12 On-Screen Lovers Who Hated Each Other During Filming

Sometimes the backstage drama that occurs during the production of some of our favorite films and television shows is more entertaining than what is captured on camera. We are all human, we all have our unique traits and tics about us, but what happens when you're forced to intimately interact with someone whose tics do not match up with yours? Our beloved Hollywood stars are no exception. Many actors and actresses find themselves involved with a costar that they just simply cannot get along with. Although most of the films or shows end up being completed and released, there is usually a very noticeable lack of chemistry when the stars are paired up as on-screen lovers. Stars are just like us in that sometimes- they just can't stand their coworkers! We hate to believe that some of our favorite on-screen romances are really just a facade; a mask to hide the animosity between the actors portraying the fictional lovers.

Some of the pairings on our list may come as a surprise, while others have a serious lack of chemistry, and the obvious hostility between them cannot be hidden. Even some of the greatest actors have a tough time concealing their hatred toward someone that they must force themselves to pretend to lust over. Here are the top 12 examples of on-screen lovers that actually hated each other during filming.

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12 Luke Wilson and Kate Beckinsale - Vacancy

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In the 2007 thriller Vacancy, Kate Beckinsale and Luke Wilson portray a married couple stranded in a shady motel, with cameras hidden throughout their room - the same room that was used to film the slasher movies the motel provides as entertainment. While the film had them cast as partners fighting for their lives, the pair actually did not get along, with Beckinsale openly admitting her intolerance of Wilson. She made claims that he was rude to her on set, and that he had shown up for work hungover on several occasions. The combination of his poor attitude and lack of professionalism is what made for a miserable filming experience for Beckinsale. Sarah Jessica Parker was the original choice to play the lead actress, and judging by how the relationship between Wilson and Beckinsale panned out, we can't help but wonder if maybe Parker would have been a better choice for this role.

11 Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey - Dirty Dancing

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While watching Dirty Dancing, you'd never guess that the two main stars of the film did not get along during production of the movie. In Swayze's autobiography The Time of My Life, the actor got candid for a moment about how he felt about his co star. Swayze was openly irritated with Grey's inability to maintain her composure at times, especially when she would have a long or rough day, sometimes bursting into tears and being outwardly emotional at work. He also states that she was too giddy and childish, forcing them to do take after take when she could not hold in her laughter. There is actually footage in an outtake from the film, where Swayze is visibly annoyed at Grey for bursting into laughter while filming an intimate scene. Maybe it was their nine-year age gap, or maybe these two just had very different acting methods. Whatever it was, the pair seemed to move past it once filming wrapped, with Swayze even commending Grey on her outstanding performance.

10  10. Jason Lee and Shannen Doherty - Mallrats

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A costar not getting along with Shannen Doherty? That's never happened before...All the world knows that Shannen Doherty tends to be a bit of a hard-headed diva on set. It may come as no surprise that during the filming of Mallrats in 1995, there was a bit of tension between Doherty and her on-screen boyfriend, Jason Lee. Lee describes Doherty as difficult, spoiled, and overall tough to work with. Sound familiar? Maybe because we've heard almost exactly the same descriptions of Doherty from a few other former co stars, such as Jason Priestley and Alyssa Milano. It's no wonder her career has come to a standstill in recent years. She seems like quite a nightmare to work with.

9 Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams - The Notebook

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This one may be a bit harder for you to fathom. Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams made teen girls everywhere, and even some grown men, swoon with their all-too-perfect on-screen romance in the film version of Nicholas Sparks' The Notebook in 2004.  You would never guess that during filming, not only did the actors not have much real-life chemistry, but they in fact could hardly even stand to be around each other. The director of the film, Nick Cassavetes, revealed that the pair often fought on set, and at one point Gosling even requested a stand-in actress just so he could get through his scenes. Despite feuding throughout the making of the film, this previously unlikely pair eventually went on to become involved in a real life romance lasting several years.

8 Meryl Streep and Dustin Hoffman - Kramer vs. Kramer

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In this Academy Award winning film about a married couple going through an ugly separation, the lead stars in Kramer vs. Kramer found it tough to get along. Apparently, Hoffman was actually going through similar circumstances in his private life as his character was on-screen (on top of a growing drug addiction), bringing much of his off-screen negativity onto the set. Streep was unaware of the reason behind Hoffman's rudeness and attitude during filming. She only found out years later exactly what was going on in his life, which explained his unprofessional behavior at the time.

