17 Hot Pictures Of Melania That Donald Wants You To Forget

The story gets a little garbled. Melania Trump claims to have come to the US in 1996 on a Tourist Visa. But then it seems she was in a racy New York photoshoot in 1995. She claims that she was never married before marrying Donald Trump, in 2005. Yet reports persist of Melania (then) Knauss getting a U.S.Green Card based on marriage in 2001. Then there is the half-brother in Slovenia who she denied until confronted with the evidence. And what about the Slovenian man charged with fraud who claims to be a former boyfriend, that the Trump people say was not? And let's not forget claiming to have a degree when she doesn't. Or denials of plastic surgery that then-and-now pictures seem to bring into question.

They met way back in 1998 at a New York party. Reportedly, she refused to give Trump her phone number. But, then we know that Trump very seldom loses out when he wants something. Here are 17 pictures (and the stories behind some of them) that Melania and Donald would probably prefer you to forget.

17. Max Magazine


In 1996, Melania appeared in an issue of France's Max Magazine. Well, she was a model. But wait, there's more. The theme was, um, like females involved in bondage. Melania is shown in clothes, acting out a bondage scene. Some unkind commentators said the whole thing mimicked Trump's approach to the campaign. According to readingthepictures.org, "In viciously beating up on people while bringing ultimate shame on himself for doing it, this picture fits the Trump M.O. to a T. What we’re witnessing daily via Twitter and CNN are Donald’s whips and chains". Joking aside, that kind of decidedly racy modeling may just be a bridge too far for some. She has said she was just doing her job. That's one way of putting it. But then there's the immigration question.

16 That New York Post Story


You can bet that if there is dirt to find, the New York Post is right in there. In August of 2016, under headlines screaming "The Ogle Office" and "Menage a Trump", they ran the story of Melania's little excursion into Max Magazine land. Mrs. T. has said that she first came to the US in 1996 on a Travel Visa. But wait, those pesky Max pictures were shot in New York in 1995. So, she came in 1995, presumably on a Travel Visa, and does a modeling gig? A partially naked, S&M kind of modeling gig? The word that springs to mind is "illegal". No, says the photography, it's okay. She didn't get paid for the gig. Now, some might find that difficult to believe. We'll leave that one for you to mull over.

15 Handcuffed To A What?


She was Melania Knauss when she posed aboard Trump's private jet for GQ Magazine in 2000. And what a pose. At this point, you probably don't care that if Trump wins the presidency, his wife will be the first foreign-born First Lady since John Quincy Adams' spouse Louisa. No, you are probably focusing on Melania dripping with diamonds and little else handcuffed to a brief case. It's a little kinky. And you probably have noticed she is on some kind of animal skin rug. As if that's not enough, in the same year she came right out and told Howard Stern: “We have incredible s*x at least once a day. Sometimes even more.” And Trump boasted about how hot Melania looked in “a very small thong.” Air Force one as you've never known it.

14 Why She Laid Low During The Campaign?


Trump has admitted that Melania didn't want him to run for President, saying they had a great life already; like everything money can buy. And until early 2016, she didn't really campaign, preferring to stay close to home base. Why that was depends on your point of view. Some have said that the Trump campaign didn't want her and her colorful past out on the campaign trail. The TV media made a big deal out of some of those racy pictures. For her part, Melania has said she was merely staying at home doing the mom thing. But some believe that, in light of her past modeling gigs, she had to know that it would become an issue and simply didn't want the hassle of dealing with it all. Then came that devastating New York Post story, revealing both her body and certain gaps in her immigration story. The whole thing has gone to a new level.

13 A European-Style First Lady?


This is Melania in what can only be described as a primal bikini and thong on the cover of some European magazine. Not First Lady material? Lighten up, says gossipextra.com. Across the pond, they point out, former French President Nicholas Sarkozy, is married to a model/actress, Carla Bruni. And the current French president Francois Hollande, cheated on one girlfriend with another girl, who just happened to be a totally hot actress. Then look at former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. His many, many, many women were hot and young when he was old and not. And he even shared them with his friends. Somehow the hot First Lady thing just doesn't seem to jibe with the Republican vibe. Or, come to think of it, the Democratic one either.

