15 Celebrities Who Absolutely Love Wearing Tight Jeans

In 2003, the artist Ginuwine recording a song called “In Those Jeans.” Just stop and think about the power of this for a second. There is a whole song dedicated to Ginuwine’s thoughts on women in jeans. The song is not about global warming. It is not about people starving in Africa. It is not about the conflict in Syria. It is not about anything of any real substance. It is about a woman in a nice, tight pair of jeans.

Just by wearing a pair of pants, a woman in the right pair of jeans can get a man to sing about how she is wearing the right pair of jeans. In the right pair of a jeans, a woman can virtually melt the minds of men. It is almost like a tight pair of jeans are as much of a superpower as Spider-Man’s ability to sling webs or Superman’s ability to fly. In that same vein, if DC and Marvel really want to solidify their financial future, they should create a comic book character called “Painted On Jeans,” or something like that, as a hero in their universe. Her only power would be just strapping on a pair of jeans and walking outside. Whatever conflict a villain is brewing will leave him vulnerable and stupefied, weakening his defenses.

The power of a tight pair of jeans is also well known by celebrities as well. When most celebrities walk outside, they know that cameras are going to be clicking and the right pair of jeans will help those light bulbs flash, spreading their power the world over. Enjoy the 15 celebrities who love tight jeans.

15 Nicki Minaj

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There are more than a few things interesting about Nicki Minaj. First, it is how she has unabashedly and undoubtedly controlled every aspect of her own image. A New York Times article actually followed her around for a little bit and found that, unlike many stars, Minaj is in charge of what is said about her, when it is said about her, how she dresses, and how she behaves. This is not very common in the music industry at all. Just look at Pink when she first burst onto the scene. The rumor is that super-producer, L.A. Reid, had her change her image from the kind of motorcycle riding chick she is now to a more hip-hop one. The kind of power Minaj has is rare.

The other interesting thing is that Minaj has a gigantic butt that she ruthlessly and continually flaunts to the world. At just barely over five-feet tall, Minaj has a backside the size of someone twice her height. This combination makes her a perfect fit whenever she decides to wear tight jeans.

14 Sofia Vergara

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Just last week, Sofia Vergara celebrated her 44th birthday. That deserves some repeating. On July 10, 2015, Vergara is officially nearing the age where most women just completely give up trying to look good for anyone. Instead, Vergara is still able to slip herself into a pair of tight jeans and shake her money maker just a bit for the camera.

Currently, Vergara plays a main role on the show Modern Family that airs on ABC. Vergara’s character, Gloria Pritchett, is a Colombian-born woman who marries into a kinda-rich white family on the show. The problem is that she is almost 20 years younger than her husband, Jay, and it takes a while for the family to realize that she likes the old coot and is not after his money.

In real life, Vergara is married to a cinder block of a man, Joe Manganiello, who stars in movies like Magic Mike and had a recurring role on the show True Blood.

13 Karrueche Tran

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So many articles on celebrity websites discuss the most famous celebrities. Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift, Nicki Minaj, and Rihanna are just a few of the celebrities that show up on nearly every list that is pumped out. The reason for this is obvious though. Their star power, looks, and talent basically elevate them above nearly everyone else. It also may be difficult to believe, but the Kardashians are still a major draw and are including on these lists for a reason.

But every once in awhile, a new, interesting face makes an appearance in the media. So, without further ado, the new hottie on the block is Karrueche Tran. Tran, who is of Jamaican and Vietnamese descent, is an up and coming celebrity in the fashion world. She has been known to date Chris Brown, host television shows, and has appeared on a number of magazines. She also loves really tight jeans. The jeans seem to also love her.

12 Rihanna

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Rihanna has an appearance like few celebrities in the music industry. Yes, of course, her voice is sensuous and soulful. She has a range that only a few other singers could only hope for. She can dance and she can even act. In fact, she was one of the lead characters in the movie Home where she befriends a small, weird, purple alien whose kind plan to take over the world. However, some of Rihanna’s best features are those people can see with the naked eye.

It is no wonder that Rihanna, one of the most successful recording artists of this era, loves to wear tight jeans. In this photo it is obvious that the paparazzi taking the pic was interested in one of her best assets. Understanding that the photographer needs pictures to take as Rihanna needs her picture taken to maintain her superiority in the entertainment industry, she definitely makes sure that the cameraman gets her “good” side.

