15 Hottest Women That Ever Starred In A Horror Film

Unfortunately, cinema has a bad habit of rewriting the same storylines, over and over again, with slight variations by using different actors and actresses, different settings, and varying timetables. Think about it, how does every alien invasion movie end? With society rebuilding itself from the ashes and rubble left from our extraterrestrial enemies. Romantic comedies? Both parties realizing they can't live without each other, and the two living happily ever after, of course. Action flicks? With a slow motion, fiery explosion walk away scene and a cheesy punchline. And sadly, the same goes for the majority of horror flicks.

Every modern day horror movie seems to have the same plot; it begins in a small town with a fairly attractive group of 20-something protagonists, a creepy neighborhood old-timer with a terrible secret, and a masked murderer that slowly picks apart the group of scrambling youngsters. Oh, we almost forgot about the most important factors that get these movies the green light. Of course, it's the massive amounts of blood, needed to get the classic grindhouse movie buffs in, and most of all the hot, ditzy protagonist women who turn out to be stronger than the rest of the group.

The hot protagonist with the banging body, wearing tattered garments, and drenched in blood has been a formula that has been working for decades. And to be honest we totally understand why. Check out this list that we've compiled of the hottest and sexiest women to grace the screen of some of our favorite horror movies!

15 Jeannine Taylor, Friday The 13th

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Spoiler alert, nobody's made an ax to the face look as good as Jeannine Taylor in Friday the 13th has. Also, if you haven't seen Friday the 13th, we assume you either scary entirely way too easy or you're a millennial too busy to look up from your Pokemon Go App to learn that the 80s were a golden age for horror flicks. Anyways, Jeannine played Marcie Stanler, the girlfriend of Jack Marand in the movie and Taylor just happened to make horror movie history for her classic braless, underwear bathroom scene that resulted in her being axed to death by the psychopath, Pamela Voorhees. Her body was stashed in the cabin showers only to be discovered later with an ax impaled in her head. Fortunately and unfortunately, her boyfriend Jack had one last opportunity to make love to his then girlfriend before she was killed.

14 Eliza Dushku, Wrong Turn

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It seems like a lot of horror flicks take shots at middle America, and the South being that there are so many 'in the middle of nowhere' places that contain mutated murderous freaks. And sometimes these allegations aren't wrong. In the very freaky film, Wrong TurnEliza Dushku plays the role of Jessie Burlingame. Jessie and a group of her friends are picked off one by one, by a trio of mutated, cannibalistic mountain men by the name of 'Three Finger', 'One Eye' and 'Saw Tooth'. Spoiler alert! Luckily, the very gorgeous Eliza survives by the skin of her teeth after a medical student by the name of Chris, saves her from the hands of danger, making the couple the only two survivors. We're assuming the writers didn't want the hottest member of the cast to be murdered by cannibalistic West Virginians.

13 Diora Baird, Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning

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There's been so many remakes and added prequels to the original 1973 version of the loosely-based movie on the real-life masked murderer, Leatherface, that they all kind of blend together at this point. Regardless, we're here to talk about the work of Diora Baird on the set of Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning. This blonde bombshell killed her role as Bailey, no pun intended. But after being tied to the bottom of a kitchen table, nearly escaping the grips of the murderous family, being stabbed by a meat hook, being tied to a bed, and ultimately having her throat slit, we still marvel at all of her gorgeousness. Honestly, if we were put in the predicament to save Diora we would have passed with flying colors. Unlike her wimpy boyfriend Dean, who burned his Vietnam War draft card in the movie.

