12 Things You Didn't Know About The Green Lantern

So we have pretty much everyone in the DC Universe cast already. We got Batfleck, Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, Jason Momoa as Aquaman. Hell we even have two different people playing The Flash. All that and we still don’t have the slightest idea as to who will be one of the most popular DC heroes of all time, Hal Jordan aka The Green Lantern. Unless you count Deadpool, or sorry, Ryan Reynolds (which we don’t) there haven’t even been strong rumors as to who will play the intergalactic guardian. We do know there will be a Green Lantern movie in 2020, and seeing as Hal Jordan is the most popular Lantern, it would be a missed opportunity for the writers not to include him.

Obviously there is quite a bit of time before casting directors need to settle on who will be playing Hal (or even if they will be using him) so the rumors can chill. We may not know anything for 4 years (unless they want to include him in the Flash movie slated for 2018) so for now we all just have to sit and wait. In the meantime, let’s catch up with the famed Green Lantern. Here are 12 things you may not have known about Hal Jordan.

12 He’s not the first Green Lantern

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While he has become the most iconic Green Lantern, Hal Jordan was not DC’s first Green Lantern. Back in the 40s DC treated fans to the Green Lantern, Alan Scott. There are many differences between the two Lanterns, primarily being that while Hal’s ring is powered by hope and came from some aliens who protect the universe, Alan’s was just a magic ring. The character was even a founding member of the Justice Society of America, a prelude to the Justice League. Writers decided to do away with him as his books were not very popular, and the company even noticed that his K9 sidekick, Streak, was more popular (so popular that he got his own run of comics). Since his heyday in the ‘40s, Alan hasn’t completely gone away as he has been tied into books even up until today, just not as a member of the Green Lantern Corp.

11 There are 4 Other Green Lanterns from Earth

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Again Hal Jordan is the most popular incarnation of The Green Lantern we know and love, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t more. There are 7,202 Lanterns total, and the corp. has boasted numbers passed a million in the past (before Doomsday killed them). Each sector of the universe is said to have at least 1 Green Lantern to protect it, so there are thousands of different aliens that hold a power ring. For some reason there are 5 from Earth, that’s about 4 more than there are from any other planet. John Stewart has made his mark in pop-culture as one of the first black superheroes, then Guy Gardner joined the team, followed by Kyle Rayner. Recently Simon Baz put on the ring, which is monumental as he is one of the first Muslim comic book heroes, and one of the first openly gay heroes as well. Why one planet has somehow produced five Green Lanterns is a mystery to many.

10 He's Been in Pretty Much Every Lantern Corp. 

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There are more lantern colors than green; nine, to be precise (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet, Black and White). Each has its own power ring fueled by a different emotion or, as in the cases of Black and White, life and death. Hal has worn a ring for all but two, Indigo and Violet. Most heroes aren’t able to join any (except for Black Lanterns, who are all zombies). This basically means that no matter what emotion Hal feels, he can utilize it to wield an over-powered ring that even some of the strongest beings in the universe cannot control. Very few have ever been able to harness the power of all nine.

9 Jack Black Was Almost the Green Lantern

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While the Ryan Reynolds Green Lantern movie was bad, it was almost so much worse. In 2004 Robert Smigel, creator of Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, had penned an entire script depicting the Green Lantern as a comedic movie, heavily influenced by The Mask, starring Jack Black. Jack Black… The script had Black use his power ring to make giant condoms to catch criminals, and create sexy housekeepers for his friends to ogle at. When the concept was announced to fans, they somehow successfully petitioned the studio to drop this farce of an idea and make a real Green Lantern movie more in line with what they saw from Batman Begins. Instead we got the Ryan Reynolds mess, but hey, at least there were no giant green condoms.

8 He's been Kicked out of the Lantern Corp. 

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Even though pretty much every Green Lantern at one point has said that Hal Jordan is the best Green Lantern of all time, the guy somehow finds ways to get himself booted from the group. In one case it was because the guardians felt like he spent too much time protecting Earth (you know, his home) and not enough time with the rest of the universe. Ok fair point, but the punishment was that he couldn't work with the corp. for an entire year. It would make more sense to have Hal spend his time anywhere but Earth, not force him to hang out there. It’s kind of like if an NBA team thought their best player really enjoyed playing in a different city too much, so they trade him to the local team as punishment. Yea it really makes no sense.

7 He Met Duck Dodgers 

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This one is a bit self-explanatory. In the ninth episode of the Looney Toons spin-off Duck Dodgers, Duck (that was his name) accidentally got the wrong clothes from the dry cleaners. The clothes that were accidentally picked up belonged to none other than Hal Jordan (voiced by Kevin Smith). When putting on the clothes, Duck finds Hal’s power ring with them. He takes on the name of “The Green Loontern” and proceeds to fight alongside the real Green Lanterns against Sinestro. At the end of the day Duck somehow saves the day, but is forced to trade the ring and outfit back with Hal for his regular uniform.

