15 Secrets Floyd Mayweather Doesn't Want You To Know

One of the biggest sporting events in the past year was the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight, which was billed as the fight of the century. After the unprecedented hype and marketing that characterized the run up to the event, very few individuals on earth remain unaware of the existence of Floyd "Money" Mayweather.

Despite boxing's long decline in popularity, Floyd has almost one-handedly brought the sport back into the limelight. Through a variety of shrewd moves that made the most out of his otherworldly skill, Floyd has managed to create a one man brand in his own image, taking control of the promotion and marketing of his own persona.

As well known as Floyd has become because of his boxing and promotional skills, he has become equally well known for a long list of awful incidents that have tarnished his gilded image. Similar to others involved in boxing, Mayweather has taken advantage of his pugilistic prowess and position of power to become a poster boy of how not to be rich and famous. One of the many things that Floyd would prefer to keep hidden is his history of violent behavior against women, which is one of the most well-publicized facts about his life. The following list includes a variety of details about his life that may be considered less well known.

15 Refuses to Wear The Same Underwear More Than Once

When you're as closely affiliated to money as Floyd Mayweather, you have to spend your currency in such a fashion as to announce your riches in a conspicuous manner. One of his rumored habits involves the conscientious use of undergarments as part of his sartorial strategy.

After punching his way to untold riches, Floyd has earned the right to claim the use of his underwear once before discarding the evidence. Assuming his unmentionables are worthy only of the finest in undergarment couture, he likely rocks Hermes woven boxers as a bare minimum, which retail around the $500 mark. Applying basic mathematics, the yearly sum of his addiction to fresh banana-hammocks would hover around $180,000.

Reports suggest his underwear budget is actually around $6,500 a year.

14 Four Giant Body Guards


Despite his prowess in fisticuffs, Floyd spares no expense for personal defense, hiring four gigantic men to make a wall against any incoming foes, such as Ronda Rousey. Big Church, Big Pat, Jethro and Big A weigh in at an accumulated 1,470 pounds, ranging in height from 6'3 to 7'1.

Rumor has it that Floyd ended up hiring these four giants after a Las Vegas business deal went sour in 2003, resulting in the severe beating of Mayweather's business colleagues in a Top Rank boxing facility. Boxing maven and Top Rank founder Bob Arum reports that the blood stains left in the carpet required weeks to scrub away.

13 Separate Jets For His Crew


During an interview with The Howard Stern Show, Floyd revealed another dimension of his luxurious lifestyle when he opened up to Howard about his air travel routine. It turns out that Floyd considers gravity to be one of his most serious enemies.

In addition to having his own private Gulfstream V, he typically charters another private jet to ferry his entourage wherever he goes, despite the fact that his jet is enough. According to Floyd, he charters a separate trip for his crew because he's worried that the extra weight will drag his plane down. In other words, because he's worth hundreds of millions of dollars, he gets to avoid facing this irrational fear instead of learning to cope with mild discomfort.

12 He's the Best At Running in the Ring


For all intents and purposes, Floyd is considered by many boxing experts to be one of the most proficient defensive specialists in the sport. There's no doubt that he delivers lethal blows with his fists, but in the end, one of his finest skills may be his ability to punch while moving backwards.

Many of the people who took in the fight of the century were dismayed by the lack of action between Floyd and Manny, in particular the lack of vitriol between the two. In particular, those who spent $100 to watch a PPV of the fight were left wondering where their money went. The truth is they watched a fine defensive display of boxing that Pacquiao was unlikely to defeat.

There's a reason Floyd's early nickname was "Pretty Boy" - because he never gets hit. Of his 48 wins, 26 are KOs.

11 Pacquiao's Hidden Injury

Boxing is one of the most physically taxing sports to endure, requiring fighters to engage in long, rigorous, physical training. The training ensures that their opponent doesn't clobber them due to fatigue or a lack of strength.

What many people did not know in the run up to the fight was that Manny had a bum shoulder, re-injured during training in April 2015. This doubtlessly had a significant impact on the fight, making an already difficult chore of mounting an offense against Floyd into a near impossible task.

Many wagering enthusiasts who bet on Pacquiao cried foul when they learned about the shoulder, which was supposedly re-injured during the fourth round, rendering Manny's fight useless.

10 Rousey Matches Up Well Against Floyd

After winning the ESPY for both best fighter and best female athlete, Ronda Rousey dropped a wordbomb on Floyd by musing about "how Floyd feels being beat by a woman for once" - a deeply ironic quip considering the mentioned Floyd said "I don't know who he is" a year earlier.

Floyd has a bit of an advantage when it comes to both height and size, not to mention striking skills. However, Rousey has won an Olympic Gold in judo and has displayed MMA superiority by remaining undefeated throughout her career.

Many experts believe that Ronda would never stand a chance, regardless of her skills, while others maintain that Floyd would have serious trouble dealing with the expanded repertoire of a champion MMA fighter, regardless of gender.

9 Manufactured Feud With Rousey


When Floyd said, "... make over $300 million in 36 minutes - when she can do that, then call me," he was simply continuing a ridiculous feud that appears to be created to keep him in the spotlight, thus making everybody more money.

