15 Of July's Hottest Pics Of Celebs Wearing Yoga Pants

One of my fellow contributors here at TheRichest.com recently put a question to our readers: what is the cause of the recent (Hollywood and Instagram) celebrity obsession with yoga pants? Well folks, I have the answer: there is no epidemic of starlets flaunting their trainer-toned rumps in the thinnest fabric and even thinner facades as health conscious movie stars always on the go between gym and life. There is no Hollywood obsession with Lululemon any more than there is a general obsession in this entertainment industry hub with looking fit; that paparazzi passion for beautiful people, celebrity skin and the skin-tight outfits that cover it.

The term "yoga pants" at this point also is just a blanket phrase for tight-fitting workout pants, which means that many more celebrity sightings these days are chalked up by TMZ and the like, as yoga pant-related. If anything, there is an obsession among the entertainment news media, and gossip rag columnists and photographers, making them see yoga pants where there are none or wishfully thinking and hoping eventually their celebrity crush will jump on the bandwagon and show off their see-through workout pants and equally flimsy workout routine.

Still, businesspeople like Lululemon founder, Chip Wilson, have hit on some vein of consumerism with their products. What is it about workout clothes that make people feel and look so ridiculously sexy? Actresses, trainers, athletes, people with legitimate talents, and people with nothing but their moneymakers to shake for money, reality TV stars and Instagram models alike, all get bumped up a notch on the hotness rating scale when they squeeze into their always-flattering and easy-to-throw-on activewear.

Why not pay $100 for Lululemon (glorified) leggings when you just have to pretend you're are on your way to the gym? Add in the association between the term "yoga pants" and doing actual yoga, meditating and generally being an enlightened and compassionate person, and it is less that there is an epidemic-level of demand for yoga pants, and more that, at this point, it would make more sense to try to understand the rare birds who have not jumped on the bandwagon.

15 Michelle Nicole

Michelle Nicole is a generously tattooed fitness 'babe' with over twenty thousand followers on Instagram. Her claim to social media fame? Being stacked, in shape and edgy, if fully inked-up sleeves and forever-bared midriff can be considered edgy. Her tattoos, retro sneaker style, and gym-toned but ghetto booty curves make Miss Nicole the baddest girl of the bunch. Still, not much is known about this overnight Instagram celebrity. Is she just another flavor of the day, or month, July to be specific, or will her smoldering looks and clearly successful fitness regimen lead her up the food chain of fame? Only time will tell.

14 Natasha Henstridge

via topwolrdnewz.com

Canadian-born actress and retired fashion model, Natasha Henstridge, can be seen here walking to not-the-gym in her celebrity-priced Lululemon workout attire. Whether or not there is a new trend in the modeling and actress-ing communities toward wearing near-transparent bottoms meant to be worn in combination with other items of clothing and in the very specific context of the gym, there is no question that the manufacturers of these form-fitting, or is it form-forcing, garments know what they are doing. Lululemon and competitors in the area of VICE-magazine chíc (e.g., American Apparel) have pulled a fast one in the vein of high heels and lingerie, making a product that men want to see women in and women want to be seen in, but neither side is actually obligated to purchase.

13 Sara Underwood

Ten years ago in July, Sara Jean Underwood, this TV personality, fashion model and near-nude forest dweller, was named Playboy magazine's Playmate of the Month. As opposed to American Idol winner and 2014's #1 Christian recording artist of the year according to Billboard, Carrie, of the same surname, Sara Jean likes to flaunt her stuff and knows no modesty; she is not a family entertainer nor does she tout Christian values in her work. Nevertheless, feel free to thank G-O-D for whoever created this younger (by one year) Underwood. Where Wikipedia lists Carrie Underwood's talents, singing, guitar playing, piano playing, it lists Sara Jean Underwood's bust size pre- and post-augmentation. If this does not illustrate the major differences between the buxom blonde seen here and the country star seen and heard on television, then nothing does.

