15 Celebrities Who Look Like Popular Cartoon Characters

When following celebrity culture it sometimes feels as if you are peering into a different world. The celebrity world is filled with wild characters, crazy storylines, humour, likeable personalities and of course a number of villains which we all love to hate. This world can feel so wacky and different from our own, that it sometimes feels much more like we are watching a cartoon with extreme characters such as Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Homer Simpson, Peter Griffin, Fred Flintstone and a number of our other favourite animated personalities.

The similarities do not stop here either; you will even find that many celebrities that we see on television or read about also bare a striking resemblance to many of these cartoon characters. It could be a wild hairstyle that they share, distinguishing features, facial expressions, body shape, the way they talk and move and sometimes even the whole package. Due to the nature of cartoons, these celebrities may not be pleased with being compared to one of these wacky characters. It could also be argued that the cartoon character may not be impressed with the comparison too, as in some cases it may be the celebrity who is the more outlandish of the two.

Hollywood and the cartoon world have a huge amount in common, including both being filled with number of extreme characters that never cease to shock, amaze and entertain. Shared resemblance or identical twins living in two different worlds? Here are 15 celebrities that look like popular cartoon characters.

15 Larry King & Professor Farnsworth

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“Good news, everyone!” Legendary TV host Larry King’s long lost twin has been found, and it is none other than Futurama’s Professor Farnsworth. If you were to shave King’s hair off, give him slightly thicker glasses and put him in a lab coat and slippers then you would not be able to tell the difference. Interestingly enough, Larry King has stated that he wishes to be cryogenically frozen, which is exactly how Futurama’s protagonist Fry makes it to the future to meet Professor Farnsworth (who is also his nephew).

14 Amanda Seyfried & Rapunzel

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Popular actress Amanda Seyfried is famous for films such as Mean Girls, Jennifer’s Body, Letters to Juliet and Red Riding Hood, and you may as well add Tangled to the list as she looks identical to the main character, Rapunzel. They both share long blond hair and a similar complexion, but it is the eyes that make this comparison stand out. They both have large, striking green eyes which are the first thing that you notice. The two may share similar hair colour and have very similar facial features, but fortunately for Seyfried she does not have hair that is 70 feet long nor is she locked away in a tower (although I haven’t seen her appear in anything recently).

13 David Luiz & Sideshow Bob

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The hair is the obvious similarity that these two share, and with hair this striking it makes it easy to compare the footballer and calculating criminal from Springfield. Luiz is even called Sideshow Bob by his teammates and the fans due to their resemblance, but if you dig a little deeper you will find a few more similarities between the two. Sideshow Bob is one of Springfield’s villains, and David Luiz was very much the villain on his return to play Chelsea, his former team, recently by scoring a crucial goal which helped to dump Chelsea out of the Champions League. Sideshow Bob also has a reputation for his comical failures, and it has to be said that, at times, Luiz’s defending can be rather amusing and not completely successful.

12 Nikolaj Coster-Waldau & Prince Charming from Shrek

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Danish actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau is best known for portraying Jaime Lannister on Game of Thrones, and he also looks exactly like Prince Charming from Shrek. The comparison is easy to see as they are both often seen in armour or a tunic, and they are also often seen wielding swords. They both also have wavy blonde hair with a middle parting, and their facial structure is alarmingly similar. You would think that it is a good thing to be compared to Prince Charming, but the character from Shrek is extremely narcissistic, arrogant, evil and power hungry. Sounds like a Lannister to me…

11 Martin Scorsese & Carl Fredricksen

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Legendary film director Martin Scorsese turns actors into characters for a living, but he himself has seemingly been turned into a fictional character. Scorsese and Carl Fredricksen from Up share a likeness in their appearance, but the two personalities are quite different although both likeable. They both have short hair which is a bright white, and the other most notable similarity is their thick black rimmed glasses. They both also have a square jaw, thick eyebrows and will most usually be seen in a suit. Like Carl Fredricksen, you wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of Scorsese.

10 Quentin Tarantino & Quagmire

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9 Gary Busey & Hades

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8 Brian Cranston & Ned Flanders

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It is difficult to imagine Bryan Cranston’s Walter White character saying things like “hi-diddly-ho neighbour-inhos!” and “Okily Dokily”, but the resemblance between this character and Ned Flanders is striking, well to begin with anyway. Both have similar thick, brown hair to go along with spectacles and of course a well groomed moustache, or cookie duster, as Flanders would call it.

