15 Evil Female Celebs We Still Want To Go Home With

Really rich men and really beautiful women are basically the same. Read closely and it is easy to figure out why.

Rich men tend to be able to make all the rules because they make all the money. Beautiful women can make all the rules because everyone wants to date them. Rich men can usually buy their way out of trouble. Beautiful women can usually flirt their way out of trouble. Rich men often stay rich compared to their peers, even if they take losses. Even as a beautiful woman ages, she is still typically more beautiful than her peers (think of MILFs).

What is interesting is that this does not usually work the other way around. A woman could be super rich, but if people don't find her beautiful, they will still treat her like garbage. If a man is beautiful, girls will still look the other way if his full time job is picking Fritos out of his chest hair.

So, this is kind of the way the world works. The hardest part is that like rich men, beautiful women can get away with nearly anything. In fact, some of the most evil men in the world were also rich. Because rich men tend to employ people and run enterprises, people are not willing to rock the boat with them even if they are doing terrible things. Beautiful women are the same way. Because beautiful women, just like a rich man, are a total prize, they can get away with murder.

For these 15 celebs, the world tends to pan them universally for the awful things they have done. However, if given the chance, half of the world's men would put all that aside just for a roll in the hay with them.  Enjoy the 15 evil celebs we still want to go home with.

15 Kim Kardashian

In 2010, Peyton Manning threw an interception in the Super Bowl right to Tracy Porter, a New Orleans Saints defender. The interception lost the Colts the game and broke the hearts of its fans. The pressure and the talent of the Saints were a little much for Manning on that stage, but fans and the media were relentless. Although Manning is a surefire Hall of Fame quarterback, the fact he threw a pick in such a big game branded him as someone with big game jitters. Despite the fact that 99.99% of the world wouldn't even be able to throw the ball past the line of scrimmage, it was really easy to criticize Manning for one lapse in judgment. His greatness is still the thing of legend.

Kim Kardashian, in so many ways, is just like Peyton Manning. No, she is not a goofy football player from Louisiana. She is a marketing machine, but she has been mocked, ridiculed, and despised with great ferocity for years. A part of the reason she is so disliked because of the lawsuits, divorces, non-disclosure agreements, and general attitude of her and her whole family. The other reason is because most men, if given the chance, would go home with Kim in a New York minute, making lots of people jealous. The problem is that she just overlooks most men because they are way beneath her. Despite her evilness, everyone loves Kim K., but they just are simply not willing to admit it.

14 Kourtney Kardashian

Remember being a kid? Those were the times, right? Those times where you were carefree and happy. No one was busting your hump about getting to work on time or anything like that? Well, the sad part is that not everything was fun. In particular, being friends or siblings with a giant trouble maker was probably the hardest. Even now, most guys have at least one friend that will get them kicked out of a club, beat up by man twice their size, or somehow arrested, hurt, scarred, or burned by something.

Well, this is kind of how Kourtney Kardashian is right now. Calling her evil would be a stretch, but the fact that she is associated with the biggest troublemaker of them all, Kim Kardashian, makes her kind of evil by default. There is nothing she can do about it because being famous and being related to Kim are her jobs. However, this simple fact still makes most people's skin crawl. Regardless, Kourtney is still smoking hot and most people would still take her home.

13 Taylor Swift

Swift does not have the best reputation as a "people-person" in the music industry. Rumors abound that she can be a little selfish, dramatic, and rude to people who work with her. Hell, even half of her songs are about the terrible breakups that she has had with other people inside and outside of the music industry. What kind of gall does a person have to have to write a song that proclaims explicitly that they are "never, ever" going to get back together with a person? Either that guy screwed up royally or maybe she is just a bit off her rocker.

Generally, most guys would do everything they could to stay away from Taylor Swift. She seems a bit high maintenance and perhaps even a little phoney. Combine her extreme fame and riches, nobody can really tell her to change. If someone burns her food at a restaurant she could probably afford to have that person just killed and nobody would say a word about it. She seems like she is bad news and a guy's mom would probably tell him to break up with her right away. But if everyone is being honest, Taylor Swift could easily still get a man's mojo to rise if even looked in his direction. Although she has her problems, people would still want to take her home.

12 Lindsay Lohan

There are two types of train wrecks. The first kind of train wreck is that terrible one that shows up on the news. It is usually some locomotive that is carrying explosives or corrosive materials across state lines and it tips over, spilling all of its dangers onto the road. Then there's the other kind of train wreck. This is the kind of train wreck where the dictionary cannot exactly describe it, but they would have a picture of Lindsay Lohan right next to it.

The booze, the sex, the drugs, and the partying have all taken a major toll on Lindsay Lohan. Throw in the all-too-typical child movie star complex and massive amounts of money, you end up with a person who cannot even get out of their own way. Lindsay Lohan has had legal troubles, boy troubles, and family troubles happen to her all at the same time. She is the kind of train wreck that most guys would say they would not date, but they would be lying. As terrible as the things she has done are, she still has a killer figure and she definitely knows how to have a good time.

