13 Huge Stars Who Endured Awful Childhoods

Just because these celebrities tend to have the nicest cars, the fame, the success and the money, don’t let that fool you into thinking that they didn’t have a rough start in life. None of the celebrities listed below came from rich backgrounds to the point where they could easily change their environment.

Nothing happened without devotion and hard work, and if anything, it seemed as if their awful childhoods made them determined to make it out from the place they would consider their home. These are the 13 celebrities with the worst childhood upbringing.

13 Nicki Minaj

Despite often branding herself as a Barbie, Nicki Minaj’s childhood was from the lavish lifestyle she lives today. Minaj, who moved to New York as a youngster, was constantly living with different family members as her mother Carol wanted to start a new life for herself and her kids outside of Trinidad. And while Nicki’s dad would soon follow, it would cause endless havoc in their household — so much that Nicki would go to bed hearing her dad say he will set the entire house on fire.

12 Lindsay Lohan

11 Drew Barrymore

10 Ariel Winter

9 Janet Jackson

Everyone pretty much knows the story behind the Jacksons and their horrifying childhood. Janet Jackson and her siblings would face terrifying punishments by father Joe Jackson, who always found a reason to whip his children with the nearest belt. If there was no belt around, Janet and Michael have gone on to claim that Joe was even known to use an ironing board to hit against their heads. While Janet is believed to have suffered the least amount of punishments, she was well aware of Michael’s beatings, who reportedly had it the worst.

8 Macaulay Culkin

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7 Chris Brown

6 Charlize Theron

5 Mariah Carey

4 50 Cent

3 Rihanna

Rihanna actually grew up in an abusive household out in Barbados. Her father developed an awful habit with alcohol, which made it even harder for Rihanna, who knew she was destined to become a singer. Her big break at 16 had the singer make enough money to have her entire family change their surroundings, away from Rihanna’s troubled father. While Rihanna’s dad is still part of her life, Rihanna tends to appreciate his father duties from a distance considering the thing he allegedly put her through as a child.

2 Missy Elliott


Who would’ve thought that Virginia born singer Missy Elliott grew up poor? Not just any kind of poor, I’m talking about extremely poor. Poor to the point where the apartments were Missy lived with her parents were infested with so many rats, when the rapper would sleep at night, her parents had to tap her to shake them off her back. Yikes! Fortunately for her, she would eventually go on to meet Timbaland, who would produce dozens of Missy’s classic hits, allowing her to live a better life with her family out in New Jersey, where she now resides.

1 Eminem

Eminem grew up in Detroit with his mother Deborah. His father was absent from his life, so he pretty much relied on Deborah for all the things he needed to learn to be a better man. But that was hard since Deborah was so bad off, she didn’t have time to teach or take care of Eminem. The rapper says that his childhood was one of the worst times of his life, having deeply affected his adult years when he began writing music. These days, all of the pain that Eminem felt at the time when he was a suffering child has now been turned into endless hit songs from the “I’m Not Afraid” hitmaker.

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