15 Female Superheroes Geeks Secretly Crush On

The world of comic books has always been a male-dominated medium. In the early days of comic books, women were represented as either the victim and damsel in distress, or just there for their looks or romantic links to the male heroes. The last few decades has seen a shift in the appearance of female superheroes as they not only get more coverage and story lines, but they have powers and character depth to match their male counterparts.

With popular TV shows such as Jessica Jones and Supergirl as well as up and coming movies such as Miss Marvel  -not to mention the popularity of Black Widow in the Avengers movie - the female superhero has never been so popular and dare we say, so equal.

With this in mind, the male fan has never had such a wealth of female characters to admire whether you're a hardcore comic book fan or just someone who sits down with their kids on a Saturday morning to watch cartoons, and then finds themselves asking, 'Who's the superhero in the black leotard?' As much as we all know they're fictional characters, we can't help but think of these super powered vixans as sexy.

So here's a list of the 15 sexiest superheroes that we all secretly want to be saved by.


15 Huntress

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The vigilante crime fighter has been a popular character in the Batman universe for sometime. Having had several incarnations; firstly as the child of Batman and Catwoman on Earth two, then she was re-written as an orphaned daughter of a mafia family. In both cases she had vengeance on her mind, sometimes crossing paths with Batman as he doesn't always agree with her willingness to kill.

The character herself may be just another brooding vigilante. However, with her smoking hot body and tight spandex outfits, The Huntress provides some much needed sex appeal for the side of good in the Batman universe.

14 X-23

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Maybe only known to true comic book fans, X-23 has yet to have her screen debut.

As the government experimented on Wolverine under the guise of 'Weapon X,' they soon had enough of his DNA in order to produce a clone. After several failed attempts, they realized that the only way it would work was to clone a female version. X-23 was born.

Raised in captivity and used and manipulated to do the bidding of her employer, X-23 grew up never really knowing the difference between right and wrong. Once she broke free of her captors, and briefly working as a prostitute, X-23 met Wolverine and the rest of the X-Men.

With her dangerous edge and sultry attitude, X-23 is the fantasy of most men.

13 Black Canary

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Often regarded as one of the best hand to hand female fighters in the DC multiverse. Black Canary fights crime using her abilities in all forms of martial arts as well as a super sonic scream that can stop just about anyone.

Being a part of the Justice League, Justice Society and The Birds of Prey; Black Canary has established herself as a serious crime fighter and hero in the DC multiverses.

As well as being a hero, Black Canary is one of the sexiest characters in DC. With her leather outfit and her fishnet stockings. Canary leaves many fans and heroes drooling. Just ask The Green Arrow!

12 Black Cat

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For anyone who only glimpses briefly at comic books, you'll be forgiven for thinking that Black Cat is surely just a Catwoman ripoff. You may have a point. As with many Marvel or DC characters, there are some 'duplicates.'

The daughter of a world famous cat-burglar, Black Cat trained herself in all the skills she needed to follow in her father's footsteps. As with her DC counterpart, both Cats often blur between the lines of good and bad. The Marvel Cat has her claws out for Spider-Man. Often helping the Web-Slinger when he needs it. With her sexy outfit and feline ways, any man would be thinking that sometimes it pays to be the nice guy!

11 Rogue

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A mutant born with the abilities to not only absorb other mutant's powers, but to drain the life and even memories out of ordinary humans.

Born Anne Marie, her mutant powers lay dormant until she grew close to a boy named Cody. When she impulsively kissed him, her desire sparked her latent powers and she 'drained' him, leaving the boy in a coma.

Running away from home, and adapting the name Rogue, she soon found a home with the X-Men. Often coveted by the villains of the Marvel multiverse, Rogue is feisty, sexy and with her killer touch, it makes her dangerous and therefore irresistible to most men.

10 Jean Grey/Dark Phoenix

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Jean Grey is the epitome of good. Helping anyone she can and being the student, and number two, to Professor X. Her psychic powers make her one of the most powerful X-Men and often caught in the middle of a love triangle between Cyclops and Wolverine.

Then comes her alter ego Dark Phoenix. Hell bent on destroying the world and everything that Jean Grey stands for, Phoenix is just plain bad. If she isn't dead, in the movie version at the hands of Wolverine in order to save her, then she can be found doing everything she can to destroy the world.

But the good girl in her is a hero that can turn any man on.

9 Storm

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Born Ororo Munroe in Africa, Storm started down a rocky path until she was saved by Professor X. After her parents were killed in a plane crash, the orphaned Storm moved around until she found a home with a street gang. Quickly becoming a talented pickpocket and thief, she was put to work picking the pockets of tourists. When one of her 'marks' was Charles Xavier, he quickly saved her from her life of crime and she became one of the founding members of the X-Men.

Soon becoming the goddess of the weather, she also showed excellent leadership skills as well as wearing skimpy outfits. Parading around in outfits that may well make a stripper blush, Storm quickly became a desirable superhero and the subject of many fans dreams.

