15 Fun Facts You Probably Didn't Know About Suicide Squad Star Margot Robbie

In light of David Ayer’s new Suicide Squad movie being released, we thought it would be fun (and a good time) to get to know the movie’s main attraction, Margot Robbie. The 26-year-old beauty is currently stealing the show as the Joker’s sexy but crazy other half, Harley Quinn. Margot has received praise for her role as the schizophrenic psychiatrist who falls deeply in love with the psychopathic Joker. Even the character's creator Paul Dini, said Margot "nailed it!"

So whether you’re a DC fan or not, or you just want to get to know this beauty a little better, buckle up because Margot Robbie is going to take our breath away as Hollywood's newest leading bada**.

15 She’s Brave In The Audition Room

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In order to secure her role as Naomi in Wolf of Wall Street, Robbie made a career-changing, split-second decision which ultimately paid off in her favour. When auditioning for the role of Naomi, Margot read lines with Leonardo DiCaprio (who played her on-screen husband). During the reading, the “couple” got into a heated fight. According to Margot, she got so into the moment that she ended up striking the A-list actor. That’s right, Margot Robbie smacked Leonardo DiCaprio right in the money-maker! The move, however, turned out in her favour and director Martin Scorsese cast her in the role immediately. Quite the ballsy move for an actress, but hey! She is, of course, currently playing the most bada** female of them all, Harley Quinn.

14 That American Accent Is A Fake! 


Margot may be well recognized for her American accents as a 50's stewardess in Pan Am or as Leonardo DiCaprio's enchanting wife in Wolf of Wall Street. But did you know both those accents are fake? That's right, Margot isn't American, or even Canadian for that matter, instead the beauty hails from the land down under!

The actress was born to a farm town in sunny Queensland, by the name of Dalby to single mother, Sarie Kessler. It wasn’t until 2008 when Margot began her acting career starring in an Australian sitcom, Neighbours. Since then she’s blown up in the United States with her memorable appearance in Wolf of Wall Street.

13 She Didn’t Start Off Blonde

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Nope, Margot, like many of us girls has fallen victim to dye-hood. Her original locks were dark brown when she first started out acting. Here’s a picture from Jimmy Kimmel Live featuring a young Margot reading Harry Potter. When she was cast as Donna Freedman, Margot swapped her dark locks for light.

Of course, Margot went back to her dark locks for the filming of Z for Zachariah, in which the director wished to make Margot look more “plain” looking for the sake of character. The Australian beauty can pull off any hair type it seems, but we want to know, what do you prefer? Her dark sultry locks or the blonde bombshell hair she adorns today?

12 She Lied About The Wolf of Wall Street Scene

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We all know the scene I’m talking about. The infamous scene from Wolf of Wall Street when Leonardo DiCaprio's character is taken to Margot Robbie’s character’s apartment. While Leonardo DiCaprio debates going back home to his wife, Margot steps out completely nude. We can all image what happened next.

Well apparently Margot fibbed quite a lot about the - now unforgettable - scene. During an interview with Jimmy Kimmel Live, Margot admitted to lying to her family about the amount of nudity required for the movie. Margot started off by flat out lying, saying “no pfft... there’s no nudity”, but when she learnt that would inevitably fail, Margot changed the game plan. Instead, Margot went with the “body double” excuse - which, to our dismay, is actually a really good idea. Margot got away with her lie for the duration of filming but when it came to the movie’s release she finally came clean. Margot ended up telling her family the truth, ending with “read the book and if you still want to see it, watch it”. To be fair, who would openly tell their family they’ll soon be fully naked for millions to see?

11 The Show Neighbours Helped Her Break Through The Industry

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Neighbours is an Australian sitcom show running from 1985. Margot Robbie played a stint on the show as Donna Freedman for almost 4 years before her departure to the big screen. The sitcom taught Margot many lessons, including how to handle the fast paced industry. Margot recalled “it [was] so fast paced that there [was] not really any room for error and it turns you into a very efficient person when it comes to being on set”. The show might be “small time” in comparison to the major roles she’s being offered now, but it’s still nice to see the humble side of the blonde starlet.

10 She Insisted On Taking It All Off For Wolf of Wall Street


This may seem contrary to what we previously wrote about Margot lying to her family about the amount of nudity required for Wolf of Wall Street. However, it is true that the actress admitted the infamous scene where she appears frontally nude was her idea. Director of the film, Martin Scorsese, first suggested Margot open the doors to the bedroom of her apartment in a scantily robe. Margot didn’t like that idea, quote “the whole point of Naomi is that her body is her only form of currency in this world. So when Marty was trying to help me out, and said in the scene where she seduces Jordan perhaps I could have a robe on, I said she wouldn’t. She has to be naked. She’s laying her cards on the table”.

It seems Margot was correct as Scorsese let her have it her way when it came to filming. Many criticized the movie for the over the top partying and redundant nudity, but this scene did leave an unforgettable mark on viewers eyes.

