15 Awesome Facts You Didn't Know About Cara Delevingne

Adored for her extravagance and often referred to as the Kate Moss of her time, Cara Delevingne is certainly one of the most one-of-a-kind celebrities out there. Known for her trademark eyebrows and unconventional beauty, the famous top model has enjoyed a stunning career so far and it looks like she's only headed for even greater heights and many new ventures. Cara is loved for her down to earth interests and demeanor, as she has on many occasions made them known to the public. The way she can brilliantly balance her inner tomboy with some of the world's most prestigious catwalks and her lady-like image on them is truly awe-inspiring and the reason why she has gathered such an army of fans worldwide.

Aside from being a fashion icon and much sought after face by top designers and brands in the industry, Cara Delevingne has also ventured into acting and has done a great job so far. She also enjoys friendships with actors, singers and other prominent people, being often spotted at high-profile parties and gatherings. In fact, she is commonly referred to as the life of the party and she herself, is well aware of the fact. This list has some of the most awesome facts about Cara that show just how bada** the top model really is and why you should convert to her fan, unless you already have. We've learned about some of the hardships she has had to endure, as well as about the way she's brilliantly managed to overcome them. We were also surprised to learn what she really thinks of the fashion industry and where her heart truly lies. Cara Delevingne has genuinely become an icon of her generation, seamlessly moving from one field to the next, breaking the rules and always remaining herself.

15 She's A Gamer

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We were very much serious when we said tomboy. Cara Delevingne is a passionate computer and video game player and is especially fond of the game Call of Duty, as she has shared on more than one occasion. In fact, she even starred in the official Black Ops III trailer. We know that the creators of the game tend to impress us with the actors they cast in their trailers and often leave us wondering how in the world they got them to partake, but getting a supermodel to star in a video game trailer? That exceeded just about anyone's expectations.

14 People Worship Every Part Of Her - Literally

And, really, what's not to love about Cara? Her trendsetting eyebrows, beautiful eyes, blonde hair, delicate features and lovely shape - every part of her seems to be a perfect constituent of a perfect whole. But some people decide to look past the whole and focus on the separate parts instead, with fans going as far as to name their Twitter accounts in honor of Cara's body parts. Creepy? A little. And here are some of the existing accounts users have so far managed to come up with: @CarasThighGap, @caraseyerbrows, @Caras_fingers, @CarasCheeks, @caraslefteye. Certain body parts even have several different accounts named after them. Even her virginity has an account on Twitter!

13 Was Discovered By The Same Woman Who Scouted Kate Moss

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No wonder she's had such an awesome start! It turns out Cara Delevingne went to school and was best friends with the daughter of Storm Model Management co-founder Sarah Doukas - the very same woman that brought legendary Kate Moss into modelling. Doukas first spotted Cara's older sister Poppy, who is also a successful model and famous socialite today, and waited until Cara was seventeen years old to sign her. However, coming from a family with a high social status and being exposed to all sorts of rich and famous people throughout her whole life, Cara actually began modelling much earlier. Her debut was in a Cadbury Chocolate commercial, when she was only 10 years old.

12 She Has 15 Tattoos

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How bada** is that?! We know that body art has been enjoying an increase in popularity and it's becoming more and more socially acceptable to 'enhance' your body with various images, but fifteen is still a pretty solid number nonetheless. Aside from the fact that it does take some courage to do that to yourself (more so perhaps as a model, with your body actually being your main source of income), the tattoos themselves are pretty inspiring, too. Probably the most notable one in her collection so far is the lion tattooed at the base of her index finger. Another one, which is pretty hilarious, actually, is a tattoo of the word 'bacon' on the sole of her right foot.

11 Has The Coolest Friends

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People usually tend to pick their friends from among their equals, that's true. Cara happens to be best friends with Rita Ora and Rihanna, and though these two aren't from the world of high fashion, they are stars nevertheless and apparently hang out in the same places as does Cara. She and Rihanna are in fact so close, both ladies went on vacation together to Monaco and Barbados, where the singer is originally from. Cara Delevingne also shares a friendly relationship with some of the most successful models in the world, including names like Jourdan Dunn and Karlie Kloss.

10 The Fashion Industry Makes Her Sick

Boom! And wait till you hear her reasoning behind that statement, you will love it. Cara recently came forward with a confession of how she felt about the very industry that hurled her into worldwide fame and pretty much gave her a great start in life. She said she had gone through a terrible patch of self-hatred during her time as a model and both the demands of the industry and being so young at the time took a toll on her mental and physical health. Cara was so possessed by the desire to be liked and accepted, that the pressure of that alone resulted in a physical manifestation of the bad place she was in psychologically: she suffered an outbreak of psoriasis. The nasty skin condition was when she realized it was time to take a break and she spent a week in Los Angeles, playing music and enjoying the sunshine to recuperate. That short time off did her so well, the skin condition disappeared in no time and she was already feeling so much better. Cara also compared modelling to her real passion - acting, saying that it 'is making a character real. Modeling is the opposite of real. It’s being fake in front of the camera'.

9 She's A Musician, Too

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Cara Delevingne is without a doubt one of those multi-talented people, who basically succeed at nearly everything they touch. Aside from being a runway model, a Victoria's Secret angel and overall fashion staple, she has a passion for music. A passion, which she expresses in more than just one way. She has even been writing her own music since she was just thirteen years old. Cara plays the drums - bet you didn't see that one coming - and has a lovely singing voice. Another unforeseen talent which she demonstrated on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Kimmel was her killer beatboxing. And she can play a guitar behind her back. Wow.

