15 Interesting Facts You Didn't Know About Drew Barrymore

Actress. Director. Producer. Entrepreneur...

There is nothing that Drew Barrymore cannot do. Arriving into the limelight at just five years old with a supporting role in the cult classic, Altered States, Barrymore became the talk of the town, soon branching out into other popular films such as Steven Spielberg’s E.T., Irreconcilable Differences, and Cat’s Eye.

Soon, she became a leading lady, becoming a 90s film babe in other popular classics such as Never Been Kissed, Scream, The Wedding Singer, Ever After and Home Fries, to name a few.

Although Barrymore has even stated herself of growing up in a troubled environment, leading up to her checking into rehab at 13 years old, her story is probably one of the most inspiring and biggest comebacks today. It is ALWAYS possible to get back on track in life. Without further ado, here are some Drew Barrymore facts you didn't know until now!

12 It Runs in the Blood


It is no surprise that Drew Barrymore would carry on the legacy of acting, beginning at a young age herself. Drew’s family consists of some recognizable faces in the entertainment business.

She is the daughter of actor, John Drew Barrymore, who is known for his role in Gunsmoke; granddaughter of actors, John Barrymore, who is famously known for Grand Hotel, and Dolores Costello; great-granddaughter of silent film star, Maurice and Mae Costello; as well as the great-niece of actors, Ethel and Lionel Barrymore who appears in multiple classic hits such as It’s a Wonderful Life and Key Largo.

These are only a few blood ties in her family.

11 Friendship with Steven Spielberg


After making the cult classic, E.T., Barrymore was taken under the wing by the incredible director, Steven Spielberg. Drew has revealed in multiple interviews that Steven has always been her to-go-to mentor when it comes to working as well as being a parent. Steven is the godparent of her two children, as well as served as a directing mentor for Barrymore’s directorial feature debut, Whip It.

Steven has definitely been a father figure to Barrymore from a young age, which is why it is an awkward situation when Drew posed nude for Playboy in 1999. Spielberg sent her a copy of the magazine with clothes digitally photoshopped on Drew, along with a note: “Cover yourself up!”

10 Three Marriages


After two broken off engagements, including to the grandson of Hollywood producer LeLand Hayward, and musician, Jamie Walters, Drew had finally settled down for the first time in 1994 after marrying Los Angeles bar owner, Jeremy Thomas, at 19 years old. The couple split in less than two months.

She had settled down for a second time in 2001, marrying former MTV host Tom Green. She and the famous comedian became an interesting item, even making news when their Hollywood Hills home had caught fire. Before their divorce, only months after tying the knot, Barrymore and Green had co-starred together in Freddy Got Fingered and the remake of Charlie’s Angels.

Drew found, what she had claimed as one of her happiest marriages, in 2011 after dating Will Kopelman, getting engaged the following year. The two had wed on June 6th, 2012, starting their own family. Unfortunately, the couple had recently separated and their divorce was just finalized earlier this month.

9 Dated Corey Feldman


Before there were wedding bells, Drew was just another teenager and young Hollywood starlet dating. In 1989, Barrymore and famous teen movie star, Corey Feldman, took their relationship public after showing up together at the Academy Awards. Whether it was the pair’s first or one of many dates, they were definitely not worried about showing their interest and affection in each other. Their relationship was said to have lasted for a brief moment, both branching out into their own film projects and other romantic relationships with other famous figures.

8 Famous Godparents


When growing up on film sets is all you have, it is expected that cast and crew become one big family. Barrymore is continuously linked to many famous Hollywood connections. Drew is the goddaughter of the actress, Sophia Loren, and director Steven Spielberg. It is no surprise that Spielberg is also one of the godparents to Barrymore’s own two children, as well as to other actors, including Gwyneth Paltrow.

7 Rehab


Barrymore’s rise to fame and downfall had occurred in a short time, after being spotted at multiple Hollywood parties, drinking and doing drugs. She had also been open about getting drunk for the first time at Rob Lowe’s party at nine years old. It was no surprise when Barrymore had checked into rehab at 13 years old; some believing that her bright future would come to an end. However, Barrymore’s 18-month stint was an eye opener, forcing her to take control of her own life, rather than letting addiction run hers. Barrymore has continuously stated that her unsupervised childhood played into her self-destructive alcohol and drug addiction.

6 Youngest SNL Host Ever


Starting out young in the industry has its up and downs, but it can become a total payoff when you are the youngest SNL host ever. In 1982, Barrymore hosted her first SNL episode at just seven years old. Fresh off of, E.T., Barrymore made history after becoming the youngest SNL host until this date. It is an impressive event to brag about when most children are in-between play dates and elementary classes, Barrymore was performing skits and rehearsing monologues for a live show. She is the second female to host the show—five times a lucky charm.