11 Katherine Heigl

Most everybody has had a bad job. In every country in the world, there are people who have to shovel manure, clean bathrooms, or handle customer complaints. Sometimes the work can be degrading and if a person has a terrible boss, it makes the work even harder. Other times, the job itself is not so bad because there are co-workers that help make the days easier. They understand the difficult of working for The Man and try to have a little lighthearted fun  in the process.

People can usually suffer through anything until they quit their jobs. After they quit, they usually unleash a barrage of negativity about everything from their supervisor to the color of the carpets. The problem is that in Hollywood, a kind of small town, word gets around fast when an actor bad mouths a job. Katherine Heigl, star of Knocked Up, started talking crazy, awful trash about the movie after its release. Even after her stint on Grey's Anatomy, she had bad things to say about it, too. For all the people who worked hard on those projects, imagine what her statements meant to them. The problem for her is that she has had trouble finding work ever since. Either way, most people would totally forgive it if she wanted to go home with them.

10 Gwyneth Paltrow

Ever have that friend who was just a little bit out of their minds, but it just was not their fault? Perhaps they were from another country, raised on the wrong side of the tracks, or their parents were kind of screwed up, but this guy is hard to take anywhere. For example, if he is a bit of a rough neck and fighting with strangers is totally normal in his neighborhood, taking him out to a local bar is always a challenge because there is a 100% chance he will say something stupid and get into a scuffle. He is not totally to blame, but his friends may hesitate before taking him anywhere.

Gwyneth Paltrow is the female version of that friend. Paltrow has been known to say some incredibly pretentious things that have been published in the media. She has mocked America's culture compared to Europe's, thought rocks were talking to her on a hike, and said that being on set while being a mom is harder than having a regular job and being a mom. Despite some of her slip ups, Paltrow is still super hot and if Tony Stark were real he would try to take her home in the middle of a fight with a super villain.

9 Jennifer Lopez

There are a bunch of names for women approaching 50 that have been divorced multiple times. They are usually called "cougars" or "MILFs" or whatever term that people come up with. These terms help signify to the world that this woman not only has looks that are substantially better than most women her age, it is also a warning sign that she is carrying a bit of baggage with her. With Jennifer Lopez, these terms definitely apply.  The thrice-divorced mother of two has so much baggage that United Airlines is going to charge her extra just for waking up in the morning.

Not only does Jennifer have baggage, her baggage has been so publicly noted that anyone that gets involved with her had better watch out. She has non-disclosure agreements, settlements, and all kinds of legal issues tied up with her other spouses it makes a person wonder what she was thinking when she decided to get married several times. Regardless, imagine if Jennifer Lopez shot you a text message asking to watch some "Netflix and chill?" A cold tingle would go up the spine of any man even though other richer, braver men have been down that road unsuccessfully before.

8 LeAnn Rimes

Trouble just follows some people around. It is like that guy at work who is constantly falling into problems. He gets into a fight with his boss. He gets caught sleeping with one of his employees. The worst would be if he got into a fight with his boss while he was sleeping with one of his employees. Basically, trouble is never behind some folks. LeAnn Rimes, a country music super star, is one of those people.

First are the lawsuits. In true child star fashion, LeAnn sued her business manager and her dad for misappropriating a lot of the money she had made several years earlier.  She has reconciled with her dad, but that has to make for some awkward Thanksgiving dinners. Most notably for Rimes, she and actor Eddie Cibrian both ditched their spouses and starting sleeping together.  The two are married now, but that aforementioned Thanksgiving dinners have to be legendarily awkward.

Of course, this would not stop most normal people from wanting to take LeAnn Rimes home. Despite all of the troubles in which she has involved herself, she is still totally smoking hot. Seems like Cibrian knew what he was doing all along.

7 Nicki Minaj

There are some people who are just "ruiners." This means that no matter where they go, no matter who they are talking to, or what they are doing, they somehow end up just making things more difficult and painful for everyone. Nicki Minaj for sure fits that definition. There is hardly anything Nicki Minaj has said or done that did not make the whole world collectively roll their eyes.

It could be a variety of things that cause this problem. It could be her preoccupation with the size of her butt.  It could be the fact that she talks like a baby. It could be her hyper-sexual music videos and persona that are just kind of a turnoff. It is most likely the constant beef that she has with other established celebrities. Her feud with Mariah Carey and Miley Cyrus suggests that she may not know how to get along with people.

This certainly would not stop most people from taking her home. Most men fantasize about a woman who with a big butt, who wears tight outfits, blonde wigs, and isn't shy so she would be an ideal candidate to take home.

6 Miley Cyrus

The "girl next door" is the kind of woman that most every man dreams about. This is the girl that he knew growing up, next door obviously, who was sweet, innocent, and fun. Although she grew up in the public eye, Miley Cyrus and her team of people at Disney managed to help the world believe that she was a pure as fresh snow and fit that "girl next door" image. Of course, the story is entirely different now.

