12 Celebrity MILFs Who Didn't Pass On The Hot Genes

This article brings to mind the 2003 hit, "Stacy's Mom." A song about a prepubescent boy who becomes infatuated with his girlfriend's hot mom. There was nothing wrong with Stacy. Her mom was just hotter. Sometimes, it's impossible for hot moms to pass on hot genes because the hotness was bought and paid for. Whether it's a case of hot moms thanks to good docs, or not so hot daughters thanks to dad's strong genes, for girls, there's probably not a lot of things worse than having a MILF for a mom, if you're not so strong in the looks department. Especially if you live your life in the public eye. Luckily for Halle Berry and Jennifer Lopez's daughters, both women decided to have kids past the age of 40, so Nala and Emma probably won't have to worry about competing with their 60 year old mothers by the time they hit their 20s. But then again, at the rate those two MILFs are going, we could very well be looking at two of the hottest 60 year olds on the planet in just another decade. These 12 celebrity offspring are unfortunately some of the few who can't brag about "getting it from their mama."

12 Tina Knowles

Maybe Beyonce hogged all the hot genes when she was born, 6 years before Solange. It's easy to mistake the seductive woman in the top photo for her superstar daughter Beyonce, but the seductress in actuality is 61 year old Tina Knowles! Tina confidently posed for Ebony magazine to celebrate her newlywed status after a spring wedding to actor Richard Lawson. Beyonce's mother told Ebony magazine, "When I was asked to do the Sexy Forever Ebony Magazine cover, my first question was, Me? Really? I had some reservations but I thought of all the women who tell me daily that I have inspired them to live a wholehearted life, which includes your sexuality. I am proud to be 61 years old and to not be putting limitations on my lifestyle. We can still be sexy and vibrant, fashionable, classy and fly until the day we die!'"

11 Meryl Streep

Movie star Meryl Streep was once told she wasn't pretty enough to play the lead in the film King Kong. As the story goes, when producer Dino De Laurentiis' son saw the budding actress in a play, he asked that she come and audition for his father's 1976 film. Upon seeing the young blonde, Don's father plainly remarked, "Why do you bring me this ugly thing?" The role eventually went to Jessica Lange, who today has had far more work done on her face than Meryl Streep, who's never been under the knife, and still manages to land leading roles 44 years into her career. Ugly is the last word most people would use to describe the silver screen legend, in her hay day and even today. Unfortunately, Meryl Streep didn't pass off her uniquely beautiful looks to either of her 4 daughters, all of which bare more a resemblance to their father.

10 Jayne Mansfield


Finding out that Law & Order: SVU's Marsika Hargitay is old Hollywood bombshell Jayne Mansfield's daughter, is pretty surprising. The resemblance just doesn't exist. Mariska's glamorous mother is pictured above on the left in a photoshoot for Playboy magazine circa 1955. Mariska shared with inside the actors studio host, James Lipton, how the loss of her mother at a young age strengthened her faith in God, saying, "I believe that there are no accidents and I believe that god has a plan and I have a very deep belief in god and I think he's a whole lot smarter than me although I don't understand it I do trust it and I've learned to make peace with what is. My philosophy is what can I learn from this situation. How can I grow?" The actress also admitted to having to purchase back her mother's memorabilia after it was stolen shortly after her death.

9 Nicole Murphy


8 Christie Brinkley

Super model Christie Brinkley's daughter Alexa Ray Joel, bares a striking resemblance to her musician father Billy Joel. Luckily for the young singer, she picked up on his musical abilities as well. Still, it's gotta sting just a little to not inherit your super model mother's gorgeous looks. Alexa told People magazine in 2010, "Nobody is more supportive of my physical appearance than my mother. She tells me – which I don't understand – that she wishes she looked like me, that I'm so much more unique than her. It's hard because people compare my music to my father and my looks to my mother, and I like to think that my music and my voice are different than my father's and my look is very different than my mother's. Can't I just be me?"

7 Vanessa Williams

Former Miss America Vanessa Williams, who was just issued an official apology from the organization for revoking her crown when extremely racy nudes of the actress surfaced shortly after her win in 1984, is a mother of 4. The 53 year old has aged wonderfully, thanks in large part to good docs over good genetics, which she didn't exactly pass along to either of her 4 children. In many cases, the children of beautiful stars aren't completely ugly per se, but their failure to closely resemble their extraordinarily attractive parent stands out, and as a result, they're often judged much more harshly than they otherwise would have been were they not the offspring of a beautiful superstar.

6 Demi Moore


5 Tish Cyrus


Tish Cyrus, Mother to pop star Miley Cyrus, failed to pass on her good looks to any of her 4 children, which might have to be credited more so to good docs rather than good genes. While the resemblance between the Wrecking Ball singer and her mother is there thanks to their shared eye color, Miley has never been considered much of a beauty queen. The former child star recently shared with Paper magazine exactly how and when she came out of the closet to her mother at the early age of 14, saying, "I remember telling her I admire women in a different way. And she asked me what that meant. And I said, I love them. I love them like I love boys."

4 Olivia Newton John

Grease star Olivia Newton John is best known for her iconic role in the classic 1978 film. Her daughter Chloe Rose Lattanzi, who once aspired to be a singer just like her Grammy award winning mother, has endured a trouble laden life rife with alcohol abuse, eating disorders, and drug use. The 29 year old, who takes after her father's side of the family, blames past troubles on growing up under loads of pressure, saying, "Growing up I was under immense pressure being the daughter of such a famous woman. You don’t have a normal childhood and you don’t have that space to make mistakes and find your feet, as everyone is watching you. I started to get into the party scene, drinking every night, and then before long I got introduced to cocaine and all of a sudden, the combination of those things took away all the fear and depression and that is when the cycle began."

3 Diana Ross

Living legend Diana Ross was one of the biggest and brightest stars in her day, however neither of her 3 daughters inherited much of the singer's physical appeal. It can't be easy living in a shadow as big as Diana Ross' but actress daughter Tracee Ellis Ross, insists she doesn't buckle down under the pressure of perfection that Hollywood inflicts on its residents. Diana's oldest daughter told the NY Times in an interview from earlier this year: "I just really strongly promote against this culture of perfection. I mean I'm sorry, for me, Spanx don't feel good. I've tried one of those waist-trainer things on that hurt like the bejesus. I could barely get it closed and I bought the size bigger than what they said I should buy. I mean this sh*t hurt, I couldn't wear it for longer than 10 minutes. People are sleeping in them!"

2 Kim Basinger

1 Sarah Palin

The world breathed a collective sigh of relief when John McCain and running mate Sarah Palin, lost the 2008 presidential election, and much hasn't been heard from the Alaskan mother of 4 since. As it were, Sarah and her eldest daughter, Bristol, made headlines when they were discovered to have been pregnant at the same time back in the day. The big deal being that Bristol was only 17 years old and unmarried. The now 24 year old recently made headlines again after announcing her second out of wedlock pregnancy with a different man. Aside from being remembered for her outlandish comments during the 2008 election, Sarah is also known for her good looks, which some agree, she failed to pass along to either of her two daughters.

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