12 Mila Kunis

For somebody who almost always has her shades on and cap low or a handler with a newspaper or hand...handy... to shield Mila Kunis from the ever-present paparazzi, there is a smorgasbord of photographs of this woman in tight fitting workout pants traipsing around Los Angeles. Chances are this Soviet Russian-born dancer and actress of That 70s Show fame actually does frequent the gym and the places in between. Still, you would think if she was really so averse to having her picture taken while wearing her form-fitting exercise clothes, this equally adept comedic and dramatic actress would figure out a more discreet way to train; one that does not involve traveling the entirety of LA on the daily.

11 Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson does not wear yoga pants, she uses, "activewear." For classy celebrities like Hudson, who hail from Hollywood dynasties and therefore have a reputation and name to uphold, yoga pants or exercise clothes are not a stepping stone to shameless pandering and that flavor-of-the-day, Instagram fame. Raised by Snake Pliskin, er, Kurt Russell and birth mother, septuagenarian actress Goldie Hawn, the Almost Famous star (and recent guest star on TV show, Barely Famous) and human washboard, Kate Hudson has been posing for cameras in next to nothing for quite some time. It is no surprise then that she recently struck a deal with online apparel vendors JustFab to launch a personal line of gym-friendly but waif-tailored clothes; activewear called Fabletics.

10 Eliza Dushku

via fitlifestyle.xyz

Eliza Dushku came onto the scene as Faith, the stuck-up nemesis/ally of title character, Buffy, in Buffy The Vampire Slayer, the television series, at a time when hormonal pre-teens, tweens, teens, and early-twenty-somethings flocked in droves to the WB network for their fill of PG-rated angst and sexiness. Shows like Dawson's Creek and the Buffy spinoff Angel, predecessors of mega hits like Smallville, and cult, sleeper now-classics like Veronica Mars, brought us a new host of hot young things to fight supernatural beings and their own adolescent instincts for our scripted entertainment. Dushku, perhaps given her Balkan blood and dual US-Eastern European citizenship, has stuck around and upheld her sex symbol status with the occasional public display of yoga pant love as in this image.

9 Hannah Stocking

Hannah Stocking is one of the few yoga pant wearing actresses or models that keeps her twenty-something derriere in tip-top, photogenic shape through physical effort. Or at least she did when just three years ago (2013) she was a college senior at Dominican University of California, located in the Bay Area of Northern California, and a star player on her alma mater's women's volleyball team. With a recorded 821 career digs, Stocking still holds the record for her school and so she has some demonstrated talent unlike most of the Instagram heavy models pictured here. Hannah has close to 2 million followers on Instagram and she is prolific. Case in point: there were multiple yoga pants pics from July just from her personal posts alone to choose from while writing this list.

8 Nicollette Sheridan

via 3bp.blogspot.com

Nicollette Sheridan's face might be more recognizable than her behind displayed so plainly here in white workout pants. Baby boomers will know her more from her seven-year stint as Paige Matheson on the cast of daytime soap opera Knots Landing and their Generation-X-through-Millennial children may better recognize her as Edie Britt, one of the more conniving and desperate characters on Desperate Housewives. At the age of 52, her camera-friendly curves could just as easily land her roles in more X-rated fair; Desperate MILFs sounds like a reasonable hypothetical title to cast Sheridan in. Yours truly scrounged up this image from an obscure message board where people spend time expressly looking at and exchanging publicly available images of celebrity behinds.

7 Hannah Stocking With Gabrielle Epstein

Though she is by no means the most attractive on the list, Hannah Stocking is the only tight body to be featured twice on this list. She is pictured here with friend (at least on social media) and fellow model, Gabrielle Grace Epstein, who is not wearing yoga pants or any variation thereof, but is equally sexy and attention-grabbing as her jetsetter pal, Hannah. They are pictured here posing on the wing of a private jet at LAX International Airport. Epstein is not an athlete like Stocking, and she seems to make her living selling her Gabrielle Grace line of lingerie and swimwear. Between the two of them, these Instagram stars have cornered the market on pretty young things wearing all things sexy. I can see it now, Epstein & Stocking: Lingerie, Swimsuit and Yoga Pants emporium.