9 She’s More Of A Tomboy

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Margot Robbie doesn’t identify as the blonde barbie many of us see her as in films and in Hollywood. In an interview for Neighbours' website back in 2008, Robbie described herself as, “happiest when I’m surfing or out on the farm hunting wild pigs, building cubbies out in the paddocks or riding around on motorbikes”. She has even been photographed taking a bit of a tumble while surfing recently while on vacation with her   boyfriend, Tom Ackerley, in Hawaii. She must be more than just a pretty face, we’ll tell ya!

8 The Girl Can EAT

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Margot isn’t the super skinny, borderline anorexic model type. The actress has gotten tons of criticism for her frame and was even told to loose weight for her role as Jane in the new Tarzan adaptation, according to The Daily Mail. The actress boldly refused the producers requests, stating “I'm not going to look thin just for the sake of it”.

That being said, part of the reason for her curvaceous body is her ability to eat! Margot even admitted to not having the greatest diet adding, “I love beer, fries, burgers, but if I have to get in a bikini then I eat carrot sticks for three days. I’m one extreme or the other”. On top of that, Margot also admitted to having ingested 1.8 kilos of spaghetti for an eating competition while on the set of Neighbours.

7  7. She Has A Great Sense Of Humor!

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Rumours have been buzzing to get Margot Robbie to host an episode of SNL in light of her recent exposure with Tarzan and Suicide Squad. There's even a video of SNL star, Jar Pharaoh, pleading to get Margot on set. Margot is a terrific actress, so there's no doubt she'd do an unforgettable job if she did host the comedic hour. Many may not think of the dramatic actress having a funny bone, but this picture of Margot dressed up as James Franco from Spring Breakers might change their mind! Margot dressed up as Franco's persona for Halloween and we're lucky enough to have pics to prove it!

6 Before Fame She Was "JUST LIKE US!"

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Before starring in Neighbours or even a classic Nivea ad, Margot had a regular, ordinary job just like us! HA! The jokes of celebrities going about normal life may be getting a little old, but Margot did lead a relatively normal life before fame. Growing up in rural Queensland, Margot's first job was at the sandwich venue, Subway! Yes, Margot was dubbed a "sandwich artist". Margot obviously took pride in her job while she had it, as she Tweeted once back in 2012: "A poorly constructed subway sandwich can be so disheartening.."

5 Margot Is (Probably) More Daring Than You Or I!

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Margot has admitted to being a "tomboy" and less of the Barbie-type girl we all first saw her as. In between her burger-eating, beer-drinking, motorcycle-riding, surfing lifestyle, Margot has taken up tattooing! Or rather, she did for Suicide Squad. The movie's team said they bonded so well that they wanted to commemorate their experience in a special way. What better way to do so than to all get matching tattoos from Harley Quinn herself?  The Suicide Squad team invested in a tattoo gun and after a couple lessons Margot (dressed as Harley) began tattooing "Skwad" on everyone. Must have been a blast to shoot this movie!

4 She Might Be Illiterate?

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No, no, we're joking! But like we said in our previous post, Margot took to tattoo the Suicide Squad cast and crew as a way to commemorate their experience working together. According to the actress, Margot's first tattoo victim was Jai Courtney's assistant, Simon. When tattooing the infamous "Skwad" on Simon (as the whole cast/crew received) Margot accidentally misspelt "Skwad" and tattooed "Swad" on him. Margot told this story while on Stephen Colbert's talk show with Tina Fey. When Margot is telling the story, Tina Fey comically jokes "that's a good time to be pretty" while Margot explains her mistake. We couldn't agree more, but then again who wouldn't want to be tattooed by Ms. Quinn herself?

3 Her Nickname Is "Maggot"

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Not the friendliest or sweetest of nicknames, but Margot Robbie can still pull it off. "Maggot" actually started as family joke in-between Margot and her three siblings, plus mom. But when Margot went into elementary school the nickname stuck, probably due to the pronunciation issues some have with the name "Margot". No one in Hollywood has seemed to catch on to the name though, we think it might have to do with the actresses daunting looks?

2 Could She Be A Homewrecker?

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We don't think so, but some had their minds set when images of Margot Robbie and Will Smith appeared while they were filming their film Focus. The pair shared they both had "undeniable chemistry" which really added to their characters' in the film. However, while filming during 2014 the pair were caught in quite the controversy when photos of Margot and Will surfaced of the two inside a photo booth. The pair were teasing and playing around even lifting up their shirts for one photo which, in return, caused tabloids to call her a home wrecker. Margot denied the relationship stating: "there's absolutely no truth to the ridiculous rumor. It's disappointing that goofing around on set could be taken so out of context".  The pair are currently starring opposite each other again, this time as super heroes in the summer flick, Suicide Squad.

1 She's A Hockey Fan! 

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Last but not least, Margot is a hockey fan. This seems far-fetched coming from an Australian girl, but the actress fell in love with the sport when coming to America. Back in 2013, Margot was spotted cheering with her boyfriend, Tom Ackerley, at a New York Rangers game. Margot was cheering for New York, of course, even adorning their jersey.

To take her hockey passion to the next level, Margot even joined a team! When asked why Margot chose hockey she stated, "well I always wanted to play ice hockey back in Australia, I’m not sure why, but we didn’t have any ice where I lived. It was very hot, a coastal town. So I played field hockey, but then when I moved to America I was finally able to join a team". Margot still plays when she has off time from filming.

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