5 Friendship with Adam Sandler


This relationship is definitely a “goals A.F.” friendship. Not only did these two get to work with each other three times, co-starring in films The Wedding Singer, 50 First Dates, and Blended, but these two have become best friends. Barrymore states in her recent book, Wildflower, that she had pursued Sandler like a crazy person. Her persistence to meet with the young, up-and-comer actor/filmmaker paid off when she had finally landed a meeting with him. Barrymore states that she had waltzed into a Hollywood restaurant wearing hot pink stilettos and a cheetah overcoat, while Sandler had on his trademark outfit of tennis shoes, beige shorts, and a sweatshirt. To this day, Barrymore says their meeting was special, not only building a collaborative process of projects but, what she states as, a lifelong friendship.

4 Flashed David Letterman


This became one of the most notorious interviews on a late night show; however, Barrymore has no shame to this event. After all, it was her birthday. While promoting her latest 90s film, Barrymore was having some fun during her live interview with the famous talk show host, David Letterman. Again, YouTube never lies—especially when midway during the interview, Barrymore had jumped up onto Letterman’s desk for a fun dance number. However, she made news after turning around and lifting up her shirt, flashing the talk show host. It may have stirred some controversy, but Barrymore continues to find humor in it, stating that it was her 19th birthday and she was just having fun. How does Letterman feel—he did nor still does not mind of the “notorious” interview moment.

3 Director


Barrymore is also a talented behind-the-camera. In 2009, she made her directorial debut with the feature film, Whip It, starring Ellen Page. Although the film was not considered a “success,” Barrymore had only established herself as someone who can also tell a story behind-the-camera as well. Two years later, she made her music video directorial debut with Best Coast’s “Our Deal,” starring a few young up-and-comers, including Chloe Grace Moretz, Tyler Posey, Shailene Woodley, Donald Glover, and Miranda Cosgrove. The music video had received a great viewership, making Barrymore in a potential lineup in becoming the next best director. Especially with someone such as Spielberg mentoring you.

5. Acclaimed Author


After her stint in rehab, Barrymore had released her first memoir, Little Lost Girl, at 15 years old. It is considered to be one of the most “tell-alls,” no holding back on Barrymore’s end. She goes explicitly into details of her partying days, including her battle with alcohol and drug addiction. Many readers continue to appreciate her honest on the ups and downs of fame, including success as well as family jealously, including her dysfunctional childhood and estranged relationship with her mother. Barrymore’s second memoir, Wildflower, is considered the “lighter” version of her painful upbringing, focusing more on her afterlife of finding happiness from getting married and becoming a mother of two.

2 Acclaimed Winery


For most, or maybe just me, I had no idea of Barrymore Wines, until reading Wildflower. Like many entrepreneurs, including famous director, Francis Ford Coppola, Barrymore had launched the release of her winery after realizing her passion for particular wine flavors, especially fruity white wine. Although there are multiple of flavors in the works, Barrymore Winery has been off to a great start.

3. Flower Films


Barrymore continued to branch out into all aspects of filmmaking, forming the producer company, Flower Films, with business partner, Nancy Juvonen who is also married to the comedian, Jimmy Fallon (Drew had introduced the two). The production company’s first film was none other than Never Been Kissed, followed by the box office hit, Charlie’s Angels. Drew and Nancy had then self-financed Richard Kelly’s feature film debut, Donnie Darko, which was considered a flop at the time before it became one of the top cult classics. The producing partners had later brought other films such as Charlie’s Angels, Full Throttle, Duplex, 50 First Dates, Fever Pitch, Music and Lyrics, Lucky You, Grey Garden’s and more to life. Currently, the two are in pre-production with a Netflix series, Santa Clarita Diet.

1 Ambassador


Barrymore is also self-aware of giving back. In 2007, she had partnered up with the United Nations World Food Programmer, after being named ambassador. She had donated approximately one-million dollars to the organization. Like many individuals, Barrymore does not want any more children to go to bed without eating, something that she hopes to become more involved with.

1. Motherhood


Probably one of her best accomplishments has been becoming a mother to two children from her marriage with Will Kopelman. Their names are Olive and Frankie, whom she writes a personal letter to in her second memoir, Wildflower, called “Dear Frankie.” She discusses her love for her unborn children and how motherhood has changed her as a person, especially her devotion to giving them a normal and healthy upbringing. Although her marriage has ended to Kopelman, Barrymore’s love for her children is everlasting.

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