Walter White starts off as a friendly and well mannered character, but he soon sheds his Ned Flanders look and persona for one slightly more intimidating. Like many of us, Walter White could learn a thing or two from Springfield’s friendliest citizen.

7 Linda Hunt & Edna Mode

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There are a number of rumours surrounding the development of Edna Mode, the costume designer from The Incredibles, and you get the impression that NCIS: Los AngelesLinda Hunt must have been an inspiration. Linda Hunt plays Henrietta Lange on the show, but she has also appeared in films such as The Years of Living Dangerously, The Bostonians, Silverado, If Looks Could Kill, Stranger than Fiction and dozens more. Hunt stands just 4’9, has jet black hair with a fringe, round, black rimmed glasses and she often wears all black. This description also perfectly fits Edna Mode, and if only Linda Hunt called everyone “dahling” it would be a perfect match.

6 Paul Giamatti & Homer Simpson

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Although not particularly flattering, I think that Paul Giamatti can take great pride in being compared to Homer Simpson. Homer is, after all, probably the most popular and funniest cartoon character of all time and he is a personality that most of us can identify with in some respects.  They have the same oval shaped head, a lack of hair and what really makes this comparison stand out is Giamatti’s round goatee which is exactly like Homer’s everlasting 5 o’clock shadow. All Giamatti needs now is a can of Duff in one hand, a doughnut in the other and to live next door to Bryan Cranston.

5 Weird Al & Tarzan

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The king of weird and funny music could also be the king of the jungle, as “Weird Al” Yankovic looks an awful lot like Disney’s Tarzan. The long brown hair is the most obvious similarity, but the more you look at the two side by side the more it seems that Tarzan is simply Weird Al in cartoon form. They both have an angled, prominent jaw line, large eyes, the bridge of their nose is very long and straight and their brow is also identical. Fortunately the similarities stop there, as I’m not sure too many people would want to see Weird Al in a loincloth.

4 Michael Moore & Peter Griffin

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Personality wise you won’t find too many similarities between Michael Moore, an award winning documentary filmmaker and liberal political activist, and Peter Griffin, Family Guy’s idiotic and flatulent protagonist. The two do share a likeness however, and this is through their chubby face, their hair and glasses. It does not stop here however, you will also notice that they both have exactly the same smile, and when you see a photo of Michael Moore smiling like this you can almost hear Peter Griffin’s famous laugh. They are both lovable characters and have the ability to entertain us, but Moore may not be best pleased with the comparison.

3 Katy Perry & Snow White

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“Lips red as the rose. Hair as black as ebony. Skin as white as snow.” This is how The Magic Mirror describes Snow White in the Disney film, but it could easily be applied to pop sensation Katy Perry. They share these features and the likeness is so remarkable that you can certainly see Perry playing the role one day. There is a Disney like quality to Katy Perry, and this could be down to the fact that her audience is mainly comprised of young girls. They are both very feminine, but Snow White is a quiet and shy character whilst we all know how Katy Perry is an extremely confident person, and she will often perform in revealing outfits and with sexually suggestive routines which are not so child friendly.

2 Rico Rodriguez & Russell from Up

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You can’t help but smile anytime you see Modern Family’s Rico Rodriguez, who plays Manny Delgado,  or Russell from Up, as they both always seem to be happy and they have a youthful innocence about them. It just so happens that the popular young actor and the loud and energetic Wilderness Explorer are also the spitting image of one another. They both have a similar build, the same hair colour and a similar style, and they also both share an infectious smile that shows their teeth. I wonder if Rico knows Martin Scorsese…

1 Carrot Top & Lion-o

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This is an easy one and these two could well have been separated at birth. Comedian and actor Scott Thompson, or Carrot Top as he as best known, and Lion-O from Thundercats both have long, thick, fiery red hair which is the most obvious comparison, but they are also very muscular and have a similar facial structure. Carrot Top is also usually seen wearing a tank top not too dissimilar to his cartoon counterpart (fortunately he does not opt for Lion-O’s revealing leotard), making you wonder if he looks up to Lion-O as some kind of style icon.

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