15 Of The Hottest TV/Movie Moms Of All Time

There are moms and then there are screen moms. Screen moms, whether movie or TV, can be just plain out momsy and perky. Cast your minds back to Mrs. Brady in The Brady Bunch. Or they can be zany and crazy like Lucille Ball in I Love Lucy. But we are also happy to report that sometimes TV and movie moms are just plain out sexy and hot. They can be just sexy, or they can be sexy and funny. They can be hot and mean, or sultry and likeable. They can be young, or they can be middle-aged cougars. And everything in between. But they are first and foremost just hot.

In TV shows such as Modern Family and in movies such as The Wedding Crashers and Independence Day, they strut their stuff and heat up the screens. And we love to watch them. Here's our list of 15 hot TV and movie moms, from #15 to #1. We take you from 7th Century Denmark to the 23rd Century, and back again. There will be a few surprises along the way. These women sizzle and pop in very different ways. They are all truly hot mamas.

15 Jaime Pressly in My Name is Earl


Think trailer park trashy hot and you've got the Joy Turner vibe down perfectly. Sassy Joy of Crab Shack fame is played by Jaime Pressly to delicious, scheming perfection in TV's My Name is Earl. Joy is Earl's ex-wife and mother of two boys, Dodge and Earl Jr. We should add that Dodge may or may not be Earl's son. Early on in the series, Joy is intent on gaining half of the $100,000 lottery winnings Earl snagged after the divorce papers were signed. Earl is a hapless petty crook, a loser, who wants to make amends, but can't quite manage it. Joy is pure Daisy Mae on the outside, but scheming and decidedly amoral on the inside. The show, which ran on NBC from 2005-2009, also starred Jason Lee as Earl and Eddie Steeples as Joy's second husband, Darnell.

14 Katy Mixon in Eastbound and Down


She's busty and feisty and hot. Kenny Powers (played by Danny McBride) is a major league pitcher who returns home to North Carolina to work (the shame of it) as a substitute physical education teacher at the high school. April, his former high school sweetheart, is now working as an art teacher at the school. By season 3, they have a child. Their two characters bounce off one another. About to get all loved up, Kenny says: "I just want you to know that this is probably the best day of my life." April:  "Thank you Kenny, I'm happy too". Kenny: "Okay, now get naked." As saucy and hot as ever, Mixon went on to star opposite Melissa McCarthy in CBS's Mike and Molly as Victoria Flynn, a dimwitted party girl who works as a beautician at a funeral home.

13 Vivica A. Fox in Independence Day 1 & 2 (Resurgence)


It's been 20 years since 1996's Independence Day. Will Smith and Bill Pullman (as the U.S. President Thomas Whitmore) versus nasty aliens intent on destroying earth. Things like the White House are blown up in the epic battle. And alongside Will and the other good guys is the character of Jasmine Dubrow. She's an exotic dancer with a son in tow who marries Colonel Steven Hiller (Will Smith). She stands by her man and (improbably) later becomes a doctor. It's no surprise that Independence Day: Resurgence will be released on Independence Day, July 4th, 2016. The aliens are back and ready to destroy the world. Jasmine will do more "dancing" and more standing by her man. And, in our view, some 20 years later and she is still looking hot. Oh yeah, Will Smith saves the world, again.

12 January Jones in Mad Men


Mad Men's Betty Draper is very hot (a la Grace Kelly). Revolving around the work and life of the staff of a 60s New York ad agency, this long running AMC period piece show sees Jon Hamm's legendary Don Draper married to Betty, played by January Jones. Don't think super-mom to Bobby Jr. and Sally, and loving wife to Don. Think selfish, bored, narcissistic and angry. Betty is a stay at home wife and mother who is clearly not happy with her lot, albeit privileged and affluent. Hot she may be, likable she is not. The Daily Mail called Betty an ice queen to Don Draper's philandering lord of the universe. Commenting on Betty, January Jones has said Betty attempts to channel Grace Kelly. Sultry and unobtainable. Way back in 2003, Jones played a flirty, American girl in the iconic British film Love Actually. She was hot then and, currently starring as Melissa Shart in The Last Man on Earth, she is hot still.