11 Hayden Panettiere

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“Save the cheerleader, save the world” was the motto for several years on NBC’s hit drama Heroes. The whole premise of the show was around people who possessed extraordinary capabilities beyond human imagination. One of the main characters was Claire Bennett, a southern girl who had the power to heal better than a lizard whose tail was cut off. She was also a cheerleader at her local high school who was tougher than a majority of the football players she would ever encounter. Who played the cheerleader? Hayden Panettiere.

Since the show was cancelled, Panettiere has gone on to star in other productions, including the hit show Nashville, where she played a majorly disturbed southern belle who just wanted a bit of moonshine and a man to love her. The show spent several years helping her try to get both the moonshine and the man, but probably realized early on that doing so was insulting both to Southerners and to women.  As such, they changed course and helped the character focus on her career. Even though the show was moved from ABC to CMT (Country Music Television), Panettiere’s love of tight jeans will keep viewers tuned in.

10 Megan Fox

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Megan Fox appears on a lot of lists throughout the internet. Most of those lists include usually the main words “hottest,” “sexiest,” “best,” “most amazing,” and so on. There is a presumption that Megan Fox is one of the most beautiful women in the world and part of that reason may be because of how she can pull of wearing tight jeans.

What is most interesting about Fox is that not everyone thinks she is such a hottie. The website, OKCupid.com, famous for the research it did into what people thought about dating, beauty, sex, and race relations among single people, did some digging. What they found is that people like Kristen Bell were often rated consistently higher than someone like Megan Fox who people either thought was amazing or just downright hideous. It is really strange that just one person can cause such a stir just by their appearance. But after looking at her in tight jeans, it becomes a little bit more clear.

9 Maria Menounos

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On the surface, Maria Menounos appears as a lot of celebrities do. It is obvious that she is smoking hot and the fact that she ended up high on this list is proof of this fact. But so what? A lot of celebrities are smoking hot. In fact, most non-celebrities are smoking hot depending on what someone is into. Also, Maria is a television show host and a part-time actress, much like so many other people on this list as well. In fact, it could be argued that her acting resume is much smaller than that of Jennifer Lopez or Jennifer Love Hewitt.

However, one word separates Menounos her from the rest of the pack: wrestling. In 2016, Menounos appeared on the WWE Network's show Swerved with the Lunatic Fringe Dean Ambrose.  Maria had helped a trivia contest and in true Ambrose fashion he decided to go ballistic on her. Unshaken, Menounos still managed to keep her composure. So many of the other celebrities on this list would not be nearly tough enough to deal with the kinds of wrestlers the WWE has and hold her ground. She also co-hosted the WWE Hall of Fame for the WWE Network as well. So, in addition to being smoking hot, she is tough as nails too.

8 Kylie Jenner

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To be clear, Kylie Jenner is an adult now. The former teen reality show star has essentially been off limits because talking about her in a pair of jeans before she could even vote is just creepy. It is also probably every kind of illegal to go along with it. Now that she is grown, discussing how she fits into a pair of jeans, at least to a reasonable degree, is fair game.

Now that she is nearing 19, Kylie is popping up all over the internet in expensive pairs of jeans. Having learned from her older sisters on how to catch the eye of photographers by just wearing certain items of clothes, Kylie is learning the way of branding herself smartly. For now, she knows that if she just walks out of the house, people are going to stare and take photos. Now that she’s old enough, she knows that if she straps on a pair of jeans that curve her figure just right, she can maintain the popularity she so enjoys.

7 Kimberly Garner

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Americans catch a ton of heat for basically creating the monster that are reality shows. There is probably good reason for that though. The United States have produced some of the most troubling reality television for worldwide consumption, turning regular people into overnight sensations. The most obvious example of this is the Kardashian-Jenner clan wherein anybody associated with them immediately becomes more famous because of their show Keeping Up With the Kardashians. The model of following around 20-something year old socialites with a camera and capturing drama on film is something that has turned into television gold.

But never fear, the British are not far behind in this trend and have their own version of Kim Kardashian across the Atlantic. Her name is Kimberly Garner. Garner stars in a show called Made in Chelsea wherein, surprise, camera crews follow around 20-something year old socialites in England as they jet set across the world, likely eating big chunks of gold right in front of poor people.

One of the reasons Garner is so popular is that she comes from good stock. Her family is a part of a very rich real estate development group in England. The other reason is because she rocks a pair of jeans like no one else.

