12 Things Wrong With The Walking Dead's Season 6

I am a huge fan of Zombie-related stuff such as movies, games, books, TV shows, etc. However, my ultimate favorite is obviously AMC's The Walking Dead. AMC has given us five amazing seasons of the show that features TV's most amazing anti-hero, Rick Grimes, and national fan girl favorite, Norman Reedus. However, when season 6 started it was already... weird.

Eight episodes into the season, and I'm still wondering what is going on. Not in terms of action, but what is going on in terms of writing and characters. The zombie-themed show has always been thorough with its plot, giving us punches to the jaws, one after the other, but it doesn't happen in season 6. We're just here, hoping the second half of the season will make us fall back in love with a series we loved so much up until October.

From plot holes to character changes to red herring to not killing off Glenn, I've prepared a list of 12 things that haven't been done the right way in season 6, in my perspective.

On a sarcastic tone for the most part, here are 12 Things Wrong With The Walking Dead's Season 6.


13 Plot Holes

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Rick's badassery shouldn't be enough to explain his exploits. We, the viewers, need to see the important parts of the story line, and not just assume them. Right after Rick got his hand injured (which later magically heals), he is surrounded by walkers while he's in some random RV. He is injured, tired, and in the middle of a flesh-eating-monster crowd.

Then something happens. And the next thing we know, he's knocking at Alexandria's door with a horde walking after him. Usually, Walking Dead would go back and explain this strange turn of events to the viewers, but not this time.

You can't leave plot holes like these. Rick was in a dangerous, possibly lethal situation, and you cut the part where he manages to get through it? That's frustrating to the viewers.


11  11. Rick Is Supposed To Lose His Hand

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If you've read the comics, you probably cheered when Rick apparently injured his left hand really badly during a fight with the Wolves. The wound was heavily bleeding, he looked in pain, and we thought, "finally, he's gonna get his hand chopped off!"

For those of you who didn't read the comics, Rick Grimes gets his right hand chopped off quite early in the story by the (latino) Governor.

Andrew Lincoln really wanted to do that in the show, but the producers rejected the idea because it would cost too much in special effects to have their main character's hand constantly taken off in post-production.

However, when Rick really injured that hand in season 6, we thought that was finally going to happen. But it didn't and we don't know why. Rick just suddenly came back to Alexandria and we never heard of that injury again. He doesn't even wear a bandage! That my friends, is a major problem.

10  10. Characters Suddenly Becoming Stupid

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That episode with Daryl and his new friends was just really odd. It seemed that every character shown in that episode was a total retard who had just spawned into the apocalypse, even Daryl.

How in the world could Daryl Dixon be frightened enough-after everything he's done and been through-to crash his motorcycle right next to a very obvious decaying zombie in the forest? He then gets captured by a group of rather idiotic people (who sincerely would risk stealing from Daryl? They obviously don't know him.)

But the Darwin Award of this episode goes to Blonde Girl in the picture above. At some point, the crew finds a camping settlement that burned down to the ground. Turns out it's them who set fire and they killed a couple of kids they thought had left the place. So Blondie here sees the cremated bodies and randomly falls in-between them.

So, the very not-so-dead people wake up and eat her. And as a viewer, you are so impressed by how stupid she is that you're kinda glad she won't stay longer in the show.

9  9. Episode 2

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At first, episode 2 is great; there's a lot of action, Carol kills people, Morgan begins to get on our nerves, Alexandrians die, everything is chill. Then, you either watch it again or just think about it, and realize the sad truth: nothing happens in this episode.

Sure, Wolves butcher the town, Carol and Morgan start hating each other. But besides that? It's just a free gore-show. And the sad part about this is that it was a great opportunity for characters to evolve. It could have been Carol by not killing Morgan's prisoner and being forced to listen to his Buddhist theories; it could have been Morgan who would have been forced to kill and start questioning himself and his beliefs; it could have been Father Gabriel being useful, or even Eugene.

In earlier seasons, the crew would have taken advantage of this situation to do something baffling. But I fear that season 6 is not living up to its predecessors, and really hope the second half of it will take my breath away and keep me awake at night.

8  8. Major Characters No Longer At The Forefront

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Let's be honest, we're not watching Walking Dead for the Alexandrians. We watch that show because we care about Rick and his crew; we care about Michonne, Daryl, Carol, Carl, and Rick, mostly. But season 6 so far has given us very little of these characters, which makes us frustrated with the others and very much insensible to their terrible demises.

"Rick, Carol and Daryl are probably the major trio, yet they only featured in 6, 5 and 4 episodes respectively out of 8 [episodes]" reported whatculture.com. That's a problem considering the show is about their adventure in this apocalypse-ridden world.

7  7. Promising Characters Turning Useless

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This is probably what saddens me the most. Eugene is totally useless in this season, so far. Yes, we've seen Rosita yell at him during her combat-training class, but besides this, he's rendered useless and uninteresting.

