15 Of The Juiciest Celebrity Breakup Stories Ever

The complexities of relationships these days are at an all-time high. With the addition of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat, the calamities are endless. It's hard maintaining a healthy relationship in an environment where everybody is aware of your constant whereabouts and personal life. We're not here to bum you guys out and say all is lost in the world of love, but we are here to say that there are some bumps in the road to finding the other half.

Now can you imagine being in the shoes of a celebrity? Where your every move is placed under a microscope and judged by the masses... Frightening. Especially when it comes to romantic relationships, when every moment, whether good or bad, is an entertainment news flash. Oh, and dread the day when the celeb friend decides to call it splitsville. And please don't let there be any type of juicy details leak, which the mainstream media just eats up...

We could imagine a majority us having a Britney Spears moment, shaving our heads in broad daylight, squinting one eye, in denial of a nervous breakdown. Luckily, we don't have to go through that! But these celeb couples nearly did. Check it out!

15 Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes

After watching Tom Cruise jump up and down on Oprah's couch like some tiny psychopath, we all thought his sincerity for Katie Holmes would last for years to come. It did... but not as long as we thought it would. The two began dating in 2005 and a year later they had eloped and had their daughter, Suri. We thought the power couple would last forever until the news broke that the two were calling it quits in 2012. Word had gotten out that Katie wanted to keep her daughter away from the weird, Hollywood religion, Scientology, but later it was also discovered that Tom was an absolute control freak. So much to the point that, while Katie was shooting Batman Beyond, he didn't allow Katie to fly out with the rest of the cast and forced her to take his private jet in her lonesome. Some of you probably don't find that to be troublesome at all, but can you imagine being the puppet of a Scientologist and having your every move calculated for you. Sounds strenuous.

14 Tyga & Kylie Jenner

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We always thought that it was kind of weird that Tyga was hanging around Kylie Jenner when she was only 16 and 17 years old. Especially after his split with Kim Kardashian's close friend Blac Chyna, in which the two share a child. What's even crazier is that Chyna is now pregnant with Rob Kardashian's child. Talk about keeping it in the family... Anyway, after two years of dating, Tyga and Kylie Jenner decided to call it quits in May 2016. Things got really strange when reports came up that Tyga was involved in with a transgender woman. A couple days after the two split, Kylie was spotted with rapper, A$AP Rocky and later singer, PartyNextDoor. Tyga was also spotted with a new girl. But the funny thing about their break up is that supposedly the two are back on good terms and trying to rebuild their relationship. Let's see how long this lasts...

13 Harry Styles & Taylor Swift

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We don't understand why anyone would want to date Taylor Swift because as soon as things go bad, she's going to write a chart-topping single about her relationship and be seen on every major media platform for months to come. And that's exactly what happened to Harry Styles as Taylor topped the charts with her hit single 'We Are Never Getting Back Together.' Anyway, after a picture surfaced of Harry Styles making out with a mutual friend of theirs, Taylor wanted to call their relationship quits, but Harry was able to convince her to give him another chance. Unfortunately for Styles, she became paranoid that Styles suffered from wandering eyes and ended their relationship officially. There are also rumors that Swift dreaded their relationship because Harry is apparently uncircumcised. We'll never know if that's true or not, being that Taylor isn't exactly the most honest musician out there, according to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

12 Jesse James & Sandra Bullock

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To be honest, Jesse James has always looked kind of like a douche to us. His hardened exterior, just doesn't compliment Sandra Bullock's femininity. Anyways, the two married in July of 2005 and everything in their lives were coming together perfectly. James had just won an intense custody battle for his daughter, from his ex-wife, Karla, and Bullock's acting career was in full motion. The 2009 film The Blind Side, had earned her a plethora of awards, nominations, and recognition the very next year. Unfortunately, after receiving such high praise in the world of entertainment, her personal life had taken a dark turn as she discovered that Jesse was in the midst of an 11 month affair with tattoo model, Michelle McGee. The two divorced in March of 2010. Talk about a downgrade.

11 Seal & Heidi Klum

Let's be honest, we all thought that Heidi Klum and Seal were going to make it. Think about it, we have the amazing musician and his supermodel wife, a total of four kids, what could go wrong, right? Well, in 2012 the two called it quits and shocked the entertainment world. Then slowly but surely, the dirty laundry began to fly publicly and the general pulled up for a front row seat with popcorn in hand. According to Seal, Heidi had cheated on him with her bodyguard, to which Heidi actually admitted, but said that was post their divorce becoming final. Things got sticky when it was revealed that the two didn't have a prenuptial agreement, but they did have a postnuptial that allowed for the two to walk away with all of their assets and no spousal support necessary. These days, the two co-parent their four children, but we have a feeling that Seal is still bitter about that supposed bodyguard affair.

