15 Hot Starlets You Won't Believe Are Currently Single

With the advancement of technology, social media and phone applications, we live in a world where everything and everyone is easily attainable. Attention spans have grown shorter and the inventions that were supposed to bring us together have proven to distract us, decrease our social skills, and make temptation even harder to overcome. Apps like Tinder have made a mockery of the dating environment, taking the humanity of the natural progression of what it's like to initially meet someone, create a sense of attractiveness between the parties, and have an organic growth and development of an actual relationship.

With a plethora of Instagram filters, manipulation features/ applications and camera angles, we really can't even trust the visuals provided by our Twitter crush or Woman Crush Wednesdays making it difficult to gauge the authenticity of an individual we might be interested in and almost instantaneously creating a lack of trust before words are even exchanged. In the midst of all of this madness a lot of the current generation depends on random encounters and open relationships rather than risking their emotional health and attempting to be a monogamous relationship... Scary. Now, let's apply all of that and adapt that to the world of entertainment. Once established in the public eye and maintaining a certain level of celebrity, it gets harder to date and create organic relationships. Even they too worry about their significant others falling victim to Instagram models and one night stands with fans, and in today's social climate it makes it twice as hard to remain in a committed relationship. So, we've compiled a list of some of the hottest celebs around that just so happen to be going to bed alone. Take a look and find out if your celebrity crush made the list, so you can plot on sliding in their DMs with a smooth one-liner and your best picture.

15 Halle Berry

Right away, we start this list off with one of the most beautiful women to ever grace the big screen. Many men from sea to shining sea, from lands stretching to the beautiful bamboo fields of Chendu, China, to the snow capped mountains of Alaska have dreamed of the opportunity of a candle lit dinner, warm fireplace cackling in the background, and bear skin rug atmosphere with the ever so gorgeous Halle Berry... Ok, maybe we've thought about this scenario ourselves a little too much, but can you blame us?! Remember back in 2012, when the father of her four year old Gabriel Aubry, and her then fiancee Olivier Martinez, got into a brawl and both of them had to be hospitalized? We totally understand why... there are very few women that could physically match the caliber of attractiveness Halle Berry holds. Back in October 2015, she divorced her then husband, Olivier Martinez, and has been on the market ever since. Fortunately and unfortunately, she's currently focused on being a mother to her two children, Nahla and Maceo, and isn't looking to hop into anything serious any time soon. So for all you guys out there brush up on your domestic and babysitting skills you still have a chance. If you feel that she's way out of your league, watch Monster's Ball when your Halle cravings kick in.

14 Kate Hudson

Golden Globe winner, Academy Award nominated actress, and natural hot tamale, Kate Hudson is currently on the market but it really might not last too long, so if you bump into the Hollywood A-list actress shoot your shot like your Steph Curry in a pick up basketball game. Back in 2014, she backed out of engagement with Muse lead man Matthew Bellamy, but the two have been able to remain cordial and co-parent their son, Bingham. Since then she's been focused on her career and spending time with her two children, Bingham and Ryder. The Hollywood beauty just celebrated her 37th birthday by throwing a wedding themed birthday party in which she was the bride to be, but there was not a groom in sight to take the hand of Kate in holy matrimony. Anybody who throws themselves a wedding themed birthday party is definitely searching for commitment and this could be your chance to make a huge impression on the blonde bombshell. Make it quick though, she was recently spotted out on a date with the Houston Texans' very own J.J. Watt. Don't worry though, after all she was the star in How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days anyway.

13 Lea Michele

New York has an interesting complex that creates these beautiful women that are a little rough around the edges. For instance, Ms. Rosie Perez, Jenny from the block AKA Jennifer Lopez, and the more recent, the beautiful and talented, Lea Michele. A lot of you know her as Rachel Berry from the hit show Glee, or as Hester Ulrich from Fox's Scream Queens. Lea may be a talented actress and singer but unfortunately she faces the same relationship problems we all face, as she and her boyfriend of two years, Matthew Paetz, recently called it quits in March making her fresh meat on the single market. With her looks and the way things are going in her career it doesn't look like she'll be on the market for too much longer, so fellas make your move and profess your undying love to the starlet as soon as you see the brunette leaving that downtown LA Starbucks.

