15 Celebrities That Smashed Social Media Records

The thing is everybody's doing it. Social media, that is. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. And the new kid on the block, Snapchat, is coming on strong. Of the big three, Facebook can probably be said to be the "tamest". Increasingly, celebrities (mostly hot young female ones) compete to see how many raunchy pictures they can post to their Twitter and Instagram accounts. And, trust us, they push the rules as far as they can. And who has the most followers, attracts the most Likes, garners the most re-Tweets and gets the most comments, matters big time to these people. And it's not just an ego thing. Celebrities earn big bucks from companies yearning to get a mention in their posts. But where does it all end? Are we entering the "we're so overloaded with naked pictures" universe? Some fans are likely going: "what?! ANOTHER naked shot of Kim in the mirror? Another bare breasted snap of Miley and her "Free the Nipple" campaign?". What can possibly come next? We don't want to know. So, let's look at the records; sometimes official and sometimes not, these keen and eager and sometimes hot young things have broken. Here are 15 records set by celebrities.

15 Most Followed Family


Guess who? The Kardashians. On Instagram alone, the girls have a combined total of around 300 million followers. They are all on most social media sites. Which begs the question: how do they do anything else other than post? Kim probably leads the pack, but young Kylie Jenner is hot on her trail, breaking Snapchat records. It's a generational thing with 35-year old Kim pulling in the 20 and 30-somethings, while Kylie at 18, is the darling of the high school and college crowd. And cougar momager Kris Jenner, has a wide range of followers, from older women envious of her lifestyle to young men hoping they can get lucky. Love 'em or hate 'em, they attract attention and the fans.

14 Most Money Earned From Social Media


It's not just bragging rights. A big following on social media can translate into money. Big money. Did you realize that when Selena Gomez posts a sexy picture of herself drinking a Coke with lyrics from one of her songs emblazoned across it, she can earn around $500,000? One of those Coke pictures became the most Liked picture ever on Instagram. And Kendall Jenner can earn over $100,000 for gushing over Sugar Bear Hair Vitamins in her posts. Sugarscape.com reckons the top earners are Selena, Kendall, Kylie Jenner, Rihanna and Beyonce Knowles. Think about it. Selena G. has at least 200 million followers across social media. It's like an ad to the world and a loyal world at that. And, other than Rihanna who totally does her own thing, the girls are, in current social media terms, not associated with a lot of raunchy posts. Lots of followers and "relatively" clean.

13 Most Raunchy Pictures


We will admit there appear to be no "official" statistics on this one. But a quick survey reveals our top three: Kim Kardashian, Rihanna and Miley Cyrus. KK is right up there with the other two, but is plagued by those continuing allegations of expeditious use of Photoshop to nip in that waist or round out that booty. Rihanna is raunchy, in your face bad girl. And Miley seems totally into bearing her breasts, saying no it's not an outlandish attempt to get attention, but rather part of the "Free the Nipple" campaign. Sure. Miley freeing the nipple is one thing, but for the big busted types, it could get downright bouncy. We can't see Pam Anderson running down the Baywatch beach with unrestrained girls. Or, for that matter of fact, her replacement in the new Baywatch movie, Kelly Rohrbach.

12 The Most Totally Embarrassing Social Media Fail


So many to choose from; there's Ashton Kutcher defending Joe Paterno, the Penn State coach at the center of the underage abuse scandal. Then, there's Kim K. holding an uncomfortable looking cat by the scruff of its neck and p*ssing off PETA big time. Or maybe it was NFL running back Rashard Mendenhall, saying we ought to respect Osama Bin Laden. As worthy as all of these are, the hands down winner just has to be Anthony Weiner. In 2011, things looked pretty good for Weiner, who was a politician and a Congressman. Then WeeneyGate when he sent a "sexually explicit" image of himself to a woman via his public Twitter account. Like, duh. It came out and he did what politicians have always done: lie. In the end, he had to resign. And it happened again in 2013.

