15 Sexy Facts About Kylie Jenner You Didn't Know

Kylie Jenner is the queen of social media. Although Selena Gomez has now overtaken Taylor Swift to become the #1 most followed person on the photo-sharing app, Kylie Jenner is not far behind either of them, with a staggering 54.3 million followers (that's almost twice the population of Canada). She's also unofficially the queen of Snapchat, having virtually started the app's unstoppable trend.

Obviously many people know about her. When you think of her, you probably think: "She has large, ever-growing lips; she wears edgy clothes; she's dating Tyga; she looks about a decade older than she actually is; she's Kendall's younger sister." But there is more to Kylie Jenner than just that; she, like most humans, is multifaceted. She is at times hilariously shallow and at other times surprisingly compassionate.

One thing is for certain, though. K-J is catnip to our generation. For years people have been trumpeting that the Kardashian's are overexposed, and yet her Instagram follower count steadily continues to rise, her endorsement makes or breaks companies, and her name will pop up somewhere on your news feed at least once every day.

With that all said, let's hop right into fifteen fun and sexy facts you never knew about Kylie Jenner.

15 She Sold Out A Lip Pencil

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As stated earlier, Kylie's endorsement can make or break companies. Although MAC wasn't about to be broken (it's a makeup juggernaut with a counter at almost every department store), it certainly wasn't going to complain about a boon in sales. And that's exactly what happened when the young makeup guru claimed that she swore by their lip pencil "Spice". After the world found out what was in her lip kit, there was a worldwide shortage in the colour. It was still available online, but in almost every single retail location, it was nowhere to be found.

14 She Has A "Glam" Room In Her House

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Being young, an unmarried, Kylie doesn't have a brood to fill a whole house. It's just she, herself, and Ky. But that didn't stop her from snatching up a gorgeous house in Calabasas. What to do with all the unused space? Obviously: create a "Glam" room. This pampering station is like a beauty salon on steroids. It has, according to her, every kind of makeup, hair product, and grooming tool that a woman could possibly want. She even says that she spends most of her time at home in that room, going in there with her friends when they come over and sometimes just hanging out in it when she's alone. No wonder she's always so damn put together.

13 Chris Brown Is Her Dream Concert

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Even though he beats up women, Kylie Jenner still thinks Chris Brown is "so talented and really entertaining to watch". When asked what her dream concert would be, she said it would be him. Granted, Chris Brown songs are good. He really added to "Only", the Nicki Minaj cut featuring Drake and Lil Wayne. But it's hard to believe that she would be okay with celebrating and paying him, especially given a fact that you will find later in this article. That's one thing Kylie should reconsider (especially given how powerful her endorsement can be!)

12 She Steals From Kim and Kendall's Wardrobes

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When asked who out of her sisters' wardrobes she steals most from, Kylie, without skipping a beat, said Kim and Kendall. It makes sense. Of her four sisters, Kim and Kendall are the most fashionable. Khloe and Kourtney, although perfectly presentable, are more known for waist-training and Scott Disick, respectively. If she wanted cinchers and maternity clothes, she could raid the other two's closets, but there wouldn't be anything else for a young, scorching hot pop tart looking to prolong her status as a fashion icon.

11 Fans Mailed Her Cheetos Puffs

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As we've already covered, Kylie Jenner likes to publicize her preferred consumables. This doesn't just apply to makeup and (as we will see) butt creams. She also talks about her favourite snacks. So after she mentioned that she was a big fan of Cheetos Puffs, she began to receive big bags of them in the mail. Fans, desperate to be noticed by the girl, sent her snacks all but bearing the words "PICK ME! PICK ME!" Although some people might've been frightened to receive a suspect bag of food in the mail, Kylie Jenner just laughed it off. I guess as an international celebrity, you probably see a lot weirder stuff than that.

10 She Dreams of Stalking Her Exes

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When asked what she would do if she were invisible for the day, K-J said that she'd stalk all her exes. It makes sense though. Who isn't guilty of wondering what their ex is up to? But it'd take a certain level of chutzpah to admit that if you were invisible you'd "stalk" them. Most people would just sneak into a movie or shoplift from the drugstore. She said she wanted to see how they behave with their new girlfriends. It appears, just from her knowing this fact, that she's already stalking these boys, albeit more in a Facebook than a Face-to-Face way.

9 She Lied To Fans For Money

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Recently, Kylie claimed on Instagram that she could thank Pureleef butt enhancement cream for her renown rump. The cream, which costs $50 for a 2 month supply, allegedly makes your butt both firm and silky smooth. Obviously, this was just nonsensical gnatter just meant to get her a check. No cream, no matter how "scientifically proven", is going to have that effect on your butt. Kylie's booty is due to diet, exercise, genetics, and possibly the scalpel of a very skilled Beverly Hills surgeon. But for those who hate diet and exercise, have pancake-booty in their DNA, and can't afford to go under the knife, it was maybe worth a shot (not an injection).