12 Olivia Wilde, Turistas


11 Edwige Fenech, The Case Of The Bloody Iris

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The woman that you see seductively staring right back at you is none other than Edwige Fenech. And honestly, we couldn't pass on inserting the Italian grindhouse movie queen into this list as she worked in several Giallo Italian genre films that were based on gore and sexual aggression. With that being said, she's perfect for this list! Anyways, in the 1972 film, The Case of the Bloody Iris, Fenech portrays a character by the name of Jennifer Lansbury. She and a clumsy friend of hers move into a beautiful high rise apartment that so happened to be vacant after the last tenant was brutally murdered. This is where things get tricky as the two begin to get stalked by a serial killer within the building. For all of you true movie buffs, we recommend you look into the films Edwige Fenech has been a part of. Trust us, you won't be disappointed by this seductive honey.

10 Denise Richards, Valentine

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Imagine a masked murderer terrorizing your town because he or she couldn't get a date to the Valentine's Day dance in junior high? Sounds completely insane, right? Welp, living in today's society it doesn't sound too farfetched. Anyways, that's exactly the case portrayed in the 2001 masked murdering horror flick Valentine, and unfortunately, the very sensual and captivating, Paige played by Denise Richards, suffered the worst death than any other victim in the entire film. While relaxing in a jacuzzi, Paige was approached by the murderer known as the Cherub, pushed underneath the water, while the murderer closed the lid to the apparatus, grabbed a nearby power drill and began drilling holes into the lid until he or she struck Paige and saw blood. Afterwards, the killer tossed the drill into the water electrocuting a bloody, yet still sexy Denise Richards. Spoiler alert, the killer was Paige's rich friend.

9 Jessica Lucas, Evil Dead

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Jessica Lucas only had good intentions in the 2013 version of the horror movie, Evil Dead. Playing the character of Olivia, her and some friends headed out to a cabin in the woods to help a friend by the name of Mia, kick her heroin habit. Unfortunately, Mia ends up getting possessed after the group discovers witchcraft text in a basement and Mia ends up in the woods all by herself. While trying to contain Mia, Olivia, AKA Jessica Lucas, gets vomited on by Mia, goes into the bathroom to clean herself up, and ends up getting possessed. The possessed, yet gorgeous, Olivia is discovered cutting her cheek out with a shard of glass. Unfortunately, her head gets smashed in by a hunk of porcelain toilet. It's a tragic and horrible way for Jessica Lucas to go out, but after seeing the movie we understand why.

8 Jennifer Love Hewitt, I Know What You Did Last Summer

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Up next, we have the cult classic, I Know What You Did Last Summer, starring a young Jennifer Love Hewitt. Even though the movie has been parodied over and over again, you gotta watch the original 1997 version for one reason, and one reason only... Jennifer, of course. Jen plays the protagonist Julie, in the film that convinces her boyfriend Ray, her friend Helen, and her boyfriend Barry, to dispose of a body they hit while on their way home from a party. Unfortunately, the man they hit becomes conscious and begins attacking them before falling into the water of the dock they were going to throw him off. A year later, she and her friends are terrorized by a masked murderer, in which some of them are brutally murdered by a deranged man. Fortunately for this hot cholacha Jennifer (AKA Julie) survives, but does she ever get away from the killer? Refresh your mind with the sequel, I Still Know What You Did Last Summer, for that 90s nostalgic feeling.

7 Meagan Good, Saw V

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By now we should all know how the Saw series works. The psychopathic murder takes a group of unsuspecting wrong-doers and makes them pay for their debts by sacrificing whatever they care about the most in order to survive. In the fifth installment of the Saw series, the very recognizable face of the gorgeous Meagan Good appears. She plays a city planner by the name of Luba Gibbs, and begins her journey of attempted survival after waking up in a dark room with a razor blade collar wrapped around her neck. Throughout her journey, she kills a man as she saved herself in a bomb shelter after a bomb detonates. But unfortunately, the milk chocolate honey didn't survive Jigsaw's game after she was stabbed in the back by another woman and her body was thrown into a partially filled bathtub to connect a circuit that would allow the survivors to make it to the next task. Meagan fought her way throughout the perverse game and made it to the last three surviving victims. We have a feeling why she made it so far throughout the movie... and we're assuming it was captivatingly good looks.

