15 Hottest Women Who Slept With Wolverine

So, you've been wondering how many hookups Wolverine has ever had, haven't you? I mean, he's cool, he's hot and he's got a certain something the ladies dig. And let's face it, Wolverine has been around. The thing is, he has been around the block so many times, that he actually is the block. Part of it, of course, is how long he has been around. The guy has lived a very long life, so it stands to reason that he is going to have his fair share of hookups with the ladies. He has had tons of girlfriends, has been engaged, married, and even has had kids before, but for some reason things never really seem to work out. Hmm. I wonder why that could possibly be?

Oh, I know why. Because, quite often, when Wolverine ends up going out with someone, especially if he gets serious, pretty soon afterwards she usually winds up dead. I mean not always, of course- sometimes it just doesn't work out, but let's face it, a lot of his former lovers have been killed.

So ladies, just a pro tip here. If you get asked out by Wolverine, then you might want to just say no, unless of course you want to be in a bad situation.  It probably comes with the territory if any superhero asks you out.  I'm just sayin'.

But hey, let's not just focus on that shall we? Let's take a look at some of the many awesome chicks that Wolverine has hung out with- some of them are even still alive. Here are 15  of the hottest chicks that have gone out with Wolverine.

15 Black Cat

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Black Cat has been a Marvel character for a while, and while at times she aligned  herself with Spiderman, she has mostly done a lot of bad things. Her dad was a famous cat burglar, and she decided to follow in his footsteps. No one would care about this really, except that she is pretty hot. Wolverine really should know better, but hey, he is human. The two had a little flirtation going on in the Marvel Mangaverse.  It didn't last.

14 Viper

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Viper was born way back in the '20s; she was an orphan who had a huge scar on her face when she escaped the war torn country that she was from. She ended up joining the organization Hydra as a female agent. Wolverine apparently has a soft spot for ladies with self-image issues, as he ended up marrying Viper, although in reality it was because of a debt. This marriage did not last long, which is good for Wolverine, because this chick is bad news.

13 Sara Pezzini

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Someone was asleep at the switch when this character was named- Sara Pezzini just doesn't cut it. Anyway, Sara is one of the hosts of the Witchblade, the supernatural gauntlet, which means she can heal herself, and also puts armor over her skin. She and Wolverine were married in an alternate universe, which makes me wonder who I might be married to in a universe other than this one? I am going to hope that it is anyone but Kim Kardashian. Please.

12 Yukio

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Yukio was an assassin who was first out to get Wolverine but soon fell under his charms, and they had an intimate relationship. You may think it odd that someone wanted to kill Wolverine and then got turned on by him, but hey, come on, this is Wolverine we are talking about!  Wolverine even entrusted the care of his foster daughter to Yukio later on down the road, so it seems these two got pretty close considering the relationship started based on a planned murder.

11 Maureen Logan

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Maureen was married to Wolverine 50 years in the future. They even had a couple of kids. Pretty cool right? Awww. Well no, not at all. At one point Maureen and the kids were kidnapped by the Hulk gang, and then were killed, because the Hulk gang got bored. I am going to go out on a limb here and guess that made Wolverine extremely angry. Anyway, the moral of this story is...don't marry Wolverine. Or call yourselves "The Hulk Gang."

10 Itsu

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Itsu was a woman who met Wolverine in Japan, where his master sent him to train. They got married and had a kid together. Sounds great, right? Oh forget it, you already know where this one is going. Wolverine had an embarrassing incident and decided to leave for a bit. When he went by the house that he shared with Itsu, she was, you guessed it, dead. I wonder if he tells women that his wives often end up murdered? It seems important to mention.

9 Elektra

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Elektra was another woman who had a bad time of it when she was young, and then got into some weird stuff (in her case being an assassin), who wound up hanging out with Wolverine. What is it about him, anyway? Why is he always drawn to women that are so damaged? He might need to talk to a therapist about all of this. The two were married and had a daughter named  Rina in the MC2 universe.  I'm hoping not Lisa Rinna.

8 Red Sonja

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Red Sonja is ridiculously hot, and also as tough as they come. She is an expert in hand to hand combat and used to roll with Conan the Barbarian, and you know Conan does not hang with just anyone. Sonja, just like almost all of the other women on this list had some "Major Childhood Trauma," which apparently draws Conan right in.  She and Wolverine were lovers in a What if issue, which might not really count as her being one of his ladies, but since it is Red Sonja, we are going to bring it up anyway.

7 Silver Fox

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Silver Fox and Wolverine were an item in the early 1900s. All seemed to be going just fine until Wolverine's birthday when she was raped and left for dead by Sabretooth. Don't worry though, she and Wolverine were reunited years later. Yay! But then Sabretooth actually killed her for real. Boo. Seriously, Wolverine, maybe you should just stay single for  a little while, try and figure things out? Your girlfriends and wives are dropping like flies, my man.

6 Rogue

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Rogue has the mutant ability to touch someone and get their powers, their personality and their essence. Of course this caused her to run away because she didn't want to hurt people she knew.  At some point she found out that Wolverine had a little thing for her, which of course meant that they made out until her powers kicked in. This probably was a bit uncomfortable, but as we know by what happened to a lot of other women in his life, it could have been a lot worse.

5 Domino

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The woman known as Domino was what came of being born as part of a top secret government program intended to develop the perfect weapon. While whether she is a perfect weapon or not is totally up for debate; she does seem to be the perfect physical match for Wolverine. While nothing serious ever came of these two, they have a deep physical attraction that never went farther.

4 Mystique

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These two go back a while, all the way back to the 1900s. No one knows quite how old she is and she also has the ability to shape change, which let's be honest, pretty much all of us guys would kind of like our girls to be able to do that. There is a lot of chemistry between these two and, shortly after they met, things started getting physical. Even though there was a lot of chemistry, there was not much trust, and with good reason.

3 Mariko Yashida

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Oh, I know what you are thinking, here we go, another hot woman from Japan who hung out with Wolverine. What could go possibly wrong? They were to get married but she broke it off during the ceremony. At least she wasn't murdered though! Instead she was poisoned by an assassin, and while she was dying a slow death she asked Wolverine to kill her instead. Which of course he did. And here you were thinking that another one of his relationships went bad. Shame on you.

2 Storm

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These two pretty much always have had something going on, although Wolverine broke it off because of "age difference." Not because all sorts of his wives and girlfriends end up dying, but age difference. But regardless, they will almost certainly continue to flirt as they run the Jean Grey school together. They also have relationships that go into alternate realities. Honestly, I don't know how Wolverine does it, it is hard enough just dealing with one girlfriend in this reality for me.

1 Jean Grey

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There is no doubt that Jean deserves a spot at, or at least near the top of this list. While they have mostly flirted, and the chemistry is there without a shadow of a doubt, they have not gotten serious other than the occasional kiss and heavy flirtation. Maybe it is that the relationship is simply not meant to be, or maybe, just maybe, Jean has paid attention to the rest of this list and knows that getting involved with Wolverine is a bad move indeed.  She is a smart lady, after all.

Sources: wikia

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