 A Halsey Collaboration Was Bound To Happen

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As it turns out, The Chainsmokers had been hoping to do a vocal collaboration with Halsey long before Closer was created. Closer was well worth the hype, in my opinion, because nobody can deny the fact that Halsey has an amazing voice. Pairing her voice with the debut vocals of Drew, and a great beat was a perfect match. What's interesting, though, is that The Chainsmokers avidly admit that in multiple interviews in the past, they have listed Halsey as the person that they would most like to work with at some point in the future. Well boys, it looks like you made an impression on her since  you're only a few years into your careers and already working with your dream vocalists. I think I speak for everyone when I say, "Keep reaching for the stars because we can't wait to hear some more major collaborations." With the Phoebe Ryan collaboration that came out this past week (All We Know), fans are always going to be on their toes waiting for the next big single from our favorite DJ duo.

5 They Have Combined And Individual Social Media Accounts

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In a society where social media is an industry of it's own, being a celebrity has taken on a new dynamic. It's not just enough to be great DJs/Producers, you have to keep fans happy with constant content on Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, etc. So it's actually interesting that The Chainsmokers have a "The Chainsmokers" account for Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, but also have their own individual accounts. As you can imagine, their official Chainsmokers accounts have the most followers, with their Instagram obtaining 1.3 Million followers. Which makes sense, though, because they certainly keep the content coming. With many of their videos shot by Rory Kramer, these guys constantly provide video clips of their tours for fans to enjoy. Their individual Instagrams are naturally more tailored to them individually, but everything comes back to the music. Get to know these guys via their social media outlets and you'll be entertained for days by their crazy antics and lovable pets.

4 They Aspire To Keep Audiences Guessing

As far as what the Chainsmokers hope to accomplish with their career, it all stems from the fact that they want to keep their audiences guessing about what is coming next. Every musician wants to have a bit of brand recognition with regards to their fans and their new tracks. You have to be new sounds, but it is important for audiences to be able to recognize your specific style so that you don’t blend in with the other artists putting out music these days. The Chainsmokers don’t really need to worry about standing out because their music speaks for itself, but they know that it is important to keep fans excited about new releases. They believe the best way to accomplish this excitement is to try new things, i.e. putting Drew’s vocals on a new song. I wonder what other surprises we can expect from these guys….whatever it will be, we will be ready.

3 There’s An Album Coming (Maybe…)

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Well the Chainsmokers like to mess around during all of their interviews, which comes as no surprise, I’m sure. But it’s very hard to distinguish between the jokes and the serious comments. In my opinion, based on their recent Teen Vogue interview, it sounds like they are working towards an album, they just aren’t ready to call it an album yet. That’s understandable, sometimes the direction a musician’s album takes doesn’t form until the last few songs come together. All I know is that The Chainsmokers’ fans are more than ready for a full album to be release. According to the Chainsmokers they are waiting for the demand to be there, so it’s time to get working boys! We will patiently await the album, but let’s not wait too much longer, ok? We are eager to hear some new tunes! In the meantime, please continue to keep dropping new singles. Thanks.

2 They Use Touring As Inspiration For Their Songs

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When Teen Vogue asked the pair of men how they handle the hardship of touring, they were quite humble about it all. With their girlfriends, dogs, and new homes to get back to, these two guys seem to be doing just fine. But they miss home, naturally, and they mentioned that the fact that they have to deal with being homesick is worth the hassle since they actually like to take stories, memories, and feelings from being on tour and turn them into inspiration for their songs. So, as a fan, let me just say that they need to keep touring because their songs are only getting better and better. I mean, they just dropped a new single, All We Know, which just makes you want to go back to your hometown, grab a bottle of whiskey, and see old friends. Or maybe that’s just me, but honestly you need to check it out if you haven’t, yet.

1 Never Call Them Predictable

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The Chainsmokers are anything but ordinary, and as they like to point out, they want to keep things exciting. Watching their excursions on tour via Snapchat, it’s clear that they just enjoy having a good time and keeping things light and fun. It’s evident that the Chainsmokers are far from done making hit singles and with the hopeful album in the future, we can expect the unexpected from this pair of musical genius. I highly recommend checking them out on social media because they bring the good times, and you won’t be disappointed by their entertaining words of wisdom or random occurrences of jumping off of high surfaces. So don’t even think about them getting complacent and just riding their past successes because that couldn’t be further from the reality. Just go enjoy their new single and keep in mind the fact that they warned everybody that they’re going to keep us all guessing. And we wouldn’t want it to be any other way.

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