10 Usher & Chilli

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We know this couple does sound a little dated, but their break up story is still epic, and one of the most controversial ever in the music biz! In 2003, word around the industry began to spread that the R&B couple were splitting after a radio interview where Chilli told the disc jockey that Usher did something that she could just not forgive. The interview left everyone wanting answers to what he could have possibly done, and bam! The 2004, diamond-selling album, Confessions dropped, revealing that Usher supposedly got another woman pregnant while the two were together, making their break up one of the most soap opera-like break ups of all time. Unfortunately, it was revealed years later that the narrative of Usher impregnating another woman was false and the album was actually based on Jermaine Dupri's actions. In reality, Chilli and Usher had just grown apart but not before tricking the world into thinking that Usher was a sleaze ball.

9 Russell Brand & Katy Perry

Personally, we always thought the combination of Russell Brand and Katy Perry was a strange one, being that it looks like Russell doesn't shower very often and Katy seems rather high maintenance. With that being said, we were right! But this might have less to do with Russell's hygiene and more to do with the fact that they, after meeting in 2009 and dating for only four months, decided to get married in a luxury resort in India. Their marriage lasted from October of 2010 to December of 2011, a total of 14 months. Russell claims that Katy was uptight and prudish. That's not the worse part though, Katy found out that Russell wanted a divorce via text message. Talk about savage, eh? Then again, word around the industry is that Katy can be difficult at times. Let this be a lesson boys and girls... Get to know you're significant other before you say 'I do' or you could end up breaking up via a text message, or worse, using emojis.

8 Rob Kardashian & Rita Ora

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Rita Ora is extremely popular in her home country across the pond in the UK. And Rob Kardashian is hugely popular due to the mistakes of his big sister, Kim Kardashian. Anyway, the two dated for several months before they suddenly split, leaving the general public confused until Rob went on an epic Twitter rant claiming that Rita had cheated on him with 20 guys! That's right... 20 guys. At first, Rita couldn't be reached for comment but later denied the accusations. Rob's life seemed to spiral out of control and he gained an extreme amount of weight. These days, Rob is expecting a child with Blac Chyna and Rita Ora is suing her record label, Jay Z's Roc Nation and appearing topless on the cover of magazines. From the looks of both of their paths, Rob may have been right about Rita's cheating ways.

7 Kanye West & Amber Rose

Kanye West instantly became obsessed with ex-stripper turned model Amber Rose, after meeting her on set of a Ludacris music video. He later contacted her in order to shoot his Robocop music video, which never aired. Afterwards, the two became inseparable until one day she discovered nude photos of Kim Kardashian in Kanye's e-mail. Later she supposedly discovered a photo of the two doing doggy-style and called it quits. With Amber's new found fame, she was able to sustain her new lifestyle and later married and had a child with rapper, Wiz Khalifa. Of course, Kanye went on to marry Kim Kardashian and have two children with the reality TV show superstar. To this very day, it seems that the two don't like each other. She recently revealed that she used to finger Kanye's rear after Kanye told Wiz that he was responsible for the birth of his child. Yikes. The drama never seems to cease between these too... Stay tuned, there might be more to come.

6 Gabriel Aubry & Halle Berry

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Over the years, it's become a trend of Halle Berry's to dispose of her boy toys after a certain amount of time, but we thought different of model Gabriel Aubry, when the two ended up having a daughter together. The two originally met on set of a Versace ad in 2005, instantly drawn together, they didn't end up officially tying the knot but they did have a child in 2008. Two years later the couple split. Things seemed like they were normal and cordial, Halle had moved on to Olivier Martinez and Gabriel was spotted with Kim Kardashian at one point. Weeks after, Gabriel ended up winning a custody battle over their daughter, Nahla. Halle's new fiancée at the time Olivier, and Gabriel, had come face to face on Thanksgiving and the two ended up dueling to the death in front of the actress' home. Ok, maybe the two didn't fight until the death but by the looks of the swollen, plum over Gabriel's eye we have a feeling the exchange was intense. Both Gabriel and Olivier had visible marks left on them, Halle was granted an order of protection, and restraining orders ensued.

