14 Of Taylor Swift's Greatest Moments According To Instagram

Just when it seemed as though Taylor Swift couldn't possibly get any bigger, 2014 came along to prove everybody wrong. Even though the singer is only a ripe 25 years old, she's definitely no stranger to being one of the biggest names in the industry. Before she was even allowed to vote, Swift had reached a level of success the majority of musicians only ever dream of achieving. But this year catapulted her into a whole new universe of success, which has made her so over-saturated, you'd have to be in another galaxy to not feel at least some exposure.

With new music and a new album, a new home in a new city, a new look, new friends and a new outlook on life, Swift set the recurring theme for her year. Even though her album was entitled 1989, everything about it and her, cries "new." She's even ditched the codependent pining after every boy who offers up his phone number. Fans have followed her every step of the way. The more success she saw, the more she plastered on her beloved Instagram account, gaining upwards of 16 million followers. Starting with only a few posts a month at the beginning of the year on her account, she has grown to love posting multiple times a week, everything from her personal Polaroids to her magazine covers. Here are the 14 sexiest moments she posted so far for 2014.

14 January 1 - Ringing In An Exciting New Year


There's no way that Taylor Swift could have foreseen the kind of 2014 that she was about to have before it even started... Or could she? Swift made the risky decision to make the official crossover from country music to pop this year, a move that was highly criticized by some as not nearly risky enough, considering that she was already so poppy to begin with. But her record company was reportedly extremely nervous. Although Swift says she was confident that her album would break records, her label told her that she was being overly optimistic and naive. Swift said, "But when we got those first-day numbers in, all of a sudden, I didn't look so naive anymore."

13 January 26 - Performing At The Grammy Awards


Taylor made headlines at the 56th Annual Grammy Awards, like she always does. Opting for a more intimate performance over a dance number, Swift sat behind a piano on stage and sang her song "All Too Well."  Her album Red, was nominated for both Album of the Year and Best Country Album. She also received a Best Country Song nomination, as well as Best Country Duo. Taylor's headlines were full of snark, though, as she was criticized for reacting too early to the announcement of Album of The Year, which went to Daft Punk's Random Access Memories, not Red. And, in typical Taylor Swift style, she spent the night dancing and awkwardly headbanging her heart out in her seat, as other acts performed on stage.

12 February 11 - Debuts Short Hair


When Swift cut her bangs in 2012, for a Vogue cover shoot, it got more coverage than the war in Iraq. When she lobbed off her wavy, long locks in February 2014, Instagram nearly blew up. At first, it seemed as though the singer wasn't going to make too much of a deal out of the cut. February 11th is the first time Instagram got a peek at Taylor's new haircut in a Polaroid taken with a friend, and was slapped with the "P.S.: Short hair, don't care". But, far be it for Swift to not bring abundant attention to herself, she posted a video of the actual haircut which was staged in a room full of people who were literally cheering her on. She said, "This is how many people are watching me get a haircut right now," as the camera panned around the room. She continued, "We don't do anything without an audience, do we?"

11 March 3 - Vanity Fair Party


If the reports are to be believed, the Vanity Fair Oscar Party in March was a lot more fun to attend than the Oscars themselves. Swift seemed to have had the time of her life, partying with friends like Ed Sheeran and Jaime King. But rumors circled that it wasn't all sunshine and Taylor Swift rainbows, as the singer would normally paint. Swift and her long-time bestie, Selena Gomez, reportedly didn't speak a single word to each other the entire night, despite being in close proximity to each other. This sparked rumors that the two are on the outs. But, an inside source defended the friends, saying that there is no feud. The source said, "The Vanity Fair party is all about business and talking to people you usually don’t have the chance to mingle with. Selena and Taylor are totally cool with each other, no feud.”

10 July 3 - Fourth Of July Weekend With Jaime King


Once Swift is seen hanging out with another female celebrity, she has a history of hanging out with that same celebrity a lot for the next few weeks. After being spotted partying together after the Oscars in March, Swift and Jaime King took their friendship through the summer. Here they are celebrating Fourth of July weekend together with friends. Swift used to be known for her relationships with men, but has spent this year creating a reputation for her loyalty to her female friends. Editor of Glamour magazine, Cindi Leive, has said about Swift, "I think she's made friendship cool... That's sort of how women live now... Your girl pack, your posse, is much more important than it would have been 5 or 10 years ago. I think she's tapped into that in a really powerful way."  Swift has also repeatedly been tied to Lena Dunham, Lorde, Amanda Seyfried and self-proclaimed BFF, Victoria Secret Angel, Karlie Kloss.

