12 Reasons To Love Amy Willerton

You might have seen her in the many gorgeous bikini photos that are plastered all over the Internet and featured on the shiny pages of glamorous magazines. Perhaps you have no idea about who she is and what she is famous for, but have noted her appearance on several of FHM's lists of hottest women. Or maybe you happen to be a fan and follower of the most prestigious beauty pageants and know her from there. Whichever it is, Amy Willerton is undoubtedly known for her stunning looks and amazing figure, which she doesn't mind demonstrating, when given the chance.

For those still curious about the identity of this charming woman, she is a British model and TV presenter, particularly recognized for her numerous titles in the world of fashion and beauty. She even represented her country in Donald Trump's Miss Universe Pageant back in 2013. She has since been seen on various TV shows and has become a familiar face on the television screens at home, in the UK.

12 Became A Star At 15

Believe it or not, Amy Willerton, though she may look ripe and mature (in only the best of senses), is still quite young - she's only 23! And the start of her career as a fashion and beauty icon began with her being scouted as a model, when she was as young as fifteen. Many girls dream of conquering the world of high fashion and becoming top models, showcasing the latest designs of renowned and expensive brands. However, only a handful of them manage to reach these heights and some go through a whole ordeal of tryouts and castings before even getting recognized. This wasn't the case for Amy, though, she got the lucky ticket and ruled the catwalks, representing brands like Karen Millen and Guess.

11 Won Every Beauty Title In South West England

You have to admit, that is some determination to win absolutely every existing title in all the beauty pageants within a pretty impressive radius around you. Not only did she win them, she did it by the time she was legally old enough to drive (legal driving age in the UK is 17)! She went from claiming the title of Miss Bristol in her hometown at 17 and continued claiming the rest, one after the other, before the year was over. After that Willerton went on to win the titles Miss Bath and Miss London, in 2011 and 2012, respectively.

10 She's Taken

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We're sorry, if we have already managed to get you to start crushing on this celebrity, but it's true: her heart already belongs to someone. And it should hardly come as a surprise, too - a woman like Amy Willerton must have without a doubt had an army of suitors lined up for her attention. And she has at long last graced one of them with her affection. Her choice fell on young American student entrepreneur Daniel Day, whom she's been dating for a year now and they have just recently announced their engagement. Amy was actually so excited about the fact, that she gleefully flaunted her engagement ring in front of photographers.

9 Lived In A Jungle For 24 Days

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Hence the many bikini shots. But we're betting you didn't think of a Miss Universe contestant, a model and beauty icon, as Tarzan. Well, think again. Amy Willerton took part in the UK reality television game show I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!, which was filmed in the Australian jungle. To make matters juicier, the model had just returned to London from the Miss Universe pageant in Moscow and not twenty-hours after this caught the next plane to Brisbane, Australia. Talk about time management! Aside from that, the show enjoyed the highest ratings in its history that year and won several awards. Not claiming that was Amy's achievement, but her presence certainly must have helped.

8 Has A History With FHM

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FHM followers are sure to know this by now, but if you aren't keeping up with the famous magazine - we will gladly update you on what's been going on over the recent years. For starters, she's been listed in their Top 100 Sexiest Women ranking. Twice. Once in 2014, when she was listed under number 22, and in the list of 2015 she climbed up a few numbers reaching rank 14. With that tendency - who knows how high she might get in this year's release. Amy Willerton has also been showcased on the cover of FHM's magazines twice.

7 First Brit In The Top 10 For Miss Universe

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After her cascade of triumphs at the various pageants she had entered, which one by one led her to becoming Miss Great Britain, Amy was naturally sent to represent her country in the well known Miss Universe competition, which that year (2013) was held in Russia's capital - Moscow. Though she didn't win the competition, she was tipped the possible winner by many pageant forums and international media. In the end of it all Willerton finished in the Top 10, becoming the first contestant representing the UK in three decades to reach that height and the first British girl to do so, ever.

6 Moved To The US

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American fans rejoice, for Amy Willerton has come to town. After moving from her hometown of Bristol to the English capital London, in order to further pursue her career as a model and TV star, Amy has finally made the decision of broadening her horizons and relocating to the USA. This would of course have to do with her recent engagement, but also because it is simply a shame that such a gorgeous woman doesn't get wider recognition. We think that is soon going to change with her move to Los Angeles, as she is reportedly already scheduled to shoot several pilots.

5 Career Began With A Shopping Trip

You know what we said about numerous tryouts and a thorny path to the catwalks and big designers? And how we said that this wasn't the story of Amy Willerton? Well, we'll turn it up another unbelievable notch: she was discovered, while she was out shopping with her sister. Just like that, you decide you need to buy a new pair of jeans one day and you land someone's dream job, opening doors for yourself you probably wouldn't have otherwise thought possible. She was scouted by one Kate Marshall of a model agency called Room 3, which marked the start of Amy Willerton's brilliant career.

4 Runs Marathons

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You didn't think that strong, athletic body made itself, did you? Yes, Amy Willerton is definitely into sports and running marathons appears to have become a new favorite of the model and television persona. So much so, that she entered the 26-mile London Marathon in 2014 together with her father. Both ran for a noble cause, more specifically North London’s Chickenshed charity, with Amy finishing the race in just over six hours. Well done, Amy! Especially since she only had time to train for the competition in between business trips to the United States and other errands on her busy schedule, like appearing on television, for example.

3 Does Other Charity Work, Too

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It's always heartwarming to see celebrities and prominent individuals use their influence for the benefit of others. And it's even better to see them do it not just once or twice, for show, but regularly, demonstrating their true philanthropic qualities. Amy Willerton is one of those celebrities and she's done quite a bit of work in the effort to raise money for different charities over the years. She was involved, for example, in quite the unusual way to raise money for the battle against cancer: an online dating site. The idea of it is that you pay money, which is then donated to the charity, for each date that is suggested to you.

2 She Writes

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The incredible range of activities this star engages in and does so well at (!) is simply awe-inspiring and makes you wonder: what's next? Is there anything this woman can't do? But we also feel great for her, because she is doing everything each of us has always wanted to do and that's to experience life in the most ways we can. As of last year, Amy Willerton has taken up yet another occupation of sorts, when she started writing for the Huffington Post. Obviously, not just anyone will be granted the ability to write for one of the world's most popular online news platforms, so there she must be talented in that area, too.

1 Performed In A Circus

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Nope, we didn't see that one coming, either. Speaking of talents, Willerton decided to prove she could master a circus art, just as well as all the other things that she's great at. In this case, it was all for another TV show called Get Your Act Together, which involves five different celebrities competing with each other to deliver the best circus performance. Amy's was a rollerskating act, for which she worked together with professionals from the Moscow State Circus. The model shared that she really enjoyed the experience, but at the same time was really conscious of the danger of her endeavour. Thankfully, all went well and nobody got hurt, and Amy yet again showed how multi-talented and charming she is.

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