11 Most Re-Tweeted Post Ever - The Whole Show Is A Commercial?


No, it's not Kim K. standing in the buff. And it's not Serena sipping a Coke. It's Ellen DeGeneres and half of Hollywood at the 2014 Oscars. A cute, spontaneous moment, right? Wrong. Samsung sponsored the show and negotiated a deal that included, according to The Wall Street Journal, having their phones "integrated" into the show. So, there were appearances in the pre-show of filmmakers using Samsung cameras. And Ellen, who said she wanted to take selfies, was handed a Samsung phone that is displayed so prominently in the picture. That kind of thing has happened forever, but ad-skipping on digital video recorders has become the norm. So, why not phase out the commercial break and make the whole show an ad? Well, not quite that bad. And, despite the fact that Ellen was Tweeting on her iPhone, Samsung at one point was getting some 900 mentions per minute on social media and the picture got over 3 million re-Tweets.

10 Most Liked Picture On Instagram - One More Commercial Please


She's like the face of the moment and Coke knows it. So, with the picture getting over 4 million Likes and climbing, you can see why the Coke people would pay the girl for the plug. And another thing about it: unlike Kendall Jenner making love to a bottle of hair vitamins, this shot looks natural. Hot girl. Cool drink. To date, marketing people have focused a lot on Twitter. But with Vine and Instagram implementing video features, ad men see more and more opportunities on those sites. The thing is this: everybody seems to be making big bucks off of Twitter, except Twitter itself. Maybe they should go over to a YouTube model and collect revenue for ads that they share with the maker. And look for a growth of revenue earning from celebrity websites. No, no ads, per se, but endorsements.

9 Most Followers On Twitter - And The Biggest Ad Contract Goes To?

The nice people at Twitter are not great at making profits, but they are nerd types who like keeping records. So, you can go to them for the latest on who's at the top of the heap follower-wise. The top five and their rounded up followings are: Katy Perry (91 million), Justin Bieber (85 million), Taylor Swift (80 million), Barack Obama (76 million) and Rihanna (63 million). And things change pretty fast. In 2015, Lady Gaga was in the Top 5. While Justin Bieber is right up there, his numbers have not yet brought in big bucks. Maybe he needs to take money lessons from former significant other Selena Gomez, who is the queen of the social media earners.

8 Biggest Social Media Battles Between Celebrities That Bore Us Silly


Feel the love? No more. Currently, it's Taylor Swift versus Kim Kardashian after Kim posted a video on Snapchat of a maybe phone call between Kanye West and Taylor Swift, where Kim says Taylor approved certain lyrics to Kanye's song "Famous". The detail is totally yawn-making, but suffice it to say that Taylor's version of the events differs from the Wests' version. The Daily Mail totally loved it though, and the headline referred to the phone call leak and a war that went "nuclear". They also happily reported that Swift was smiling again. Seems she's in Australia with new love (Swift has had a lot of new loves) Tom Hiddleston, who is filming Thor 3. Other famous battles of days gone by involve acid-tongued celebrity gossip commentator Perez Hilton, former actress and aspiring fashion designer Amanda Bynes, and in your face Rihanna.

7 Instagram - Size Really Does Matter When It Comes To The Numbers


This is kind of a review of the list of all the usual suspects and numbers. At the moment, Selena Gomez is way out in front, with not only the most followers (around 90 million), but also the most Liked picture (that Coke ad again). Taylor Swift (86 million) is not far behind and millions ahead of Kim Kardashian (77 million). Take that Kim, Taylor probably would have loved to have said before Tom Hiddleston mellowed her. Beyonce and Ariana Grande round out the Top 5. Kim K., Miley and Rihanna aside, it's not all raunchy pictures that get the attention. Before Coke muscled in the most Liked picture was a simply beautiful shot of Kendall Jenner, eyes closed and strands of her hair arranged in a series of heart shapes. Peaceful, beautiful and simple.

6 Snapchat - An App Made For Kim Kardashian And Rihanna, But Kylie Beats The Record?


Well, it is the app that was made with sexting in mind. Send a nude picture or worse and it disappears after a certain time. Only it's not that simple. It never is. Receivers can get in there fast and do screenshots and if users use non-Snapchap programs, the disappearing picture may not disappear. So, who do you think are the most followed hot, youngish things on Snapchat? Well, it's not naked selfie in the mirror Kim Kardashian. Nor is it in your face nasty sexy Rihanna. It's Kylie Jenner, with some 30 million followers. Teen Vogue (well, she is only 18) reports that she shares an unfiltered view of her life and her sister's body part.

