15Tortured Spidey

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After Norman is beaten by Spider-Man in The Final Chapter arc, he decides to try and bring Spidey in as his own heir to the Goblin throne in an arc called The Goblin Heir. To do this, he drugs Peter, weakening his spider sense and begins to feed him hallucinogens

in his toothpaste and subliminal messages in CDs to trigger goblin dreams and hallucinations. Peter, at one point, passes out and wakes up in Norman's mansion. Over an extended period of time, Norman tortures Peter, demanding that he embrace the darkness and drink the goblin serum. Peter almost gives in as he shirks from the light and reaches for the formula, but at the last minute he throws it at Norman and fights him, defeating him and causing him to flee. While not all of the torture is displayed, the implied violence is enough to give it a spot on this list.

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