15 Forgotten MTV Stars: Where Are They Now?

MTV cycles through shows at an insane rate.  There are so many shows that have been tried and failed on MTV.  I mean, consider some of these awful shows: Jailbait, Doggy Fizzle Televizzle, Clone High,  Say What? Karaoke, Celebrity Deathmatch, and Undressed (what's worse, all of these awful shows are about exactly what you'd assume).  When they take titles this bad and even manage to be successful for multiple seasons, imagine the ones that fail pretty quickly.  MTV has had some pretty terrible shows.

Furthermore, imagine the people that sign up to be leads on these shows thinking they'll climb their way to fame (someone willingly signed up to be a lead on Jailbait. Come on).  Whether their shows were successful or not, MTV fame doesn't equate to true fame.  So many celebrities have come and gone through the MTV limelight.

So let's take a refresher course.  Here are fifteen MTV stars we all forgot about.

14 Ally Hilfiger - Rich Girls

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Rich Girls was a show focused on people that are stupidly wealthy.  The show followed Ally Hilfiger, the daughter of fashion emperor Tommy Hilfiger, and her socialite best friend Jaime Gleicher.  Ally, as could be expected, was a pretty shallow young lady and most of the show was about the idiotic things she said.  The two girls once had a conversation about how selfless they were because they'd consider saving a life over buying a pair of $400 shoes ("I mean, you could just do both").

Ally is still living off her father's name; she went into the fashion industry and created her own brand, NAHM (it crashed after a year).  She's currently writing a book about Lyme Disease (uh, okay?) that we're assuming nobody will ever read.  She's doing decently for herself but, let's face it, she'll never go without because she'll always be a rich girl.

13 Chris Hardwick - Singled Out

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Singled Out was basically a version of The Bachelor that was expeditious in its purpose. Thirty men and women were put together and made quick decisions about whether or not they'd want to be together; it's doubtful that any lasting relationships resulted from this show, but it was sure entertaining to watch. Chris Hardwick hosted the show, which suited his fast-talking and quick wit.

Chris is actually doing pretty amazing today. He hosts a couple of talk shows, all better in quality than Singled Out. You can find him on Talking Dead and on Adult Swim. He also does stand up comedy and voice acting; you'll occasionally hear him in a video game or animated series.

12 Andy Milonakis - The Andy Milonakis Show

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The Andy Milonakis Show was a silly sketch comedy show that began in 2005. Really, what Andy did on the show wasn't all that unique or interesting. He could have his own YouTube channel today (which is where he eventually did take his comedy) and make the same programming; the cinematography was bad, the editing was crap, and the sketch ideas were only so funny.

Ten years later, Andy still somehow looks exactly the same. He hasn't done a whole lot of changing over the years. Nowadays, he raps (um, what?). This really is true though; Gucci Mane and Chief Keef even featured him in songs! He also directs comedy sketches, and tweets about food a lot. Sounds exciting, right?

11 Tom Green - The Tom Green Show

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Tom Green was kind of the precursor to Jackass. He was an idiot that did anything and everything to get a few laughs. Most of his pranks involved vandalizing and terrorizing his parents, who constantly threatened to take legal action but rarely did.

So what is this jerk up to these days? He was briefly married to Drew Barrymore , but she quickly realized her mistake. Nowadays, he's just going around on stand-up comedy tours and he has his own web-based talk show. He's the guy that opens for a much better comedian. Maybe he's doing better than his MTV days, but not by a whole lot.

10 Zac Efron - Room Raiders

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Okay, you didn't really forget about Zac Efron, did you? He's been in plenty of movies lately, like Neighbors, That Awkward Moment, and The Lucky One. He's certainly doing well for himself and his career is in the best shape of his life. But wait, what MTV show was he on?

This is what you forgot. Remember the show Room Raiders? The idea of the show was that the producers would take three women and put them in the back of a van and a single guy would go through their rooms and decide if he wanted to go on a date with them based on the contents of their drawers (a creepy premise, for sure). Zac Efron was on this show, judging women by rummaging through their rooms! He probably doesn't want anyone remembering this one.

9 Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes - The Cut

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The Cut was basically American Idol, but it was all about rap artists.  There are some pretty awesome episodes with female rappers that have disappeared since.  The host, Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes, has gained quite a lot of popularity since the show.

Lisa was a member of TLC for quite a spell (TLC performed such popular songs as No Scrubs, Waterfalls, and Creep). Lisa was the one you heard rapping in all the songs.  She did really well for herself for a while!  Unfortunately, she was forced off the road while driving one night in Honduras.  She was thrown from the car and died instantly.  She was only 30 when she died, and she is remembered fondly by her fans and industry peers.

9. Dave Navarro -  Til Death Do Us Part: Carmen & Dave

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 Til Death Do Us Part: Carmen & Dave was a show all about Dave Navarro and his marriage to Carmen Electra.  The title is kind of hilariously ironic, since the two divorced only four years after marriage.

