13 Obnoxious Things Beyonce Wants Everyone To Know

Since time began it has become normal to worship, adore and admire public figures, especially those that reside in the entertainment business. It has become so easy for many to create such an image so polished and perfected that it can seem impossible to grasp those pretty little blotches of imperfection.

Loved all over the world with hundreds and thousands of fans, Beyoncé can do no wrong to many. Dipping her finger in a variety of pies, the singer, songwriter, producer, actress, dancer and businesswoman is so successful that she makes even the busiest of us look lazy. But, nobody’s perfect, including Mrs. Flawless herself.

Yes even Queen Bey can be as obnoxious, intolerable, offensive and unbearable as the rest of us, ironically making her that little bit more likable. Over the years Mrs. Knowles-Carter has begun to grate, grinding the gears of many and rubbing people up the wrong way. From claiming to be a feminist and preaching about God, to calling herself a role model for young women everywhere, Beyoncé really knows how to get under one's skin. However as insufferable as she can be, it still doesn’t take away from the fact that she is an incredible entertainer, for she is probably one of the best in the world.

Yet the truth is that despite how ridiculously attractive and talented we may be, we still manage to be as irritated and annoyed as the next. After all, we are only human right?

Here are 13 of the most obnoxious things Beyoncé wants us to know.

13 She Doesn’t Question God

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It is well known that Beyoncé has a penchant for bringing up God during interviews, on stage, to her fans, thanking him, loving him and shoving him down our throats. With declarations such as, "Sometimes it’s overwhelming. Why did God give me my talent, my gift, my family? But I know you’re not supposed to question God’"and Whenever I’m confused about something, I ask God to reveal the answers to my questions, and he does," it gets to the point where you just want her to shut up and sing.

Obviously there is nothing wrong with someone’s religious beliefs but I’m sure it’s the last thing on people’s minds after paying an extortionate amount of money to see her in action. Maybe she should question God about her ticket prices? "Why can the tickets be free for my fans" - sounds like music to our ears.

12 She Is A Feminist

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A debate that’s gone on for years, Ms. Independent has often claimed to be a feminist especially in the lyrics to her songs and in her interviews. Accused of being a token feminist, Annie Lennox took it up a notch by saying she uses 'feminism as a means of self-promotion'. Some have suggested it's unfair yet with comments such as ‘The more successful I become, the more I need a man’, makes you think otherwise.

But let's not forget what she did for the women of Japan, once saying ‘I remember being in Japan when Destiny's Child put out 'Independent Women,' and women there were saying how proud they were to have their own jobs, their own independent thinking, their own goals. It made me feel so good, and I realized that one of my responsibilities was to inspire women in a deeper way’. I wonder what Japan was like before Beyoncé?

11 She's Completely and Utterly 100% Real

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Nobody is 100% real and the more and more a person claims that they are 100% real, the more obvious it is that they aren't. Bey’s constant need to state how ‘real’ she is basically just confirms how incredibly narcissistic she is especially in regards to her Instagram account, where she was recently spotted snapping selfies at The Louvre , with her back to the most famous art pieces in history.

In fact if she were so genuine then she wouldn’t be so vain in demanding every unflattering picture of her to be taken down from the internet and she wouldn’t have about 400 alter egos. What ever happened to Sasha Fierce anyway?

10 She Has The Best Fans

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On a regular basis Beyoncé likes to claim she has the best fans in the world, when in fact they are the absolute worst, who regularly spawn death threats to those that disagree. Don’t get me wrong I am a fan and believe her to be one the best performers on the planet, but it’s the crazed, obsessive and neurotic ones that are absolutely terrifying. Often referring to her as ‘God’, which is first of all absurd due to the fact that she is very obviously just a normal human being, they constantly preach about how ‘real’ and ‘genuine’ she is. Again irony in its most powerful form.