11 Catherine Zeta-Jones in The Rebound


Sandy finds out her husband is cheating on her by watching her son's birthday video. So, she leaves the suburbs and moves to the city, with her two kids Frank and Sadie, in tow. Suddenly, she goes from married to sultry single mom. Enter Aram Finklestein, a much, much younger guy who works in the coffee shop below her apartment. She hires Aram, whose former wife only married him to get a green card to look after her kids. But then he starts looking after her, too (if you catch our drift). It's a feel good rom-com with Welsh actress Catherine Zeta-Jones and American actor Justin Bartha. Unlike some of the women on this list, we really like Sandy. She's overworked and a little strung out, but funny and warm to Aram's quirky nice. It's not hard to see why Aram falls hard for Sandy. And the whole situation involving kids and loving up gets chaotic and just plain funny. But the question is: have Sandy and Aram found true love, or is it a case of rebound?

10 Ann-Margret in A Tiger's Tale


Ann-Margret is a singer/dancer/actress who was the ultimate s*x symbol of the 1960s. She was in iconic films such as Bye Bye Birdie and her name was linked with the likes of Elvis. In 1987, the still decidedly hot 45 year old actress played Rose Butts, the alcoholic mother of a daughter whose boyfriend falls for her. A tiger by the tail, so to speak. Kelly Preston plays her daughter Shirley and C. Thomas Howell plays the boyfriend Bubber Drumm. It's not a happy tale, as an angry Shirley discovers what's been going on and leaves Rose to live with her father. So, Rose and Bubber end up living together with, of all things, his pet tiger. So, is it happily ever after for the May/December romance of Bubber and Rose? Or do things end badly?

9 Amy Stock-Poynton in Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure


It's the 1980s and the first of the Bill and Ted franchise. It's Bill and Ted's Great Adventure. It's got time travel in a thing that looks like a phone booth, efforts to save the world, with some really stupid, sophomoric humor thrown in. It reminds us a lot of Back to the Future. There's a really young Keanu Reeves as Ted and Alex Winter as Bill. And then there's Missy/Mom, Bill's totally cute (hot), in an 80s kind of way, step-mom. Missy married Bill's dad straight out of high school and is only a few years older than Bill. He keeps slipping up and calling her Missy instead of Mom and admits to having "just a slight Oedipal complex", as far as she is concerned. But, whatever she is, Amy Stock-Poynton has to die for looks.

8 Eva Longoria in Desperate Housewives


7 Linda Gray in Dallas


There are few TV shows that are as iconic as CBS's Dallas. It was the go-to show of the 80s; a mixture of oil, money, Texas, powerful men, and oh, so sexy women. Linda Gray played J.R. Ewing's sexy, flawed wife and former Miss Texas, Sue Ellen. And Larry Hagman was everybody's favorite villain, J.R. Gray has referred to Sue Ellen as the original Desperate Housewife. In the beginning, Gray auditioned for Sue Ellen over the phone because the part was considered a "mere walk-on". That soon changed, with Sue Ellen being upgraded to a starring role. Sue Ellen, mother to John Ross Ewing, Jr., fights alcoholism and an increasingly strained relationship with her philandering husband. Far from being an angel, Sue Ellen proves she can get down and dirty with the best of them.

6 Jennifer Lopez in The Boy Next Door

We all know J.Lo does the cougar thing for real. But in 2015, The Boy Next Door saw her playing a recently separated high school teacher who has a thing with Noah, the proverbial boy next door. It's an erotic thriller, which means that somebody goes nutso and becomes obsessed. In this case it's Noah, played by a pretty hot Ryan Guzman of Pretty Little Liars fame. A one night stand leads to him becoming obsessed with the hot 40-something year old. But before that, look out for some pretty hot make out footage. And we can confirm that J.Lo is as fit and as hot as ever. And we know she is intelligent because she wears glasses. So, in this film she is hot, smart and more than a little scared.

