15 Celebs With Too Much Junk In The Trunk

We all love a good butt. Really, who doesn't love a good butt?  If we're thinking in terms of evolutionary psychology, a big butt is a sign of a healthy woman that has enough fat to carry a baby for nine months.  If we're thinking in terms of social psychology, a big butt is a sign of a woman that's well fed and has time to hit the gym, automatically giving her higher social status.  If we're thinking in terms of pop psychology, a big butt is a sign that damn, she's hot.

But maybe we've taken this whole "big butt" thing too far.  These booties are getting out of control; some women have irrationally large butts.  Women can (and very often do) have plastic surgery to enlarge their butts.  Bikini bottoms have turned into thongs that are entirely consumed by plump butt cheeks.  These big butts are taking over!

Some butts just have too much butt to handle.  After all, shouldn't the butt just be a complement to the rest of the body?  There's so much butt on some of these women, it almost distracts from the rest of the package!  We think these bums are just a bit overwhelming.  Here's 15 celebrities with too much junk in the trunk.

15 Scarlett Johansson

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Is anyone really surprised that Scarlett Johansson has an amazing butt? She plays a super hero, after all! She works out every day for hours to keep her body in amazing shape! Imagine all the squats and lunges and stair climbs she’s doing. She’s got a booty that won’t quit.

We’ve all had moments while watching The Avengers movies where Black Widow turns around and, suddenly, our eyes are glued to her butt. We didn’t mean to look at her butt, we weren’t trying to, but it happened anyway. Do you know why? Because her butt is so big it takes up half the screen. And that costume just helps her butt look even wider! She’s got an amazing butt, but it’s definitely distracted audiences from her movies a few times.

14 Rihanna

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Speaking of the "Can't Remember to Forget You" music video, Rihanna was the featured guest artist in Shakira's song and... well, damn. There are a few clips of Rihanna and Shakira caressing each other on a settee and smoking a thick cigar together. It's pretty damn sexy. Any song could be playing behind that music video and it would remain one of the sexiest any of us had seen in a long time.

Rihanna knows she's got serious sex appeal, and a lot of it is due to her booty. With a fairly average chest, her biggest advantage on her competition (other than her awesome, chart-topping music) is her butt!

13 Sofia Vergara

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12 Fergie

Fergie is 40 years old, but her body apparently doesn’t know that; she’s got an amazing figure that looks like it belongs to a 30-year-old.  Especially that rump.  Better yet, she wears expensive and tailored clothes that show off all of her best assets.  It's no wonder Josh Duhamel scooped her up.

Fergie looks good for her age, but she knows it and she definitely lets it go to her head.  Remember that song she released ten years ago, "My Humps?"  Who could forget that bit of narcissism?  A hot body loses some of its appeal when it's made the subject of lewd lyrics.

11 Shakira

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If you've got a chance, watch her music video to "Can't Remember to Forget You," you'll get to see exactly what she's got to show off.  Shakira has been a Colombian sex symbol since she hit the scene with "Wherever, Whenever," and she's been getting hotter ever since.  This music video alone will leave you speechless and asking for more.  Unfortunately for Shakira, no one cares about her song nearly as much as they care about her dance moves in that dress.  She may not be getting a platinum record for her song, but she's getting plenty of YouTube plays for her music video.  Who cares about the music when she's got a body like that?

10 Coco

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Though she's not a typical celebrity, she's definitely worth mentioning for her enormous assets.  The wife of Ice-TCoco now sells her own exercise videos (advertising that they'll produce body proportions like her own, though no one's convinced) that follow a very atypical exercise regime, including the classic move 'twerking in heels.'  She definitely does all that she can to keep her exaggerated hourglass figure, whether that includes ridiculous amounts of plastic surgery or intense dieting/exercise is unclear.  All that is clear is that she wants to be a real life Jessica Rabbit.

9 Iggy Azalea

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Iggy Azalea's butt almost takes up more surface area on her body than any other limb.  Her butt is likely to have its own gravitational pull.  If she turns around too quickly, that thing could knock someone over.  If you ever watch one of Iggy's music videos, you'll notice that she doesn't actually do a lot: she simply moves her hips slowly from side to side, causing so many wiggles and jiggles that nothing more is necessary.

