12 Reasons Scott Disick Is Better Off Without Kourtney

By now, you’ve probably heard that Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick are no longer a couple. It’s been a pretty big story in entertainment news, so even if you don’t watch Keeping Up With the Kardashians, you know that the two celebrities are no longer together. There are also recent reports that Disick regrets the breakup and wants to get back together with Kardashian. After all, they were together for nine years and have three children together (two sons and a daughter).

It’s true that Kourtney and Scott have truly been through some ups and downs, but what relationship hasn’t? Some fans were rooting for the two, while others were glad that they finally called it quits. It seems like both Scott and Kourtney have a lot to work out on their own before they’d be ready for another serious relationship. Disick was also reportedly seen partying with his ex, which indicates that he wants to get back to feeling like himself before getting into anything serious again. The allegations are also part of what lead to the end of his relationship with Kourtney.

While many people are saying that Kourtney is much better off with Scott, there are some fans who believe that the breakup is actually good for Disick. Here are 12 reasons why Scott is probably better off without Kourtney Kardashian.

12 Scott Has Anger Issues


Granted, some of Disick’s anger issues may be due to the fact that he’s part of the Kardashian family, whether he likes it or not. If Kourtney was nicer to him, he’d probably be less of a ticking time bomb. There was one specific occasion in which Scott was in a drunken rage and punched in the window of Kourtney’s condo. The former couple’s son Mason was just a baby at the time, and Kourtney kicked Scott out of the house for his temper tantrum. She also made it clear that she loved Mason more than Scott, which she has made plain throughout most of their relationship.

11 Kourtney Is Too Serious

Sure, when you’re in a relationship, one person is more of a jokester, while the other tends to be structured and serious. It’s easy to see that Kourtney was the serious one in the relationship. Scott, on the other hand, was willing to laugh at the fact that he and the Kardashians got to enjoy insane riches as a result of appearing on reality TV and going to parties. His outlandish behavior (for example, he demanded that people call him “Lord Disick”) shows that he’s more grounded than a lot of famous people, and he could have taught Kourtney a few things about learning to lighten up.

10 Kourtney Hasn’t Been Very Supportive


Kourtney Kardashian gives the impression that she’s much more interested in paying attention and showing love to her children than she is in having a connection with Scott. Again, she may have valid reasons for feeling this way, because Disick certainly isn’t perfect. However, Scott has been through quite a lot in the past few years. His parents passed away months apart, and he’s become a father of three. These life events likely bring up a plethora of emotions that one should be able to freely discuss with their partners. However, it seems that Kourtney is only concerned about how she and Scott can keep the Kardashian family famous. Of course, she may have offered her support behind closed doors, but the fact that she’s comfortable criticizing her (ex) man in public is a red flag we should have all paid more attention to.

9 Kourtney Doesn’t Give Scott Credit

When Scott’s oldest son Mason was born, Disick was only 26 years old. There’s no way he could have been completely prepared for fatherhood in any capacity. However, he did his best to become more mature and take on his new role the best way he could. Kardashian has yet to give him credit for trying to be a good father. Instead, she points out every mistake he makes, and her family usually sides with her. This can make anyone feel isolated and criticized, and who wants to harbor those feelings when you’re supposed to be around someone you love?

8 Scott Wasn’t Allowed to Have “Alone Time”


Any time Scott tried to take time for himself, Kourtney seemingly made him feel guilty. Having alone time is healthy for any parent, and can help reduce stress and promote clear thinking when it comes to parenting. Yes, mothers often tend to spend more time with their children than fathers, but again, we don’t really know every single detail of the Disick/Kardashian relationship. Maybe Kourtney was just giving Scott a hard time on camera. Maybe she was a little resentful that he was able to go party or just leave the house for a few hours so freely. Either way, it probably would have been better to talk directly about this issue instead of letting it play out on reality television.

7 Kourtney Made Scott Look Bad

To be fair, we don’t really know the inner workings of Scott and Kourtney’s relationship. Even though the cameras are in their faces pretty often, we still don’t know exactly how Disick interacts with his children (or Kourtney, for that matter), when no one else is around. However, Kourtney certainly didn’t waste any chances making Scott look bad in public. She and her sisters often picked at Scott until he lost his temper or stayed out with friends for days at a time. The stress of being with Kourtney likely led Scott to cope with his stress by abusing alcohol.

6 Kourtney Didn’t Want to Get Married

This is one of the things that lead many people to believe that Kourtney and Scott were simply staging their relationship for the cameras. Of course, Kardashian could have said no to marrying Disick because she didn’t feel that he was mature enough to be a husband. However, she did continue to have children with him, and when he bought her an engagement ring (without her knowledge) and then asked her about marriage, she said that things were going well and she didn’t want to mess that up. Most women are hoping for the day their man will be willing to commit, so when Kourtney brushed off marriage, she pretty much made it plain that Scott is better off without her.

5 Kourtney Didn’t Seem Interested in Scott


Scott made several attempts to reconnect with Kourtney and enhance the intimacy in their relationship. Kourtney pushed him away several times, which is a clear sign that Scott probably should have moved on a long time ago. Disick was even willing to go to therapy, and how many men do that? Scott also tried to take Kourtney to romantic dinners and vacations to help get the spark back in their relationship. However, it was pretty clear that Kourtney didn’t want to get that close to Scott. Except, of course, when it was time to have children. Maybe Kardashian is simply scared of real intimacy (which is pretty understandable, considering the family she comes from).

4 Scott Didn’t Have Much Of A Say In Family Planning


Kourtney and Scott have three children together. After the birth of each child, Disick has been in a state of complete shock. Kardashian, on the other hand, shared the news of her pregnancies with Scott in a calm and almost nonchalant manner. Could it be that she planned each of the pregnancies without Scott’s knowledge? Is Disick just the type of guy who gets overwhelmed when it comes to raising children? Either way, Scott is better off being single if he’s going to freak out each time he learns that he has a new baby on the way. Then again, Kourtney didn’t make those children alone, so perhaps it’s best for Scott to be with someone who is fine with not having kids.

3 Scott Wasn’t Ashamed to Be Seen With Another Woman


When a famous guy who is known for his relationship with a famous woman goes on a vacation and shows affection to another woman, knowing he’ll be photographed, it’s pretty much a sign that he’s better off being single. Scott and Chloe Bartoli were seen hanging out in the South of France this summer and were getting pretty cozy with each other. Apparently, Kourtney has done her fair share of shaming Scott in public, so he figured he’d return the favor. He also looked pretty relaxed when he was spending time with Bartoli, and this kind of speaks for itself.

2 Scott Was Expected To Improve (Kourtney Was Not)


Sure, Scott Disick could stand to improve as a person. He’s been seen publicly intoxicated several times and went to rehab at Kourtney’s request. His drinking even caused the two of them to break up for a time. In addition to getting out of control when it comes to alcohol, Scott Disick has also been known to get a little flirtatious with other women, and sometimes he’s just an overall jerk. However, he was expected to become a better person, and there were times when he truly tried to improve for his children and Kourtney. However, it was still “acceptable” for Kardashian to act like an entitled socialite who couldn’t be bothered with Disick—until it was time to have a baby.

1 Kourtney Treated Him Terribly


Perhaps the most practical reason why Scott is better off not being with Kourtney is that she didn’t treat him very well. There are countless examples on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, in which Kourtney pushed Scott away when he tried to be affectionate with her, or made him feel like all of his ideas were ridiculous. For the most part, men don’t like to be embarrassed in public. So, even if the two were putting on a bit of an act for the cameras, Scott is better off with someone who can at least treat him nicely in public.

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