We all know what Carmen's been up to lately: a few random movies and over-sexed cameos.  But what about Dave?  When Dave married Carmen, he was the lead guitarist of Jane's Addiction.  Nowadays, he's trying out more of an acting career (following in the steps of his ex-wife, perhaps?).   He's currently a judge on the Spike TV show Ink Master, has appeared in four episodes of Sons of Anarchy, and guest starred in an episode of Law and Order: Special Victims Unit as a sound designer.

8 Evan Farmer - 2gether

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2gether was originally a movie that turned into a TV show, and it was really hilarious!  The show spoofed the then popular boy band model, making fun of groups like NSYNC, Backstreet Boys, and New Kids on the Block.

Evan Farmer played heartthrob Jerry O'Keefe, basically the Justin Timberlake of the group.  Where is he now?  He's gone on to greener pastures, believe it or not.  He's authored a book, been in a few big name movies (such as Austin Powers), and hosted a few different reality shows (on A&E and the DIY network, to name a few).  He's also very philanthropic and plays an active role in several charities.  Plus, he's still very attractive.  Not too shabby!

7 Sean Poolman - 8th and Ocean

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8th and Ocean was a 2006 reality show about a group of aspiring models all living in the same house; it was kind of like America's Next Top Model, but both men and women lived together and we got to see the models party it up in the evening.

Sean Poolman was one of the cutest male models on the show.  Wondering what he has been up to since they closed the South Beach mansion down?  Sean still models occasionally, but he's more likely to be seen in bit roles on TV shows.  He's been on some of the most popular shows currently on the air, including Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Castle.

6 Shanna Moakler - Meet the Barkers

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Shanna was on the MTV show Meet the Barkers, which documented the day-to-day lives of Shanna and Travis Barker and their children.  Shanna Moakler was already a bit of a has-been when the show started; she's a former Miss America that was fortunate enough to marry Travis, the drummer of Blink 182.

Similarly to Carmen and Dave's show, Meet the Barkers didn't last too long because Shanna and Travis' marriage didn't last too long.  So what has Shanna been up to?  She's still modeling and acting, when she's given the chance to (though she hasn't been cast in anything since 2014).  She spends most of her time cashing alimony and child support checks.

5 Andy Dick - The Assistant

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The Assistant was a spoof show making fun of The Apprentice (the Donald Trump show about abusing executive assistants until he found one that could handle his BS).  Andy Dick found a bunch of young professionals and put them all in the same house, then tortured them with games and challenges that had nothing to do with the job he was offering them.

So what is Andy Dick up to nowadays?  He's still acting, taking roles here and there when they're offered.  He's in the newly released Netflix series Love and is in three more projects still in production stages.  Yes, he's still around!  He's just accepting much smaller roles these days.

4 Mandy Moore - MTV's Sweetheart

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Maybe we didn't all forget about Mandy Moore (she's been fairly present in the last five years), but you probably forgot that she had her own talk show.  At the peak of her early career, shortly after she was in A Walk to Remember and had a few albums released (remember when she sang, too?), she hosted her own show where she had performers and celebrities come on for interviews.  It was basically MTV's version of Ellen DeGeneres' talk show.

Mandy has been pretty family friendly for the last few years.  She played Rapunzel's voice in Disney's Tangled, plays Sheriff Callie's voice in the Disney show Sheriff Callie's Wild West, and Cassandra in High School USA!

3 Nick Lachey - Newlyweds

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Nick Lachey starred with Jessica Simpson in the show Newlyweds, which documented the romance blossoming between them.  This show is where we got such fascinating quotes as, "chicken of the sea" and "is it chicken, or is it fish?"

Just like every other show on this list about married couples, the show didn't last long and neither did their marriage.  So what's he been up to since?  He runs his own charitable foundation where he does a lot of philanthropic work in Cincinnati, Ohio.  He's still making music and making appearances on the occasional talk show.

2 Ed Lover - Yo! MTV Raps

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Yo! MTV Raps was the first rap-based show on MTV. It was the beginning of a legacy.  Ed Lover hosted the show, where you could see music videos, interviews, and live performances by rap artists.  Occasionally, they'd feature comedians on the show as well.  The show lasted a solid seven years, giving this guy plenty of time to make his mark on the scene.

So where is Ed Lover now?  He's in Atlanta, Georgia, hosting The Ed Lover Show with Monie Love at a radio station.  It's not nearly as good a job as his recent stint on Sirius XM hosting his own show, but he's doing pretty well for a rap professional in his 50s.

1 Ken Marino - The State

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The State was a sketch comedy show where Ken Marino played various roles.  His most iconic role was a character named Louie that would come in to a party and point out various items and things in the room and exclaim, "I want to dip my balls in it!"  Not exactly high brow comedy.

So where has Ken been since MTV dropped this sketch show?  He's been doing a lot better.  He's been in almost every quirky comedy sitcom and movie you've seen in the last five years, including Children's Hospital, Maron, Wet Hot American Summer (as well as the newer Netflix prequel series), and Drunk History.  You can find him up and down the comedy dial.

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