9 She's An Extremely Private Person

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For a while Beyoncé was an extremely private person, keeping out of the newspapers and even denying her long term relationship with now husband Jay Z. Yet things suddenly took a turn for the worst with Instagram becoming a personal telescope into the trouble and tribulations of the Queen herself. Documenting everything from her daughter, her husband, her various vacations and numerous selfies it is pretty hard to feel sorry for her when she is often so angry about her privacy not being respected. In other words, she's asking for the attention. Make up your mind Beyonce: do you want us to pay you attention or leave you alone?

8 She Is An Actor

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Talk show host Wendy Williams once claimed that Beyoncé ‘sounds like she has a 5th grade education." Harsh yes, but truthful maybe. Once stating ‘acting is easier and smoother than singing, it’s less drama’, Beyoncé not only insults the craft that she so desperately wants to be a part of but also doesn’t seem to understand the obvious contradiction of the sentence. Time and time again Beyoncé tops the list of ‘dumb’ quotes all while outrageously trying to sound intelligent, yet sadly failing to do so.

7 She’s All About Family

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From cutting her family out of her life after their divorce to harboring a grudge against her father for pushing her into the music business, Beyoncé seems to have a tricky relationship with the Knowles brigade to the point where she let her sister kick her husband's ass in an elevator without even batting an eyelid. Speaking of Solange, it is also a little strange that she doesn’t seem to promote her sister’s music considering she is just as talented if not more.

6 She's A Role Model 

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When first lady Michelle Obama called her a fantastic role model for young people, it caused a lot of heat. With regards to Bey's sexually explicit lyrics and scantily dressed outfits, many mothers and fathers rightly disagreed. So what does Beyoncé do to help the situation? She continues to say dumb stuff like this,  "I didn’t like school when I was there, but I miss the social life in school. But that’s something you have to give up. It's way better performing and meeting celebrities and accomplishing your dreams than talking to a bunch of kids."

5 She Doesn't Like To Flaunt Her Wealth

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Once she claimed she could never imagine that she would ever be so wealthy: '"I just wanted to be financially stable and it embarrasses me. I don’t feel comfortable talking or thinking about it". It was a shock when Bey was snapped flushing an entire bottle of champagne, supposedly worth $20,000 into a hot tub. With comparisons to the price of the champagne to the price of somebody's tuition fee, Beyoncé was left seriously red faced. Oh to be financially stable!

4 She Loves Obama

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Often seen schmoozing with the Obama's at football games, charity events or even just hanging at the White House it is obvious to see that there is no love lost between them. Yet, brought up in Texas and experiencing a somewhat privileged upbringing, she once said: 'I grew up in a very nice house in Houston, went to private school all my life and I've never even been to the hood, not that there's anything wrong the 'hood.' Beyoncé and her immediate family members are registered republicans, therefore it is unlikely that she ever even voted for him!

3 She Writes All Her Own Songs

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Over the years there has been a lot of speculation on whether or not Beyoncé actually does write her own songs and the meaning of the infamous ‘song credit’ with rumors of her changing one word to claim the song as her own. Once stating that she wrote ‘Irreplaceable' and ‘for her girls’ , it was later revealed the song was written by Ne-Yowho decided it sounded to misogynistic with a male voice singing.

2 She Is A Vegan

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After announcing to the world that she had turned vegan yet still ate meat (?), Queen Bey was still able to piss off PETA in the biggest way possible after releasing her newly anticipated sneaker line. However, unfortunately the sneaker itself was made from crocodile and anaconda skins resulting in PETA sending an angry letter to the vegan living animal lover. And this wasn’t the first time PETA had a problem with Bey's fashion choices, once scolding her for wearing a leather bodice made from python skin.

1 She Woke Up Like This

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Having the body of a goddess and the thighs to match it can be incredibly easy for someone to lecture to the rest of the world to embrace those dimples. Sadly not everyone has the access to the best trainers, gyms and personal chefs and that’s not to mention the craftily done Photoshop edits that so often appear on her Instagram page. Once quoted as saying ‘we all have our imperfections. But I'm human, and you know, it's important to concentrate on other qualities besides outer beauty’. It can be extremely difficult for us not to worry when someone who is absolutely stunningly beautiful to tell us to not to.

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