5 Angelina Jolie in Beowulf


Now for something totally and completely different. It's 6th Century Denmark, and Angelina Jolie is Grendel's mother in Beowulf. Only, Grendel is a monster that good guy Beowulf is out to slay. There's a dragon or two, and mom Angie, who hangs out in a watery lair, and makes an unholy bargain with Beowulf. The film was not all that great and neither was the box office. But Angie in her watery lair is a total treat for the eyes. Inquiring minds want to know: was she actually nude when she emerged from the water? Or was it a clever trick of special effects? Does it really matter? It was fun to watch. One uncharitable critic said the dialog was straight out of Monty Python. Let's get back to the part where Angelina emerges from the water...

4 Jane Seymour in The Wedding Crashers


We are well and truly in cougar country. In 2005's Wedding Crashers, Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn play John and Jeremy, two guys who seem to do little else other than crash weddings for fun, food, booze and bridesmaids. Then there is Mrs. Cleary, played by Jane ("call me Kitty Kat") Seymour. She is the mother of the bride at one of the weddings the boys crash. The scene in which she disrobes in front of Wilson, only to end by calling him a pervert, is very hot and very funny. Kat oozes sex appeal, entitlement and confidence. Owen Wilson as John is funny, unsure, and fumbling in the face of Kat's predatory sexuality. Meanwhile, we should put in that John has also fallen for Kat's maid of honor daughter, Claire (played by Rachel McAdams). Things get a little complicated.

3 Jennifer Coolidge in American Pie 


Okay, our Number 3 is Stifler's mom in 1999's American Pie. She is the voluptuous blonde seductress. Jennifer Coolidge nailed the role and became every young boy's fantasy. She is big, bold, busty, and flaunts her assets with great enthusiasm. Then there's the scene when she and Finch are observed by his friends doing things in a bubble-filled bathtub. Eddie Kaye Thomas, who played Finch, was all of 17 when the film was shot and Coolidge was pushing 40. A versatile character actress, Coolidge went on to play the sexy nail technician Paulette in Legally Blonde and a ditzy, wealthy dog owner opposite her dog trainer/lover Jane Lynch (Glee) in Best in Show.

2 Sofia Vergara in Modern Family


Our number 2 plays feisty, Latin bombshell Gloria Delgado-Pritchett, in Modern Family. She is sexy and laugh out loud funny, without really meaning to be. Sofia Vergara owns the role of Jay Pritchett's much younger Colombian trophy wife and mother to the long-suffering Manny. She is a hot force of nature who causes chaos and laughs in equal measure. Jay and Manny don't stand a chance when hurricane Gloria blows in. Her English is a little dodgy. Once when Jay disagrees with her, she stamps her feet and tells him: "You are this close to doing all the sleeping in a tent on the backyard." Jay starts to correct her and then decides to play it safe and shuts up. When Manny says he doesn't like the sound of the Spanish language, Gloria tells him that having his mother's native tongue in his ear is natural. Bewildered, Jay calls for an English tutor. She is outrageous, loud, funny and very, very hot.

1 Anne Bancroft in The Graduate


When Dustin Hoffman was young, really young, he starred as Benjamin Braddock in 1967's smash hit The Graduate. You almost expect his voice to crack. And Anne Bancroft is Mrs. Robinson. She is pure predator and, unlike many on screen moms, is the total villain of the piece. She is so manipulative, so nasty, so sexy, and bad in just about every sense of the word. Benjamin is really in love with Mrs. Robinson's daughter, played by the winsome Catherine Ross, but he is seduced by the mother, who is determined to keep her daughter and Benjamin apart. She is hot, not because of all of the usual reasons. She is hot because she is the ultimate cougar, the heartless predator. And Benjamin gets caught up in her world before breaking free and getting the girl. Mrs. Robinson, you are the undisputed number one.

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