15 Important Things To Know About The Libertarian Party's Gary Johnson

Election time is coming up, and people are scrambling from their houses to get to the voting booths to cast their votes for who they believe deserves to be in the White House for the next four years. Unfortunately, this year's election isn't like the others we've been an audience to. This isn't just your usual "Barack Obama is the definitive choice" election.  Rather, we're being forced to choose between two potential presidents whom both have no reason to be anywhere close to the Oval Office. Whether you're choosing to vote for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, just ensure that you understand that underneath your passion to get one in the office over the other, you're still being forced to choose between the lesser of two evils.

Reasonable people want to do whatever they can to keep Donald Trump out of the oval office and the same can be said for Hillary Clinton. I've been watching this election very closely because I'm part of the younger generation that never felt they had a proper say in the election process and looked up to Bernie Sanders when he led what could be seen as a political revolution, if only to get people to open their eyes. However, when it boils down to it, at least for when I put my vote out there, I want it to mean something. I've been looking at the third party candidates, both Gary Johnson and Jill Stein. I know both have been getting some bad media coverage lately, I want to put all my focus onto Gary Johnson though, at least for this article. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have been getting plenty of the attention, and now it's time for people to see the positives that make Gary Johnson a wonderful potential candidate for President of the United States.

15 Libertarian Party Nominee

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If we have learned anything from Bernie Sanders and the revolution he led, it's that we should vote with our hearts and our conscience and not for the lesser of two evils. People have been and are still terrified about choosing between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump and who can blame them? Among this mess however, running for the Libertarian spot, Gary Johnson has made waves in the media and has been catching the attention of those who've yet to decide who they're voting for. This may seem like a diamond in the rough, but consider the way politics works today and with the way the voting process happens. We may still get stuck choosing between the previously mentioned individuals and very few states have taken the initiative to make voting easier  At some point people are going to put their arms in the air and not bother and wish for the best.  Johnson seems like a good choice.

14 Two Terms As New Mexico Governor

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It's not hard to be impressed by a successful politician when we're being given a choice between a woman that works the system and a man that is unfamiliar with how the system works. Among the many successes Gary Johnson has under his belt, we can't forget his political experience. Hillary Clinton has the experience as well, but I'd wager a million bucks before I could look at her and expect an honest answer out of her mouth. Gary Johnson served two terms as governor of New Mexico. During those terms, he accomplished a lot of things varying from advocating school vouchers to promising and succeeding to reduce the 10% annual growth of the state budget. Simultaneously, his leadership during these two terms was praised by Tom Udall who stated that Gary Johnson's leadership was truly shown when he was given tough decisions to negotiate with and never broke character.

13 Republican Prior To 2011

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Before being recognized as a Libertarian candidate, Gary Johnson was a part of the Republican Party during the Republican debates whom included Rick Santorum and Ron Paul among others. He was also part of the Republican Party during his terms as New Mexico governor. Although his governor terms lasted until 2003, Gary Johnson started to shift gears towards the Libertarian candidacy during the 2012 presidential nomination in Sante Fe, New Mexico. He has stated that the reason for his shift was due to not being recognized and was unable to make leeway during his run for a Republican nomination. During the 2016 presidential nomination, Gary Johnson did end up receiving the Libertarian nomination for President of the United States. Although we've not seen him in any debates thus far, his name is still on the second ballot as a third party candidate, along with Jill Stein who received the Green Party presidential nomination.

12 2012 Election: Republican To Libertarian

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As stated before, Gary Johnson was a part of the Republican party until he shifted gears toward the Libertarian party which eventually he won the nomination for during the 2016 presidential election. Among his many beliefs toward gun control, marijuana usage, and the belief for limited government, he's also been described as fiscally conservative and socially liberal collectively. With the credit of cutting taxes multiple times during his governing years in New Mexico, he also favors simplifying and reducing taxes if he were to be elected as President of the United States. Simultaneously, the Libertarian Party is known for promoting civil liberties and bringing the power back to the people. As we're nearing closer to the election date between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, I think we need to seriously consider if we want to keep the government the same as it is now, or if we want change bad enough to allow Gary Johnson to spend four years making that change for us.