8 Joan Collins Is Her Godmother

Talk about being lucky. But being born and raised in the family that she was, it's no wonder Cara Delevingne was surrounded by celebrities of all kinds throughout her whole life. Her mother Pandora, was a famous socialite back in her day and her mother before that was lady-in-waiting to Princess Margaret. So you could say the high life is something that runs in this family, being passed on from generation to generation. The legendary actress Joan Collins, is actually Cara's godmother and a very proud one at that, as she has shared in interviews, praising her goddaughter for her achievements and being 'the most natural and down-to-earth girl' at the same time.

7 Trademarked Her Name

It has been three years since the business-savvy model made the smart decision of trademarking her name. And you couldn't really blame her for not wanting others to profit from her name - that much is pretty understandable. Not only that, she also founded her own company and appointed her father as co-director. The company is called Cara & Co  and has developed a network of concept stores, as well as a charity for deaf children. The stores are under the motto "No Logos Fashion Only" and feature a wide selection of high-end clothes, jewelry, perfumes and cosmetics, along with luxury phones and luxury watches.

6 She's Not As Tall As You Think

You would assume that Cara Delevingne should be somewhere around 6 feet tall, having in mind her insane success and popularity. But it turns out you don't really need to necessarily fit each and every one of the industry standards to be the favorite of the world's top designers. He agency officially says she's 5'9", in reality, however, Cara is 5'7". That doesn't sound short to us normal folks, but in the world of high fashion - it's actually considered pretty short. To be fair however, we have seen plenty of example over time that the not-so-tall models were the ones to make history. Kate Moss, to whom Cara is often compared to, was even about an inch shorter than she, and the iconic model Twiggy, was shorter yet.

5 Mother Battled Addiction

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It's probably not common knowledge to most, but as we mentioned earlier in this list, Cara Delevingne's mother Pandora, used to be a socialite, read: all about partying. Her exposure to money and the 'cool kids' led to her getting hooked on heroin and the horrible going back and forth from sobriety to her addiction that followed. Cara and her older sisters had to grow up very early in life, when it became apparent that their mother couldn't always be there for them due to her instability. To put it in Cara's own words, she was parenting the parent and that had a tremendous impact on the girl's life. Pandora Delevingne was also diagnosed as manic depressive, which didn't help matters either. But the girls don't love their mother any less, and Cara has even tattooed her name on her arm as a sign of deep affection.

4 Those Eyebrows

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It's no secret that Cara owes a great deal of her recognition to her renowned bushy eyebrows. Her brows have even been blamed for the sudden drop in sale of tweezers, since her ascension to prominence in November of 2012. It seems the young star-to-be set the trend for fuller, natural-looking brows and people soon started following it, which naturally led to less eyebrow grooming tools being used. And this is hardly a bad thing, just look at how gorgeous they look! More power to her in advocating natural beauty, which is also one of her inherent charms and one of the things that make Cara Delevingne so unique.

3 She Is Bisexual

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Much controversy was sparked by an interview Delevingne did for Vogue in 2015. The 22-year-old at the time stated that she was very much in love with her girlfriend Annie Clark, better known by her stage name St. Vincent, and this was a big part of why she was feeling so happy with her life. The trouble here is that the profile in the famous magazine subtly hinted towards Cara's preference for women being a phase. She later commented on the article, saying she didn't see anything malicious in it, however, her sexuality was not a phase. 'I am who I am,' she concluded. In that same article she mentioned thinking she was too crazy for men and feared that if she were to ever fall in love with a guy, he would probably walk away from her, once he got to truly know her. Well, Cara, the only one who'd be crazy in this case would be the one to walk away from a woman like you.

2 Struggled With Depression

This wasn't something she had been open about before the interview mentioned above, as she herself acknowledged. But it's true nevertheless, and it's admirable that she has both made this information known to the public and dealt with the disorder. Cara has a long history of mental and developmental health issues and was a constant patient of psychologists and various therapists, with whom she liked to 'screw with' by repeating the same things over and over again, until they would become overwhelmed with frustration and no longer wish to see her. As a result of the difficulties her condition projected on her life as a student, Cara was moved to a posh boarding school and soon after she fell into a trench of emotional turmoil.

Around the age of 15 she became so severely depressed and torn between both anxiety and and self-hatred, that she would slam her head against a tree in an attempt to knock herself unconscious. Her parents made her see even more therapists and those put her on an entire list of different drugs, but to no avail. She dropped out of school soon after and promised her parents that she would find a paying job, which after much struggle - she did.

1 She's An Actress Now Too

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Movie fans must have been waiting for this one, especially those of us who just can't wait for this year's most anticipated movie to be released: Suicide Squad. And to those, who have also been following Delevingne before she turned her focus to Hollywood, this is going to be one heck of a party. With her first appearance in film being in the small part of Princess Sorokina in Anna Karenina (2014), it looks like her acting career has definitely taken off. Her most noteworthy role was in Paper Towns (2015) as one of the main characters - Margo, but she is yet to be seen in a number of movies this year alone.

The model-turned-actress is already working on her next film that will be released in 2017 called Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets. In the same interview for Vogue, during which she discussed her childhood and sexuality, she also shared that acting was her real passion and modelling was never a real end-point in her career. And we can only admire her for the rare and seamless transition from the world of high fashion to the movie industry - a field that has not been kind to model newcomers in the past.

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