As an adult, Miley Cyrus has completely acted out in all of the textbook ways. Judging by the content of most her songs, she parties like it is 1999. Also, along with the odd haircuts and alleged heavy drug use, Cyrus is becoming less girl next door and more the girl that your mom warned you about. The icing on the cake was her gyration on the married Robin Thicke at the 2013 Video Music Awards.  The fallout eventually lead to Thicke's divorce. Kind of evil, huh?

However, the girl that mom warned about can sometimes be a lot of fun. By taking Miley home, it is obvious that she will not care if she finds a joint laying around, she might even bring her own.

5 Iggy Azalea

Being a grown-up is tricky. On one hand, people have to "sell out" to a certain degree if they want to actually have anything worth having. Unless they are a trust fund kid, a person may have to sell their time and a bit of their self-respect to work for someone else. Even if they own their own business, they still have to cater to their customers.  On the other hand, a person that doesn't "sell out" is usually crashing on their grandma's couch and begging their brother for money to pay their cell phone bill. Finding the balancing between maintaining self-respect and paying the rent is tough.

For Iggy Azalea, the sell out is heavy and it has attracted a ton of hate from everyone. The fair-skinned woman from Australia has taken the music world by storm, mostly by copying the dancing, hair cuts, and behaviors of Black American hip-hop artists. Among black musicians, this is a huge no-no. Azalea has caught major heat from Snoop Dogg and even the Washington Post about her behavior. Being a little phony comes with a cost.

All of that aside, Azalea is still as hot as a Phoenix summer. From afar, people can complain about what Azalea does, but the line between love and hate is extremely thin.

4 Heidi  Montag

In the movie Mean Girls, one of the women on this list, Lindsay Lohan, plays a socially inept girl who gets caught up into the world of gossip and rumors at her high school. Jealously and pettiness are the social lubricants of the character's world and it exposed the ugly underbelly of how women often treat each other. For Heidi Montag, the former reality show star, she typified the mean girl treatment.

Heidi's persona fit all of the qualities of the "mean girl" and it has been blown up in the public eye. She has taken on the role of an annoying, shrill, back-stabbing, jealous person that most men would stay a million miles away from. Coupled with the plastic surgery, it's a good thing she got married to someone who is willing to put up with it.

The problem is that, like any hot woman, Montag still has the looks to get people to do whatever she wants. Even with a personality that would scare most people away, she can still reel them in with just one look.

3 Ariana Grande

Divas have lasted throughout history. In the entertainment industry, women who require very specific, unusual, and ridiculous requests are absolutely nothing new. Whitney Houston, God rest her soul, was definitely a diva. Mariah Carey, and the crazy demands she has of her staff and on tour, is a diva. Music superstar Ariana Grande is just another in a long line of women who need special attention.

This all stems from the rumors that she prefers to be carried everywhere by her security team. It also does not help that she has made negative comments on how fat Americans are. The worst is when she was found to have randomly licked donuts at a donut shop and was caught on camera doing so. This was before she paid for them.

The problem is that what would get most people a swift kick in the head is totally excusable because Grande is so hot. She has men wishing that she would lick more than donuts and they will give her just about anything to make that happen.

2 Kristen Stewart

There is a good chance that if you are reading this list that you fall into one of two categories with the movie Twilight. You were either a) forced to watch Twilight be a girlfriend or b) secretly love the movie.  If it 's b), don't worry, nobody will tell. It can only be assumed that part of the reason for watching the movie was for Kristen Stewart. Her performance in the series has made her famous worldwide and a household name in just a few short years. From a total nobody, Stewart can now demand a table at any restaurant in America with a simple request.

Stewart has not made a ton of friends in her rise to fame though. She was caught cheating on her co-star, Robert Pattinson, with the married director on a movie she was working on. She is rumored to be bisexual. She hardly smiles. She once even compared being famous to sexual assault. There is no question that she is troubled, a bit crazy, and a bit evil.

The problem is that we would still like to take her home because she is obviously down for whatever. Picture this: someone comes up to Stewart years ago and says, "Hey, we have a movie where you will star as a brooding, odd new girl at a school that is filled with vampires. You will fall in love with one of the vampires. Then you will fall in love with a werewolf. We'll make several of these." Then Stewart looked that person right in the eye and said, "Yes, let's do it." Someone like that has to be fun to take home.

1 Farrah Abraham

As logical as men would like to pretend they are, they are still guided by their most basic, animalistic ideals. When they are looking for a woman, they will often choose very hot women. The reason is because hot women carry good genes. Good genes can be passed down to the next generation. Men also like to choose good girls because someone has to take care of those kids and good girls are more likely to use the pay checks for formula instead of marijuana. If a man is lucky, he will get both.

Farrah Abraham definitely doesn't fit the ideal of a good girl. The current porn actress and former Teen Mom star isn't someone that most men probably wouldn't marry. The fact that she sleeps with other men, on camera, for money is probably too tough to look past; because she is a mom makes it even more troubling, possibly evil. God only knows how much the therapist that treats her kid in the future is going to make from the thousands of hours spent together.

Alternatively, few people can get down like a porn star. She might be able to show you a thing or two in bed and it would always be a good story to tell.

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