6 He Slept With a 14 Year Old

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So this was a bad time for Hal. Back in the early ‘80s Green Lantern fans were treated to Hal’s new protégé Arisia, a spunky 14-year-old who had a close relationship with her mentor. How close? Well on multiple occasions (like very often) Hal refers to her as his “little sister,” and she calls him “big brother.” Being 14, Arisia develops a crush on Hal, which he downplays at first. After her incessant and inappropriate flirting affects their missions, Hal tells her to stop citing the age gap saying that he could never see her as anything other than a teenager. Taking this to heart, Arisia runs away crying, only to return later in a skimpier outfit saying that she used the ring's power to appear older - only to appear that way, she’s still 14. Hal obviously no longer cares about the age gap and starts a very sexual relationship with his “little sister.” Ugh, I need a shower just from writing this.

5 Carol Ferris is his Boss, Girlfriend, and Mortal Enemy 

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Inter-office dating can get pretty weird, pretty fast. But trying to date your boss is a recipe for disaster. That’s the nature of Hal Jordan and Carol Ferris’s relationship though. Oh, and she’s also one of his mortal enemies bent on killing him at all costs. Almost forgot about that part. In her original incarnation as Star Sapphire, an alien stone possesses Carol Ferris. While possessed, Carol attempts to kill her beau to prove that men are inferior to women. The battles went on for years before Hal was finally able to get her to revert to her true self and stop trying to kill him. Seeing the past as the past, the two eventually get married, because seriously, what couple hasn’t tried to brutally murder each other?

4 His Greatest Weakness 

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It’s well known that Superman is weak to kryptonite, and that Martian Manhunter is rendered useless when there is fire present. They’re both from space, kinda like the Green Lantern, so Hal must have a cool weakness too right? Ehh… Hal is weak to the color yellow. When surrounded by too much yellow his ring becomes worthless and he can’t use his powers. At one point in his run, Batman and Robin have to fight their long time ally, so what do they do? They put him in a yellow room, paint themselves yellow, and beat the living s*** out of him. He can’t even get a punch in on the dynamic duo. It really shows how inept some of his villains are, especially Sinestro who wears a yellow suit. Why don’t they just like throw a bunch of lemons at him? He can’t stop them… Or better yet just paint some bullets yellow. It’s such an easy weakness to capitalize on.

3 He Never got with Wonder Woman Because Fans Wanted it too much 


This is a case of the fans wanting something so much that they never could get it. According to many writers, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern were intened to get together in the ‘70s and become a powerhouse couple in the DC Universe. Then the studio got bombarded with “ideas” from fans saying the same thing. Because so many people would say they had the idea first, DC was unable to put this into production in fear of copyright issues. Now it’s just a big “what if?” in comic book history. Fans; way to ruin it for everyone.

2 Hal got his Ring Purely by Luck 

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Some argue that destiny intervened when Hal received his power ring from when Abin Sur (the original wielder) died on Earth. In reality it was really just dumb luck… When Abin Sur died, his ring went to the closest person worthy of using it. The ring found two people, Hal Jordan and Guy Gardener. Hal just happened to be a little closer. The ring went to him and the rest is history, but all of the Green Lantern adventures that fans have been treated to could have been significantly different if Hal happened to be vacationing, or even at work, when the ring started it’s journey.

1 Parallax

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In the ‘90s, DC attempted to reinvent pretty much every one of it’s main line of heroes. They killed Superman, broke Batman’s back, and made Hal Jordan a genocidal maniac who kills all of his closest friends. Yea you read that right. After the villain Mongel destroys Hal’s hometown of Coast City, Hal begins to go insane. He blames himself for the city’s destruction, which led to the death of almost everyone he loves. Filled with grief and guilt, he recreates the city and it’s inhabitants using the ring’s power. The Guardians are not happy about this, as the ring’s power is not meant for personal gain. Angry that the guardian’s don’t want him to keep living in this fantasy world, Hal begins to systematically murder all the Green Lanterns. The Guardians even resort to recruiting Sinestro when they realize that they cannot stop him. Hal renounces the Green Lanterns ways, and begins to call himself Parallax. Fans were so unhappy with this drastic change of character that writers began to receive death threats. Eventually they kill off (and revive) Hal, claiming that it was not him who killed all his friends and allies, but the parasite Parallax, an ancient entity that embodies fear itself, who was controlling him for all those years.


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