15 Celebrity Siblings That HATE Each Other In Real Life

There’s no bond stronger than brotherly and sisterly love, especially between twins who have grown up closely together. On the other hand, it can also turn into an unmatched kind of hatred. When two people – or more – hit the spotlight together as siblings, the pressures of celebrity life can hit their relationship hard.

Rivalry is one thing – just look at tennis stars Venus and Serena Williams, who maintain a fierce rivalry on the court but are still close sisters off it. But when siblings don’t get on, the glare of the spotlight can transform it into a legendary hatred that surpasses far beyond what it might have in ordinary situations. When a brother or sister has the money and clout to fly to the other side of the world to avoid you, or hire the best lawyer out there to get revenge on you, it’s obvious that things will escalate quickly.

These 15 sets of siblings may in some cases appear to get on if you look at the surface. Some of them even go to great lengths to keep their true feelings under wraps. But don’t be fooled – underneath it all, they hate each other with a burning passion.

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15 Olivia de Havilland and Joan Fontaine

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These two sisters fought for over 40 years, and it was all down to ambition. It started in 1942, when both of them were up for Best Actress at the Academy Awards. Joan was the winner, and Olivia was furious. She refused to congratulate Joan, and although she won the award herself five years later, they still did not reconcile. In 1975, Olivia even failed to contact Joan to inform her that her mother had died. She excused her actions by saying that she thought Joan would be too busy to care. These two sisters never managed to get back to a loving bond.

14 Ann Landers and Abigail van Buren

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Pauline and Esther Friedman were twin sisters, and each had an equal talent for dispensing advice. Pauline took up writing as Abigail van Buren, with an advice column called Dear Abby. When it was successful, Esther became Ann Landers and started her own column to compete. The feud between them was bitter and lengthy, as the girls who had worn matching clothing and dated the same boys became women who fought over just about anything. They even disputed which of them was the better violin player – and of course, their reader numbers were the ultimate way to judge who was winning.

13 Liam and Noel Gallagher

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Being part of a hugely successful band is apparently not enough to keep a pair of brothers together when they just don’t get along. With violent feuds over women and the direction of the band, they were known to get into fistfights regularly while still performing in Oasis. It played havoc with their reliability, both for touring and for writing new music. Eventually Liam broke up the band, and Noel retaliated by suing him for doing so. Once something like that has come between you it’s hard to go back. Both still have a few choice words to say about the other whenever they are asked in interviews.

12 Eric and Julia Roberts

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11 Beyoncé and Solange Knowles

It’s tough when your big sister is famous and you’re not. It’s also tough when your little sister tries to cash in on your fame and make a career in the same industry. This no doubt drove a wedge between Beyoncé and Solange, particularly as the younger of the two tried to make her own way as a singer. We’re still to hear any explanation about the elevator video that went viral, with Solange beating up Jay-Z as her sister looked on silently. It doesn’t seem like there is any love lost between these two, no matter how much they try to cover it up.

10 Dakota and Elle Fanning

Here’s another example of what happens when one sister is famous before the other. Dakota and Elle clearly both had talents in acting, and Dakota made it as a very young child star. She was well-known around the world and had her pick of movies – before Elle came along and started to pick up serious roles. Dakota was reportedly seething about the fact that her sister got the roles she couldn’t, and pretended publicly that acting wasn’t her main priority. The two have now split coasts to avoid each other, with Dakota sticking to New York and Elle living in LA.

9 Caleb and Nathan Followill

Kings of Leon hit the big time all of a sudden with "Sex on Fire," but before that, they were embroiled in troubles that almost prevented them from ever writing the song. While recording their second album, brothers Caleb and Nathan Followill got into a fight which has now gone down in music history. A year later, Caleb started ranting incoherently on stage in Texas, angry with his brother, before walking off stage and refusing to finish the show. They took a couple of sabbaticals and finally both brothers had their own children, which helped them to mellow a little. This is one live volcano which could go off again at any time, however.

8 Madonna and Christopher Ciccone

7 Kim and Kyle Richards

6 Jeremy and Jason London

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They might be twins, but that doesn’t mean they like one another. Jeremy found fame in Dazed and Confused, while Jason stuck to TV, with titles like Party of Five and 7th Heaven. Jeremy got addicted to drugs and into all kinds of trouble, and Jason sided with his mother when she called him out. Jeremy got a restraining order against them, and opened a rift which went deep and wide. While they claim to be doing better now, Jeremy is still getting into trouble, and Jason is nowhere to be seen every time his twin makes the headlines.

5 Michael and Jermaine Jackson


Rumour has it that Michael never wanted Jermaine to be successful. It’s a barely concealed truth that he deliberately squashed Jermaine’s career in its early days, ensuring that he would be the Jackson brother going on to win all of the fame and fortune. Jermaine hit back at one point with a song called "Word to the Badd," a diss track about his brother’s entitlement. They were unable to fully reconcile before Michael passed away, as it seems that the pain of having his dream crushed was too much for Jermaine to forgive. When you compare their careers and earnings, it’s hard to blame him.

4 Rob and Kim Kardashian


3 The Jonas Brothers

They were supposed to be the wholesome, feel-good family band, but the Jonas Brothers seem to have been something very different behind the scenes. They ended up calling off their tour in 2013 just two days before it was set to open, and subsequently dissolved the band. They were unable to get along behind the scenes, arguing about every aspect of their career from their musical direction to the look of their videos. In 2015, Kevin Jonas admitted that there was “terrible friction” between the brothers and that it was no longer possible for them to work together. He suggested that they have now reconciled, although this may be only because they have gone in different directions.

2 Emilio Estevez and Charlie Sheen

1 Ray and Dave Davies

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How do we know that Ray and Dave Davies, brothers who both played in the Kinks, hated each other? Well, there’s that one time that they had an argument over a french fry and Ray stabbed Dave in the chest with a fork. There are plenty of anecdotes about how very much they did not get on, but this is perhaps the most convincing. They performed together for over 30 years despite despising one another, and even continued to battle one another in public after the band stopped playing. Their final album, Phobia, included a track called "Hatred: A Duet" about their feelings for one another.

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