13 Things We Hate About Big Brother 18

Big Brother is one of the more popular reality shows of this time. The fans who follow the show have been known to not only invest their money into it, but hours upon hours of their free time as well while watching the 24 hour live feeds. It’s hard to blame them; it can be interesting to see how 12 strangers react when they’re shoved into a house together and completely cut off from society. Things tend to get a little crazy and who doesn’t enjoy watching that? The problem is that season 18 seems to be seriously lacking in the interest department. It is almost as if the show has become a cheap knockoff of what it used to be, and fans are not happy about that.

So where did the season go wrong? Is there a chance for redemption this late in the game? While we may not be so sure about that second question, what we do know is the answer to the first. There are many different factors that have left us more annoyed than anything while watching Big Brother this summer. A good portion of the mistakes made by the show are ones that cannot be undone, meaning that this season is probably long lost, but we still hold out hope for Big Brother 19. All we can do is have faith that the show will learn from all of these faults in order to deliver a much more exciting season next summer. However, if these 13 mistakes are repeated, we fear for the future of the show as a whole.

13 Round-Trip Ticket

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Although not quite as frustrating as the rest of the strange twists we’ve seen this season, the Round Trip ticket was just annoying enough to make the list. In case you didn’t know, there was a surprise concerning a secret room located within the house which would lead to a potential advantage in the game. Watching the house guests work towards figuring out the location of the room was interesting, but as soon as we learned that one of the envelopes contained a round trip ticket that would allow one house guest to reenter the house after being evicted, fans started getting a little sour at the idea.

It wasn’t an all-around bad idea, but it gave someone the chance to return to the game without them having to do anything, really, to earn it. Once Paul located the secret room, the only people who needed to actually figure out how to get in there were the house’s enemies Bridgette and Frank. Therefore, Paul and Frank (the only two who actually figured the whole thing out) were the only house guests who should have been qualified to win that ticket. Of course the universe actually worked in our favor by giving Paul the round trip ticket, but it expired before he ever got the chance to reap the benefits for his impressive performance. So much for Big Brother being all about the skill.

12 Lame Competitions

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This particular issue has been building up for quite a few seasons now. Thinking back to the earlier years of the show, the competitions seemed to be much more difficult to win. There were far more endurance tasks that required a lot more physical and mental strength than they do these days. We would be sitting in the comfort of our own homes only to feel sympathy pains as the house guests struggled and fought for more time in the house. However, we now find ourselves laughing and bragging about how these competitions are something that we could easily do with no problem.

We realize that the well-being of the house guests is likely the reason that the competitions have become less intense, but the game is showing signs of slowly moving away from endurance and physical competitions all together. These types of game shows are not meant to be easy and they’re not meant to rely solely on popularity. If that becomes the case, we’d be able to pin-point the winner way earlier in the game than we already can. That’s no fun at all. Predictability doesn’t hold the audience’s attention.

11 Fake Diary Room Sessions

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There is nothing worse than a reality show that actively and obviously has scripted moments. It takes away any “realness” that it may have (which isn’t much in reality shows these days) and can actually push our interest away from the show.

If Big Brother would allow the house guests to speak their own and very raw emotions, not only could it make things a little more controversial and dramatic, but it would continue to give Big Brother the right to call themselves a reality show. However, if they are stuck in their ways and don’t want to stop feeding lines to the house guests in the DR, then maybe they should bring some people on the show who can actually make it believable.

If you’re going to be fake, at the very least you need to be convincing. The people in this season are so far from convincing that it’s honestly laughable.

10 Spoiler Alert! Televised Live Feeds

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This article already mentioned the fact that there are quite a few fans who are obsessed enough to spend hours watching the live feeds. As cool as it is that we do get the chance to watch the 3 hours of free access every night, the problem is that there is no surprise when it comes to watching the actual episodes. We know who won HoH, we know who is nominated, we know who won the veto competition, and we have already heard about all the juicy drama that took place in the house that week.

