15 Female Bodybuilders Who Are Actually Attractive

When it comes to being a woman and being in shape, how much is too much? I mean, some women don't work out at all and they still manage to look great. Other women go to the gym a lot, or jog and they look awesome too. Then there are the women who work out all the time, and are super toned. They look awesome, but there is still something to be said about a woman that still has some womanly curves, and sometimes when a lady works out too much, they lose that.

Then, of course, we have a whole other group, that being female bodybuilders. Some of these ladies can take it way too far, and don't look all that hot at all. There is a fine line between being in shape and being a chick that looks like she can lift and carry a VW Bug. That's a tough thing to do, sometimes, when you spend all your time working all day to add muscles on top of your muscles. 'Cause we all know how fast that look can go south on both men and women.

Still, though, some of these women pull it off. They look incredibly strong, and also in shape, and still also look ridiculously hot. Just don't argue with them about whose turn it is to do the dishes, or you might wind up in the hospital.

Here are 15 female bodybuilders who are actually attractive, and for those ladies that lift that I did not include, please don't beat me up.

15 Ocean Bloom

via girlswithmuscle.com

Ocean is quite a good example of what I am talking about here. Well muscled? Yes she is. Strong as heck? Yep, she has that covered. Still totally hot? Without a doubt she is. She has appeared in Impact, Oxygen, Status Fitness, Body Talk, Flex, American Curves, Ironman, Musclemag, FAME Fitness and Lifestyle, Natural Bodybuilding Magazine, and Planet Muscle. She also can appear pretty much anywhere I am hanging out, because Ocean is a smoke-show.

14 Brooke Holladay

via ehotbuzz.com

If there was any doubt about what type of chick I was referring to in the introduction of this article, this photo should remove all doubt. Brooke is a woman, she is a body builder, and, oh man, is she hot.  I do not know a whole lot more about her than those two things but is that not enough?  She is very young and in her early 20's so I imagine we all will be hearing a lot more from Brooke as time goes on.

13 Lindsay Kaye

via girlswithmuscle.com

Lindsay is another total hottie who works out with the weights hard. The whole thing seems to pay off for her, as she has a rising career as a fitness model, and for us, because we get to check her out. She has an active following on Facebook in which she shows her many fans photos of her lifting things and making muscles. Trust me, it is a lot hotter than it sounds. Lindsay was in the Air Force and is also a bikini model.

12 Heidi Vuorela

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Heidi is a bit more built than a lot of the other ladies on this list. She is so built that she is bordering right on not being super hot, and although I like ink on chicks, the combination of her tats and her build are almost too much. Still though, she has a gorgeous face, a totally hot body even if it is a bit too built, and if I were to be honest, I am afraid if I don't include her she might track me down and beat me up.

11 Oksana Grishina

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Oksana has an absolutely ridiculous body, fit and toned to the max. There is almost no denying her hotness no matter what criteria that one uses.  She is a former competitive gymnast from Russia, who over time has gotten more into fitness and body building. She now lives in California, where she has been for just over three years and where she has won numerous fitness competitions and is trying to get into some acting.

10 Jennifer Rish

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Jennifer is a great example of a lovely woman that could totally kick your butt. She has a gorgeous face, a lovely smile and arms that could squeeze the life out of you if she felt so inclined. She is a Californian who is a former kick boxer and a gymnast who also works as a nurse. It is too bad that being hot and strong was not a full time job, because if it was she could quit nursing for good.

9 Cory Everson

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Cory is a bit older than the other ladies on this list, and is way more stacked than she needs to be to be considered hot. But still any list of this type just simply has to have Cory on it. She was a groundbreaker in this whole field. Back in the day she confused a lot of guys, all of whom were turned on by Cory, and also felt a bit ashamed of it at the same time.  Cory won the Ms. Olympia bodybuilding contest six years in a row and is a true legend in the field of chicks that are hot and strong.

8 Juliana Malacarne

via bodybuildsters.com

Another perfect example of bodybuilders that are hot is Juliana. Sure when you look at her at first she looks a bit over muscled, and sure she might be a little too big, but then the more you look, the more you like what you see. Juliana is from Brazil, has done a little bit of pro wrestling and a lot of competing in bodybuilding competitions. She moved to the United States in 2007, so our country is now blessed with one more hot bodybuilder.

7 Kizzy Vaines

via girlswithmuscle.com

Oh hey, what was this post about again? I have to admit that I kind of lost track. Oh right, bodybuilders that are totally gorgeous. Well, Kizzy Vaines fits that description perfectly.  I am not sure what kind of name Kizzy is, but I am not going to ask, for one reason because I want Kizzy to like me because she is hot, and also because I am a bit worried that she might get mad at me and give me an airplane spin.

6 Moorea Wolfe

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Moorea is another on this list who is blessed with being totally hot and also in really good shape. Although she probably is not actually blessed- I imagine she works quite hard at it.  What do I know, though? I don't work out at all. According to her Facebook page, she is a Vegas-based professional dancer, acrobat and published alternative model. So there you go - she is hot, a dancer, a bodybuilder, an acrobat, and a model. How perfect is that?

5 Sarah Backman

via .girlswithmuscle.com

Sarah is totally hot, there is no doubt of this. There is also no doubt that she is one badass chick. She was an arm wrestler for quite a while and was an eight time World Arm Wrestling Champion.  She performed on a Swedish version of American Gladiators for a while. She also wrestled for the WWE under the name of Shara, and is married to the WWE Wrestler Bo Dallas.  Sarah is now a real estate broker. I am sure she is quite good at it, as she would either charm you or scare you into making a deal.

4 Erica Cordie

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There is no doubt that Erica is good looking, just as there is no doubt how built and in shape she is. Still, does she deserve a spot this high? Oh yeah, she does, in particular because on her Facebook page she says she owns a doughnut and froyo shop. Are you kidding me?  A chick this hot and that is this in shape that also has access to donuts all the time? Erica just might be the coolest chick in the entire world.

3 Noemi Olah

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Noemi is without a doubt one of the hottest ladies on this list, and also is one of the least enormous. She is mostly a bikini model, as well as a bodybuilder and is a four time "Bikini Olympian." I am not quite sure what that means, and I also am not sure that I want to know. Some things are certainly best left to the imagination and I get the feeling that what I imagine the bikini Olympics are like simply has to be way better than what it really involves.

2 Adriana Kuhl

via adrianakuhl.com

Adriana is pretty much perfect looking, both in beauty, and in physique. All of this makes me curious, just how much do normal women hate women like Adriana anyway? I mean, she is gorgeous, in perfect shape and to top it all off she could lift up pretty much any woman that she wanted to and give them a pile driver. Can you imagine if you were a chick and your boyfriend started flirting with Adriana? I would just let it go and move to another town.

1 Amanda Latona

via confitdent.com

Amanda is a nine-time IFBB Pro Bikini Champion and a six-time cover model featured in Muscle and Fitness, FLEX, and Oxygen magazine. She is not quite as huge as some of these women, but she needs to be on this list, purely because she is so darn hot. And that is sort of what this post is for you to decide. Look through these photos, again and again, and try to figure out how big  and muscled is too big and muscled, or if there really is such a thing.  I'm sure you'll have fun deciding.

Sources: bodybuildingfacebook

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