15 Reasons The Kardashians Would Be Nothing Without Kris Jenner

The Kardashians are owners of great fame, popularity and wealth. There are many factors to consider when thinking of how the Kardashians became so immensely known in our society.

Kris, started off wanting to be a stay-at-home wife and mother, and is now the head of a family that's worth millions. Although the initial sky-level fame was reached thanks to Kim Kardashian and her raunchy tape, the rest of the family has their own way of being recognized, and Kris is at the root of it all. If you really stop and think of what state the Kardashians would be in without Kris Jenner, it would be quite a disastrous one. Whatever the problem is, all members of the Kardashians run to her for help. This not only goes for the Kardashians, but also the Jenners and everyone's boyfriends and girlfriends.

Kris Jenner plays a big role in their work life, as well as keeping them together as a family; as any mother would. Often, Kris can be a little nosy and into her children’s business, however, if she wasn’t, it’s no doubt that the Kardashians would be unable to survive even a day of their celebrity lifestyle without Kris. Keep reading to find out the 15 reasons why the Kardashians would be nothing without Kris Jenner.

15 I'm The Ref


Kardashians mean women– no, not literally. But the Kardashian family ratio is higher in females. Which means lots of cat fights! Not always, but a lot of times there are arguments and mishaps not only between the siblings but also with their partners. Who do all the fights go to, to be solved? Yup, Kris Jenner! No matter what the problem is, the Kardashians will all go crying to mommy Jenner. Being the referee now, Kris will talk to both people involved in the argument and try solving it. This does not only go for just the Kardashians, but if one of the Kardashians is having a problem with their husband/boyfriend, Kris will also put her nose in the situation and try solving it. Now, if Kris wasn’t there to play referee for all the Kardashians, they may have all fallen apart long ago. The amount of arguments they go through would have torn their family apart. All for referee, Kris!

14 Momager


Some of you may not know this, but Kris Jenner is the manager for her daughters’ businesses. She handles their appointments and schedules any interviews and so on. How cool would it be to have your mom as your manager? Well, it might be annoying for some. Starting off with Kim Kardashian to now Kylie Jenner, Kris manages them all. This is a hell of a lot of work. But do you really think the Kardashians could manage it on their own without their mom? Might suck for Kris, though, as she not only has one daughter in the industry but five of them. If Kris Jenner did not take on the role of a manager for her kids, it’s doubtful they would have even been knowledgeable enough to find their own manager which they would probably have to give a salary to as well. So thank you mama Kris for the free service!

13 My Daughter's A Super Model


Kendall always said that she dreamed of becoming a super model. But those dreams were made a reality thanks to, of course, Kris Jenner. Kendall already had some exposure through her sisters and mom from when she was younger, however, Kris worked to call companies and arrange for Kendall to model for different magazines and contracts. Slowly, but steadily with the help of Kris, Kendall is now a full time super model at such a young age. She became so successful in her career because of Kris, whom still aids her in her career and even goes with her for some of Kendall’s shoots. More than just a support system her daughter, Kris also works to keep Kendall as one of the top models in the industry. Without Kris, it’s still questionable that Kendall would have become a model at all, and even if she did, would she have been one of the top, successful, models today?

12 A Shelter For My Babies


The fact that Kris' kids live with her is totally normal; many families have the same set-up. But looking at Kim Kardashian, a grown woman, even after she had established her career, and created a family, she lived with her mom for months while waiting for her new home to be finished. She could have gone to Kourtney's, right? Wrong. Remember Kourtney didn’t even want Kim to host North’s first birthday party at her house. And although Kim is a working woman herself, she chose not to rent out another place, but to have a slumber party at mom's. Not that anyone would pass up free lodging, but a 'thank you' is in order for the convenience she provides.

11 Family Time


Whether it’s getting the family together where they live or planning a family vacation abroad to get the family to spend some quality time together, the bond they have is all thanks to Kris Jenner. She takes the time and effort to bring the family together on many vacations per year, despite each member being busy with their own careers or their not getting along at a given time. Because of this time away together as a family that Kris provides, all the Kardashians are able to bond and get over their little arguments. You may think, well, all families try making family time. The difference with the Kardashians is that if this effort is not made, the family would certainly fall apart. They would probably forget each other as they focus on their own careers and lives.

10 Bring On The Grandbabies


Kourtney having 3 kids and Kim having 2, they are quite the busy bees taking care of their family as well as handling their career. But, when they are so busy with their own careers, where do the children go? Yes, you guessed it; grandma Kris’ house. Who cares if Kris is handling all their careers as well as her own. Why does it matter if Scott is just partying somewhere else and Kanye is busy interrupting people on stage. No one else should be taking care of the Kardashian grandchildren other than Kris Jenner. Where would these children even go when their moms are busy modelling around? Kourtney and Kim would definitely be lost and not know what to do if they didn’t have their mom's home to leave their children at. Of course, a nanny is always an option, but there's nothing quite like grandma.

9 Handles The Media


Media plays a huge part in giving exposure to the Kardashians. However, it can be good or bad attention depending on what it’s for and what the Kardashians do or say in front of media. Kris generally handles media for the Kardashians and helps to bring media attention to her family at the right times. As reckless as the Kardashians may be sometimes, Kris makes sure it does not affect the attention they get and their careers in a negative way. In particular, for interviews, she makes sure as much as she can that they don’t ask any questions that the Kardashians may have a hard time answering (ex: ex-husbands, plastic surgery). Even if questions like these do occur, she trains the Kardashians well on how to answer in front of media. If it wasn’t for Kris using her knowledge and handling the media attention that the Kardashians continuously get, they would have been over a long time ago.