6 Jennifer Lopez

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For anyone over 40, it is difficult for them to compete with younger people in a lot of things in the appearance department. After a certain age, everything begins to droop a bit more. Hair becomes a little more gray. Bellies become a little bigger. For moms like J-Lo, they may tend to gravitate toward the horrible “mom jeans” that essentially take away from any hint that a woman has a figure of any kind. Except for areas of love, money, experience, family, employment, or housing, middle aged people have tough competition. In the entertainment industry, that competition gets even more fierce.

But for Jennifer Lopez herself, her love of tight jeans is a place where she can compete with anybody, even the 19-year-olds on this list. Understanding there is a fortune to be made by flaunting some of her best physical features, Jenny from the Block is not shy about stepping out in her finest gear.

5 Jennifer Love Hewitt

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Jennifer Love Hewitt is the celebrity that all millennials remember very, very well. Just like so many before her, Jennifer Love Hewitt stole the hearts of millions of young people with her looks and her talent throughout the 1990s.

Two blockbuster movies catapulted her into super stardom nearly 20 years ago. She starred in the series of movies called I Know What You Did Last Summer where her and several other extremely irresponsible jerks ruined their lives right after high school. The other film was Can’t Hardly Wait where she is the love interest of a guy who is nowhere in her league, but he still wants her anyway.

Even though the 1990s seemed like so long ago, Jennifer Love Hewitt has worked hard to be able to stay in a tight pair of jeans. The mother of two children is getting into her late 30s with ease, still continuing to turn heads with the same assets that stole hearts years ago.

4 Selena Gomez

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The Walt Disney Company is a behemoth like none other. The company has enormous amount of power not only in the United States, but across the world. For going on nearly 100 years, the Walt Disney family of companies have managed to permeate every aspect of people’s lives. In fact, the computer used to type up this list is probably somehow owned in part by Disney too.

With the kind of success Disney has, it is able to find entertainment gems that may have otherwise been forgotten. One of those gems is Selena Gomez. The child star, along with people like Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato, have managed to take what Disney gave them and parlay it into an adult career that is the envy of so many of their peers. Selena has turned a few big acting gigs into a music and television career that will set her up for life.

Now released from Disney’s desire to have her be a cute pop star, Gomez is taking the world by storm by suiting up in some jeans fitting for a 20-something.

3 Hilary Duff

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Is there anything much better than a divorced mom who is back out on the prowl? Well, “on the prowl” may be a bit of a stretch considering all Hilary Duff has to do in order to get a man is snap her fingers in the air when she is wearing jeans like these. Regardless, divorce is doing her well and there is a strong possibility her husband, former NHL star Mike Comrie, is regretting their recent divorce.

The most interesting part about Duff is that she has not fallen the way of many child stars that her age. There are no sex tapes of her (at least none the media knows about). She has not been caught snorting cocaine off a dancer in Las Vegas. She has never even been seen with so much as a cigarette in her hands. As the likely only well adjusted child star, Hilary can strut her stuff confidently down the street.

2 Bella Thorne

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Bella Thorne is another former Disney star who is making it into adulthood the right way and with the right pair of jeans to go along with it. Thorne, who has had a number of starring roles in television and film, is only beginning to build on what is to become a very long and illustrious career. The multi-talented singer and actor is taking to adulthood extremely well, shedding off any childish version that Disney made of her years ago. Thorne is insistent that people look at her and treat her like a grown up.

Like most women her age, Bella has no problem getting herself into a tight pair of jeans. She is very lucky in the sense that many actors that are much older than her are constantly worrying about how to fight age. At only 19, Bella is a fresh face, ready to take the world by storm with her long legs, long hair, massive talent, and tight jeans.

1 Kelly Brook

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It has been really difficult to prove that Kelly Brook is an actual person. To clarify, it is very difficult to find someone who looks as good in a pair of jeans as her that was not created by a bunch of nerds in their mom’s basement with a computer. There is a strong probability that she is just an algorithm of the best physical features of a woman that was turned into a hologram. Maybe she is just one giant Google Labs experiment where they want to see if they can make what happened in The Matrix real.

Kelly Brook, 36, is making heads turn in a pair of jeans. The kind of confidence she exudes has helped her career tremendously too. She has appeared two different times on FHM Magazine’s “100 Hottest Women.” Most people are not even one of the 100 hottest people in their county, forget the world. For Kelly Brook though, this is not a problem.

To be named one of FHM magazine’s 100 hottest women on several occasions, there must be something special about Kelly Brook.

Sources: NYTimes.com, OKCupid.com, BleuMagazine.com

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