15 Celebrities Instagram Is Going To Take Down Next

Compared to Twitter, Instagram is conservative. What? Yes! Instagram has a strict "no nipples" policy for women. That's why celebs like Scout Willis and Miley Cyrus, are flying the flag for the "free the nipple campaign". And boy, do some of the female celebrities push the boundaries. Instagram can close down an account if someone goes too far in the nudity or sexual content stakes. But it is far more common for the site to take down a picture. There are big stars like Rihanna or Amber Rose, who push the boundaries. There are models, some established and some up and coming, who have ample assets to flaunt. And do. Then there are sexy Instagram stars who are famous because they are beautiful and built. So-called ordinary people get kicked off Instagram, like the woman who posted an upside Yoga breastfeeding picture; but more often than not, it's the publicity-seeking celebrities who push it just a little too far. Sometimes, celebrities bid farewell to Instagram. Rihanna left Instagram for a time, as did Justin Bieber. But they almost always come back. It's a money spinning, attention getting, marketing circus, and the celebs need Instagram as much as Instagram needs them.

Here are 15 celebrities who continue to push the nudity, sexual and expression boundaries big time. And don't be surprised if some of their pictures are taken down or their accounts are deleted.

15 Rosie Roff


Rosie Roff is an English Rose who just happens to be a model and a UFC Ring Girl (and TR Knockout). FHM has called her one of the 100 Sexiest Women in the World, and named her the leading "Instagram Model of 2016". Her platform? She launched herself to a worldwide audience via Instagram. And the world took notice. And she became one of the hottest UFC Ring Girls and TR Knockouts out there. She started modeling when she was only sixteen and has been romantically linked to retired French footballer Djibril Cisse. Now her Instagram thing is to push the nudity thing as far as she can. And many commentators have predicted that she may be headed for a take down, at least some of her more raunchy pictures.

14 Candice Swanepoel


Candice Swanepoel has been a Victoria's Secret Angel, and is now is a fully fledged "Supermodel". The twenty-something South African beauty loves Instagram and regularly posts provocative pictures. She did a nude spread for Vogue in June of 2016, and is not afraid to push boundaries, posting to Instagram loads of sexy shots of her naked body from the rear and pulled down bikini bottoms showing one heck of a tan line. And in 2015 there was that picture of her on a bed with a thong so tiny she appeared almost naked from the top down. But perhaps the hottest image has been the suggestion of nudity astride a white horse. Candace is having a ball. Not so much the horse. Look for her to continue to try and bring the kind of stuff she did to Vogue, to Instagram. And look for Instagram to push back.

13 Lira Galore


She hails from Philly and was a model and dancer when she met Rapper Rick Ross, while filming a music video in her hometown. At the time, they only shook hands. It was much later they exchanged numbers and began exchanging more than handshakes. Reportedly, he proposed to her in a jewelry store. She was so happy, she quit working. But it didn't work out and she and her 36-25-42 are on their own again. These days, she's gracing the likes of XXL and working hard to rebuild her career. She displays her 36 and 42 on Instagram in a range of poses from spicy to downright raunchy. She's really pushing the bare booty pics and almost running afoul of the "no nipples" rule. It's probably only a question of time until Instagram calls her bluff.

12 Miley Cyrus


Miley Cyrus tries hard to be bad. She goes for it on Instagram, stretching the "no nipple" rule to breaking point by displaying her assets with a tiny bit of tape barely covering those nipples. And she's a total activist about the whole thing. But she has fun with it as well, displaying a fake Kardashian naked booty and, at Christmas, tiny pasties that read "Merry Christmas". Now, the tape and the pasties seem to be shrinking and the poses getting more outrageous. It's only a matter of time, we think, until she pushes Instagram too far. But, look at it this way, would she be totally upset about causing an Instagram sensation? No, of course not.

11 Tianna Gregory


If you haven't heard of this model, you have been missing out on a lot. She got her modeling career off to a flying start on social media. She's already got 3.5 million followers on Instagram and with posts like this one, you can begin to see why. Her thing? It's the skate and street-wear industries. And, trust us, she's fit, fit, fit. You can even pick up her workout DVDs. She does a bit of modeling, a few music videos, and acts as a host at events. Her big booty, big cleavage shots keep her millions of fans coming back for more. She has been known to bend the Instagram rules a bit. Her posts are usually only a little raunchy, but there is the odd occasion when some think she has gone too far. The shot of her sitting in a window seat naked from the waist up with only a carefully draped arm strategically placed barely keeping her legal, is worth seeing.

10 Amber Rose

Amber Rose has got 12 million Instagram followers and is about to appear on Dancing with the Stars. And she is another big booty, big cleavage kind of girl. Divorced from rapper Wiz Khalifa, this model/singer/designer is a force of nature and in-your-face about what she thinks. She is not afraid to display her considerable assets, and some say she pushes the Instagram boundaries more and more. Like Miley Cyrus, she has a message: Women have the right to be as outrageous and adventurous as men. To underline that point, she walked in 2015's Slut Walk, in honor of women who have been shamed for sexual promiscuity. Message or not, like Miley, she gets pretty close to the Instagram edge some of the time.

