13 TV Show Reunions Or Spin-offs That Need To Happen

TV can be a great escape from reality or even give us something to bond over. Some shows are so addictive that you become wrapped up in the lives of their characters and actually begin to care for them. There are so many TV shows that many people enjoyed watching but they have since been cancelled.

Sometimes, we literally miss seeing their faces or hearing new stories about their lives. Almost like friends who we lost touch with, we wonder what would have happened to the characters had the show continued. Where would they be today? Here are 13 beloved shows that we wish came back for at least one more episode (but preferably one more season).

13 The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air

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The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air aired in 1990 and lasted 6 seasons. No matter how many times you watch the re-runs, those jokes never get old. Though a reunion would never be the same without James Avery (Uncle Phil) since he passed away in 2013 (and Alfonso Ribeiro agrees), it would still be nice to see the rest of the cast get together for a few reunion episodes. We would finally get the answers to all those questions that keep us up late at night. Is Hilary still a spoiled brat? What did Ashley end up doing? Did Will and Lisa ever get back together? Does Carlton still do his dance? Perhaps there could even be a heartbreaking tribute episode addressing Uncle Phil’s death, to explain his absence. Jaden and Willow Smith could even do an appearance as Will’s kids. How cool would that be?

12 Friends

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Sorry, Friends fans, but it’s very likely that a reunion of your favorite sitcom won’t be happening. That’s because most people, including the producers and cast, think that the show ended perfectly in 2004 after its 10 year run. That can’t stop us from hoping and wondering what a reunion would be like, though. We would finally get to see the sarcastic Chandler in his role as a father. Perhaps Joey would finally land a huge role in a movie and eventually settle down. Would Phoebe’s family become closer to her? Would Ross and Rachel have more kids? Would their kids all get along the way that they did? That would be a great idea for a spin-off!

11 Saved By The Bell

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Everyone who grew up in the nineties remembers watching Saved by the Bell every morning. The six unique students of BaySide High gave teens who watched the show someone they could relate to. We all learned about the trials of young adult life through the characters and had many laughs at Screech’s attempts to win Lisa over. The series only lasted 4 seasons, but it did give rise to spin-offs such as Saved by the Bell: The College Years and Saved by the Bell: The New Class. However, we think that there should be a Saved by the Bell: The Adult Years. It would give us a glimpse of the marriage between Zack and Kelly. We could also finally see Jessie become the first female President of America, and maybe Screech would get some luck with Lisa.

10 Seinfeld

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Seinfeld’s finale was a disappointment to many people, even its cast. The original cast had somewhat of a second chance when they appeared in Curb Your Enthusiasm. In this finale, George was an iPhone app developer who made a fortune from creating an app called iToilet and he was married to a woman named Amanda. Unfortunately, she left him and he lost his fortune in a Ponzi scheme. Jerry, on the other hand, donated sperm to have a daughter with Elaine. In the show, George works on trying to get back together with Amanda. We all want to see more of this interesting plot along with Kramer’s antics.

9 Family Matters

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If you grew up in the nineties, you may be surprised to know that Family Matters was actually a spin-off of a show called Perfect Strangers. The tradition should continue and there should be another spin-off! In Family Matters, we were all introduced to the king of nerds, Steve Urkel who had an unrequited love for the beautiful Laura. Being a nerd had its perks, as it allowed Urkel to develop a transformation chamber that turned Steve into his handsome alter-ego Stephan, whom Laura had a crush on. Steve and Laura finally did end up together in the show, but what happens after that? It’d be great to see what crazy adventures the two endure (because you just couldn’t live a normal life if you’re married to Steve Urkel).

8 That '70s Show

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That '70s Show is another beloved sitcom that lasted eight years. It successfully addressed many social issues from the '70s while giving us many, many laughs. Since Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are now married, it’d be pretty interesting to see them in a revival of That 70s Show. If they’re not up for that idea, there’s always the possibility of doing a spin-off called That 80s Show.

7 The O.C.

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Remember the good old days when you would go home and watch all the drama that was The O.C.? It was like the original version of Gossip Girl, but unfortunately it didn’t last as long, running a total of 4 seasons. It’s about time that they make a reunion. Let’s be real, though, there couldn’t be an O.C. reunion without Marissa (played by Mischa Barton). Since her character died in season 3, it would make sense for the reunion to have flashbacks with unseen memories of her.

6 Malcolm In The Middle

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Malcolm in the Middle ran six seasons and won numerous awards. The show followed the gifted title character and his dysfunctional family as he experienced the trials of being an adolescent. Frankie Muniz once expressed enthusiasm over Twitter about “Malcolm in the Mid-life Crisis.” That seems to be the hint that it looks like fans might get what they’ve been waiting for since the last episode aired in 2006. Can you imagine?

5 Sister, Sister

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Sister, Sister aired from 1994 to 1999. The show made many pre-teens wonder if they, too, had a long lost twin that they would bump into one day. Whether you identified with the brainy Tia or the bubbly Tamera, the show demonstrated true sisterly love and the challenges that high school kids face. Both Tia and Tamera have said that they would love to do a reunion. Will we finally find out what made Roger disappear in Season 5? Will the twins end up having twins of their own?

4 Cheers


Cheers was a beloved show which lasted 11 seasons. Unfortunately, as with Friends, producer James Burrows has crushed fans’ hopes of a Cheers reunion. Even actor Kelsey Grammer said “A Cheers reunion would be pretty interesting, but it would be sort of sad too, to think that 20 years later, they're sitting in that bar still doing the same thing.” While that is true, maybe instead of a reunion, they could do a spin-off which focuses on the future and life outside the bar.

3 Freaks And Geeks

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Freaks and Geeks was the show that gave rise to the brilliant actors and comedians Seth Rogen, Jason Segel, Martin Starr and James Franco. Wouldn’t it be awesome if they did a reunion show? Recently, when asked about the possibility of such a reunion, Franco said, "I mean, I don’t know what that would look like. Everybody’s kind of old... I think for the most part we’ve had these little reunions just for photoshoots over the years… And obviously I still work very closely with Seth [Rogen] all the time. So, if somebody came up with an idea that didn’t totally suck, I’m sure it's a possibility." Somebody better come up with an idea fast, before Franco changes his mind!

2 Are You Afraid of the Dark?

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Nineties kids would tune into Are You Afraid of the Dark? every night before going to bed, only to have it scare them so they couldn’t fall asleep. The show featured everything from demons, curses, vampires, creepy clowns and werewolves. But, it can be considered wholesome horror, since it was rarely gory and usually had a somewhat happy ending. It would be nice to see some new episodes back on air to contrast the gore and violence found in horror movies today.

1 Sabrina, the Teenage Witch

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Sabrina, The Teenage Witch was a fun show to watch. Even if you weren’t a cat lover, you couldn’t help but love the snarky Salem. And we all wish we had aunts as cool as Zelda and Hilda. Sabrina and Harvey finally got back together in the finale but what’s next for the soulmates? Do their kids have magical powers, too? Perhaps they could do a high school reunion episode where we get the chance to see Libby, Valerie and Mr. Kraft again.

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