15 Of The Most-Wanted Film Sequels

Some days, it seems like an endless parade of sequels and remakes of classic movies hit theaters. Some sequels manage to be successful and please audiences, but many end up being less than hits in the box office, or worse, anger and distance fans of the original hit. Of course, there are also those inevitable sequels that fans don’t even want: while the first Pirates of the Caribbean film was beloved by many, after several sequels and another in the works, even many fans of the franchise have agreed that enough is enough. Similarly, the Bourne series of films continues despite the fact that the main character that the series is named after hasn’t even stuck around in all of its sequels.

Then there are the movies that fans actually want sequels to… yet never end up being made, or plans being dropped for one reason or another. These are the movies and series that audiences would love to see continue, whether to find out what the beloved characters have been up to since the closing credits of the previous films, or to continue the stories that only just began in the original.

Some of these most-wanted sequels may actually see the light of day, such as the Star Wars and Jurassic Park movies that are currently in the works, and others are less likely, thanks to lack of faith from studios in continuing the franchises or uninterested cast members. All have one thing in common: audiences continue to hold out hope of seeing these stories continue on the big screen.

15 The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

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The 2005 science fiction/comedy movie based on Douglas Adams’ classic book series and a radio series only barely began to explore this rich world. The movie, starring Martin Freeman and Zoey Deschanel, had everything for sci-fi fans: a great cast, good stories, and a respectful way of adapting the source material. Although it was not exactly a box office smash, the series was popular enough amongst sci-fi fans and there are plenty of storylines left to explore in this universe. The movie itself was set up for a sequel: the story left off with the characters en route to the Restaurant at the End of the Universe, and there was a lot more source material to draw upon.

14 Heathers

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The idea of a sequel to this 1980s classic high school satire about a high school clique has been floated around for a while. In 2009, the movie’s star, Winona Ryder, even mentioned that a sequel was in the works, but the director contradicted her and said that nothing is being planned. A TV series based on the story has also been rumored, but nothing has come of that, either.

13 The Breakfast Club

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This 1985 classic coming-of-age dramedy is considered one of the greatest high school films made. For a while, a sequel was actually planned for the series. The story of the sequel would have featured the characters meeting up 10 years after the original film took place. However, the idea for the sequel was eventually scrapped, so fans will likely never get to know whether the “Breakfast Club” is still meeting up.

12 The Godfather

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Frequently cited as one of the greatest movies ever made, Francis Ford Coppola’s The Godfather had two sequels. Because of the film series’ critical success, there has been some talk about reviving it with a fourth movie, a sequel to Godfather III. Many fans would love to see how the Corleones have fared in the present time. However, when asked about a possible sequel, Coppola has indicated that he regrets the sequels that he already made, so it seems unlikely that this series will ever be revived.

11 Star Wars

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Despite the mixed reception of fans towards the prequels of this classic sci-fi film trilogy, many Star Wars fans were both surprised and thrilled when, in 2012, Disney acquired the rights to the series and announced that long-desired, long-rumored sequel trilogy would be made. Lucas had originally planned a sequel for the original trilogy in the 1970s, but dropped the idea in the 1990s. Production of the sequels began in 2012 and a first teaser trailer was released in November 2014. The film will be directed by J.J. Abrams, and original cast members Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher will all return to the sequels along with many new characters.

10 Spaceballs

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Speaking of Star Wars, the Star Wars spoof, Spaceballs, was a classic parody film. Directed by Mel Brooks and starring John Candy and Rick Moranis, the film was a major success and is considered a cult classic. The possibility of a sequel was even hinted at the end of the film. Now would be the perfect time to follow-up with these plans, with the upcoming Star Wars sequel trilogy in the works.

9 Titanic

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One of the most successful movies of all time, Titanic could have possibly gone on and on. Well, not the ship, which obviously sank, but a sequel to the series might have been possible. The movie still has a huge fanbase and well over a decade later, it is still talked about. Fans would have liked to explore what exactly happened during those years between the time Rose walked away from her life as she knew it after the Titanic sank (and she was rescued), and when audiences saw her again as an older woman reminiscing about falling in love with Jack Dawson on the doomed vessel. Photographs in the movie hinted at her life in between, but it could have been explored further.