5 Chris Brown & Rihanna

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At one point in time, the two seemed inseparable and perfect for each other. One being the chart-topping, R&B bad boy, the other being the chart-topping, man-eating, R&B bad girl. The perfect fit, until the general public was informed with toxicity of their relationship, that had the two running back to one another in an unhealthy state. The two originally met while they were in their teens, Rihanna 17, Chris, 16, in 2005. The world took notice of the couple by 2008, making them music's relationship royalty, then the 2009 Grammy's came along, neither party showed up to the ceremony, and once the world found out why, the couple was never viewed the same. Pictures of a battered Rihanna took the world by storm and Chris had turned himself in to the LAPD for beating her while on their way to the Grammy Awards. This wasn't the end of the couple though, rumors began circulating that the two were seeing each other again in 2011, even though the two had both found other flames. Their continued relationship was confirmed when Chris and Ri-Ri were spotted courtside at the Lakers' annual Christmas game, while Chris' then girlfriend, Karreuche Tran found out from the couch of her home. Ouch. The couple's relationship officially came to a close in 2013.

4 The Pitt, Aniston, Jolie Love Triangle

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This may be one of the most well-known love triangles in Hollywood history. In 1998, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston met while on a blind date, only two years after that the two eloped in Malibu with a star-studded 200 guest wedding and they became Hollywood's 'it' couple. The general public thought it would last when rumors began to rumble that there was trouble in paradise. In 2004 Brad began working on the movie Mr. & Mrs. Smith, with the smokey-eyed Angelina Jolie, needless to say, Brad and Jen divorced the next year in 2005, and then Pitt and Jolie got extra comfortable with each other. Jennifer was left devastated and it was later revealed that Angelina and Brad supposedly fell in love in 2004, while Brad was still married to Jen. Yikes. But have no fear good people, these days Brad is not looking like himself and neither is Angelina, as she's shed an unhealthy amount of weight, and the two are suffering from marital issues now. Looks like karma is coming for the power couple.

3 Kris Jenner & Caitlyn Jenner

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Before the series premiere of Keeping Up With The Kardashians in 2007, we knew Bruce Jenner as an Olympic gold medalist, decathlon winning, Wheaties box covering athlete. And we knew Kris Jenner as the wife of the notorious lawyer, Robert Kardashian, from the OJ Simpson case. If someone would have told us what would become of the two today, back then, we would have laughed in their face. But boy, were we wrong. Anyway, these two lasted what would now be considered a lifetime, 22 years of marriage, before finally calling it quits in 2013. Back when they first eloped in April of 1991, life was peachy, but once the Kardashian reality show empire hit, the storms began to brew. In 2012, there were rumors that Kris was verbally abusive towards Bruce, and it was evident watching their lives on camera that Bruce was uninterested. Rumor says, that Kris knew for awhile and continues to keep their relationship cordial for business purposes.

2 Princess Diana & Prince Charles

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Messy break ups aren't always publicized through the characters that reside in the Hollywood Hills, sometimes it takes place within the royal family. Our parents remember, the huge fairytale wedding in July 1981, that over 750 million people watched all over the world between Prince Charles and Princess Diana. The two had a pair of children together, Prince William and Prince Harry but only four years later, in 1985, trouble struck their marriage. Prince Charles had rekindled an old flame with Camilla Parker-Bowles, Princess Diana was suffering from an eating disorder (and destructive behavior), and the two virtually lived separate lives while performing their public and royal duties. Infidelity in combination with Diana's personal troubles eventually led to the two divorcing in August 1996. Diana was able to retain her title of Princess of Wales, but relinquished her claim to the English throne. Tragedy had really yet to strike, when Diana's death via a car accident happened just a year after her separation from Prince Charles.

1 Tiger Woods & Elin Nordegren

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A decade ago, Tiger Woods was on top of the world, he was listed as the world's best golfer, and had deals lined up with mega corporations like Nike and Gatorade. He had also just married his ex-model turned nanny wife, Elin Nordegren in Barbados in 2004, and the couple had a pair of children of their own, a daughter, Sam Alexis, and a son, Charlie Axel. But after only five years, Tiger's name was being smeared in the tabloids for supposedly sleeping with as many as 120 women! From adult stars, to waitresses, to Las Vegas club promoters, Tiger couldn't help himself! Things really peaked after Tiger had crashed his Cadillac in an attempt to flee from Elin who had knocked out some of his teeth with a golf club. Tiger eventually checked himself into a sex addiction clinic, but it was too late to repair his relationship. Elin and Tiger divorced in August of 2010.

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