15 Celebs Who Completely Humiliated Themselves In Public

It takes a lot of guts to get up on stage and perform in front of thousands of people. Not only are you putting yourself out there but you’re dancing, singing and entertaining a crowd that can either cheer or laugh at you at any given moment.

What can embarrass a celebrity? Just about anything, from falling, wardrobe malfunctions, or getting in trouble with the law and well, just about anything “human-like”. With the amount of heat they get on any matter, it’s a wonder that they don’t dig a hole in the sand and stick their heads in it.

Celebrities might have an abundant cash flow and a fancy attire but unfortunately for them those key factors do not omit them from getting embarrassed every once in a while. And you can be sure, that when they do, it will somehow have been caught on camera.

15 Fergie

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We all remember Fergie as the female vocalist of the Black Eyed Peas who eventually turned solo and pursued her dreams in fashion, acting and song writing. Unfortunately for Fergie, we also all remember her from an incident that occurred in 2005 while she was performing with her group Black Eyes Peas. The group had arrived late to their concert and amongst all the rushing around Fergie didn't get the opportunity to use the lady’s room. During their song “Let’s get it started” Fergie’s bladder took the group's advice and started to urinate all over her pants. Throughout what Fergie calls “the most unattractive moment of my life” she managed to keep her cool and proved to us later on with her hit song “Big Girls Don’t Cry” that big girls really don’t cry, they just pee their pants.

14 Sofia Vergara

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The 2012 Emmy Awards caused quite a ruckus for the beautiful Sofia Vergara. It seems her designer dress was a little too tight, and her derriere fought for its freedom and came out victorious. Twenty minutes before Modern Family won the Outstanding Comedy Award for the third year in a row, Vergara’s wardrobe malfunction sent her flying backstage to fix the problem with the help of her wardrobe team. This embarrassing moment however, did not phase Vergara one bit, in fact she even tweeted the picture of her peeping buttocks for the entire world to see.

13 Jennifer Lawrence

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Jennifer Lawrence is an American actress who never stops amusing her fans. Not only is she talented and beautiful but she seems down to earth and quick on her feet. Arguably Lawrence is a little too quick on her feet and she clearly demonstrated this when she won Best Actress in 2013 and tripped up the stairs while on her way to accept the award. It takes a special person to fall up the stairs, and in fact Lawrence is special. She is one of the only actresses to fall at almost every red carpet event and continue to walk with her head held high; maybe she should keep one eye on the ground but whatever she’s doing seems to be working out quite well.

12 Regis Philbin

Regis Philbin is no TV amateur; he is an American actor who is most known for his media personality. Philbin has been in show business since the 1960s and has always managed to keep his smile on and his professionalism in check... except for that one time, when he farted on live TV. On that unforgettable day Philbin let one slip mid sentence while hosting his show with co-star Kelly Ripa. Ripa seems to keep her cool on the matter but cannot help but laugh out loud, and can you blame her?

11 Katy Perry

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In 2008 Katy Perry performed her hit song "I Kissed a Girl" for the MTV Latin American Awards. Perry must have thought that jumping into a gigantic pink frosted cake seemed like a good idea at the time, but when it came time for her to get out of the cake, she became it's hostage. Perry fell flat on her face when she finally wrestled free, and then another several times before she was carried off stage, the cake tripping her on her way out. Even though this was extremely embarrassing for the singer, she managed to keep a smile on her face while being carried away.

10 Tara Reid

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For those of you who don’t remember who Tara Reid is, she’s the blonde actress who mistakenly slipped her entire left boob out of her dress while posing for a picture on the red carpet. How might one do that you might ask? Well it’s as simple as forgetting your keys at home or misplacing your earrings; well at least it is for Tara. How Reid managed that one is beyond me, but at a red carpet event with camera’s flashing too! Talk about embarrassing.

9 50 Cent

During the Spring of 2014, 50 Cent embarrassed himself in front of the whole Mets Stadium and its fans, oh yeah, and on TV. What has already been dubbed "the world's worst pitch" has only embarrassed one man, who could not wait to pitch for the Mets. Fiddy's dream was ripped away from him when his hand released the baseball and almost hit the camera crew. It's one thing to suck at baseball, and an entire different thing to do horribly in front of your idols and their fans. Ouch Fiddy, that one's got to burn.

