15 Celebrities Who Should Pose For Playboy

The end of an era will come next March as Playboy does away with nude images. It’s a startling move but the rise of the Internet has made it easier to access those images, robbing the magazine of what was always the key element to set it apart. Over the decades, many a famous actress or singer has doffed it all for the magazine to provide some fantastic images to enjoy. While they do have great stories and interviews, the pictorials are always what made Playboy what it was and to lose that is a big blow.

Before that time comes, there are still some ways for the magazine to make those last few issues notable. There are slews of celebrities out there would be perfect for the high-quality layouts only this magazine can provide and they might accept the honor of being one of the last Playboy nudes. Here are 15 notable famous women who should do the magazine before it’s too late and make Playboy more memorable.

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15 Kourtney Kardashian

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Why should Kim have all the fun? Kourtney has shown herself to be quite the hottie as well, blossoming on the red carpet and on the various TV shows. It makes sense to follow in big sis’s footsteps with a Playboy spread to show she has her own great curves and more than hot enough on her own terms. It’d be a good way to get out from under Kim’s shadow more and let Kourtney enjoy her own fandom and how hot she can be.

14 Danica Patrick

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The NASCAR star is intense on the track but has shown an ability to get sexy with the Go Daddy ads and some magazine spreads. Her looks are more famous than her racing so a nude shoot isn’t out of the realm of possibility, show off her moves and how she’s more than capable of being her own woman. Patrick has curves better than any race track and a Playboy spread can prove she’s hotter than any car engine.

13 Any of the Pretty Little Liars

via pretty-little-liars.wikia.com

A spread with ALL of them would be a dream come true but even if they divide it up, it’s still a great mix. Lucy Hale, Torian Bellisario, Ashley Benson and Shay Mitchell have made the ABC Family series one of the biggest hits out there with wild plots while putting up with some sexy outfits. Benson has been spotted topless on beaches but the rest of the gals are just as hot and sexy (especially Mitchell and Hale) and getting any of them in a nude spread would be great. To have any of the four in the pages of Playboy would be a stunner and that’s no lie.

12 Padma Lakshmi

via usmagazine.com

The chef, author and Food Network host has been a popular face for some time thanks to her stunning looks and amazing body. Like all women from India, she has an exotic look that enthralls you and while she dresses up on her shows, she’s been spotted at beaches rocking a bikini like a supermodel. A spread would be stylish and alluring as the woman herself and be a truly tasty treat for male readers.

11 Demi Lovato

via celebmafia.com

It seems unlikely but Lovato did doff it in a recent spread in Vanity Fair that included shots of her rear end so it’s possible. The singer/actress has become quite comfortable with herself and open regarding her personal issues of the past and becoming a spokeswoman for young women to be themselves. A spread in Playboy would show off more of the strength that makes Lovato a standout and prove herself proud of that body (which she should be) while giving a bit more attention to herself as performer and star.

10 Grace Park

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She got her big break doing some hot scenes on Battlestar Galactica but Park is better known today as a cop on Hawaii Five-O. She naturally shows off a lot in a bikini but a full spread would be pretty interesting to see for many a fan and give the show more of a boost in attention. Park truly is a knockout and a layout in Hef’s mag would be a great highlight for fans of her show to show that stunning body off in waves.

9 Elizabeth Gillies

via meatgrinder.co

The former Nickeloden star is picking her career up nicely on the FX comedy Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll, which showcases her stunning singing voice as well as her hot looks. With a goth-like style, she has an ample chest and rear that can both be put on good display in a layout and help her get more of a career boost. She’d hardly be the first child star to show off as she gets older and her smoldering looks can lead to a very hot shoot.

8 Maggie Q

via kingoftheflatscreen.com

The Asian-American beauty has been a standout for her role on the hit show Nikita and continues to work well. Lithe and gorgeous, she’s shown herself very flexible with a mane of dark hair and a spread could get her more attention for a new series. A true lethal beauty, Maggie Q’s spread would be a great one for fans of her show and proving her kicking ass in more ways than one.

7 Christina Hendricks

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The actress has been a favorite on TV for some time and best known for her role of Joan on Mad Men. Her lush red hair and vivacious curves are highlighted by that amazing bosom which strains just about every dress she wears. To see that on full display would be magnificent and a reminder by Hendricks of how you don’t have to be the ultra skinny blonde type to win guys over big time.

6 Anna Kournikova

via meltedbrain.com

Let’s be honest, she’s always been more famous for her looks than her tennis game. The Russian beauty has retired from the game due to injury but keeps up appearances in various magazines and still looks in top form. Moving to a nude shoot seems natural for her, to prove she has some skills and the fame to go with it and prove herself aces with plenty of readers.

5 Tyra Banks

via famefacts.com

Many a Sports Illustrated model has done Playboy as well and Banks seems a good choice to continue that trend. She still keeps in great shape from her talk show and hosting the now ended America’s Next Top Model and can provide a rare but long overdue touch of color to most of the major cover stars. While she gets shots as a real diva, Banks still has her fans and showing off in Playboy is just the thing to remind you how she got famous in the first place.

4 Eliza Dushku

via trendviral.in

Since her breakout role on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dushku has gotten lots of attention for her sultry looks, starring in shows like Tru Calling and Dollhouse as well as movies like Bring it On. Her sultry smile is instantly hot as hell and she loves to show off that terrific flexible body and she’s done a few sexy shoots in other magazines. She might be open for a nude spread to show she still has it and remind fans of her various shows why Eliza is so damn watchable.

3 Stacy Kiebler

via wallconvert.com

The former WWE diva has gotten some pretty decent acting jobs over the years as well as fame for her relationship with George Clooney. When you see her, your eyes are drawn to those amazing 42-inch legs but the rest of her body isn’t bad either. She wouldn’t be the first Diva to doff it all for Playboy and showing off more than just those legs can be a nice boost for her to gain more attention as she deserves.

2 Jennifer Love Hewitt

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Since her breakout in Party of Five, Hewitt has been a standout actress on TV and the occasional movie. She’s continued to work with the drama The Client List showing her body off amazingly well and even a recent stint on Criminal Minds reminding you how sexy she is. A spread would be terrific with those fantastic breasts finally on full display, showing that even after two kids, Hewitt has a sexy as hell body that will make any fan of her ‘90s heyday happy.

1 Britney Spears

via apnatimepass.com

She’s had her ups and downs in both career and body but there’s something about Britney that remains so remarkable. She can surprise you with her hotness still, a great singer and performer who’s not above poking fun at herself as well. While she’s had a few kids, Britney is still incredibly hot, keeping in shape for her recent Vegas stint and is sure to bring her sexiness to the pages of Hef’s mag to enhance her already shiny reputation as a true sexpot.

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