15 Interesting Things You Didn't Know About Jennifer Lopez

This may come as a surprise, but Jennifer Lopez is 47 years old. That deserves repeating. Jennifer Lopez is 47 years old. Think about most other 47-year-olds in the neighborhood. Then, compare how they look to Jennifer Lopez.  Big difference huh? Only then can one genuinely appreciate Jennifer Lopez’s style, grace, and beauty. This is the same woman who has managed to stay relevant in the cannibalistic world that is the entertainment industry, despite all the challenges that come along with it.

Women that are nearly 30 years younger than J. Lo could only wish to have a career like hers. In the same time that it takes Jennifer Lopez to change her outfit, 20 actors will have turned into washed up has-beens, eventually serving Ms. Lopez sodas at her favorite restaurant.

Between stalkers and paparazzi, J. Lo has to work really hard to keep her private life from the prying eyes of the public.  This is because with a star as big as hers, a lot of people want to know more about her. Fortunately for the rest of the world, there are things that are just too hard to keep a secret. Some other things have just happened so long ago that it is difficult to remember that she was even at the center of that particular storm.

Thanks to the internet, the things that a star like J. Lo would like to see dead can come alive again and again like one a zombie from The Walking Dead. The best part is that J. Lo cannot shoot these little tidbits in the head to make them die. Enjoy the 15 things you didn’t know about Jennifer Lopez.

15 Her Dancing Career Has Spanned Nearly 40 Years

Starting at the age of five, a young Jennifer Lopez started taking dance lessons. From those humble beginnings in the Bronx, New York, J. Lo has impressed people all across the entertainment industry and other famous musicians to include her any way that they can.

Some of Jennifer Lopez’s biggest breaks came when she was just a youngster. One little known fact about her was that she was one of the “Fly Girls” that appeared on the awesome television show In Living Color. At the time, the producers knew they had a star on their hand and made sure that she got her chance in front of the cameras every week. They probably did not know that they had a future mega-super-duper star in their midst.

Ever since then, Jennifer Lopez has taken her dancing career and turned it into moves that people all across the world try to copy. From her humble beginnings rose a dancing queen the world has come to embrace.

14 She Has Some Cool Nicknames

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A lot of people have cool nicknames. This is because nicknames usually pop out of some sort of salient feature about a person or something that they did to earn a particular moniker. For example, “King” LeBron James’ nickname came from the early signs that he was about to become a basketball legend even in high school. Michael “Air” Jordan’s nickname sprang out of his unusual leaping ability such that it looked like he was floating in air. “Cheater Cheater Pumpkin Eater” Tom Brady earned his nickname for his role in "deflategate" in the NFL Playoffs. That last nickname is still a work in progress.

Anyway, for anyone not living under a rock the last 20 years, they are well aware that Jennifer Lopez has used her figure in a very lucrative way. She is certainly not shy about what God gave her, swirling her hips for the cameras, becoming a fantasy to men everywhere. This earned her the nickname “La Guitarra” from her friends years ago. This was from her guitar-like shape which everyone can appreciate.

13 She Abstains from Cigarettes and Alcohol

It is important to get one thing straight: cigarettes and alcohol are bad for the skin. Well, it is actually important to get two things straight: cigarettes and alcohol are bad for the skin and cigarettes and alcohol are a lot of fun. Just like with sugar and sex, they are indulgences that can make the nighttime a thing to remember, but the morning a thing to forget.

Understanding that her looks are going to be part of what draws people to her movies, shows, and books, Jennifer Lopez has managed to have the kind of self-control that people could only hope for. For nearly her whole life, Lopez has managed to stay away from cigarettes and alcohol, citing that it is bad for the skin.

This is even more impressive given that she has homes all over the world. Many of these places, like New York and Los Angeles, are hotbeds for vice, but J. Lo knows how to keep her head on straight and the whole world is thankful.

12 Her Co-Stars Want Her

Being a woman in the workplace is difficult for all women. On one hand, a woman has to deal with other women. Other woman can often be catty, jealous, and petty for virtually no good reason. Women tend to judge each other, spite each other, and form alliances and rivalries that just seem to make no sense.

Women also have to deal with men in the workplace. Of course, this makes coming to work even less fun when her boss is conditioning a raise in salary on her raising her shirt. Men would hardly understand because they would rip off their clothes for a few extra bucks. For women, not so much.