12 Rihanna

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11 Kourtney Kardashian

We all got to witness how this one played out if you're into the biggest reality TV show family on earth, that being the Kardashians. In July of 2015, Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick finally decided to call it quits after three kids and an almost ten year relationship. Over the years we were all able to witness the couple's trials and tribulations, on again, off again relationship and individual triumphs and short comings. When your life is constantly being broadcasted for all of the world to see, it makes it tough to maintain a strong foundation and stable relationship. But as of late, you can catch this Kardashian making sexy Snap Chat posts (which she would rarely do during her relationship), spending quality time with her children, and hitting the town with her close friends. Hell, there was even rumors that she was dating Justin Bieber at one point in time. We recommend you be careful around this young socialite as well. Regardless, Kourtney's still one of the hottest Kardashians and claims to be single for now.

10 Selena Gomez

It would only make sense that Selena Gomez is single, after all the singer/songwriter is only 23 years old. Of course, we all know about her highly publicized relationship with Justin Bieber that crashed and burned for all of us to see. Then as of last year she was dating the EDM producer/musician, DJ Zedd, but unfortunately the relationship was short lived. Recently, rumors have been swirling about her being involved with One Direction's Niall Horan, and some guy named Samuel Krost. Even with all of these rumored guys in her life, she still considers herself single and by the looks of her social media accounts and sexy bikini pictures floating around on the web, it seems to be true. By the looks of her new video Hands to Myself, it looks like she's embracing her sexy side and growing into her own. Honestly, with all of the hotness she's had on display lately we're pretty sure she won't be on the market for too much longer.

9 Britney Spears

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With Britney Spears' choice of men, it only makes sense that she would be single. Then again, it gives all the fellas out there a shot. Kevin Federline is the definition of the true American dream. He took a job dancing behind one of pop's biggest stars of all time, was able to establish a relationship with the songstress that blossomed into marriage and the two proceeded to have children, forever solidifying his legacy as one of the best broke man come ups of all time. After Britney broke things off with television producer Charlie Ebersol, she's been living the single life in Las Vegas with the company of her two sons Jayden and Sean, during her residency at Planet Hollywood. Luckily, she's been keeping herself busy and hasn't been making any questionable decisions with some loser that works in the kitchen at Circus Circus. Then again, if you happen to work at Circus Circus and just so happen to work in the kitchen, take these words lightly and go for it. Chances are you may be able to pull a K-Fed and become apart of the Spears empire. Work diligently my friends.

8 Mindy Kaling

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The golden skin goddess Vera Chokalingam better known as Mindy has also made the list of Hollywood hotties without significant others. After her on-screen debut in The 40 Year Old Virgin, her career took off and wore many hats as a character, executive producer, and producer on The Office. After her stint on the hit sitcom show, she starred in and wrote her own successful TV show, The Mindy Project. She recently sat down with Ellen DeGeneres and had this to say about her single status and her dislike for one night stands; "I have my medications that I have to take at night. I have to be at my house and, like, do my flossing." She's eclectic, smart and independent... how is she still single? From what it looks like she's your average workaholic that just doesn't have time for relationships but we wouldn't mind loving on the Nigeria born, Indian hot chalacha.

7 Hilary Duff

It's been a long time since those Disney Lizzie McGuire days and Hilary has definitely grown up right before our eyes. Since she's been out of the acting limelight she's done what any normal adult would do and established a Hollywood family of her own. Back in 2010 she married professional hockey player Mike Comrie, and had a beautiful bouncing baby boy, Luca Cruz Comrie, but unfortunately the couple split in February 2015 and finalized the divorce this year. These days, Hilary spends most of her time with her four year old son but has hinted at possibly returning to the dating scene. Apparently she has a Tinder account, but isn't searching for anything long term at the moment. So, if you stay in the Beverly Hills area and have a Tinder account of your own you might (keyword: might) have a chance to get some swipe right action from the 28 year old actress. Let's say you do get an opportunity to sweep Ms. Duff off of her feet, keep in mind her ex-husband is a professional hockey player. Make sure you have a solid workout routine intact and a nice right hook.