While we obviously have the option to not watch the live feeds, it’s a tempting thing for fans. We almost can’t resist, no matter how much we want to. If you’re willing to spend the money to watch the feeds online, then this is also a bit of a bummer because while you are putting money towards the extra perk, the rest of the world is getting 21 hours of free feeds every week. It doesn’t quite seem fair and it’s going to end up convincing a lot of fans that buying the live feeds is pointless, so maybe Big Brother should reconsider whether or not this is a move that benefits them or not.

9 Teams

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The only good part about the “teams” twist was watching the house guests come up with the names. We were impressed with the quality of the name Category 4 while we laughed at the whole “Team Unicorn, do do do DO.” The names were amusing, but we quickly grew to hate this aspect of the game seeing as how it kept certain people safe and kept others from having to apply themselves in any of the competitions. Fans found themselves counting down the days, wondering when in the world we’d see an end to this ridiculous twist.

We’re not exactly sure what Big Brother thought they were accomplishing when they came up with this less than brilliant idea, but they should have thought on that one a little longer. The only result of splitting the house up into four different teams was allowing safety to the same people week after week, even if they could not win a competition to save their lives. Why set a season up with a twist that does nothing but promote drifters? This wasn’t interesting. It was annoying.

8 Care Packages

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The idea behind the care packages was honestly brilliant. As fans, we do want the chance to have at least some influence in who has an advantage, or even who wins the game. So when we learned about this little twist, a lot of us got very excited. However, we have come to find out that these care packages have honestly done a whole lot of nothing as far as giving people the advantages we were promised.

The “never a have not” reward did absolutely nothing for Natalie’s game play (or lack thereof), the two eliminated votes would have sent the same person home, super safety was given to someone who wasn’t at risk that week, and the co-HoH recipient was manipulated to do exactly what the HoH was manipulated to do.

Had these care packages never been sent in the first place, the game would have played out exactly how it has thus far. It’s extremely disappointing. Maybe next time they should consider some rewards that can actually turn the game around and give power to the people who receive the gifts.

7 Here For Love

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Definitely one of the more annoying parts of this season, it seems as if this entire game has been and continues to be revolved around showmances. In fact, it’s starting to look as if the final four could potentially be separate couples. As happy as we may be for people who find love on shows such as Big Brother, the show starts to get boring when love is the primary factor towards winning.

The game is supposed to be about a physical and mental struggle, not about finding love. This isn’t a dating show and it is being treated like one. Even the two strongest competitors in the game had become wrapped up in a showmance at one point or another. Victor and Natalie shared a brief moment in the first week and Paulie and Zakiyah had an on again, off again romance that had us all wanting to beat our heads against a wall.

We already know that there is a point in the Big Brother contract that states the winner is not supposed to share their winnings with any other house guests, but maybe this should be enforced even if the house guests start a relationship. At least that way we might end up seeing less of people depending on romances to carry them through the game, and the show might actually become interesting again. Or hey, there is always the option of making a special edition of Big Brother dedicated to the dating aspect of it, but we can’t guarantee the ratings will be all that great.

6 No Such Thing As Surprises

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Has anyone else noticed that it seems like the house guests know exactly what is coming at any given time? It’s one thing to know that a double eviction has to be coming soon, but to guess almost exactly when it’s going to happen seems strange.

This week we have seen the house guests start to predict that someone else was going to come back into the game even though there has been no indication (as far as we know) to them that this is even a possibility. The only things that the house guests have been all that surprised about this season were the secret room as well as Natalie winning HoH.

The fact that they know about all this stuff before it’s ever announced is extremely disappointing and makes us think that they’re getting hints during these Diary Room sessions. Either that, or the game has become extremely predictable. Either way, it isn’t good and Big Brother needs to step up their own game a few notches.

5 Battle Back

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To say that most the twists that were used this season were game changing is the biggest understatement in Big Brother history.