For Jennifer Lopez, given that she is smoking hot, she has had to deal with some male co-workers that have become a little too friendly. During her filming of the movie Money Train, rumor has it that Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson both hit on her. She turned them both down, citing that Wesley Snipes looks like a black Duke Nukem and Woody Harrelson comes from a line of murderers. It is totally true, look it up.

11 She is Not a Diva

Celebrities can be peculiar people. The reason for this is that it is important to remember that celebrities are often artistic people and artistic people have never been known to have normal sensibilities. For many promoters, they know that if they get someone like Taylor Swift or Kanye West to sing at their venue, people will buy tickets, t-shirts, and they can sell ad space that will make them millions of dollars. The downside is that they have to cater to celebrities who usually have the dumbest, most unreasonable requests before they will perform.

For years, there was a rumor that Jennifer Lopez required that her entire room be white. She had to have white linens, white flowers, and even a white tiger in her room before she performed. This rumor followed her around for nearly a decade and it got so bad that J. Lo had to come out and to InStyle Magazine and explain that she did not require everything to be white. Not only is she super hot, she is also not a total diva.

10 She is Afraid of the Dark

Jennifer Lopez has played some characters where she is not afraid of anything. Even in one of her movies, Enough, she played a character who had, you guessed it, “enough” of her husband beating on her. She started taking some lessons in ass-kickery and used it against her perpetrator. She is even starring in a television show where she plays a tough New York City police officer who is out for justice.

The trouble is that in reality Jennifer Lopez is as afraid of the dark as any other person in the world. She even refuses to go to sleep with all of the lights off. When she was married to Marc Anthony, she even said that he had to turn off the lights after they went to bed.

How sweet is that? Now that Jennifer Lopez is unmarried, a nice guy can come and make sure she is safe in the dark. This is of course if her security guards do not beat the living hell out of him first for looking at her.

9 Her First Major Purchase Was a Set of Wheels

The old saying goes that when a person’s income goes up, their expenses go up. The reason for this is something so technically economic that it absolutely does not have a place on this list. However, the basic reason is because when people have more, they will tend to spend more. Even if they give a lot of their money away to charity, they still give away so much more than they ever would.

Jennifer Lopez is no different, but her story is kind of cool anyway. When she was driving around Hollywood to auditions, she did not have a car. When she landed her gig on In Living Color, show creator Keenan Ivory Wayans gave her a Honda hatchback that she used to make it easier to get around L.A. When she finally landed a big gig, she went to sign a lease on a new car right away. The problem is that she just went through a break-up and rumor has it she was crying at the time she signed the lease. Of course now Jennifer Lopez can probably pay someone to buy all the cars in the world so there is none for anybody else.

8 J. Lo Had Humble Beginnings

Oddly enough, rich people usually do not end up having super rich children who are self made millionaires themselves. For some of the most famous people in the world, it is easy to look at what the turning point was for them to go from being poor to being extremely successful. MC Hammer grew up on modest income and grew up to be one of the world’s most famous entertainers. LeBron James had a single mother growing up. Basically, there are countless other stories that serve as inspiration to anyone who has had hard knocks.

Jennifer Lopez, like many successful people, had very humble beginnings. Her father was a computer specialist and her mother was a kindergarten teacher. They were not exactly the Rockefellers, but still managed to get young Jennifer into an all-girls private Catholic school and scraped together enough to pay for her to take dance lessons. No Wall Street condos for her. That is, until now.

7 She Does Not Speak Spanish

Like anybody that is going to write or say anything somewhat racist, this post comes as a disclaimer. This part of the post is not intended to be racist in any fashion at all, but it is simply an observation, brought up occasionally by Jennifer Lopez because of her Latin heritage. Thus, there is nothing terrible intended here.

Now, with that said, there are millions of people with Latin heritage that speak as much Spanish as a bunny rabbit does. Their primary language is English and there is no problem with that. For Jennifer Lopez, being so proudly Latina, the question has come up occasionally as to what her level of Spanish fluency is. She has made it clear that although both of her parents came to the mainland from Puerto Rico where Spanish is the primary language, she does not hardly ever conduct interviews in Spanish and doesn’t speak it at home.

6 She Made Google Images a Thing

Google images is one of the greatest creations on earth. When one guy wants to express to a friend of his that Batman is clearly a superior superhero compared to that wuss Superman, Google Images is like a gold mine of resources. A person can type in something like, “Why does Superman suck more than Batman?” and switch to “images” and then all of a sudden that person is deluged with thousands of photos of like-minded people who were creative enough, or bored enough, to create images for that guy to send to his friend via email or text.