11 Chicago Tribune Endorsement

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If you for whatever reason thought Gary Johnson was done fighting for his potentiality to be elected, think again. The Chicago Tribune, one of the bigger news outlets out there, recently pushed an endorsement to Gary Johnson. While this may seem to some like some kind of media propaganda, just think about the fact that it is the Chicago Tribune, and not some low life media outlet that is trying to get views for view's sake. They stated in the article broadcasting this that "We reject the cliche that a citizen who chooses a principled third-party candidate is squandering his or her vote." For me, that's a big reason to continue my ongoing support for Gary Johnson. With Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in the running now, I didn't want to feel like I had to choose between the lesser of two evils, and when a popular news outlet follows that same belief, it gives me a reason to push forward with my vote towards Gary Johnson.

10 Under Media Fire

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Among the countless accomplishments Gary Johnson has under his belt, he never seems to be out of the eyes of media. Granted, that's just how the political process works. You say one thing that's a tad unorthodox, and suddenly people are attacking your Facebook and Twitter pages as if you committed murder or something. While some of the accusations toward Gary Johnson are understandable, some of it is so far off the radar that it's almost as if the media outlets covering these stories are trying to make a quota of some kind. Sure, he gets a little bit tense when people ask him questions about foreign affairs, and often times he's forgetful, but with the way things are on the Clinton and Trump angles, Gary Johnson still comes out on top looking like the man I'd want to watch give a Presidential speech for the next four, maybe eight years. As much as people want to disagree with the possibility of him being elected, there have been countless endorsements and articles online stating that he still has a chance to win.

9 Lutheran

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Every politician is involved in religion in some form or another. Barack Obama follows Protestantism, Hillary Clinton follows the Methodist belief, and Gary Johnson practices the Lutheran belief. He's been very open about his belief and he has stated that his belief in God relates to, "a very fundamental belief that we should do unto others as we would have others do unto us." It's not unnatural for a politician to be open about their religion, or to practice it while they serve their time as President of the United States. I think the reason people tend to get uneasy about this is more due to them wanting to keep religion out of politics. However, being a religious figure does not automatically make someone less likely to succeed as a political figure or a presidential nominee. In this day and age, at least those people have something they can look back to if all else fails.

8 Books Published

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Gary Johnson, as mentioned quite a number of times in this article, has seen a large amount of successes during his political career. As humble as he may seem about it, he's actually written about it a couple times and they reflect his thoughts on the political system and his belief as a Libertarian candidate. The only one available at the current moment is his book titled Seven Principles of Good Government: Gary Johnson on Liberty, People and Politics. Given the nature of his candidacy thus far, I'd imagine the book is worth a read if you really want some deep insight of just how he plans to run the government if he was given the election. Writing a book isn't a mysterious endeavor when talking about politicians, as we've seen it quite a number of times spanning across the years. However, given the nature of some people's ignorance to the power of the Libertarian belief, it's worth a read.

7 Vice President: William Weld

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During the election process, the choice for vice president is not only an important choice, but one people want to feel comfortable with. Gary Johnson chose William Weld as his vice president, and while this may seem confusing for some, the reasons are outlined with William Weld and the experience he has under his belt. With an esteemed political background much like Gary Johnson, William Weld also includes himself in part of the Libertarian party. Alongside that, he's seen tremendous success during his time as Governor of Massachusetts, with the business community reacting strongly to his governing. William Weld also has a republican background by endorsing several different republican nominees, though differing his opinion during the Barack Obama v. John McCain election where he endorsed Barack Obama. Simultaneously, with all of this, William Weld also serves as a member on the Council on Foreign Relations, and in 2013 he supported the legal recognition of same-sex marriage. If anybody was the best pick for Gary Johnson, it is William Weld.

6 Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton

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Probably the biggest reason people are hanging onto Gary Johnson is because he's neither Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. As much as I can understand why people would rather see Hillary Clinton over the alternative, I can still hold out hope that Gary Johnson somehow comes out on top and at the least, we get a Gary Johnson v. Donald Trump or a Gary Johnson v. Hillary Clinton. It's been mentioned many times in this article, but this election is more important than elections we've seen before because the end goal results in either a dictator taking office or someone most people can't trust. Gary Johnson has his faults, sure. For example, to my understanding, he wasn't able to name foreign leaders. Understandably that made people question his legitimacy as a potential candidate, but at the same time, we have to remember what we're being faced with. Anybody that even looks remotely better than the alternatives is going to both get the most attention while simultaneously having every fault dug into like a nail going into a block of wood.

