15 Hot Celebrities Who Surprisingly Dabble In The Herb

Many people remember the first time they ever got high off of marijuana. The worst part is that getting high on marijuana, at least the first time, is not much fun. For so many, getting high just involves a serious bout of paranoia which is only then followed up by intense and uncontrollable laughter. Follow it up with eating an entire row of Oreo cookies then you have what getting high for the first time is for nearly everyone.

For many, the love of smoking, injecting, or (gasp) snorting marijuana is something that never dies.  Even as adults, some of them politicians, bankers, or parents still like to get high every once in a while.  Once a person gets used to the drug, they are able to know their limits and avoid falling off a cliff into the danger zone of drug use.  That paranoia they felt the first time turns into alertness.  The laughter turns into a good sense of humor.  The problem is that the munchies stay the same.  Oreo cookies should just beware they are going to get eaten.

Regardless, celebrities, like most anyone else, can appreciate the lure of marijuana. In some states, people can use it for their own recreation purposes, much like a person who buys a bicycle or a basketball. Now, potheads can come out of the shadows and smoke their herbs as their forefathers intended: in public.

This list contains 15 hot celebrities who surprisingly do not mind toking up every once in awhile and who are putting a hot name to America's favorite drug.

15 Lady Gaga

Of course, the obvious thought is, “There is no way that a woman would agree to wear a suit made out of meat unless she gets high on marijuana.” Well, that thought is not too far from the truth. Lady Gaga, wearer and singer of extremely weird things, admitted that she gets high. This is usually the case when she is writing songs, according to Gaga. At least the world now knows where she gets her creative inspiration.

Gaga deserves a ton of credit for two reasons. For starters, few people have to deal with the kind of criticism that Gaga has to put up with. With a sea of talented people in the music industry, Gaga said that she was going to just take on the world and wear the most ridiculous outfits that one could think of. Also, just admitting that she dabbles in the herb to the world is impressive. She has become so famous that, unlike most people, she can proudly proclaim that she likes to get high and she does not have to worry if anybody finds out. She can wave her pothead flag proudly.

14 Rihanna

Rihanna is a social media expert. Well, at least the people that are hired to manage her are. She has managed to turn Facebook, Twitter, and especially Instagram into her own personal wonderland. This gives her fans insight into her private life, but it also gives her a chance maintain her star status even when she is not touring or churning out new music.

Rihanna may be one of the few celebrities who could not give two licks who knows that she smokes weed. The R and B superstar has been known to post on social media whenever she decides to get high with some of her friends. The best part is that in true stoner fashion, she does not just light up a joint. In fact, she often has her Mary-J in a variety of different forms. The only problem for Rihanna is that back in 2012 she was suspected of posting a picture of herself doing cocaine at Coachella. Naughty-naughty Rihanna.

13 Cameron Diaz

Her star has faded a bit since the 1990s, but Cameron Diaz is still one of the hottest actress in Hollywood. The There’s Something About Mary star is still one of the funniest comedic actress out there and she has the swollen bank account to prove it. As one of thousands of tall blondes in tinsel town, Diaz stood out with great comedic timing and a likeable demeanour.

The most interesting part about Cameron Diaz is the fact that she went to high school with one of entertainment’s most notorious potheads: Snoop Dogg. That’s right. Long Beach Polytechnic High School in Long Beach, California is not only home to Cameron Diaz, but also to one of the music industry’s most legendary players. Diaz even said in an interview on Lopez Tonight that she believes that she even got weed from him when she was in high school. Apparently, it is a small, very high world.

12 Kirsten Dunst

Ok, it is obvious that Kirsten Dunst is one of the hottest actress in Hollywood. For anyone lucky enough to be a teenager in the late 1990s when the movie Bring It On came out, Kirsten Dunst became this beautiful figment of the imagination. Whether a weed smoker watched the movie or not, they would probably kill everyone in order to just get close to her. She was a fresh-faced starlet on her way to the top and she proved it by making the Spider-Man films as she got a bit older.