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8 Justin Bieber

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In 2012, 18 year old Justin Bieber shocked his audience in Glendale, Arizona and he did this by not only puking once, but twice. Bieber’s first night of his world tour did not go as planned, he certainly did not wake up that morning thinking “I’m going to vomit mid performance in front of a sea of fans”, but Bieber was a sport about it, later blaming milk for his spontaneous outbursts, apologizing to his fans and carrying on with the show.

7 Beyonce

Beyonce is more than a person; she is the embodiment of beauty, talent and success, a person that has lived most of her life on stage performing like she was born to do. Throughout her entire career Beyonce has remained classy in any outfit no matter how revealing or outrageous and has continued to bring spirit and dedication to her fans. It cannot be argued that Beyonce is The Queen, but even queens can face embarrassing moments; it is their choice on whether to dwell on them or pick themselves up from the floor. And I think we can all agree that when Queen B falls down, she bounces back up in a heartbeat, which she has proven to us over and over again. All in all Beyonce has fallen 9 times, but her biggest tumble was during the Beyonce Experience Tour where she fell down 12 steps. She was lucky not to get hurt but wow, how embarrassing.

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6 Christina Aguilera

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Christina Aguilera is a survivor; she survived what is known to be the most embarrassing moment for any woman. When Aguilera was given the honor of singing at Etta James’ funeral she did not expect for her beautiful performance to get washed away, but once again Aunt Flow decided to steal the spotlight and have a performance of her own.

5 Zac Efron

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You can call it embarrassing or you can call it hilarious but at least Zac Efron is playing it safe. In 2012 the upcoming Disney star made quite the entrance at The Lorax premiere in Hollywood when he approached a fan on the red carpet and dropped a condom out of his pocket. Efron sheepishly retrieved it and grinned walking away and covering his eyes with sunglasses to no doubt hide the look of terror that was surely taking over.

4 Britney Spears

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It’s a wonder that Brittany Spears can still get embarrassed; after all she did live most of her life being watched by her fans and scrutinized. Spears even went as far as having her mental breakdown closely followed and broadcast by the media. So one might ask themselves, is there anything Spears could do to humiliate herself any further? The answer is yes, there’s always more you can do. During a performance in Las Vegas at Planet Hollywood, Spears hair extensions flung out from her scalp and shocked the audience. Nothing like a surprise weave attack to make your cheeks sting red!

3 Madonna

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Not everything goes as planned in show biz, and after the 2015 Brit awards, Madonna can surely vouch for that. When it comes to intensely organised performances, Madonna is no newbie. It is no wonder that the 59 year old singer is still performing at sold out shows today. She is the superhero of fame at this point, which is why she felt compelled to wear a cape during the Brit Awards, a cape that was supposed to be easily ripped off by a fellow dancer while she performed “Living for Love”. Instead her cape stayed latched onto her during the number and Madonna soared off the stage like a flying squirrel. Well, not too embarrassing right? Squirrels are cute at least.

2 Reese Witherspoon

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We all know one side of Reese Witherspoon, the side she’s always shown to her fans, a side that is nothing short but sweet. But we also all know it can only take a couple glasses of wine to turn a sweet person vicious. In 2014, while promoting her movie Wild in Atlanta, Witherspoon and her husband were stopped and arrested by police officers for driving under the influence. Witherspoon allegedly could be heard screaming “You’re about to find out who I am” loudly and embarrassingly while resisting arrest, showing off her vicious side to the world. Witherspoon later apologized for her actions stating how “embarrassed” she was.

1 Ashlee Simpson

Whatever happened to Jessica Simpson's little sister? It would appear that the embarrassment she faced in 2004 on Saturday Night Live was enough to make her turn into a hermit. Ashlee Simpson started off fiercely trying to escape her sister’s shadow, only to find comfort in the dark after she was caught lip syncing on stage. It would appear the youngest Simpson singer forgot which song she would be miming out and exposed herself as a musical fraud in the midst. But let’s not be too hard on Ashley; a lot of artists lip synch. What they don’t all do is get caught, freeze up and then dance the hoedown.


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