Really, her butt is just preposterous.  It's beyond distracting, it's stupefying!  Every image of her looks like it's photoshopped.  How is it possible that her butt is that big?  Whether it's bizarre genetics or ridiculous plastic surgery, her butt is inconceivable.

8 Christina Aguilera

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7 Beyonce

Beyonce is the best of the best for so many reasons, we all know that.  Her superior booty is just another reason to love her.  She's had her booty working in her favor since she first hit the scene with Destiny's Child (remember?  Her body's too booty-licious for ya.  Babe.).

Her superior body mixed with her sexy songs and dance moves is enough to get anyone riled up.  Her queenly booty can be a bit overwhelming in her music videos and performances.  Do yourself a favor and play it in slow motion. That ought to fix any problems you're having.

6 Serena Williams

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It's Serena's job to work out constantly and stay in amazing shape, so is it any surprise that she has such an amazing butt?  Seriously!  There's a reason Serena wears tennis skirts at all of her matches; if she were wearing tight yoga pants, no one would pay attention to the tennis match!

Serena is the younger Williams sister, only 34-years-old.  She's still at the top of her tennis game and she's not planning on retiring any time soon (though she's financially able to).  You know what that means?  That means that booty is not going anywhere; that booty is here to stay.

5 Amber Rose

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Amber Rose doesn't know the meaning of the word shame.  She's got an absolutely amazing body.  She's packing so much junk in her trunk, she might as well show it off.

Amber Rose has been rising to fame fairly quickly over the last few years.  She is a model, actress, and fashion designer that had rough beginnings and is doing all that she can to overcome those hard times.  Now, she's one of the hottest babes in Hollywood and has definitely made her mark.  Seriously, look at those proportions!  If she let her hair grow out, she'd look like a life-sized Barbie.

4 Kim Kardashian

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Yes, she's absolutely obnoxious.  Yes, people talk about her infinitely more than they need to.  Yes, her ego is much bigger than her butt...  Still, her butt is enormous and unbelievable.  Then again, most of Kim's life is pretty flabbergasting.  She's married to Kanye West, she named one of her kids North and the other Saint, and she has her own reality television show that follows her life as she does... nothing of importance.

The main reason Kim is famous is because of a sex tape she made when she was younger.  And what's so great about a sex tape?  Well, her butt is pretty enormous, so it was quite a sight to see.  Seriously, her butt takes up most of the frame.

3 Khloe Kardashian

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And again, another Kardashian that is famous for doing nothing.  However, Khloe's got to be a touch more admirable because she didn't rely on making a sex tape to get famous; instead, she just rode her father's and her sister's coattails to fame.  Khloe got a lot of flack for a long time for being overweight and for being less attractive than her sister, but the tables have turned and Khloe is rising to fame, mostly for how she maintained that donk when she lost her weight.  Unlike her sister, she doesn't need to have a sex tape or photo shoot to show off her assets - she just woke up like this!

2 Jennifer Lopez

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Jennifer Lopez has been working that booty since she first hit the scene in the '90s.  Unlike most other celebrities in this list, J. Lo has never had problems with yo-yo dieting; she was born with a great booty and she has maintained that great booty.  Even at 46-years-old!

Recently, she teamed up with Iggy Azalea to release a song precisely about this topic: Booty.  That's the whole song.  It's about butts.  Only butts.  So, clearly these two women were the perfect women for the job.  There's nothing quite like a couple of gorgeous women teaming up to show off their assets together.

1 Nicki Minaj

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A picture is worth a thousand words, right?  Well then, this picture is worth a few thousand. Though she's denied it, Nicki has obviously had a ton of plastic surgery; if you google "Before and after Nicki," she's practically unrecognizable.  But can you blame the woman?  To have a body like that, millions of women would take a chance under the knife.

Clearly Nicki's not shy about showing off her assets.  If you have not yet seen the "Anaconda" music video, it's worth taking a gander at.  Nicki's butt stars in the leading role.

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