12 Just A Quiet Stay At Home Type?


Some jokers have said this photo says Air Force One will be safe in Melania's hands. She looks totally bad, mean, and mad. But the leather boots and red bikini give it a certain sexy edge. Now, friends of the could be First Lady have said that she is just a stay at home type who shuns the limelight and the bright lights. We're just not getting that kind of thing from this picture. She looks like a very kick-a** Bond girl. Or maybe she's channeling the first hot Secret Service babe in a bikini vibe. Again, whatever happens we think a Trump presidency could be, well, very interesting. Is the White House and totally buttoned-down grey suited Washington D.C. ready? In a word? No.

11 Just Like Jackie Kennedy?


Okay, for Melania, this FHM spread is pretty tame. But it's still way hot. What kind of First Lady would she be? Well, according to the Christian Science Monitor, she has said, "I would be very traditional." She told The New York Times, "Like Betty Ford or Jackie Kennedy." Right. Hang on. She is his third wife, was born and raised in a communist country, and has shown more skin than any First Lady we can think of. She was also a model. And while First Ladies Pat Nixon and Betty Ford were models, they were more catwalk than bikini. More couture than thong. But Melania can speak five languages fluently (Slovenian, English, French, Serbian and German), and maybe she would be dead handy on those European diplomatic visits? Or maybe not?

10 Hottie First Lady In Waiting?


The term "hottie" and "First Lady" don't normally appear in the same sentence, or even the same paragraph. But hot she was in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue in 2000. The Daily Mail reported that when she interviewed the Trumps, Barbara Walters asked if Melania's colorful past and shots like this one would hurt Trump's prospects. Melania denied she was being left at home when Donald goes on the campaign trail because of her past. She said she was at home (with nannies, butlers, maids, personal assistants) looking after their son Barron. And besides, she is reported to have said, modeling was just her job. She was just doing her job? Right. But she did say one thing in the interview that rings true. In response to what some have termed his misogynistic, anti-woman ways, Melania simply said he treats everybody the same. Would that be badly?

9 That Picture From The Cockpit


The ABC story was headlined: "The Naked Truth about Melania from the man who disrobed her". No, not that way. It was the Antoine Verglas, the well-known French photographer who shot the GQ spread of Melania aboard a plane photoshoot in 2000. They also reported that Donald allowed the shoot aboard his private jet as a way of helping her modeling career. And, according to Verglas, Trump had "no problem" with her posing nude. “For that type of shoot, she was perfect,” said Verglas. We can certainly agree. The shots of Melania in various states of dress and undress made a big splash when the GQ cover article came out in 2000. We should point out there was no full frontal nudity. Fairly tame compared to some other shots.

8 The Degree That Never Was


Her modeling career began to take off when she moved to the Slovenian capital. Even the young Melania knew how to work a shot. In April of 2016, GQ claimed that she had  attended University of Ljubljana in Slovenia for a year and then chucked it to pursue a career in modeling. They reported that she did pass a tough entrance exam, but left after her first year. Why then did her bio for the Republican Convention in 2016  claim she had completed her degree? GQ also reported that her website had also claimed that she had a degree. Don't look for confirmation on her website. It's history. All you will get is a link through to trump.com. Plus, many spotted that her speech at the Convention was pretty darn close to one Michelle Obama gave in 2008. Perhaps a bit of Melania management is in order?

7 The First Family And The Half Brother


The President and First Lady spend a quiet night at home? Hardly. If Trump is elected, we will probably spot Melania's parents somewhere in the crowd. But don't expect to see her 50-year old half brother. Seems the guy lives in rural Slovenia and has never met The Donald. A few years before Melania was born, her dad had a thing with another woman. He denied paternity and she took him to court and won. Melania denied the half-brother's existence at first in a telephone interview with GQ. But when the reporter produced proof from a Slovenian court, she merely wrote and said that she misunderstood the question and had known about it for years. Her father was a private person. His life is private, she said. But Melania's? A whole different story. Perhaps reporters should question her in Slovenian?