Jennifer Lopez is the person that helped bring Google Images to life. Remember that green dress that she wore to the 2000 Grammy Awards? The green dress that made men slobber all across the world? Well, her dress was one of the most Googled things that year and it forced Google to think about how to get people access to that sweet dress even quicker. As such, Google Images was created and a changed world.  Thank you, Jennifer.

5 Her Derriere Has Become Artistic Inspiration

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For centuries, men have written songs, books, and movies about a woman’s body. Unlike a man’s body, there is a certain symmetry and poetry to a woman’s body that a man’s body just will not have. Men’s bodies are kind of like that Walmart brand shaving cream that college students get. It is not necessarily that it is bad, it is just uninspiring and gets the job done. For women, their bodies are like a brand new Maserati fresh off the dealership. Yes, it is just a car, but it is definitely not Brand X shaving cream.

The rumor is that Jennifer Lopez and her derriere have become a part of pop culture history as well. It is very obvious that Jennifer Lopez has a backside that most men would absolutely kill another man to get a look at, but her butt is one of legend. Sir Mix-a-Lot, the genius who penned, “Baby Got Back” in the 1990s, said that he got his inspiration from none other than Jennifer Lopez. Not exactly Shakespeare, but close.

4 She Is a College Dropout

College is not for everyone. Taking a step back and thinking about it, college can be an incredibly difficult endeavor and the chance of dropping out is high. The cost of going to college is extraordinary. Many people fall into debt just to finance a degree. People have to give up years of earning potential so they can talk about books that they will never read again, making it difficult to support oneself. To top it off, most people have to try to get accepted to their local college or university meaning that if they do not, they have to move away from their hometown.

For others, like Jennifer Lopez, college is just a giant waste of time because their talent exceeds anything that can be taught in the classroom. J. Lo did attend college in New York City and even planned on attending law school. However, she woke up one day, realized “I’m J. Lo!” and the rest is history. The moral of the story here is that if you should drop out of school. But only if you are Jennifer Lopez.  If you are Jennifer Lopez, call me.

3 She Is Thrice-Divorced

Marriage is incredibly difficult. Divorce is even harder. The problem is that the government makes getting married extremely easy, but makes divorce a long painful process. In almost every state, all a person needs is a marriage certificate, witness, and an officiant to get married for the rest of their lives. In divorce, a person has to basically beg the state to let them break up with a person they hate and it can get ugly. Really ugly.

Jennifer Lopez, despite all of her talent, has some issues with men. Despite her different romantic relationships, Jennifer Lopez has also been married, and divorced, three times. The first time was to Biggie Small’s little buddy Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs. The most recent one was a breakup from musician Marc Anthony with whom she had two kids. The one in the middle was the most forgettable to a guy named Chris Judd, who still brags to his friends that J. Lo wanted him. Lucky guy.

2 She’s Super, Duper Rich

There comes a point in rich people’s lives where money longer even becomes an object. It is difficult for most people to believe, but smart investments by trusted people can turn some money into something that changes not just that person’s life, but generations to come. With a few things falling in place, money can be the life changer that some people intend it to be.

Jennifer Lopez is turning from just another rich celebrity into someone who is actually wealthy. Just recently, Lopez signed a deal to perform several shows a week in Las Vegas. For those who have not been, Vegas is the place where semi-popular acts can make a ton of money without having to compete with the Taylor Swift’s and Katy Perry’s of the entertainment industry. Touring is tough work and J. Lo has finally earned a place where she does not have to go anywhere to make millions.  For now, she is in the pantheon of Vegas performers, pushing her net worth to nearly $300 million. From now on, the Mount Rushmore of money will look like Gates, Buffet, Lopez. Pretty nice.

1 She Performs Private Shows

The most difficult part about the heading to this part of the article is getting the idea out that she performs private shows. No, this is not like the exotic dancers down at the local strip club. Those private shows are a bit more intimate and a bit more skeezy. Jennifer Lopez performs the same kinds of concerts she would for big crowds, but in front of small crowds across the world.

The most interesting part is that her parties do not come cheap. She commands at least $1 million for a private performance and she has charged as high as $5 million. The problem is that she has been known to perform for some leaders who have a long track record of human rights issues. Her people claim that she was unaware. This was probably because she was too busy counting her money at the time.

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