Fast forward about 15 years. Kirsten Dunst is still hot, but she is gaining a reputation as a hot pot smoker. What is hilarious is that Dunst had a very expensive handbag stolen with a very expensive amount of marijuana in it. During trial, she was asked whether she smoked pot, but totally denied it. She ended up blaming her assistant for having the marijuana, but nobody bought it. Regardless, the party girl’s reputation for being hot and a pot smoker are fully stoked.

11 Natalie Portman

Out of all of the people on this list, Natalie Portman is either the biggest surprise or the biggest non-surprise. Most people know Portman from her amazing acting career. She starred not only two Star Wars films, but she also had a part in the movie Cold Mountain and a starring role in the movie Black Swan. She has more money than God mostly due to her acting chops, confidence on screen, and ability to select good projects. Couple this with a degree from Harvard University, she is officially too good for you.

It would be nice to attribute all of her success to her talent and brains, but like most people that have dabbled in weed, her best ideas probably came when she was as high as a camel’s rear end. Portman admitted that while at Harvard, she used to smoke a little weed. She claims she is too old to smoke now, but at least she found the secret to unlocking her full mental potential.

10 Miley Cyrus

At this point in Miley Cyrus’ career, it would be interesting to see whether Disney would just completely disavow any knowledge that it ever gave her money to do anything. Miley Cyrus, the once cute and approachable-looking star from Hannah Montana has done more than shed her good-girl image. She took that image, crumpled it up, and lit it up like the Great Chicago Fire. At this point, Miley’s stunts can make Madonna cringe and that is saying a lot.

So, it should come as little surprise that Miley likes to smoke a little weed. She has even been known to light up on stage during some concerts in Europe and is even reported to have fancy rolling papers with her on the regular. So, maybe saying she smokes a “little” weed is a bit of lie based on her history. Miley Cyrus just likes to get down with the chronic.

9 Jennifer Aniston

Things may seem amazing for a lot of Hollywood actors. Jennifer Aniston at one point was one of the most famous actresses in the world and married to the hottest male star in the world, Brad Pitt. Remember, back in their heyday, Friends stars were making $1 million per episode. Their faces were plastered everywhere and most of them had not even reached 30 at that point.

The problem with that kind of sudden fame, money, and success is that it in order to keep all that fame, money, and success, an actor has to put out a wholesome image. After she turned 30, Aniston realized that she had to stop pretending to be someone she was not and admitted in Rolling Stone that she likes to get high every now and then. Out of all the things that she has done in her career, admitting to the world that she likes to get high like everyone else is probably the gutsiest.

8 Paris Hilton

For most of the stars on the list, the revelation about their drug use comes in the form of some admission. Often times, it is in the shape of a magazine interview, television interview, or some self-published event like posting photographs on Instagram. In these cases, the stars and their handlers can dictate exactly what questions are asked, how they are answered, and even just sue to prevent interviewers from printing anything they do not like.

For Paris Hilton, her love of marijuana was discovered by none other than a South African police officer during the 2010 World Cup. See, back when people cared about what Paris Hilton did with her life, she had a chance to go to South Africa to watch the World Cup soccer matches. A police officer caught her with marijuana in her bag, but the local authorities ended up dropping the charges. That is surprising because who carries drugs into sporting events? Oh, everybody? Never mind.

7 Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore is probably the most resilient star out of all of the ones on the list. Like many child actors, Drew suffered through years of addiction to drugs and alcohol and it almost completely derailed her life. Even for the most well-adjusted children, the lure of fame, money, alcohol, and free booze and drugs would be enough to do anyone in. To be honest, if most people were offered free booze for any reason they would guzzle it down like it were the fountain of youth. Famous actors are like anyone else.

With that said, it would be easy to believe that Barrymore, and her revived acting career, would be on the straight and narrow. Conversely, Barrymore has been known to smoke a little weed here and there, even with her friend Cameron Diaz. Although she is not totally abstinent, she knows how to keep it mellow and keep it under control after all of these years.

6 Kristen Stewart

Take a minute to picture how difficult one particular task is. This one task is so hard that it would put NASA astronauts, lawyers, doctors, and members of the military to shame. This task is so hard that scientists have yet to figure out an algorithm to make it any easier at all. What is this task? It is the task of finding a photo of Kristen Stewart when she is actually smiling. She frowns so much that doctors are considering using her face to help kids describe how much pain they are in.

