15 Celebs Who Look Ridiculously Hot With Glasses

We all have our ultimate intimate fantasy. Some of us imagine cheerleaders or a french maid. Maybe you have a bit of a police officer fetish. One of the tried and true fantasies though, is the teacher or librarian - and inevitably, they nearly always wear glasses.

Of course the high school movie stereotype about the ugly chick suddenly taking off her glasses unveiling a supermodel is super cliche and unrealistic, but deep down, we kinda want to hope it's true. We're not sure exactly why, but the idea of a shy hot girl hiding behind a pair of glasses really gets us going. It's a cute accessory that seems to point to a girl who doesn't have too much of an ego. The idea of the hot chick who doesn't know she's hot is maybe getting a little told, and we don't mean to suggest that girls who wear glasses don't know they have it going on, but in the fantasy land of desire, it still plays a bit of a role.

Honestly, considering how many people in our day to day life wear glasses it's a bit strange that more celebrities don't sport them more often. It's the kind of thing that makes them seem more relatable, and in some cases, the right frames can even enhance someone's look. This is just a short list of choices but we'd love to hear yours!

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15 Selena Gomez

via www.m-magazine.com

14 Anne Hathaway

via www.theodysseyonline.com

Sure, we're not alone in sometimes loving to hate Anne Hathaway, but in the real world she is more than just a little cute. While in many ways she fits the bill of movie star goddess with her perfect porcelain skin, cheekbones and dentist-approved smile, there's no denying that Anne has always been a bit goofy. We don't mean that in a disparaging way at all because if anything, it makes her more likable. She channels that "it" factor that endeared people to Julia Roberts and honestly, is just a bit prettier than the original Pretty Woman. Glasses kinda bring Anne all the way down to earth, it's as if her superhero mask makes her seem more relatable than dislikable. With glasses, she seems a bit more down to earth, the kind of girl who is clearly out of your league but somehow you feel comfortable approaching to ask for a date. We love how hers are kinda fun, because we personally like Anne's goofier persona.

13 Amanda Peet

via www.popsugar.co.uk

Oh Amanda Peet, one of our very first crushes. Ever since we can remember, Amanda Peet was always just there - waiting for her big break and never quite making it. She's always seemed like that super hot and in charge chick who is for sure smarter than you are, and maybe stronger, too. Glasses just amplify her brunette super powers and make us yearn for sexy dates at the museum followed by a night of wild, ahem, intimacy. Not only does Amanda Peet wearing glasses play up her smart girl fantasy, but they also bring attention to her incredibly blue eyes. For all of Peet's amazing "talents", above all else it's easy to imagine getting lost for minutes, hours, days, weeks, years, in those beautiful baby blues. Honestly, we haven't really seen anyone with quite that shade before, and her glasses are like little picture frames for her.

12 Demi Lovato

via www.m-magazine.com

11 Lupita Nyong'o

via www.latina.com

In many ways larger than life, glasses bring a kind of humility to Lupita that makes us think she'd literally be the perfect girl to take home to the folks. What is it about glasses that makes us want to settle down? Maybe it's because as much as getting together with the hottest chick possible doesn't really make up for a girl who can be super hot and also be a lot of fun to hang out with, too. We've loved Lupita since her amazing performance in 12 Years a Slave and the ensuing press tour which revealed her as poised, beautiful and all kinds of adorable. Since she appeared in Star Wars (though as a computer animated character), she has geek cred for life.

10 Ariana Grande

via www.ew.com

9 Karlie Kloss

via www.celebuzz.com

8 Jenny McCarthy

via www.celebritysunglasseswatcher.com

You know what they say about crazy, right? Jenny McCarthy is all kinds of nuts, the good and the bad. Completely unhinged in interviews, she's also a vocal anti-vaxxer, which normally would be an instant mood killer... but, she's got something going on. This look in particular with those deceptively conservative glasses is exactly the kind of sartorial choice to throw any man off balance. Clearly, Jenny is a bit whacked out but the glasses make us think she might not be that bad. This kind of hot is the kind that gets you in serious trouble and might very well be the kind to ruin you forever. If in teen movies glasses are the go-to costume design choice to disguise ridiculous, sexiness does the same apply to crazy?

7 Emmy Rossum

via collections.yandex.ru

6 Megan Fox

via wallup.com

Doesn't seem quite fair to put Megan Fox on this list, she'd look good in a brown paper bag or covered in snail slime (random yes, but we know you just imagined it and are a little more turned on than you'd care to admit). Fox actually does wear glasses, and we do think she looks quite good on her. One of the great beauties of her time, Megan Fox has that sexy snarl down to an art form, so don't think we're bashing it, but it can also come across as a bit too harsh sometimes. Glasses really soften Megan Fox's look and make her seem a little more attainable in a world where we know we'll never have a shot with her. It also helps to remind us that for whatever reason, old stereotypes die hard, and brunettes and glasses come together naturally to form the ultimate school girl look. It's just a damn shame that Jennifer's Body wasn't a better film, or we'd absolutely have a perfect Megan Fox glasses fantasy going.

5 Lucy Hale

via seventeen.com

You might not know Lucy Hale unless your girlfriend has forced you to watch Pretty Little Liars, but it's about time you become acquainted with the singer/actress because she's our newest crush. This southern girl is ridiculously cute and setting the bar high for all brunettes to follow. With a perfect mix of sweet and sultry, glasses bring together the whole look and we gotta say we're almost jealous of how freaking great she looks here. While she is twenty-seven years old she looks quite a bit younger than her age suggests, and we are really hoping she eventually breaks away from the teen television racket and progresses to some more mature roles for purely selfish reasons.

4 Christina Hendricks

via reddit.com

3 Rashida Jones

via cloudpix.co

Ann Perkins! In many ways, Rashida Jones has come to embody the ultimate brunette fantasy. On Parks and Rec she played off her blonde best friend played by Amy Poehler who was larger than life, as Ann Perkins she was always a little quiet and shy, often hiding behind a pair of glasses. That did little to hide how absolutely stunning Rashida is, if anything the glasses bring attention to her adorable freckle-speckled nose. While Rashida mostly does great comedy where she is more than happy to be the butt-end of the joke, in the real world we all know she'd be more or less the hottest woman in any room. We love her unique blend of comedy and hotness, and that she never seems to push herself to exploit her beauty or sexiness for extra attention.

2 Rihanna

via laineygossip.com

1 Eva Mendes

via fooyoh.com

If we had to build the perfect woman from scratch, she might look like Eva Mendes and for good measure, in our version, she'd be wearing glasses. It is so unsurprising that the only man handsome enough for this 11/10 bombshell is Ryan Gosling, who we hope treats her very well. One of the greatest female presences of all time, we love how Eva perfectly balances smoldering sexiness with a kind of "aw shucks" adorableness. Like a contemporary Sophia Loren, she seems to have absolutely won the genetic lottery and for some reason, adding glasses to the mix only amplifies all her greatest attributes. Transcending any kind of stereotype like librarian or school teacher, Eva Mendes proves that glasses are just sexy... no outlandish fantasy required.

Sources: Buzzfeed, Ranker

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