6 Shay Mitchell

Model turned actress Shay Mitchell, is definitely easy on the eyes and very available. The only thing stopping you is that she's kind of hard to catch up; if she's not traveling around the world, she's on the set of the very successful show Pretty Little Liars. She's been single ever since her break up with ex-boyfriend Ryan Silverstein, back in September of 2014. We really don't understand why she's been single so long, she doesn't have a lazy eye or look like she smells like dumpster juice. To be honest, we wouldn't mind if either of those afflictions were true, she's hot! Who would have thought that a Filipina mother and a Scots-Irish Hispanic father could create something so beautiful. We have a good feeling that as soon as she decides to take a break from her fast-paced career, she'll settle down and find someone worthy of her presence.

5 Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner... the most tame of the Kardashian/Jenner clan is also still on the market and praise the powers that be, because she is the most natural and least surgically modified of the Hollywood powerhouse family. It also appears that she's the most level-headed of the clan being that we rarely hear about her in the tabloids or making an a** out of herself on TMZ. So we have to ask... why is she still single? At one point in time she was linked to Nick Jonas and Harry Styles last year, but it looks like nothing has blossomed from the flings. Kendall's been on a tear with her modeling career and strutting down runways for high-end fashion companies like Balmain, Chanel and Marc Jacobs. When the time is right, we're sure she will find that special someone.

4 Dakota Johnson

You would think Dakota Johnson would be sought after like she was when she starred in the movie 50 Shades of Grey, but apparently that isn't the case. In the March 2016 issue of Glamour magazine she publicly had this to say about her relationship status, "I don't have a boyfriend — why? You got one for me? Right now I find myself having the capacity to love my family and friends, and that's it." She seems ready and willing to find her perfect match and Prince Charming is somewhere right now waiting for her with open arms. Then again she did star in the feature film How To Be Single, she might have taken the role a little too seriously though. With such a beautiful graceful demeanor and captivating eyes her single status is sure to change in the near future.

3 Charlize Theron

She's South African, she's a model, and she played a one-armed, bald bada** in Mad Max. Who wouldn't want to play house with Charlize Theron? Apparently, no one else can keep up such a caliber of woman at the moment. She called off her engagement with Sean Penn  in June of last year and has been riding solo ever since. The smokey hazel-eyed actress has been hard at work though, she's playing Queen Ravenna in the up-coming The Huntsman: Winter's War. She also recently adopted her second child and now daughter, August Theron, only five years after adopting her son, Jackson Theron. Not only is she hot and talented, but she's making a difference in our sometimes cruel world by taking on the responsibility of raising two children who didn't grow up in regular households like the majority of us. Seriously, if we had the opportunity to be a part of someone's life as great as Charlize Theron, we'd definitely be honored. We can't imagine that she'd be single for too much longer with the amount of beauty she holds inside and out.

2 Emilia Clarke

If there's one dragon we wouldn't mind slaying it would definitely be Game of Thrones star, Emilia Clarke. The British actress was named Esquire magazine's sexiest woman alive in 2015 and we'd say that they chose very wisely. She and Family Guy creator Seth McFarlane, were together for quite sometime before splitting in 2013. Then she was rumored to be dating actor Jai Courtney last year but denied the allegations shortly after the media began to fan the relationship flames. We'd definitely sword fight any takers for a shot at the naturally brunette beauty, who plays the bleached blonde hottie Daenerys Targaryen in the HBO sensation Game of Thrones series. She's not the only reason we watch the show, but she's definitely a part of the reason why we do. If you ever have a chance to throw on your best medieval accent and holler at Emilia Clarke, don't... that's extremely corny, be yourself and buy the hottie a drink, you could become her next boy toy.

1 Adriana Lima

One might think that every single one of Victoria's Secret Angels would have someone special in their lives, especially the longest running Victoria's Secret Angel, Adriana Lima. She's been on the covers of magazines like Vogue, she's starred in Super Bowl commercials for KIA, and was a spokesmodel for Maybelline from 2003-2010, but after her marriage with Marko Jaric went south and the couple separated in May 2014, she's been on the market. The two officially divorced this year after failing to reconcile and she's been focusing on her career and two children. The wounds of her divorce are still fresh, so we could understand why she isn't trying to hop into the dating scene just yet, but once she's ready, prepare to stalk her social media accounts and get as close as possible to the blue-eyed bombshell.

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