9 Tori Black


Tori Black is a hot adult star and while she can't do as much on Instagram as she can on Twitter, you can be totally certain that she is not into the feminist thing. Her Instagram pictures are full of suggestive poses on beds and sultry sexy raunchiness. She got into the adult business when she was barely legal (18 years old). Her parents insisted she get a job while she went to college and so she sent some pictures to an adult agency. While we are pretty sure they had something else in mind, she has not looked back and has even been Penthouse magazine's Pet of the Month. Keep an eye on her more sexually suggestive posts, as some think Instagram may blow the whistle sooner or later.

8 Elsa Hosk


Elsa Hosk is a Swedish model who is famous for being a Victoria's Secret Angel. But she's also done the catwalk and fashion spreads for the likes of Dior, Dolce & Gabbana and Guess. Her Instagram posts are classy sexy, with her considerable assets prominently on display. And at nearly 5 feet 10 inches, it won't surprise you that she played professional basketball in her native Sweden. Her Instagram posts feature those go-on-forever legs, oh so tiny bikinis, and a sense of fun. But the shot of her naked face down on a pool-side lounger got nearly 90,000 likes. But some said the hottest of the hot was the one of her in a fake fur, breasts bared, with a tiny, tiny heart over those nipples. Expect more of that kind of thing.

7 Rihanna


It was confusing. A couple of years ago, Rihanna posted some topless shots on Instagram. Then her account disappeared. Was it taken down or did she quit? Stories vary. But the list of RiRi's run-ins with Instagram is a long one. Hers is an in-your-face, bad girl vibe that dares you to criticize. So, there's bound to be more of the same. Like Miley Cyrus, Rihanna realizes that the only bad publicity is no publicity. Look for more bad girl pictures and lots more run-ins with Instagram. Well, she is Rihanna after all. And her account is "badgalriri", after all. And when she pushes the boundaries, expect a mega push and probably a mega push back from Instagram.

6 Dan Bilzerian


Dan Bilzerian is a professional poker player and has been dubbed "Instagram's Playboy" and the "King of Instagram". He's got nearly 20 million followers. And Instagram is Dan's way of showing us he's living every boy's fantasy. You know the kind of thing. Dan in a hot tub surrounded by bikinis. Dan boarding a private plane with hot young things in tow. Instagram just serves to make him more and more famous. Some believe that just isn't right and Bilzerian should get the boot. But hey, whatever he's doing, it's working.

5 Paulina Gretzky


The Daily Mail totally loved the story: Paulina Gretzky posted sexy pictures on her Instagram account to cheer up her fiance, golfer Dustin Johnson, after he bombed out of the PGA Championships. "Love you", she said. Then he said he could not wait to get back to her and get her in the sack. Innocent enough, but Gretzy has taken to posting loads of seductive lingerie shots to her Instagram account. Enough is enough some say. They feel the model/singer has gone too far with her suggestive postings. And that's before you get to her booty baring bikini shots. And some on Instagram have taken exception to the fact Johnson did not play for the U.S. in the Rio Olympics.

4 Jessica Nigri


With good reason, Jessica Nigri has been called the hottest cosplay girl around. It is not hard to see why. With nearly 2 million Instagram followers, Jessica tends to post sexy cosplay, sexy cleavage, and even sexier booty shots. The stuff is kinky, outrageous, and some say more than a little dark and worrying. She goes for it, whether doing her cosplay thing or displaying what she's got in a bikini. And the shot of her tattooed top half with only what looks like a narrow back pack strap across her breasts got a lot of likes and a fair number of negative comments. Most see her as good fun, but then some think she pushes the rules too far.

3 Paris Hilton


Poor little rich girl. Famous for being a Hilton. Famous for being rich. Famous for doing outrageous things. Paris Hilton has not been shy about topless aboard a yacht pictures and almost no clothes lounging shots. She can't go nuts on Instagram, but she can sometimes try hard to see what she can get away with. Don't forget that she's the girl that brought us the 1 Night in Paris s*x tape. Some unkind people say that she wouldn't have become nearly so famous without the "leaked" tape. And some say her popularity has waned. That's a sure sign that something big is going to happen right across her social media accounts. After all, we all know any publicity is good if you are Paris.

2 Mia Malkova


Mia Malkova is an adult star married to another adult star named Danny Mountain. If you're expecting subtle, look elsewhere. She's All-American, but chose the name because it sounded Russian and exotic. She also uses the name Mia Bliss. Her social media, including Instagram, are adult star raunchy and suggestive. A former AVN Best New Starlet and Twisty's Treat of the Year, her Instagram sells her and her activities with a lot of sexiness and a lot of fun. There is a whole lot of cleavage, bare booties, and big seductive smiles. And don't forget to check out the girl on girl shots. Despite the name, she's cheerleader sexy, but nice. But, still, she is an adult star and looking to promote her assets. That could get her into trouble with Instagram.

1 Lady Gaga


She's pop star dynamo Lady Gaga, and she's a one off. And it's not surprising that she makes most "outrageous social media lists" that are out there. Her Instagram is sexy, dark, and sometimes a little threatening. There have been loads of protests about some of her pictures. They can be naked, but somehow scary and intimidating. Some fans protest. Religious organizations protest, but she just keeps on posting the kind of stuff most of her fans love. She continues to ignore the rules. Continues to do as she pleases. And, like Rihanna, sometimes there are problems with the people at Instagram. Look for more of the same from Lady G.

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