The biggest “game changer” we had was the Battle Back Competitions. The first Battle Back allowed five evicted players the chance to fight for the right to enter the house again. This was fine because it kept things interesting early on in the game.

The problem is that now, after we already have half the jury in the jury house, we just witnessed a SECOND Battle Back (since no one had a round trip ticket) where the first 5 jury members got the chance to battle their way back in.

Twists like these are completely changing the game of Big Brother by actually making it an entirely different game where the evictions don’t fully matter. The idea of Big Brother is to avoid eviction, but this is giving players a second or third (congratulations, Victor) chance at winning the game. How is this the Big Brother we’ve come to know and love? It’s not.

4 BB Roadkill Competition

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The BB Roadkill competition was another twist that we were not that all that fond of once we witnessed how it affected the game. It didn’t have quite as large of a game altering affect as the Battle Back, but it still had a pretty severe effect.

The Roadkill competition gave someone who wasn’t Head of Household the power to not only nominate someone for eviction, but to replace their own nominee in the event they were pulled off with the veto. So basically for a while, the house had two Head of Households — even though one of them didn’t get the HoH room and all the special gifts.

What this twist did is take away a lot of power from the person who is supposed to have it, which makes no sense whatsoever considering having all that power is supposed to be a reward that helps the HoH’s game, not anyone else’s. So if someone put a big target on the block using the power from the BB Roadkill that just so happened to be part of the HoH’s alliance, what’s the point in them being HoH? There really wasn’t one while this competition existed.

3 Downright Awful Casting

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Out of the 12 original house guests who started off in the Big Brother house, you’d think that at least half of them would know the proper way to approach the game. Especially when you think about the fact that 2 of them were related to past players, it seems pretty unbelievable to think that almost none of them have any idea how to successfully navigate their way through the show.

That’s what fans are dealing with, though. The siblings, Paulie and Tiffany, have actually played worse games than Vanessa and Cody, and the fresh faces are walking around like they haven’t the slightest idea where they are, save for Victor and Paul. This cast is the perfect example of why putting people who only offer a visual appeal and a general knowledge of the show is a horrible idea.

Big Brother needs to focus on the physical and mental capabilities of their future potentials. We’re tired of the sob-fests, we’re sick of egomaniacal jerks, and if we have to sit through too much more of the folks who are a few teeth short of a mouthful then we’re going to rip our hair out.

2 The Returnees

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What’s worse than filling the Big Brother house with newbies who clearly have no idea what they’re doing? That’s easy — bringing back 4 players from previous seasons who also seem to have no idea what they’re doing.

Three of them made it pretty far in their original seasons and two of them are currently still in the running for winning this season. The problem here is that it seems as if these veterans have not changed their games at all. In fact, it’s safe to say that the only reason anyone made it farther than they originally did was simply due to the fact that they were around different people who have a higher tolerance for everything they do wrong.

Why come back into a game and throw away another half a million dollars by not learning from your mistakes? It doesn’t make sense and a lot of the fans were extremely disappointed.

Big Brother really needs to carefully consider whether or not the returnees twist is something that they should make into a habit. Most of us say no because nothing good has come out of it, but that probably won’t stop them — unfortunately.

1 The Allowance of Horrid Behavior

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One of the most discussed topics of the season revolves around the way that certain house guests are treating their fellow competitors. As previously stated, it is expected that a lot of drama will arise; and yes, we tend to get excited when it happens because it makes things interesting. However, there has been an absurd amount of unacceptable behavior that a large majority of fans have stated should have been handled by the show’s producers.

Sexual harassment is never okay and in the case of a reality show, it does not make for “great TV.” Shrugging it off and answering it with an edit that simply shows just how much of a jerk the person is does not qualify as justice for their wrong doings. If someone is acting in such a disgusting manner that is bringing other people in the house to tears and making everyone uncomfortable, then something needs to be done. Nothing was done.

This kind of behavior makes us question the people behind the show and wonder whether or not we want to support them by allowing Big Brother to continue.

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