8 She Prefers Caitlyn to Bruce

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According to her: "I like [Caitlyn] better than Bruce. We talk about makeup and clothes… There’s [no longer] a huge secret in the family. I’ve honestly known about it for a really long time… She’s really living her authentic true self.” What a measured, level-headed response to her father's transition into a woman. Although she started off the statement with a self-aware air-headed remark, she closed it off with a statement about how Caitlyn is much happier now than she was when she was a man. Perhaps K.J. is lying and she wishes her dad had remained a man, but we operate from a place of "yes!" and take what she says to be true.

7 She Wants To Be An Example For Her Generation

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There was a time when hearing her say this would've made me say "ick". But, given the things I've learned about her writing this article, she seems like a pretty good person. She hopes, for example, that her reaction to Caitlyn's transition will inspire people to be more accommodating of transsexuals. She also, as we will see below, is an all-around compassionate person, with thoughts in her well-manicured head. She says that she wakes up almost every morning in "a panic" because she always has to get up early and do things. If that isn't the definition of working hard and grinding 'til you own it, I don't know what is. Listen up!

6 Tyga Bought Her A Ferrari

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Low-key. You turn 18, and your superstar rapper boyfriend buys you a $320,000 car. Or at least that's how things seem? Of the two, Kylie is actually the wealthier one, coming from a dynasty and having her ladle in many business soups. Turns out that she actually LEASED the car and let people believe that Tyga bought it for her so that he could seem like the macho provider and she could seem like the coddled and courted young woman (it is kind of a major gender role reversal when your 18 year old girlfriend has more buying power than you -- not to say that I don't absolutely love it).

5 But He Wants To Sleep With Kim

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In an episode of her show Kocktails with Khloe, Khloe put Tyga in the hotseat. While playing a game of "f***, marry, kill", he said he'd f*** Kim, marry Khloe, and kill Kourtney (making sure to look at Scott Disick, who was sitting right next to him, while he said the last). This is kind of fiery rhetoric for a guy who is dating her younger sister (and especially considering the last item on this list!) But I can't say I don't get it. Kim, even though her butt is vulgarly large, has an undeniable sex appeal. Even if guys don't find her conventionally pretty, they must want to get with her just to conquer her titanic sexual magnetism.

4 But He Wants to Marry Kylie

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In that very same episode of Kocktails, Tyga admitted that he would be down to marry Kylie. And this wasn't another game of f***, marry, kill. It was an off-handed comment made during chit-chat. Why, then, do they keep breaking up? Maybe Kylie is the one of the two who is difficult to break. It's conventionally the man who doesn't want to be "tied down", but here Kylie may be like: "Geez, Ty... Lighten up..." As we've already covered, she's super ambitious, and at this point getting married would only get in the way. With her oldest sister's record (and, frankly, her mother's), she still has quite a few good years left before she has to worry about being an old maid.

3 She's Gotten Bullied

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Many of you probably thought that by "bullied", I meant she got shoved into some lockers at her local public high school. No, I mean "cyber-bullied", or the invisible yet nefarious form of bullying that has blighted the last couple of generations. There are people sending Kylie, an impressionable eighteen year old despite her fame and status, vitriolic messages on social media, calling her ugly, stupid, and any other ego-breaking insult to a young person. For that reason, she created a platform for people who have had the same or similar experiences to share their stories on instagram. The campaign is called "#IAmMoreThan". Check it out if you're curious.

2 She Feuded With Rob Over Blac Chyna

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Blac Chyna, like Amber Rose, is some random city girl who got famous just for having a bodacious figure. When she hitched her wagon to Rob Kardashian's (overweight and reclusive) star, she became ever better known. So why is there such bad blood between the two girls? For one, Blac Chyna is Tyga's baby mama. The two have a toddler-aged son together. Also, Blac Chyna has thrown tons of shade at Kylie as she's been dating Tyga. When Kylie started a web series called "Cooking with Kylie", Blac Chyna reminded her followers of her show, "Cooking with Chyna", and captioned the post "B**** Bye", an obvious dart at Kylie.

1 Kylie Wants To BE Kim

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As she confessed in an episode of her webseries, Kylie Jenner officially wants to BE Kim Kardashian. And we don't mean be LIKE, we don't mean BE nice to, we mean BE. Kim is like the older, more established, more poised, more intriguing iteration of young Kylie. Ever since she emerged into the limelight, her style has been skewing towards Kim. They essentially overlapped sometime in the past two years. Like Hillary Clinton's policies being dragged leftwards by senator Sanders, Kylie Jenner is felling Kim's BERN. Lucky for her, an entire generation of girls want to BE her, so Kylie Jenner at least has something going.

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