15 Celebs Who You Didn't Know Had Strange Body Parts

Most of the time when people think celebrities, they automatically think of perfection. A lot of people think about their perfect bodies, hairstyles, and flawless public appearance, and to be honest can you blame us for these thoughts? Hollywood and the mainstream media are constantly perpetuating an image of what perfection is that makes a lot of people feel insecure or unworthy of happiness. But when the cameras aren't rolling, the lights off, and everybody goes home, even some of your favorite celebs suffer from the same issues that we as average citizens face. For instance, one in thirty-three children are born with a physical deformity, think about it... that's a lot. And we're not saying that us normal people are walking around dragging a single leg, with an enlarged eyeball hanging out of our eye sockets, but how many of those children do you think grew up to pursue entertainment and have successful careers? A lot more than you would think. Take a look at some of Hollywood's most prosperous and beautiful celebrities that just so happen to have some rather strange body parts/deformities.

15 Karolina Kurkova

14 Mila Kunis

13 Kesha

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12 Megan Fox

11 Gemma Arterton

This gorgeous face belongs to none other than Gemma Arterton, and most of you guys should recognize the English actress from the 2008 James Bond: Quantum of Solace, and the more recent Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time film. Gemma hasn't had the most lengthy Hollywood career compared to some of the others on this list, but boy is she well deserving to be here. Can you imagine going in for a slow peck on Gemma's hand only to count out six fingers, and quickly look to her other hand only to count out six more fingers?! Well, fortunately for you this nightmare will never come true but it is a fact that at one point the English actress did have twelve fingers. Gemma was born with a condition known as polydactyly, it's a rare deformation that allows fetuses to grow extra fingers while in the womb. Unfortunately, we will never have the chance to marvel at the beautiful actress' extra appendages because as a baby she had them removed by tying them, cutting off the circulation, and watching the fingers simply fall off. Call us weird if you want, but the thought of Gemma Arterton's extra fingers kinda turns us on...

10 Ashton Kutcher

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9 Joaquin Phoenix

Many of us love Joaquin for his convincing acting skills, but do you guys know the actor is a film producer and music artist too? Not only has he been nominated for several Academy Awards, he's also a winner of a Golden Globe, and even has a Grammy of his own. From what it looks like it appears that Joaquin was born with a microform cleft lip, that in most cases takes corrective cleft palate surgery to fix. But according to the actor, he was born with the scar and refuses the idea that he has cleft lip that only brings up further questions on our behalf. Usually, people with cleft lips have problems with their speech and senses, let's just say Joaquin was lucky enough to escape those struggles. Clef lip or not, it hasn't stopped him from having a prosperous career or his luck with the ladies on that part. The guy was amazing in Gladiator by the way...

8 Denzel Washington

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7 Andy Garcia

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If you need anyone wacked or to do your dirty work in Hollywood, we would definitely recommend who we would like to think of as our very own bad ass uncle, Andy Garica. From his performance in The Godfather III to his work in the Ocean's Eleven series, Andy is definitely the epitome of smooth. One thing that's not so smooth about the actor, and what probably makes him the strangest on this list is that he was born with a conjoined twin attached to his shoulder. Yeah, sort of like the nurse in South Park who has her conjoined twin attached to her cheek but not as gross. Andy had his softball-sized sibling removed from his shoulder at a very young age and has no recollection of even having a twin. All Andy has left to commemorate his late sibling is the scar that rests atop of his shoulder.

6 Elizabeth Taylor

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5 Daryl Hannah

Ok, so at first glance some of you youngsters may not know about the greatness that is Daryl Hannah, but in the 80s you couldn't keep her off the silver screen, from the blockbuster movie Blade Runner to Steel Magnolias Daryl Hannah was one of Hollywood's elite. Don't get us wrong, Daryl has done some work you might know of by Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill series, in which she played a one-eyed assassin, but in reality instead of missing an eye she's actually missing part of an index finger. While speaking with South Africa's Sunday Times, Daryl revealed that she got her finger stuck in the pulley of her grandmother's well and was forced to have it amputated. Ugh. She also claimed that shooting during films she might use a prosthetic but claims she doesn't really need it... and we agree! We hope to see her and all eleven and a half of her fingers on the screen in the near future.  

4 Gerard Butler

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This might be the funniest entry on the list due to the unknowing victim Gerard Butler. Then again with this guy's acting chops, we're pretty sure he's not stressing about the fact that he found out about his strange physical deformity a little over a decade ago back in 2003; doesn't bother him. Especially since he'd been living with it for nearly his entire lifetime. As a child, Gerard suffered from a bad case of tinnitus that almost resulted in him losing his ability to hear. Doctors were forced to perform a surgical procedure in order to save his hearing but unfortunately the procedure left him with asymmetrical ears. While prepping for the movie Tomb Raider, Gerard was forced to shave his head for the role, and discovered how much his left ear stuck out. During production, he was forced to glue the ear back just so it wouldn't be so much of a distraction.

3 Jennifer Garner

Unfortunately, Jennifer Garner's film debut was in 2001's Dude Where's My Car? Fortunately for her, it didn't stop her Hollywood career from blossoming into the greatness that it is today. For the most part, Jennifer is one of the hottest brunettes on screen, she's got the hot jaw line we know it's weird to say but seriously look at it, mesmerizing eyes, and perfect figure. What more could you want out of an A-list starlet? Unfortunately, the powers that be forgot to equally distribute some of her gorgeousness into her feet, because these bad boys look rough... Jennifer suffers from a semi-common disease known as brachymetatarsia. It's a condition where one of the bones in the foot, most of the time the pinky toe, is shorter than the rest of the bones in the foot causing the toe to overlap it's neighboring toe. Jennifer's feet may look funny, but it wouldn't stop us from delivering one of the greatest foot massages of all time.

2 Seal

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If you haven't scream-sung 'Kiss From A Rose' during your regular commute to or from work you haven't lived, and luckily we have Seal to thank for writing a piece of musical literature that will go down as one of the best songs of a generation. Seal's been a pillar in the music industry since the early 90s and somehow has remained relevant to this very day. To those that know about the condition scientifically known as discoid lupus erythematosus, or lupus for short know that the disease can destroy you from the inside out to the point that your skin is visibly and permanently scarred. This is the exact case for Seal's cheeks and nose bridge. It's an awkward conversation piece and he's probably used to and tired of explaining his condition but we're sure he's not mad... After all the guy did bag Heidi Klum and even though things went sour in their relationship, lupus still isn't stopping him from dating model and singer Erica Parker. If you're battling lupus or know someone who is, continue to stay strong and supportive, it's what Seal would want!

1 Harry Styles


This one's for all of the teeny boppers out there. You're One Direction boy band member, Harry Styles, is a freak... and not in a good way you little pervs. You know how most people are born with two hands, two eyes, two ears, two nipples, two of everything right? Harry Styles has a condition known as supernumerary nipples and was born with a total of four. That's right kiddies your man crush Monday has a body reminiscent to that of a cow, complete with four udders. He's very open about his extra nipples and had this to say to Star magazine about his strange condition, "I've got four nipples, I must have been a twin, but the other one went away and left it's nipples behind." Even though the guy's got extra nipples we definitely wouldn't want him around our girlfriends, with or without his shirt on.

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