6 The Really Funny Thing About The Reaction To The New York Post Story


Quick, what's the most startling thing to have emerged from the New York Post bombshell naked pictures with a spot of S&M story? Well, when Melania took to Twitter, it was the immigration angle that she went for. Considering her husband's stance on illegal immigrants, it would be dead embarrassing if she turned out to be one. So, there was a lot of Tweeting about how she loved this country, how she supported Donald's stance on immigration, and on and on. Like what about those pictures? Nevermind the date, what about full frontal nudity? No, all we learned is that she was totally full frontally honest on immigration. Now, is that odd or are we just so used to naked pictures of Melania, that what's a few more? Or maybe Donald doesn't want to give up his penthouses and luxury abode for public housing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

5 Was Fraudster A Former Love?


Her first modeling pictures from Slovenia are stunning. When they met, she was a 20-something clad in leather head to toe. He was driving around on his Vespa and noticed her big time. Slovenian businessman Jure Zorcic, claims that they dated for a few months before she went off to Paris and Milan in search of fame and fortune and bikinis. He has also said that she was not like most Slovenian girls. On that first meeting, he did a bit of chatting up and took her out for coffee. These days, he's accused of embezzling money from the media company where he worked as a TV journalist. Guess what the Trump people said. Not true. Total lie. Never happened. Well, what else did you expect?

4 Those Awkward Reporters


Here we go again. Cable news people have to keep talking, 24/7, usually about not much. And that day Ashleigh Banfield decided to press the Trump people on the "M" factor. How could the woman possibly become First Lady with all "those" pictures out there? Then, just to keep the guys watching, CNN obligingly showed some of those horrible pictures. Just in case we didn't get it, Ashleigh said it again. If Melania Trump became First Lady, would her "racy photo spread" be a problem? The Trump campaign waved Ashleigh away. Besides, it is not like those shots on the plane or the European bikini shots were a big secret. Everybody, we mean everybody knew, about them. And remember, Melania was only doing her job to the best of her ability. What's ability got to do with it? Now the New York Post story may just be a completely different matter.

3 The Green Card Mystery


It may be the elephant in the room everybody is talking about. According to the New York Daily News, Melania may not be the "model" immigrant she claims to be. They do try to be clever with words, don't they. The newspaper claims new evidence has emerged that shows there may have been a bit of tinkering with the immigration system. The paper claims that immigration attorney Michael Wildes, told Univision that he obtained Melania a Green Card based on marriage in 2001. But Trump didn't marry her until 2005. And apparently Univision went on to report that Melania told Larry King that she had not been married before meeting Trump. A Democratic Coalition is fighting to get a look at her immigration paperwork. This could get interesting.

2 The One About The Nose Job


A man who claimed to be a former boyfriend of Melania has said that her appearance has changed quite a bit since he knew her in Slovenia. Well, the eyes are the same, but everything else, from nose, to cheekbones, to mouth and chin, appear to be very different. The Daily Mail has reported that Melania Trump has denied ever having Botox or plastic surgery. She has said she is going to age gracefully like her mother. True? Like she said she came to the US in 1996. Like she denied having a brother. Or like her website reportedly saying she had a degree. One clown remembered Trump offering Barack Obama $5 million to produce his birth certificate and said somebody ought to offer Melania a few millions to produce those elusive college transcripts.

1 From Svelte To Stacked


It's Jure Zorcic, the supposed boyfriend from Slovenia again. The guy is certainly getting his full quota of his 15 of fame. The Daily Mail reported Jure Zorcic saying, "When we were together she didn't have a big chest... now she has enormous boobs". Those were reportedly his exact words. Well, a side by side picture seems pretty convincing. Melania has denied having plastic surgery. Next time perhaps we should do a piece on things that Melania has denied that turned out to be true. Maybe it's all that healthy living and exercise that's taken her from a "B" to a "C Plus/D". Or maybe not. Again, we'll leave you to think about that one on your own.

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