7 Sophia Bush and Chad Michael Murray - One Tree Hill

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This formerly married couple met on the set of their hit television series One Tree Hill in 2003. The on-screen couple formed a real life romance, eventually marrying in 2005. However, the romance was short-lived, with the couple separating just five months after their wedding. Reports of Murray having an extramarital affair during his relationship with Bush began circulating, explaining the harsh reasoning for the untimely split. The worst part about this story, is that Bush and Murray had to carry on working together on their hit series until Murray eventually left the cast FOUR YEARS after their breakup. Can you imagine? It seems that the pair remained professional, although Bush has openly admitted that it was a difficult task, noting that her job was more important than her animosity towards her ex.

6 Sharon Stone & Billy Baldwin - Sliver

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During filming of the 1993 box-office loser Sliver, William Baldwin and Sharon Stone had some heated tension off-screen. The real-life hatred seemed to carry over onto the big screen, and is believed to be part of the reason that the main characters seemed to have almost no chemistry throughout the film. Stone is known for being a bit of a pistol, and her feud with Baldwin certainly showed that she is not afraid to get her point across. At one point, while filming a love scene, Stone notoriously bit down so hard on Baldwin's tongue that it left him unable to speak for several days. I guess we won't see these two appearing in any more films together anytime soon.

5 Nick Nolte and Julia Roberts - I Love Trouble

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This off-screen feud actually reached the point where these two stars actually refuse to work together again. In the 1994 film I Love Trouble, the duo visibly lacked chemistry, and the backstage tension is mostly to blame. In 1993, during production, Roberts was quoted as saying Nolte was "completely disgusting." Nolte rebutted, "She's not a nice person, everyone knows that." The movie ended up being a flop, which really came as no surprise. Recently, after fifteen years of silence, Roberts seemed to have reopened a can of worms regarding her disgust with Nolte. On a 2009 episode of The Late Show With David Letterman the actress recalled a "hissy fit" thrown by an actor she worked with in years past. Though she did not call him out by name, it was fairly obvious to whom she was referring. It seems that after nearly two decades, the actress has not yet moved past her hatred for her former costar.

4 Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn - Four Christmases

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During filming of the 2008 flop Four Christmases, Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn clashed over their vastly opposite personalities. A very prominent "Type A", Reese was all work and no play, and annoyed by the very laid back methods of Vince. The very unlikely pairing leads us to wonder just who exactly was responsible for casting them as a couple. Between the mediocre script, and the mismatched stars, it is no wonder the movie never achieved the success the producers had hoped for. According to witnesses, Reese tends to be a perfectionist, while Vaughn will take his dear ol' time getting the takes just right. It wouldn't be a shame if these two were never paired up as love interests ever again.

3 Tony Curtis and Marilyn Monroe - Some Like It Hot

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"It was like kissing Hitler," said Tony Curtis of his Some Like It Hot costar, Marilyn Monroe, an odd comment coming from the Jewish actor. The movie was filmed after the two actors had a love affair off-camera, making it understandable how the two ex-lovers would find it difficult to work together. According to Curtis, during love scenes, Monroe would deliberately stick her tongue far down his throat, making it difficult for him to breathe. Although both actors were quite promiscuous off-screen, they each admittedly did not enjoy filming their love scenes together, leading Curtis to make his infamous "Hitler" comment regarding kissing Monroe.

2 Kirk Cameron and Julie McCullough - Growing Pains

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Television lovers Mike Seaver and Julie Costello on the hit TV series Growing Pains seemed like a match made in heaven. In reality, the actors portraying them, Kirk Cameron and Julie McCullough, were a match made in hell. The drama unfolded when the then 19-year-old McCullough began modelling for Playboy, even appearing as the centerfold. Cameron, a born-again Christian, was severely offended by McCullough's actions, and ordered the network to fire her for her "sins." Shockingly, the television network obliged, and McCullough was fired shortly after. The gig on Growing Pains was McCullough's first big break, and she was "heartbroken" over her firing at the hands of Cameron. The loss put a sudden halt to McCullough's rising career and fame. Years later, McCullough recounted a time that she ran into Cameron, and how "creepy" it was because he still, even then, refused to look at her. I guess it's safe to say he never quite got over it.

1 Claire Danes & Leonardo DiCaprio - Romeo and Juliet

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This one is my favorite because of the irony- Romeo and Juliet actually could not stand each other off camera! Talk about shattering the very foundation of romance... In the 1996 rendition of the classic tale Romeo and Juliet, tensions ran high between the fictional love birds while the cameras weren't rolling. Apparently, Leo's constant "goofing off" and on set shenanigans had Danes in an uproar. It was reported that anytime the two were not in the middle of filming a scene together, Danes would avoid DiCaprio altogether, as she could not stand to be around him. To this day, Danes chooses to actively avoid working with DiCaprio. I'm sure it's safe to say that he doesn't lose sleep over it. With his recent Oscar win, it's a pretty safe bet he's doing just fine.

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