It also helps her character when the gorgeous Halle Berry took on her role in the X-Men movies.

8 Elektra

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When superheroes date other heroes, you know it's going to end in disaster. After all, no hero has a 'happy ever after.' If they did, then what would drive them in their quest to rid the world of crime?

So when Elektra and Daredevil hooked up, we knew it wouldn't end well. As with a lot of his girlfriends, Elektra seemingly died in his arms. But Elektra is one tough woman. After being resurrected, the former bounty hunter traveled the globe several times, kicking butt and wearing the same amount of material as a handkerchief .

With her tough girl persona, skimpy outfits and toned body, Elektra is just damn sexy!

7 Mystique

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Mystique is surely the ultimate fantasy of any comic book fan. Not only does she cross the line between good and evil on almost a daily basis, she also does it in very skimpy outfits or in no outfits at all! Put that together with the fact that she can 'shapeshift' into any female you can imagine, Mystique is a must for any comic book fan's fantasy.

As a young girl, known as Raven, she becomes childhood friends with the young Charles Xavier. Later in life she became drawn to the magnetic personality of Eric 'Magneto.' Ever since, she has been pulled between the side of good and the side of bad. Her psychotic tendencies however, give her an edge and therefore a huge turn on for all the male comic book fans out there.

6 Scarlet Witch

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As with many entries on this list, here's another heroine that borders the line between good and evil. Unlike the others, Scarlet Witch's mental state and traumatic life is often the cause.

Born Wanda Maximoff, the mutant (yes she is a mutant no matter what the movies try to tell us!) has the ability to warp reality and mess with people's minds. Together with her brother Quicksilver, they often flick between being the heroes with the likes of the Avengers, or trying to destroy the world and mutants with their father Magneto.

Whether she's good or bad, Scarlet Witch does it in a flirtatious way and often not wearing very much clothing. These are the reasons that make her a must in the Marvel multiverse. Although we may have competition from her husband The Vision!

5 Batgirl

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Just like Robin, Batgirl has had many incarnations and identities over the years. But one thing has always remained the same; Batgirl is hot! Especially in her outfit.

The most famous incarnation of Batgirl would have to be Barbara Gordon. Skilled in martial arts and hand to hand combat, Batgirl is one tough woman. Even saving the Dark Knight on a few occasions!

Unfortunately, being a crime fighter in Gotham city left Barbara Gordon wheelchair bound. Renaming herself Oracle, she still helps the Batman family with their war on crime.

4 Supergirl

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As the cousin of Superman, Kara Zor-El (AKA Supergirl.) is often depicted as a copy of the Man of Steel. With the same morals and 'nice guy' tendencies as her cousin, some may say that Supergirl is far too nice to be a sex symbol.

But scratch the surface of the character a little and you'll find that Supergirl doesn't just look great, she also has edge, too.

Landing on Earth as a teenager (not a baby like her cousin.), Supergirl had to deal with the loss of her planet and people a lot more. Add that with some serious teenage hormones mixed with her powers, Supergirl isn't as sweet and innocent as you might think. Making her one of the sexiest superheroes around.

3 Black Widow

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One of the world's greatest spies and a master of disguises, Black Widow is the hottest redhead in the Marvel multiverse.

Born Natasha Romanova, the orphaned Black Widow was soon trained in the art of espionage by the Soviet government. After some very questionable (and often unmentioned) missions, Black Widow soon came under SHIELD's radar. Joining up with the Avengers, Black Widow soon became a spy for good.

With a high body count to her name, and rumoured romances with several Marvel characters, including Hawkeye and even Daredevil, Black Widow is one hot hero.

2 Catwoman

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Selina Kyle is the infamous femme fatale that stalks Gotham city's seedy under world. Starting life out as a generic female villain, Catwoman evolved into a much deeper and complex character. Being the focal point for many comic book storylines, as well as in the movies and on TV, Catwoman is the very embodiment of an anti-hero. With her vast criminal record, she's also been known to help Batman out from time to time. This in itself has created one of the greatest romances in comic book history as the Caped Crusader just can't stay away.

With all the spandex and leather bound characters to grace the comic book page, none come close to the feline goddess that is Catwoman. Armed with gymnastic skills and a love for using a whip, Catwoman is one of the most desirable women out there.

1 Wonder Woman

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Number one on our list is the princess of Themyscira herself, Wonder Woman. Since her first creation by American psychologist William Moulton Marston, Wonder Woman has become a feminist icon. Equaling any of her male counterparts, the Amazon goddess has been saving the world since the 1940's.

Growing up on an island that doesn't allow men, Wonder Woman has no problems fending off the unwanted attention of any man she chooses. Although she's also not shy when it comes to showing her affections to people she cares about; with romances that include Superman and Batman, Wonder Woman is the prize that all superheroes want. The fact that she parades around in next to nothing and is a master with her lasso, this only helps her cause as the ultimate crush that all men have.


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