His earlier jab at Rousey, when he expressed that he didn't know of her existence, was more than likely feigned ignorance in an attempt to land a low blow against Ronda. Floyd has been involved in the MMA business for a while, including his own group of signed fighters.

Also, Ronda was also an ESPY nominee alongside Mayweather for fighter of the year, which means that it's hard to believe Floyd wasn't aware of her more than a year ago.

8 Pacquiao Was Floyd's "Employee" For the Big Fight

Part of the reason Floyd travels with bodyguards is likely due to the production company he set up to promote himself, rather than receive a cut through Top Rank. Mayweather Promotions began when Floyd handed a $750,000 check to Top Rank, thus releasing himself from his contract.

Using his own production company, he's built his own sports empire, one that generated nearly $600 million during the fight of the century. Mayweather made about $210 million while Pacquiao made around $143 million, partially because it was Floyd's production company that was pulling the strings. Maybe a portion of the reason the two fighters were friendly throughout the boxing match was due to this business arrangement.

7 His Son's Note to Police


Floyd's habit of domestic abuse was witnessed by his young son Koraun, who ended up writing a note to the police describing his father's actions. The statement was submitted as evidence of Floyd's assault on Josie Harris, on September 9th, 2010.

In the note, Koraun wrote that his father started hitting his mother in the early morning. Koraun recalled that Josie told him to "run to the gate". This young child ended up jumping a fence to do so, sprinting to the office to meet with security. After submitting this and other evidence in court, Mayweather ended up getting 90 days in jail. He was released after two months because of his good behavior behind bars.

6 His Response to Allegations of Abuse? No Pictures

As the most well-known boxer on the planet, other than perhaps Mohammad Ali, Floyd doubtlessly receives hundreds of requests from the media. In addition to his boxing prowess, many are interested in the affluent lifestyle he leads and "The Money Team" brand that he's created.

Rather than face up to what he's done and grant at least one interview in which he speaks openly about his problems, he has a perpetual attitude of denial that centers around the idea that if there are no pictures, it didn't happen. Of course, this attitude makes sense considering the fact that he has had legal evidence destroyed, including pictures that were evidence of his assault, by law enforcement offices around the area. The complicity of Las Vegas allows him to dodge questions as well as he slips punches.

5 Posted a Sonogram of His Ex


Floyd has not only been proven to be a serial batterer of women, but he has also displayed psychological cruelty in his quest to accomplish whatever it is he's trying to do, other than box and make money.

After Shantel Jackson and Floyd allegedly split due to Mayweather cheating on his then fiance, Mayweather struck back by posting her sonogram on Facebook with the following message:

"The real reason me and Shantel Christine Jackson @missjackson broke up was because she got a abortion, and I'm totally against killing babies. She killed our twin babies."

Incredibly, the post received more than 11,000 likes in 30 minutes.

4 Educational Difficulties


When a New York radio station and 50 Cent went on record making fun of Floyd's apparent inability to read, it joined a litany of other tragic and unfortunate behaviors that surrounds the boxer's life. Normally, those who have significant difficulty reading aren't made fun of, but due to Floyd's terrible treatment of women, people tend to laugh at the boxer's obvious difficulty with the English language.

Of course, Floyd responded in his usual manner to these comments, Tweeting a picture of two checks with the message, "Read this $72,276,000.00. God bless."

3 That Time He Lost


Floyd is no doubt one of the finest boxing talents of our generation, but that doesn't mean that he has never lost an important fight. His professional record of 48-0 hides the fact that he was at the receiving end of a significant upset during the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta.

He ended up fighting against Serafin Todorov from Bulgaria, and losing a 10-9 decision to everybody's disbelief. During several points during the match, it appeared that the judges missed scoring Floyd's punches while the Bulgarian seemed to score by slapping Floyd with his glovestrap.

Floyd had to settle for the bronze, making it the most notable loss of his career.

2 Protected by Las Vegas


As if hundreds of millions of dollars, a quartet of gigantic bodyguards and a posse of sycophants weren't enough, pretty much the entire city of Las Vegas bends over to cover Floyd's tracks. Considering the income he generates, the city of Las Vegas has a vested interest in keeping him out of jail for long periods of time.

Despite 29 court cases, Floyd somehow manages to remain unindicted on a suspiciously high rate of charges levied against him. In one case, the police completely wiped visual evidence of Mayweather's crime from record, destroying photos that showed the harsh truth concerning his pattern of domestic abuse.

1 His Tough Upbringing


Similar to many people who exhibit severe criminal and anti-social behavior, Floyd is a product of a tough childhood that presented many challenges that would typically destroy the lives of most people. He grew up in an environment replete with drugs, including his mom and aunt suffering through addictions.

From a young age, he was expected to box and he recalls his father only being around when he was training, stating "I don't remember him ever taking me anywhere or doing anything that a father would do with a son, going to the park or to the movies or to get ice cream." While it's easy to simply say that Floyd is a bad person, the truth is more complex.

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