And that is very sad for a character that was so promising and so terribly funny! Back in season 5, he became sort of a hero when he saved Tara's unconscious body from the walkers, risking everything he ever tried to conserve by lying about a cure (and getting punched in the face by Rambo-Abraham): his life.

Another character that seems full of potential right now is Father Gabriel who apparently changed and realized Rick is the only good guy in this broken world. Maybe his character will be developed in the second half of the season, and I hope so. But I'm still sad nothing was done to make him evolve yet.

6  6. Daryl/Sasha/Abraham's Storyline

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This badass trio is out to get walker treat out of Alexandria's horizon by riding a car and a motorcycle about 3 km/h. We get to learn a little bit about Abraham and Sasha. What I find really weird (beside that out-of-the-blue romance that seem to be blooming between the ginger and the previously psycho-queen) is that Sasha is at peace with herself now.

I mean, up until the last second of season 5, she was ready to kill and be killed. She was completely mad with grief after loosing her boyfriend and brother. But suddenly, season 6 starts and she's over it? I'm sorry, but I never saw the character's evolution. To me, it's only another plot hole.

5  5. Carol Turning Into Bloodthirsty B*$@$

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Yes, Carol has been bloodthirsty since season 4, mostly. And it has been really enjoyable until season 6 to watch her kill walkers and people, and blow up stuff (like Terminus). However, something is kind of off about her in season 6. It feels like her character stopped progressing and is only a killing machine, devoid of any kind of feelings. In fact, she is becoming increasingly dangerous by appearing as a soft cookie-baker in an ugly sweater, and then transforming into Commando of Deadly Death in one second.

Usually, when characters stop evolving, that's when it's time to tell them goodbye. I hope it's just bad writing, and not the end of amazing Carol, though.

4  4. Alexandrians In The Spotlight

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Walking Dead is about the story of Rick Grimes and his crew, which does not include Alexandrians. Maybe the scriptwriter wants them to be part of the Rick-Gang, but they don't, and they certainly don't belong with them. What's frustrating about season 6 is how much time is spent showing us these people whom we don't care about.

A good example was season 6 mid-season finale during which Diana got bit and later died. I felt absolutely nothing towards that character. That was a waste of a mid-season punch. Either the Alexandrians must be integrated in a way that'll interest the viewers in the next half of the season, or the show should really just give up on making us wanting to love them by cutting off Rick's screen time.

3  3. Ron & Sam

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I don't know whichever of them I hate the most. Sam is so useless it hurts and he might have caused the death of the group in the mid-season finale when he screamed "mom!" in the middle of a huge walker crowd. So thank you, Sam.

When it comes to Ron, we get it. Rick killed your dad and Carl stole your girlfriend's heart. But it's the apocalypse, out there, could you please restrain yourself from being a total douchebag?

Now, you're going to tell me that if I feel this way for the two boys, then Walking Dead did their writing right and that's mostly correct. But they are so annoying and get so much on the viewers' nerves that they could become a reason to switch channel in the future episodes. And that is very bad for AMC.

2  2. Morgan

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Who didn't cheer when Morgan appeared at the end of season 5 to save the day? However, our cheers died quickly when we realized that Morgan would basically be really annoying and frustrating. Worst was when we were given an entire episode about his background during the weeks of "Is Glenn dead?" madness. To be honest, the episode was good. It was just so badly placed that it made people antipathetic towards Morgan, instead of making the viewers understand him better.

I don't think Morgan is a bad element to the show, even if his all-lives-matter mantra has already started to bring chaos to Alexandria. However, I think that he would have been exploited better, and much more appreciated, if his backstory episode hadn't been in the middle of a national madness focusing on Glenn's destiny. In my opinion, that was one of AMC's biggest mistake this season.

1 Glenn Didn't Die

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And the biggest mistake AMC did in The Walking Dead this season is not killing off Glenn. I hoped, as much as everyone else, that he would survive after he fell with Nicolas into the zombie horde. At the same time, I wanted him to die because if he did survive, it would be so ridiculously impossible that it would break the show's credibility, and also prove that the main characters can't be killed off anymore (because money).

Now, let's remember that Glenn fell into a huge horde of hungry walkers. They tore Nicolas apart and... stopped there? Glenn's face was INCHES away from theirs, and they didn't take a bite? Or his legs? Or anything else? That defies every logic the show has put in place so far. It's a very grave mistake.

You know, I can deal with Rick making head shots by shooting in any direction, without aiming. That, I can do because Rick is so terribly bad-ass, it's alright. But walkers turning a meal down? No. It's called a costly mistake.

I'm aware they are probably keeping Glenn's violent death at the hands of Negan and his Lucille for the end of the season. And if it does happen like it did in the comics, it'll be horrible, gory, and tragic. But it won't have the same impact because viewers will think: "Is he gonna die, this time?"

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