5 Most Hated Celebrity On Twitter


It's maybe not the one you think. The Sunday Times got a think tank to pour over the Tweets of prominent people like celebrities, politicians and journalists. They came up with some interesting results. On average, one in twenty Tweets sent to male celebrities are nasty or abusive. For females, the number is one in seventy. Part of it is that the guys tend to troll (insult) more, so they are more trolled. Known to Americans for his work as a judge on America's Got Talent and as number one foe of Omorosa on The Apprentice, Piers Morgan came out on top of The Sunday Times list, with 8.4 percent of the Tweets he received being negative. Now, usually he has done the troll thing first, sparking outrage all around. In fact, if you Google "Piers Morgan" Twitter, most of the results will be spats or feuds with Taylor Swift, Chrissy Teigen, and on and on. His favorite word seems to be "wanker", which is not good.

4 Like Me On Facebook, Please Like Me On Facebook

Everybody loves Facebook. It has more than 1.32 billion users. The top celeb on Facebook (excluding soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo) is currently singer "My Hips Don't Lie" Shakira (105 million likes), followed by Vin Diesel (100 million). Celebs such as Rihanna and Taylor Swift have tens of millions of followers, but seem to focus their attention on Twitter and Instagram and (increasingly) Snapchat. Tay-Tay has done endless Facebook posts of the coverage of the Wests versus Team Taylor affair, posting articles and pictures, with only a slight break for her July 4th party when (of course) Tom Hiddleston rolled up, as did Ryan Reynolds and a very pregnant Blake Lively. Rihanna posts more of the same kind of thing, including a link to a video of Celine Dion impersonating her singing. But Shakira beats both out in the "Like" stakes.

3 Most Popular Celebrity Across Social Media

Forget Tay-Tay, or Kim K, or Justin Bieber. According to Starcasm, Selena Gomez is the current reigning queen of social media with around 200 million followers across her Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts. She's top of the ladder on Instagram, with 90 million followers. And it's that site that lends itself best to plugging products. Take that, picture of Selena sipping a Coke. So, it's no surprise that she is probably one of the highest earning celebrities on social media, with hundreds of thousands of dollars paid by Coke and the Like. And let's face it, while celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Rihanna get paid for their endorsements, Selena's relatively clean image appeals to a wider range of products. She's the sexiest girl next door we've ever seen.

2 What? Obama Has The Most Followers On Twitter Of Any Politician Anywhere?


It's true. Obama is the only politician that even made the Top 100. He's number 4, with 76 million followers. A picture of Obama and Michelle hugging after winning the 2012 election with the caption "Four More Years" was the most re-Tweeted picture of all time for a while. Obama just gets Twitter. He uses it to gain support for his positions and he also has established a track record with Tweets most days. Now, for sure, those things are put together by staffers, but the fact is that Obama's Twitter account is a model for other politicians seeking to up their social media presence. With Obama, it's about the issues and not about the personalities, with just a few personal touches. Probably just about the most unpopular politician on Twitter was former U.K. Conservative Prime Minister, with around 2 million followers. By the way, Trump beats Clinton in the Twitter followers stake

1 Top Celebrities Who Are Celebrities Because Of Social Media


Take Chris Carmichael. Who? He's one of the top "stars" on Snapchat. He's a 20-something based in Los Angeles who has built a massive following (he's on Vine, too). He can make up to $1,500 a day. That's $45,000 a month and you do the math, but we make it over $500 thousand a year. Put in perspective, that's about the same as the likes of Selena Gomez can earn in one social media campaign. But it's pretty darn good in "ordinary" guy terms. He's built a following with fun, clever storytelling and it has paid off with sponsorship deals with movie giants Fox, Lionsgate, and Universal. The big payoff comes when guys like Chris are signed to do month long campaigns. When he got his first offer of $5 thousand a while back, it was the first money he had made in around four years.

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