6 Amber Heard, The Ward


This movie may have you wanting to watch through the cracks of your hands, every time. And when Amber Heard, who plays the protagonist Kristen, in the film comes on screen, we're sure you'll be at your fullest attention. The Ward, is based on a young lady who is placed into a psych ward after burning down a farmhouse. But Kristen slowly pieces together the real reason why she's being held at the institution as a ghost haunts the facility killing off its tenants. It's later discovered that the head doctor of the facility was attempting to rehabilitate the supposed ghost, who actually turned out to be a real person. In the end, it is Kristen who really haunts the facility. With those looks, Amber Heard can haunt us tonight without a problem.

5 Eva Mendes, Urban Legends: Final Cut

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4 Salma Hayek, From Dusk Till Dawn

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When it comes to vampires, you usually think of a guy in a tuxedo with a cape, pale skin, and gelled down slick back hair, but oh no... Not when it comes to Salma Hayek. Salma played the very sexy vampire Esmeralda, also known as Satánico Pandemónium in the 1996 film, From Dusk Till Dawn. Esmeralda was the leader of a group of strippers at a club called 'The Titty Twister' in Mexico that just so happened to use their live show to pull in innocent patrons and devour their bodies as they sucked their bodies dry of blood. Salma's, AKA Esmeralda's, snake dance is definitely one worth seeing, even if she is a hideous vampire. Honestly, we'd risk driving through a desolate desert in Mexico to go to a strip club called 'The Titty Twister' if we knew Salma Hayek was going to be working the pole. Vampire or not... it'd be worth the last memory.

3 Halle Berry, Gothika

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It's kind of a no-brainer that Halle Berry made the list, it is also been said that she belongs in a mental institution like her character, Dr. Miranda Grey in the film Gothika, due to her uncanny ability to ruin the lives of the men she becomes involved with. Anyways, Halle makes the list not only for her stunning performance in the movie but because of her stunning looks as well. She begins her journey as a respected psychiatrist when one day she wakes up to discover that she is the one locked up in a padded cell. She is accused of murdering her husband, but with the help of a ghost she discovers the real culprit and walks away from the horrifying experience with the ability to see and communicate with spirits. Who would want to see such a figure of beauty locked up in a straight-jacket to live out the rest of her days? Certainly not us, we'll risk having a crazed Halle Berry in our custody any day.

2 Paula Patton, Mirrors

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Based on the 2003, South Korean film, Into the Mirror, the 2008 film Mirrors, focuses on a suspended police officer, Ben Carson (not that Ben Carson) who takes a job as a security guard after the prior guard was violently killed in a mirrored room. Paula Patton plays Amy Carson, the wife of Ben and ends up in the midst of a battle between her husband and a demonic spirit that lives in mirrors and reflective surfaces. At one point during the film, her son Mickey, was taken by a reflective pool of water on the floor of her home and it appears as if he drowned. Fortunately, she was able to save her son, but her husband Ben, perished. Even though the movie ends in tragedy, we definitely don't mind watching a sweaty and soaked Paula Patton do everything she can to save her family.

1 Megan Fox, Jennifer's Body

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If there's anybody in the world we love to see in succubus form it's Megan Fox. Even though she's been in a ton of other movies playing a much more innocent character, we'd love for her to take a bite out of us. Anyways, in 2009, Megan played the desirable cheerleader, Jennifer Check, in the film and was used as a virgin human sacrifice by the band, Low Shoulder, in exchange for success in the music industry. There was one problem with that plan, Jennifer Check was no virgin, so her body was possessed by a succubus in which she would use her exceptionally well-crafted body and seduction skills to lure the guys in order to feed on their flesh. Like, we said before, we'll take our chances with Megan Fox, possessed by a succubus or not, it would be a dream come true.

Sources: GuySpeedGunaxin, IMDB

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