8 True Lies

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The original movie, released in 1994, was about a US agent played by Arnold Schwarzenegger who had to hide his covert career from his wife, played by Jamie Lee Curtis. The movie was made on a very big budget at the time and was a commercial success, even though it is now seen as comparatively smaller than James Cameron’s later movies, Titanic and Avatar. A sequel to True Lies was in the works in the early 2000s, but it was abandoned after 9/11 when Cameron said that he no longer felt that a movie about terrorism would be funny or appropriate for audiences.

7 Jurassic Park

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The 1993 film, which led to three sequels and theme parks in Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal’s Islands of Adventure, was a major media franchise in the 1990s. A fourth film was rumored after the release of the third film in the franchise in 2001, but no further information about the possible sequel was given for over a decade. However, in 2013, Universal Pictures announced to fans that the series would continue with another installment. The film will feature a new park, Jurassic World, built over the original park.

6 Ghostbusters

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The original Ghostbusters, released in 1993, was a huge hit and the movie did have a sequel, Ghostbusters II, which was also well liked. So what about a Ghostbusters III? Rumors for a third move have been floating around for decades, but it has never been made. A potential plot has even been speculated on by Dan Aykroyd, who has said that a third Ghostbusters movie might feature the original group helping to train the next generation of Ghostbusters. Rumor has it that leading man Bill Murray may be the reason that a third installment of this series has been held up; he reportedly wants a good enough script before agreeing to work on the series again.

5 Serenity

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The cult classic “Firefly” was a short-lived but deeply loved “space western” television series created by Joss Whedon. “Serenity” was his film sequel to the series after its cancellation. The film contained the same cast and continued the events after the final episode of the show. The film was well received. Although fans of the cult classic can’t get enough of the series and have even organized activities to attempt to convince Universal that a sequel would be profitable, unfortunately, Whedon has largely dodged the rumors of a sequel, although has acknowledged that a sequel is on his mind.

4 District 9

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The 2009 thriller District 9, which addressed major issues such as xenophobia and social segregation within the context of a science fiction setting, has been considered a “sleeper hit” because it was made on a relatively low budget with a relatively unknown cast. The story in the movie ended in such a way that it left open the possibility of a sequel. The director, Neill Blomkamp, has said that he really wants to make a sequel at some point, so it is quite possible that the series will continue.

3 Zombieland

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Zombies are having their moment in the spotlight right now, so it might be appropriate to have a sequel to this 2009 movie, which was well-received by audiences for its comedic approach to zombies. Zombieland revolved around the stories of the survivors of a zombie apocalypse who take a road trip in order to find a place free of the monsters. The movie was both critically acclaimed and a hit with audiences. The premise of the story would also work well in a sequel, as there is a lot more that the characters could explore in the post-apocalyptic world, and the ending of the original movie even set up a sequel. Luckily, fans have a chance of seeing this sequel see the light of day: in October 2014, it was announced that plans were in the works.

2 Avatar

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James Cameron’s epic megahit and the top-grossing film of all time, Avatar, has been a major candidate for sequels since the film’s release in 2009. Fans who want to explore more of the world of the Na’vi species on Pandora are in luck: Cameron is reportedly working on scripts for not one but three sequels. Cameron has been relatively tight-lipped about what the sequels will contain, but says that they have been storyboarded and will explore more of the universe introduced in the original film. All sequels are currently planned to be released in 2016-2018.

1 Top Gun

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The 1986 action drama about two naval aviators training to become fighter pilots helped secure Tom Cruise’s superstar status. The movie was a major hit (and even its soundtrack is one of the most popular soundtracks to date). Although it was met with mixed critical response at the time, it has since made many of the top film lists of all time. Since its success rumors of a sequel have circulated and finally in 2011, Cruise said that a sequel was being planned. The elusive sequel still seems to be in the works with no further word on when fans can expect it to hit theaters.

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