Regardless, Stewart has been known to dabble in the herb. Before she became a big star, Stewart was known to get a little high with some friends. The best part about it is Stewart’s attitude toward the whole thing. Back when Twilight came out in 2008, a photo of her surfaced on the internet where she was lighting up a bowl. Instead of trying to bury it, she just owned the story and went on frowning to the rest of the world.

5 Madonna

The best part about some aging celebrities is how few craps they give anymore about what people think about them. When the celebrities are young, like the Kardashians, they are extremely concerned that their makeup, hair, nails, and car all look the best. As they get older, like most older people, they become indifferent to what other people say about their appearance or their habits. Their time on the earth finally appears limited so they are just going to enjoy themselves.

This attitude is probably what prompted Madonna to admit that she not only smokes marijuana, but that she received a bong as a gift one time. Now, this was not just any bong, but a bong that was shaped like a penis. There is a low probability that any of her male friends will join in with her at her house to smoke a little weed, but at least Madonna can rest assured that at least one part of her public life was authentic.

4 Charlize Theron

The struggle for African-Americans is real. Not only is getting a job in Hollywood difficult for African-Americans because of some implicit and explicit biases, but also finding roles that not stereotypical is difficult as well. African-Americans have to face a lot of discrimination because of this unrealistic belief that no one wants to see African-Americans on the big screen.

Fortunately, Charlize Theron has broken the mold for African-Americans in Hollywood. The thought probably appeared, “Wait, she’s not African-American,” and that is wrong. Now, technically she is African and technically she lives and works in America. She is from South Africa so that officially makes her African-American even if that makes absolutely no sense just by looking at her. Nonetheless, she is helping African-Americans in film with her stellar performances.

She also likes to dabble in the herb, too. She has been caught smoking an awesome apple bong by the paparazzi in the past, proving that the stress from the fight for African-Americans in Hollywood can only be relieved with getting a little high.

3 Sarah Silverman

Marijuana is one of the most potent and powerful drugs in the world. It may not seem that way, but the federal government actually classifies marijuana as a Schedule I drug. What this means is that marijuana, according to the feds, is as potent as heroin and LSD. The DEA, the one who officially comes up with the names, believes the drug is so dangerous that even possessing it is a federal crime.

Other than scientific studies, the reason they likely believe this is because marijuana can turn things that are normally dull into the most hilarious things in the entire world. Sarah Silverman probably uses marijuana as her secret weapon to turn the world’s mundane things into hilarious tidbits that people pay money to hear. For anyone that has ever made a pothead laugh, they know that a little bit of weed can do wonders for someone’s sense of humor. For Silverman, she found her magic bullet to riches.

2 Megan Fox

One of the problems that women face is that people focus almost immediately on their appearance. The worst part is that men are not usually the ones that do this. Women are usually the ones that focus heavily on another woman’s appearance and will correlate her abilities as a mother, friend, daughter, or person based on whether her shoes match her purse. Women have to continually battle this perception and women in Hollywood have to battle it like nobody’s business.

This is why it is important to note the story of Megan Fox who has said that she is in favor of legalizing marijuana. She has mentioned that the decriminalization of marijuana would probably lead to a lot less unrest between police and citizens. In fact, she is in such support of it that she said in an interview that she would be the first one to line up and buy a pack if it ever became legal. So, even though Megan Fox has killer looks, she also has a killer brain to go with it.

1 Anna Farris

Most of the stars on this list have advocated for marijuana in one way or another. Usually, this comes from their own personal use of the drug. Other times, it comes from their political ideas that the criminalization of marijuana has only lead to more problems than it solves and it should be legalized and controlled right away. However, absolutely none of them have ever starred in a movie about potheads. Well, that is until Anna Farris.

Farris, who rose to fame in the Scary Movie films, put aside all of the projects waiting for her and decided to star in a movie called Smiley Face. Basically, among potheads, this independent movie belongs in the annals of pothead legends like Cheech and Chong and Harold and Kumar. In fact, her role landed Farris on the cover of the magazine High Times a few years back. Although it is unconfirmed whether she dabbles in the herb, she is a legend among those who do.

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