6 Britney Spears

After Cheesecake Factory you do this... Treadmill and weights 💪

A post shared by Britney Spears (@britneyspears) on

Just when it seems Britney Spears has faded from her celebrity and the public eye, she reminds the world through social media that she still exists and is "still" (but really, "once again") cute, in-shape, shapely, and with a full head of hair. This post is a follow-up to a photograph of the former pop singing sensation about to chow down in a major way with her kids at The Cheesecake Factory. Not to give the impression that she is slipping into less healthy habits, the 34-year old former Mickey Mouse Club member followed up with the post pictured here. This Instagram video shows Britney's cute-as-ever backside as she lifts free weights and gets some work in on the treadmill while rocking out to Robin Thicke's song, "Blurred Lines."

5 Megan Fox

via ooduarere.com

Megan Fox is one of those celebrities that the paparazzi, at least at this point probably, stake out specifically for the hope of a yoga pant sighting. Finding this image and the original post it appeared in was an exercise in futility and the only background information that can be gathered about a series of pics originally posted at some point in July (2016) under the heading of Nigerian News on a site that otherwise does host news stories relevant to the Nigerian people more than to Perez Hilton and the inquiring public. Megan Fox is clearly not walking to her car parked somewhere in Nigeria, so one can only assume she has just left the set of a shoot or the company of friends or colleagues at a lunch meeting and is headed to her next stop on the agenda--with her American Apparel look, she is not heading to or from the gym, that is guaranteed.

4 Gigi Hadid

Carine's Girls by @santedorazioofficial x

A post shared by Gigi Hadid (@gigihadid) on

I stared long and hard (no pun intended, get your mind out of the gutter) at this photograph to figure out what superstar swimsuit model Gigi Hadid is wearing can be classified as yoga pants. Mind you, I am not complaining about the fact that my "research" as a "journalist" involves ogling the most perfect bodies in the universe, but my ogling, er, research has yielded inconclusive results. An educated guess, given Hadid's leggings have that translucent sheen that only thin material stretched to its limits on the gym-toned curves tends to have, the half-Dutch, half-Palestinian-American model is indeed wearing yoga pants... as well as some other items that would be less appropriate at a hot yoga class.

3 Chantel Zales

Goodnight tb

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Chantel Zales may not be known for anything but her amazing breasts and booty at the moment, but with 3.9 million followers on Instagram and a more toned, less plastic version of Kim Kardashian's body to show off, her continued and growing celebrity is bound to spill out into mainstream modeling eventually. This mostly-lingerie-and-bikini model posts mostly professional-grade photographs of her luscious bod in all manner of outfits, almost all inappropriate for life outside of LA or around smaller children. Lucky for us here at TheRichest.com, Miss Zales recently posted a selfie of her in something that fits the broad definition of yoga pants batted about these days. Feast your eyes on the future of reality TV-inspired fashion and modeling.

2 Kendall Jenner

What is there to say about Kendall Jenner and her perfect figure, and her perfect wardrobe, and her perfection in all aspects of her life, safe the fact she has no particular talents to speak of, per se, that has not already been said? She is incredibly hot, there is no question, and probably does not have to put in too much time at the gym or watch her diet too terribly closely to keep her 20-year-old body in marketable shape. But her good genes and spring chicken looks have not stopped Kendall from flaunting her workout attire on Instagram and in public on a regular basis. Not to sell K Jenner short, she does have four acting credits to her name, is constantly on the go as a model, and is not even old enough to drink in the U.S. yet. Hopefully she does not go the way of her half-sisters and rest on her laurels once her legal right to party in her native Los Angeles is instated.

1 Kyra Santoro

This sizzling treat of Instagram fame gained her approximately 2 million social media acolytes simply for the fact that she is very comfortable wearing next to (or often absolutely) nothing. Kyra Santoro has come a long way from Instagram though, and was, this month (July, 2016) nominated to be part of Sports Illustrated's Rookie Class of swimsuit models. Santoro's sports connection comes from the fact that she is an extreme sports fan and athlete, regularly surfing, skateboarding, and dirt biking when she is not modeling. Interestingly enough, the olive-skinned heartbreaker told Maxim magazine she would rather not be a supermodel and stay somewhat anonymous so men will not pursue her simply for bragging rights. Unfortunately, Kyra, if you show up for a first date looking like you do here, your suitor will probably figure you are a professional goddess of sorts.

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