14 Of The Hottest Male Celebs That All Women Lust Over

What is better than a man who can make you go weak in the knees with one look from his smoldering gaze? The answer is of course, pretty much nothing. We all know that Hollywood is filled to the brim with ridiculously good-looking people and this is especially true of our favorite famous Hollywood men. These are the kind of men that make girls swoon with a simple glance in their direction. These are the men that nearly all women agree are hotter than anyone thought was humanly possible. Luckily for all the movie and TV lovers out there, we all get to see these Hollywood hunks doing what they do best, acting their hearts out on the big screen while making everyone and their mother fall in love with them. Below is a list of fourteen of the hottest Hollywood men that all women lust over. All of these men have managed to steal our hearts both on the big screen and off of it. They are the men whose hotness is basically uncontested. So for your viewing pleasure, below is a list of fourteen of the hottest hunks that Hollywood has to offer.

14 Jamie Dornan

13 Bradley Cooper 

12 Zac Efron 

11 Shemar Moore

10 Chris Pratt

9 Ian Somerhalder

8 Charles Michael Davis


Although Charles Michael Davis might not be the most well known actor on this list, his looks are still to die for. Davis’ started modeling at a young age and has done work for Nike and Footlocker. Davis is also an actor who has made appearances on popular TV shows like That’s So Raven, Switched at Birth and Grey’s Anatomy. If you want to keep an eye on Davis today you can catch him on the CW show, The Originals in which he plays vampire Marcel. The show is a spin-off of The Vampire Diaries and continues to be a favorite among vampire fans everywhere.

7 Ryan Reynolds 

6 Brad Pitt

5 David Beckham 

4 Johnny Depp 

3 Ryan Gosling 

2 Channing Tatum 

1 Chris Hemsworth 

If you try to think of an actor who almost all would agree is undeniably sexy, chances are Chris Hemsworth would pop up into your mind. The super hot actor shot to Hollywood stardom as the hottest superhero around, Thor. In addition to kicking some villain ass, Hemsworth has also appeared in films such as Snow White and the Huntsman, The Cabin in the Woods, Red Dawn and Rush. Hemsworth was named People magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive” in 2014 and we're thinking many people would agree with the magazine’s consensus. If you can’t get enough of Hemsworth, then never fear, he is set to star in Vacation, In the Heart of the Sea and The Huntsman.

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