5 Outstanding Leadership

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There are people that are doubting the leadership skills that Gary Johnson would bring to the table, and rightfully so. Throughout the election process, there have been some speed bumps and Gary Johnson has been the prime suspect for the birth of them. However, given his background and leadership record, I don't think there are many others that could be more qualified for the job that he's applying for. Now, I don't much care for Hillary Clinton, though I understand she has a tremendous leadership record. The thing is, someone who fits the role for president needs to be someone that you can believe, and while some people think Gary Johnson is dishonest, just look at the interviews about his past mistakes. Every time he's confronted about an issue about himself or something he's said he's been up completely upfront about it. His leadership skills span across lowering taxes to building a recognizable test of leadership of always staying calm and collected when given tough negotiations. We don't need somebody in office like Donald Trump who will lose his temper the minute his wall gets vetoed.

4 Advisory Council Of Students For Sensible Drug Policy

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Among writing books, to countless endorsements, to proving time and time again that his leadership skills are impeccable, Gary Johnson is also responsible for founding and helping out various non-profit groups that follow his same beliefs. Currently, Gary Johnson sits on the advisory council for SSDP which works with kids varying from different age groups to going to schools all over to help educate on the issues regarding drug abuse and marijuana prohibition. During its continued success, SSDP has traveled and served in various countries like United Kingdom and Ireland. While the main focus for this campaign has been to spread knowledge about drug use and drug abuse, its also seen work with local and state level campaigns that are focused on marijuana deprioritization. Having a leader that believes in this and goes along his beliefs to spread this knowledge is something to keep in mind when deciding your vote. The issue with drug abuse among all else is of vast importance.

3 Our America Initiative

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Alongside sitting on the Advisory Council for SSDP, Gary Johnson is also responsible for the birth and growth of Our America Initiative. The main focus for Our America Initiative is to speak about issues relating to government issues, tax problems, and the war on drug abuse among other topics. The organization has been around since 2009 and has seen a steady growth in interest since its debut. Our America Initiative can be used as an outlet to have a voice heard in reference to the presidential debates and the way the government is currently run. Since its debut, Gary Johnson sat as the honorary chairman for the group and has continue to push forward the movement and will continue to do so until people can see the nature behind what they want to accomplish. Our American Initiative continues to grow support and coverage among many outlets and has become a major outlet for those looking to make a change.

2 Cannabis Sativa Inc.

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While he helps out with non-profit organizations that push the awareness of drug abuse, Gary Johnson also sits as CEO and president of Cannabis Sativa Inc. This particular company is there to push the sales of medical marijuana and cannabis where such things are legal. This doesn't seem like a popular opinion towards some because they feel with Gary Johnson's use of marijuana he shouldn't be allowed to serve as president. However, he has stated a few times that he would lay back on smoking marijuana if he were elected. The reason I feel this is important is because this would allow people to be more open minded to the uses of medical marijuana instead of being afraid of it. Issues have arisen about the use of medical marijuana, but nine times out of ten, the arguments to back up these claims are far less severe than what happens to those who drink and drive.

1 Views on Gun Control

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An issue that has been deemed extremely important when it comes to election time is the candidate's view on gun control. This has been an ongoing issue with the consistent amount of shootings across the country and the bad neighborhoods in some states. Gary Johnson has stated his view on gun control by admitting that he would have not pushed forward a ban of assault weapons and automatic weapons. He backed this up by stating that he is a firm believer in the Second Amendment. Unsurprisingly, this may seem like it could backfire and cause his supporters to step back, but at the same time, we have to keep in mind that this issue has been catching flack time and time again with each president in office. Gun owners specifically see no reason to push a ban as they feel their rights are being tampered with which is a fair argument. Although, if Gary Johnson were to be put into office for four years, he'd have to show some restraint with his belief and meet a middle ground.

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