9 July 19 - Falling In Love With NYC


When Taylor Swift seemingly decided to leave her country roots behind, it wasn't just her music that she had to ditch. Nashville also got the boot, too. Swift packed her bags and moved to the city that she says she never thought she would live in: The city that never sleeps, New York City. And she paid a pretty penny to do it. The singer reportedly dropped nearly $20 million to move into Peter Jackson's former penthouse, in the posh Tribeca neighborhood.

8 August 27 - Shake It Off Debuts At Number One


Taylor Swift's decision to cross over into pop music from the safety of country wasn't one that she took lightly. And it was one that her record company was extremely nervous about. Considering how poor sales have been across the board for the music industry, they wanted Swift to stick to her standard formula. But Swift had bigger plans. And those plans certainly paid off. Her debut single from her 1989 album exploded on the charts, blowing sales and records out of the water, and putting an ear-worm in the collective ear of America: Shake It Off.

7 September 4 - Getting Soaked For Rolling Stone


Swift decided to push her good girl image just a tiny bit for her Rolling Stone cover. The singer got soaking wet with salt water in a white tank top and tousled hair. The interview touched on how Swift's music has somehow managed to completely change, while simultaneously remaining the same. The article states that 1989 is "deeply weird, feverishly emotional, wildly enthusiastic..." and that it "sounds exactly like Taylor Swift, even when it sounds like nothing she's ever tried before."

6 October 4 - Inviting Hundreds Of Fans Over To Party


Taylor was apparently not comfortable with her status as Queen of the Tweens. So, she had to go and make sure that she sealed her title forever. That's why she opened the doors to her many residences across the country, to host parties for hundreds of her fans to promote and create buzz for the upcoming release date of her new 1989 album. Swift danced and enjoyed cookies with fans who furiously took videos and snapped selfies with the singer in order to post straight to social media. Because every tween knows, if it's not on Instagram, it never really happened.

5 October 20 - Paying Homage To Oscar De La Renta


When news broke of the passing of highly influential and famed designer Oscar De la Renta, Swift immediately took to Instagram to pay her respects. She posted a photo of herself on the red carpet from the Met Gala earlier in the year, in which she wore a stunning and very bold pale pink De la Renta original. Swift heartwarmingly wrote this to go along with the photo, "My all-time favorite designer has passed away. Oscar, it was an honor to wear your creations and to know you. In loving memory."

4 October 30 - Bringing 1989 To Good Morning America


The much anticipated day finally arrived. Taylor Swift's baby, 1989, was finally released in all of its teeny bopper glory. The elated singer celebrated the release, by performing on Good Morning America to hundreds of ravenous fans who seemed even more excited than Swift herself. That's probably why the album sold more copies in its opening week than any album has in the last twelve years. 1989 marks Swift's fourth consecutive number one album, and is her most successful album yet.

3 November 14 - Scoring The Cover Of Time Magazine


The same week that Swift landed the mind-blowing cover of TIME magazine, she also scored a cover on Bloomberg Businessweek, proving to all of her proverbial haters, once and for all, that the year 2014 did indeed belong to Swift, and there wasn't a single thing they could do about it. It also seemed to mark the moment that the singer, despite wild success at an extremely young age, has finally begun to get taken seriously, both as a musician, as well as a successful business person.

2 December 4 - Takes The Stage In Lingerie On The Victoria's Secret Runway

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This wasn't Swift's first round at the Victoria Secret rodeo, but it was certainly her sexiest. The Victoria Secret Fashion Show of 2013 is where Swift and her VS Angel best friend, Karlie Kloss met. Fast forward a year to the 2014 Victoria Secret show - the two have shared road trips and selfies together since then. And Swift was even criticized for copying Kloss' look, even down to snagging the same haircut. But besties will be besties, and Swift shook it all off and hit the stage with her friend again, clad in classy lace while she sang her latest hits. So does that mean that every time Taylor Swift sings, a Victoria Secret Angel gets her wings?

1 December 13 - Celebrating A Quarter Of A Century Of Swift

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Taylor Swift is 22 no more. On December 13, Taylor Swift turned 25 years old, reminding the world that she's done more in the first quarter of her life, than the rest of us will probably ever do with ours. And in case you still want to doubt that, try to imagine a world in which Justin Timberlake, Beyonce, Jay-Z, Sam Smith, Corey Haim and Karlie Kloss would ever pose in the same photo with you simultaneously. That is the world of Taylor Swift, my friends. Not ours. Just shake it off.

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