8 Giving Birth


This is an obvious one, but it definitely still counts. While married to Robert Kardashian, Kris gave birth to Kourtney, Kim, Khloe, and Rob. She then Married Bruce and had Kendall and Kylie. The Kardashians would obviously never have been possible if Kris didn’t have all these children who are now rocking the media with their drama-filled shows, fashion, modelling careers and more had it not been for her popping them out. But there's more to it than mere biology. They all grew up looking up to their mom and now, even if they deny it, their sense of fashion and dream careers all started because of their mother. Kris, being a flight attendant initially, then used her skills to make not only herself well-known in Hollywood but all of the Kardashians. The most looked upon celebrities for fashion, style, entertainment and more are the Kardashians. This unquestionably wouldn’t have been possible if they weren’t born to Kris Jenner in the first place.

7 Guidance Counselor


The Kardashian household is filled with unavoidable drama on a daily basis. Whether it is with each other, their boyfriends/husbands, their careers or just the media. It actually seems like the Kardashians are very extreme and cause small mishaps to appear big on their television show with the help of that dramatic background music. Whatever the case, all the Kardashians run to only one person for assistance when in trouble– Kris Jenner. If Kris isn’t there to talk to them, cry with them (as she cries for literally everything), and guide them as of course a guidance counselor would, the Kardashians would probably be emotional wrecks. Remember the time Kim had psoriasis and refused to do the photo shoot causing so much drama and crying? Well, it wasn’t a surprise that Kris helped her overcome it and continue the shoot.

6 Husband's Manager


As said earlier, Kris is a manager for all her children’s careers. But what some do not know is she was also a manager for Bruce Jenner earlier on in his Olympic career days. It must have been her trial run before she became a manager for all her children. So not only did she help her children’s careers, but also her husband’s. Of course Bruce probably was doing well in his career before he met Kris, which may have been why Kris ended up marrying him. However, with the help of his then wife, he became more of a known face to the world. Not only would the Kardashian children be a disaster without their mom, but Bruce Jenner, also owes a lot to his wife. It's easy to mess up your reputation, especially when you're just starting out in the public eye. Who knows where Bruce would be if Kris wasn't there to keep him focused?

5 My Son And His Sock Business


Does anyone remember Rob’s sock business? Just in case, let’s refresh your memory. A few years back, before Rob Kardashian pulled his disappearing act, he launched his own sock line with the help of his mom. Well, since the other 5 daughters’ careers were launched by Kris Jenner, she of course had to do her part in also launching Rob’s business as well. Since Rob clearly wasn’t interested in modelling, fashion, and makeup, he decided to launch his own sock business with Kris’ assistance once again. He obviously wanted to make a name for himself and not be stuck in his sisters' shadows, so he started his own business. Even though we currently do not know much about his sock line after Rob’s down time, Kris is still there for Rob. She intended to even pay for Rob’s million dollar house even though her daughter Kim told her mom she shouldn’t. If Rob didn’t have Kris for his career and even to buy his own home, where would he be now?

4 My Kids Can Do No Wrong


The Kardashians are a very crazy bunch to handle. As all of us make mistakes at times, the Kardashians do as well. Only thing is that it seems like they keep on repeating mistakes and are continuously creating problems. From when Kourtney’s video with her boyfriend from high school was publicized to now, any mistakes any of the Kardashians make, Kris will work hard to cover them up and support whatever "decision" her children make. Even if it means it can ruin other people’s lives. All that matters is that her family is happy. With all the mistakes the Kardashians made, whether it was with media or just the general public, could easily have meant saying goodbye to their careers; but they had their savior Kris to clean up the mess and keep their names out of the dirt (somewhat).

3 Kylie Cosmetics


Kylie was always the stereotypical girl. She started dressing up and wearing makeup (which she clearly did not how to use back then) at an early age. Bruce was never supportive of her wearing so much makeup to school (as any dad would), while Kris would stand up for Kylie. Maybe it was because of that love for makeup at such a young age that the youngest Kardashian daughter has now launched her own cosmetics line. Like all the other Kardashians, Kris also stood by to launch her youngest daughter Kylie’s career as well. Kylie, only 19, is so successful and busy in her own career with her cosmetics, in particular her Kylie lip kits which are sold in minutes after being restocked. A lot of credit definitely goes to Kris for this. No doubt Kylie would not have even know where to begin building a business. Thanks to her mother, she now has something for herself that she’s passionate about to keep focused on.

2 Dash


From the first season of Keeping up with the Kardashians, the Dash store has always been a part of the show. It is one of the reasons the three Kardashian sisters started to earn and develop their fashion line. No surprise here when we say this was also launched by Kris Jenner. She not only helped them launch their stores but also would work late nights developing the store while some or all of the sisters would focus on other things such as their boyfriends and partying. The main reason for the Dash store being launched and now being as successful as it is with multiple locations is all because of Kris Jenner. The Dash store could easily be considered one of Kris' first entrepreneurial ventures, leading to her essentially mastering the industry.

1 Keeping Up With The Kardashians


The show that started it all, Keeping up with the Kardashians. What was behind this show launching back in 2007? Kris Jenner. She came up with the bright idea to broadcast their day-to-day drama-filled lives on television. She claimed it would be natural and believed it would become a successful reality show. Yet again, she was absolutely right and the show gained huge success and is still airing today. Because of this show, all members of the Kardashian family gained popularity and earned huge amounts of money for just living as they normally would. It's almost like everything Kris touches turns to gold. It's clear that the Kardashians (and Jenners) owe pretty much everything to the one and only, Kris Jenner.

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